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Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

okay here is now Bitcoin gold I’ve removed all the prior labelings quite often is best to start with a blank it’s clean slate without any markings the reason for that is because quite often if you leave the markings alone you get try your assumptions by removing all the markings yes I paint about to read label everything but it gives you a certain consistent weight of AHA movements paddles that you didn’t see counts that you didn’t notice when you were doing it before so here it is yes we do the count but before that let’s do some pattern analysis and as always the first thing I do would be do our lines so as I said before he Kryptos do love to make it just a magical triangle pattern that you can see here price this was downward point pointing therefore a bullish price ten has a propensity to move up and it sure did now let’s do another line like so this is more like channeling to me between two parallel lines and if it’s channeling mm-hmm this looks more like what’s called a bullish flag remember a bull flag especially when price goes near vertical price channels between two parallel lines but those parallel lines are pointing downward like this it has propensity for price to break upwards and after is complete when it is the other way around that is what I call a bearish flag don’t forget that triangles work the same way that is bullish I’m that’ll be bearish so you gotta get this second uh natured and being able to identify them if they come into it when you combine it with the final anyways it enables you to do a more accurate future price pathway so if we do an earlier way of count here we can see one two three four one five so I didn’t post upwards to a vertical movement of the price and that’s why if I was pretty stretched mm-hmm when you see is a stretched wave 5 extended wave it’s time to really take your profits because the resulting retrace if it’s gonna be quite deep as you can see here I would say this is about eighty six point six percent which is point seven eight square root of point seven eight and ribbon ah cheese now let’s look at this flag so it’s a bullish flag in my opinion it’s a freaking big long flag oversize compared to the the flagpole so to speak so I have two five ways there was a sizable correction and that correction was in the form of an ABC and then price broke out of this a surged out in an impulsive manner one two three four five and then it’s correcting that now I want you to be clearly be able to see what’s called a hobby up in weight syndrome and no one is talking about this are we a big talk hurry up in wheat and no one is talking about this syndrome that every crypto has as a genetic trait if you will what does that mean the hurry up phase is when the impulse waves are just done without wasting any time it goes near-vertical sometimes one and two might drag out as you can see okay in fact this one I would put here too there you go so 1 2 3 valve I want you to five I know wasting of time near-vertical the stir hurry up phase now the wait there is a correction just x4 her voice seems like it’s painful if you’re hollering through this so what do you do when you see an extended fifth u-turn you don’t walk you’ve run away I guess the only instance the only instance on bitches that I would agree to sell is if there is an extended fifth now this is Bitcoin gold now on the bitchiest if we see an extended fifth there would be the only term that I would really sell because the retrace is just not worth it more importantly if you were able to check your profit seal you can buy back here and double near double your position just using the profits so here’s one two three four five and there’s a correction going on and this correction has to do with not an ABCDE someone a novice would try and make this a B C D and E that’ll be very cute and understandable but this is where you really need to kind of see it I believe this is simple a b c correction and what kind of an ABC is is if you’ve been watching my tutorials if you’ve been watching my tutorials by the way you saw this the orange caddie the best to just be showing up all my microphones those are my two cats here is in all the tutorials one two and three will explain the details about the ABC type of Correction this clearly to me is a five three five what is a five three four what kind of an ABC correction is a five three five it’s called a zigzag why is it called a fire three five because the a wave has five subways there B has three sub waves and C always has five waves let’s count it and count of sub waves because it gives me geo confirmation it gives me the confirmation that the a BC that I label was correctly labeled if I can count the subways here’s one two three four five boom confirmed see we’ve one two three four maybe one more dip five I think if you want what I need it oops wrong ones so my primary account is that either the ABC fifth wave is done here let’s get one more little dip to go so what would you be doing you this is the time to ladder in that are in your buys why what is a big picture on this these five waves mm-hmm became Subway’s to a higher degree wave one these ABC became subways too high to be wave to actually know what mm-hmm when did you scrunch things like that one one two three four five or Subway’s of this why do we wave one ABC becomes Subway’s to my ID we wave two three four five follow me real wait please and what this five is that five represents I’m going to make my wave three one two point six one and my wave five will be equal to wave 1 approximately okay I’m eyeballing everything so now we have a higher degree of trend these 1 2 3 4 5 became wave 1 the ABC became wave 2 now I’m going to count these 1 2 3 4 5 became one of three this ABC became 2 of 3 3 or 3 4 3 5 of them so that’s how I’m saying they’ve trying to see the forest on this so when is the best time to buy the best time to buy is at the terminal end of an ABC correction like this so now is a good time to ladder in because my projected forest price I think I would call it from now long-term projection will be called forest pricing alright so we’re back to this you have to kind of take everything into consideration all the Wiggles and flicks and twisting of the pricing and put it into context all of these are the trees and if you look at the forest this one the golden tower 12:39 on the way to there there will be corrections like this hurry up and wait we’ll be in full effect but now that this is giving you a greater awareness these Corrections wouldn’t bother you even if you missed taking prophecy you okay the banner in the sky so I hope this has been helpful for you and I hope I have again learn the way to ask you for the consideration of your uploads last but not least I want to share this with you my Mookie has found a way maybe as you know but I want a visibility campaign well that means I’m trying to get as much visibility as possible for my blogs so that other people just like you more people can benefit I have something I have the secret sauces that have worked for me in being betrayed to mass and profits I’d like to share this all my secrets forces are being spilled out one of the reasons why I’m trying to maintain anonymity is I don’t want my fault paying clients to find out that’s one reason but anyways the mukti has had a suggestion on one of the comments where if you send one steam to this blog site you can sponsor authors for uploads I think is that’s a bit of an uploading bar or something like that mm-hm and the upvotes truly gave me that visibility the most more than the V steams I think more than the follows so if I am helping you and this is something that you can maybe join in on I’d be grateful where you send let’s team you like to this site which of this user blog site or bot mmm and then you can name me out so that I can receive the votes that would be really much appreciated I’m not here to look to make money whatever me I’m here to look see a fucking beyond a visit visibility campaign because I’m here to see if I can have as many other people benefit as possible just like you all so again if you can take this into into consideration that be grateful and I’ll talk to you again have a good one bye bye

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