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6 thoughts on “Carbonite Review 2016 – Carbonite promo code 2016

  1. http://ChrisRobTV

    @legobuilder1234 boba fett is worth 200 dollars

  2. http://Fat%20Bastard

    i love this video but woudnt it be easier to review the whole set?

  3. http://mario%20hernandez

    you know im actually building a custom carbon freezing chamber based on the
    models used in star wars battlefront,star wars bounty hunter and in the
    movie once its finished i’ll be sure to do a video of it 

  4. http://conan1412

    @SuperAldiux its the original carbonite han solo not the new one its still

  5. http://Uranus69

    Jabbbbbaaaaa tulk a dump hahahahahahaha yea wooooooooo

  6. http://iiAWSOM3

    Is that a set

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