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Ardor Time Episode 1 – Introducing Ardor  | The New Secure and Scalable Blockchain Platform! Uncategorized 

Ardor Time Episode 1 – Introducing Ardor | The New Secure and Scalable Blockchain Platform!

hi everyone welcome to our time hi everyone I’m Starla welcome to our time sponsored by Gela rita and ang starting from today I will be exploring the fascinating world of artists talking about this great technology developed by Gela Rita and sharing with you related Carter knew every episode today in our first episode our door is a blockchain platform that uses NXT technology with a parent/child architecture that enables multiple chains on the platform like NXT it provides many features such as acid exchange monetary system aliases messaging digital goods store voting systems shuffling data cloud and much else on each child change additionally all tile trains are able to interact with each other creating an interconnected ecosystem these make up just a fraction of the features are to provide with many more available not least because it’s possible to install additional plugins which allow users to customize functionality and jela Rita the official team developing our door it’s constantly working to create new features based on user feedback to make it the most user-friendly and adaptable blockchain platform the origin of our door goes back to the core developers from NXT so I would like to share some facts about NXT first and see it’s the first Okoye coded completely from scratch unlike any other altcoins at the time which all copy bitcoins or light coins with minimal changes an XP was set to introduce the colored coins now commonly known as assets you would offer the first currency to use a 100% group of states consensus ever since its launch in November 2013 the platform has been running security which almost 100% uptime and has experienced no systemic failure seconds back in 2013-2014 NXT was undoubtedly the leading altcoin it’s basically included all the available existing features and offered a lot of new functions that previously didn’t exist third in 2014 NXT held the third highest market cap out of all the cryptocurrency just after bitcoin and litecoin and attracted numerous people to join the decentralized and largely leaderless communities our door has three fundamental advantages versatility scalability and interoperability with the pre-fitted features the blockchain is easy to use project owners can focus on working with gel arena to adjust the child chain to fit their own needs and not worry about the setup or network security cost because our operates as a main chain securing individual and unique child chains through our dorm everyone can experience the blockchain revolution without needing to have a very deep understanding of the complicated blockchain code and even you some of the features without any programming language and unlike most of the existing blockchain platform for each child chain users each of the change infection fees are paid in the native token of that chain and one does not need to own our door tokens which provides huge flexibility with even more unique features currently in development jela Rita the team behind our door is working hard on providing the best blockchain user experience for all that’s all for today if you want to know more about our door and nxp please follow us on Twitter see you next week you

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