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Bitcore – The Unknown Bitcoin Fork – Should You Buy Some? (BTX) Uncategorized 

Bitcore – The Unknown Bitcoin Fork – Should You Buy Some? (BTX)

good afternoon guys this is with rebel and this is an update on beat core this was a fork that occurred back in April the least well-known fork from Bitcoin and it’s been rising dramatically in fries or the last week or so so I’ll let you know what’s going on with the price movements in a little bit here but first I’m over now on their homepage beat core dot CC and what happened is if you owned the Bitcoin in April you already own some bit corn because this thing was sent out to you – all Bitcoin wallets and let’s say if you have your Bitcoin on blockchain not in for you could you should be able to go and get your coins already and if you own one Bitcoin you would get point five bit core now they also have their own wallet it is downloadable from this home page here so only do is you scroll down limit and these are the okay I want to mention the changes it’s not traded on any big exchanges yet you might have heard of crypto key and it beats see that’s where you can find it at the moment but it is rising in market cap so it’s definitely worth having a look at now if we scroll down here a little bit we do have the wallet download so if you have Windows or Mac or Linux or Android from github you can get your download from here now this is the homepage for the Windows version so you just go here and download it but let’s just go back to their home page because I want to mention something about they do have this airdrop every Monday where your wallet if you have maybe TX wallet so it’s not enough if you have you been going on in induction dot info you need to get this wallet to get these airdrops so every Monday until I think January or so you will be air-dropped so this is definitely worth knowing if you are an owner of the bit cord now let’s head over to corn market cap here and I look we can see that the price is twenty five point nine dollars at the moment it’s up very nicely and the market cap is thirty million u.s. dollars and look at the volume here compared to the market cap it’s almost one-third that is very high when we look at the circulating supply it’s only 1.1 million but the total supply will be sixteen million sixteen point six million so that I do like this these supply numbers the low number the lower the better and now let’s head over to the shorts this thing has you know it started in April a year end of April looks like it will 27th but it’s only trading on these more ones you know well actually did this one beat see is one with the most volume and I never heard about this one we’d see I’ve heard back utopia and never used it and then I think this had hit PTC on their home page as well I was down here here it Bitsey but it’s not here well anyways let’s look at the short we can see it’s been sort of going sideways for last three months but then there was something happened here in September sorry rice and we’re rising ever since I had a nice peak here nothing back there brief top here I fell back but now it’s regain strength and surpassed his old high here so who knows where the next peak will be he might had over had not appeared 2:30 or so before it will come back down when I look at this I see the near the nearest major support is around $12 so it could fall quite a bit of here once it Peaks you see the volume is really picked up here so much higher than earlier so very interesting coin here bit corn and what I’ve heard is that since they have these air drops on Mondays the price usually supposed to fall right after it I know if you can see it from here on day is now 15 as Wednesday 15 14 13 that would be Monday so perhaps it had a little bit of a dip here but not much but I could be a thing to wait until Monday and see how far we will dip but anyways the long term short here says the major support is around 12 or even lower like perhaps 10 it’s hard to see the look read these shorts but anyways yeah between 10 and 12 so that is a bit quorum definitely worth having a look at and it’s supposed to have a lot of developers very committed they there’s a strong community spirit here for bit court so it does have a lot of potential here to the outside still a fairly low market cap now that’s it and if you enjoy my videos please subscribe my channel if you haven’t already and follow my work over Stephen calm we’re vlogging several times a day good

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