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Ardor Explained by Lior Yaffe of Jelurida Uncategorized 

Ardor Explained by Lior Yaffe of Jelurida

[Music] so my startup is about we have our own blockchain technology are hard or has some unique properties that any let any other blocks in would not have the main solution we are able to solve is what’s called the blockchain global I mean we do know that my Wikipedia donation from 2004 for 3 dollars is being stored with Bitcoin blockchain and it will be stored there forever because there is no way to get it out of it it doesn’t matter to me doesn’t matter to you and not wiki baby I know to anyone but every new node the journey to blockchain has to redownload and we validate it and it will continual and fixed forever so with our door we have a unique proposition what we did we separated blockchain into a parent and child chain architecture all these transactions of the parent blockchain are actually participating the contended but is only a very small proportion of the transactions all the transactions related to what it for the Smart Folder replication to asset exchange revolving the marketplace these are stored on the child and transactions on those children’s can be pruned home-like and we move from the blockchain so we only keep a cryptographic efforts that they ever existed so and you know joining the Ardo blockchain only leads to download the last 24 hours of production from all title and this means that the size of the grossing is now manageable doesn’t grow linearly forever like life is our a language other blockchain in addition the architecture esperen cycle provides some very interesting applications for example you can have a child focused on a critic guilty and the user was not even need to know that we are dealing with options because you can pay the transaction fees for them you can manage the blockchain for them they only enjoys the benefits of using the blockchain and this is in contrast to most other blockchain public blocking solutions that ask you to pay to manage your transaction in one token and sometimes pay the transaction fees in other projects so so this is a very interesting application [Music] so so we are looking to deploy our dough to production is currently untested we are looking to deploy to production in development currently undergoing a lot of testing and validation but everything works properly meanwhile generator all we also found that are unique blocking technology is very very well suited for corporate environments this is because we use a mechanism called Putin state which unlike proof-of-work that requires miners and competition in proof of stake you actually be so beautiful evasion power of know based on your stake in the network and this is a deal for corporate environment because it allows us to run on very small hardware like even Raspberry Pi computer it does not require some position you can actually decide in advance what what power each participant in the block team will receive and thereby control with power of validation but each participant and [Music] so I’m here I’m here with the with Accenture we are we we shoulder them or about the centralized voting application for shareholder meeting which which I recommend everyone to watch [Music]

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