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Carbonite Offer Code – Real User Review on Carbonite 2016, The Best Online Backup Services Uncategorized 

Carbonite Offer Code – Real User Review on Carbonite 2016, The Best Online Backup Services

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People who live in the present world prefer to back up their important data online because of its convenience and security.

A wide range of online backup service providers have come to the industry in order to cater this demand. Out of the service providers, Carbonite holds a prominent place. Carbonite allow any computer user to upload their data to a cloud and manage them with less hassle.

Carbonite is a popular cloud storage platform that is being used by people in the present world. From the researches, it has been identified that it has backup up over 100 billion files at the moment. More importantly, they have restored over 7 billion files for their customers. This Carbonite review will let you know how fascinating it is.

Any person who is interested in Carbonite backup can go for the 15 day trial and experience its difference. You need to download a simple application to your computer and it will connect you with the cloud. The basic home version supports both Mac and Windows, but the premium version works only with Windows.

Once you install the application, you need to create a nickname for your personal computer. Then you will get a user friendly interface which provide options to backup all your important files automatically. You can even choose the files you want to backup manually through Advanced Options.

The interface of Carbonite has impressed customers and it can clearly be seen from the Carbonite reviews that you can find on the Internet. In this interface, it make files and folders in dots. The backed up files are indicated with green, awaiting files are indicated in orange and partially backed up files are indicated in green and white.

You can easily add or remove the files you want through this user friendly interface. You can use the tray icons to pause, freeze or prioritize your uploads. When you install the application, it will create a shadow drive in your local computer named “Carbonite backup drive”. It will allow you to manage the files in a convenient way.

You can use Carbonite to filter your uploads and select specific file types that need to be uploaded. You can even use it to schedule your uploads. The security features of Carbonite have also played an important role behind its popularity.

The encryption starts even before the files leave your computer and all the files are transmitted with SSL technology. In addition, Carbonite places your files in multiple locations to enhance the protection.

The Carbonite home online backup service will cost you $59.99 and it will provide unlimited data upload. There are some other packages which are marked at $99.99 and $149.99 and they provide several extras over the base service.

You can go for them after analyzing your needs and requirements. The Carbonite offer code will give you the opportunity to have it at an affordable price and the amount you spend to get such a great tool can be considered as a great investment done towards your future.

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