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Audi RS5 | “Nasty Nardo” | Vossen Forged: Precision Series | VPS-306 Uncategorized 

Audi RS5 | “Nasty Nardo” | Vossen Forged: Precision Series | VPS-306

It's no secret that Audi has been doing a tremendous job pinpointing the performance side of the German car market, we all know that. But there's something about this Audi RS5 on Vossen Forged Precision Series by TAG Motorsports that just ticks all of our boxes. Nardo Grey, Lamborghini's Arianco Borealis finished brakes, Accuair suspension, and of course, our VPS-306 forged wheels sized 21×10.5 front and 21×11 in the rear, made here in our factory in Miami, create an ensemble of pure exhilaration—and we haven't even had the chance to take it for a spin yet!

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31 thoughts on “Audi RS5 | “Nasty Nardo” | Vossen Forged: Precision Series | VPS-306

  1. http://Gabriel%20Ali

    I’ve never wanted an Audi this bad until now, great job once again. 

  2. http://MrMyrakle23

    You know what, I don’t even wanna look at my A4 now… Thanks 

  3. http://Edson%20Avelino%20da%20Silva%20Junior%20Junior

    Audi RS5 + Accuair Suspension = Perfection !

  4. http://Samuel%20Campana

    Nasty! Excellent attention to detail #teamvossen…and talking about
    details is it me or @00:21 there’s scratch & dent on the door halfway down
    close to the middle line???

  5. http://jody024

    great look for this car! still no Lambo video though :(

    1. http://VossenWheels

      Lamb coming very soon 🙂

    2. http://jody024


  6. http://almaraz13%20almaraz13

    Would these rims go good with a lexus is250 or should I go with the vossen

  7. http://MikeyonPC

    The video was perfect until you lowered it to the wheel, to me that stance
    is ugly, Audi’s are meant for Elegant sport luxury vehicles not for ricing

    1. http://Billy%20Boiz

      Rice= racing inspired cosmetic enhancement.. I don’t see anything of that
      here but a beautiful car with vossen’s and ACCUAIR suspension to make the
      car sit beautifully. If you check other videos on YouTube such as one
      specifically called “can you have it all” refereeing to the accurate
      suspension on an S4. It not only made the car sexier but it improved the
      handling as well. I don’t see rice in this video, if you do please explain.

    2. http://Billy%20Boiz

      +i hate the new youtube *Accuair

    3. http://Hetrox

      +Fugedibobo we all got an opinion. I still think that Accuair is one cool
      improvement to get on a car. Nope i do not drive a 1999 civic or a 2015
      civic. I got my 2013 sentra and yes i’ll lower it, nope, no accuair, here
      in Canada we have something called winter and i don’t think that’s a good
      idea to have bags in winter.

    4. http://Mark%20“SpeX”%20Ma

      Lowering the Audi looks better than having it super high. #dapper

  8. http://305whipz


  9. http://Ibby%20W

    i think i seen this for sale on ebay, or nahh?

    1. http://VossenWheels

      I believe it is now for sale.

  10. http://Mazwi%20Zwane

    My alltime favorites are the CVT’s

  11. http://MrCoreNumber

    Im the 1000th like! :)

  12. http://SolShinobi

    What track is that? And i love the wheels!

    1. http://SolShinobi


  13. http://soul%20knight

    Soundtrack name please ?

  14. http://Exia

    Does anyone know where I can get these wheels, here in Toronto?
    I wonder how these would look on a Q50!

  15. http://Jason%20Ishii

    What size tires are they running?

  16. http://Sarpreet%20Sandhu

    there is nothing better then this

  17. http://Aniket%20Waghmare

    how much it cost?

    1. http://VossenWheels

      +Aniket Waghmare email us at to get more info!

  18. http://Omar%20Hadj

    belle est pouissant

  19. http://Ricardo%20Ramirez


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