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Carbonite Online Backup: 10% Carbonite Coupon 2016 Uncategorized 

Carbonite Online Backup: 10% Carbonite Coupon 2016

Get a quick overview of Carbonite online backup and then find out how to get the 10% Carbonite coupon!

Carbonite backup allows you to backup unlimited data for less than $5/month. Your computer files and data are backed up automatically for you. You don’t need to do a thing!

Carbonite backup is now compatible with Macs and now offers remote access.

For the full Carbonite review visit:

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12 thoughts on “Carbonite Online Backup: 10% Carbonite Coupon 2016

  1. http://jennifercrowe84

    This is a good deal for Carbonite. Carbonite is something that I would use
    and I am interested in it. I have a lot of files that I need to backup. I
    like the customer reviews. The way the view is good as well. Kept me

  2. http://Jny555

    Your commercial makes Carbonite sound like a useful service. It’s
    effective, but a little long. It drags during your “testimonials”. Perhaps
    you should highlight its potential uses & address some obvious questions…
    Can you access your data from anywhere? Is your data safe & secure? Can you
    sync files & folders across multiple computers? How long does it take to
    run a backup? Does the program always run in the system tray? This is a
    good start, though!

  3. http://Prakhar%20Bhatnagar

    Sounds really cool, I’ve used couple of online storage websites but
    watching your video and looking at Carbonite has changed my mind and I’m
    surely looking forward for carbonite now.

  4. http://Asdisir%20Magnusdottir

    Sounds very cool. I have used online backup before, but as they were free
    services, they would sometimes delete my older data if I hadn’t accessed it
    in a while. Very not cool of them to do!

  5. http://cristian%20aguilar

    seems a good option to make back up but dont mention anything about
    guarantees or the privacy of my documents aand the persistence of the
    those, it should ensure the product and offer money back if something is

  6. http://HoodiaAndWeightLoss

    You’re right-I totally forgot about the Mac support. Yes, Carbonite
    supports Macs but not Linux. As for price, a one year subscription starts
    at $54.95. It’s cheaper than that though if you go with a 2 or 3 year
    service. If you click on the link in the video description, you’ll see the
    pricing for all the subscriptions and you’ll get 10% off so the one year
    will actually be $49.45 – just $4.12/month.

  7. http://HoodiaAndWeightLoss

    I did briefly mention the privacy in that your files are encrypted using
    the same technologies financial institutions use to protect their data
    online. Carbonite doesn’t offer any privacy guarantees (no online backup
    service does that I know of). However, given the encryption that is used,
    the likelihood of your data being comprised is extremely small.

  8. http://HoodiaAndWeightLoss

    The free services usually limit the amount of data you can backup.
    Carbonite is unlimited. Also, as someone mentioned in the comments, some of
    those free services will delete your data if you don’t access your account
    after a period. They also don’t allow remote file access (most don’t
    anyway). Carbonite does.

  9. http://HoodiaAndWeightLoss

    Great questions! Yes, you can access your data anywhere (via the remote
    access feature). Data is safe and secure-they use the same encryption
    techniques that banks use to protect their data. You can’t sync files
    across multiple computers. The initial backup can take a few hours to
    several days depending on how much data you have to backup. The program is
    “always on” but only goes to work when your computer is at rest.

  10. http://mysconnie

    Having lost precious files before, I can relate to the need for reliable
    back-up. It’s a big concern of mine, and I’m glad to know a product like
    this is available-one that is drawing rave reviews from some pretty heavy
    hitters! Also, being easy to use- that is key for me. I also think it’s a
    good job of advertising the product without being pushy or pompous.

  11. http://karlei709

    Great pitch for Carbonite! I’m a big fan of the service myself so I have no
    complaints on any front. I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to avail of the 10%
    discount :)

  12. http://James%20Bowden

    Eh, it is clearly an amateur video. Each “slide” looks like it was made in
    powerpoint. The transitions and music are also pretty cheesy. It also is
    relatively boring, with nothing visually or auditorally engaging. Perhaps
    if you showed a video demo of just how easy it is, didn’t use cheap and
    pointless transitions, and got some less-cheesy background music I would be
    more motivated to purchase this program.

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