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Buy Stratis Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018? Uncategorized 

Buy Stratis Coin Before Moon Shot in 2018?

us today we’re gonna review Stratos coin I look at this price for Stratos and I see it at 3:58 that’s a pretty nice price I like it this rook thing is range I think I think it’ll come down I’ll pull back a little bit more but I think it’s a safe by buying opportunity at this price we’ll go ahead and take a look at the charts so before we get into the technical analysis Stratos when it first hit the market was below two cents back in August 2016 took off in June up to $10.85 along when you theorem was really taken off which is a similar platform also Liske not exactly the same this is more mobile base but now it’s down at 355 so you’ve seen it pull back off its high it’s one third of where it was there abouts in June so it it’ll probably it’ll probably get back up to this price again that’s why I’m liking at this price assuming they they achieve everything they’re setting out to do there’s a circulating supply of 98 million currently total market cap 353 million okay you can pick up Stratus for those of you who are looking to pick up Stratus mid tracks Polonia ex-finance okay you can you can buy it with BTC and ether on bit tricks crypto crypto Pia bitty licious which is in UK British pounds live coin you can buy with ether so crypto Pia also with doge coin now let’s go ahead and take out take a look at their website Stratus we make blockchain easy for you create a test and share your blockchain identity Stratus identity for mobile devices and now open beta read here so let’s take a look and see what that is secured attested and immutable identity registration verification and sharing with Stratus blockchain solutions fast onboarding secure design versatile options okay sign up with Stratus identity using your existing local social logins currently supported provider providers include Microsoft LinkedIn and Google more signup options are already in development secure log and proof of the information you confirm with a social login like Microsoft will be written to the Stratus blockchain no actual information will be exposed without your explicit permission once signed up you have your unique and permanent Stratus blockchain ID with you at all times you can choose to add additional tester Asian’s to it to share your digital identity with others built with enterprise developers in mind deploying c-sharp and Marin see our Stratus identity is written entirely in c-sharp using visual studios and zerrin and shows the power of developing with Stratus blockchain Solutions reduce your learning curve and time to market using the Stratus platform so let’s take a look looks like they’re working with Microsoft leveraging Microsoft’s notice enterprise solutions using as their b2c Active Directory graph API application insights Microsoft teams and visual studio team services helped us reduce our development cycle dramatic drastically embedded our solutions into our existing c-sharp environment for a seamless experience agile deployment of blockchain solutions enable to enable your software to interact with the Stratus blockchain and integrate with third-party providers quickly and easily leverage Samarin to produce native apps directly from your c-sharp code so it’s open source that’s pretty cool guys you guys can come here and take a look at what’s going on with Stratus on their website and let’s check take a look at the team so the team is led by Chris trew CEO and founder he is from the UK Chris as a consultant architecting technologist with over 10 years of experience enterprise IT versus background includes extensive experience in the financial sector working for some of the top financial institutions legal a VA ssin and local government sectors he has some experience with seedplot that are C sharp and dotnet technologies policarpo Guerrero director of operations let’s take a look at these guys on LinkedIn so here’s Chris’s LinkedIn out of London United Kingdom not much going on here but you can keep an eye on him on LinkedIn and here’s Paula Caro he’s got a lot more going on here I’m responsible for coordinating marketing business development and global operation for the coolest blockchain startup in the world Stratus blockchain solutions we offer native end-to-end c-sharp and net developers to create test and deploy applications using familiar tools and environments we make blockchain simple to use and adopt with the highest standards of security reliability and scalability so this guy he’s got a lot more transparency than Chris’s Chris at the moment Chris hasn’t really made himself available on the Internet like this man has full of carpo take a look at his background he’s the director of operations for this company a mobile marketing and development agency who provide innovative and creative ways of engaging with users to go by offering a full range of services from development of branded mobile applications and contents to location-based multimedia experiences and contextual advertising services so you can come over here and take a look at his LinkedIn and Chris’s you can keep an eye on him here let’s take a look at Stratos on social media and see what’s going on so they’ve got Twitter they’re fairly active on Twitter they have the integration here on corn market so masternode alpha release they’re also on reddit they keep talking about the masternode that’s the big news but not big enough news to swing the graph in there in an upward movement we just look at them the month to see you know if this is if it’s bottomed me out yet if it’s good time to buy Scott as low as three oh four or two of 286 275 here October 21st that might have been the best time to buy my way for a little bit of a pullback to that price range currently sitting at 358 I just like it at this price I like the application of the mobile application I like the team it’s not cool it’s earlier in the video I said it’s like Liske in any theorem what I mean by that is it’s allowing users to create applications not saying it’s exactly like either of those two as each one of those two are also different and independent of each other but this is more mobile based Stratis is interesting not I’m not going to go out and buy too much of this but I will take out a core position and I think at this price will see it eventually go back up to where it wasn’t June at the $10 range I don’t know how long it’ll take to get there but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t buy it at this price I wouldn’t buy it at this price I’ll buy it at this price and that’s just me oh it’s been as high as 1147 see so if it goes back up there from this price obviously a nice investment right and we’re not just looking at it for the financial aspect of the investment but we’re looking at it for the exciting opportunity that this brings to the blockchain for most mobile devices and occasions so yeah I like this coin keep an eye on it I’m not gonna I’m not gonna load up on it but I will take out a core position and we’ll see we’ll see where it goes anyways guys thanks for watching Jeff repelling buzz subscribe to the channel if you like

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