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How to claim free Bitcore coins via Wallet Airdrop Uncategorized 

How to claim free Bitcore coins via Wallet Airdrop

Hedegaard is lead here for online blocks in this video I’m going to show you how to claim your bit core airdrop tokens so what you need to have is if you’ve had a previous balance on the Bitcoin network within one of your Bitcoin wallets that you have direct access to you can claim bit call tokens effectively for free so in this video that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do so your first thing you need to do is download the bit call one it so the link is just here I’ll put a link in the actual video description download that and you’ll see you’ll be able to run if you actually extract to your downloads folder for example you can just run the bit poor QT and then you end up with a wallet that just looks like a regular Bitcoin wallet except the token color is a little bit different we’ll use it we’ll come back to that in a moment the next part is we need to assign a transaction from our Bitcoin wallet so we’ll take you through that I’m actually going to use the blockchain door info wallet that I have but the process is very similar if you have a Bitcoin like Duty wallet cell and I’ll add in a little clip to show you how you sign a transaction using that method as well but for the blockchain dot info website and want it this is how you do it so you go to your app you’ll sign in go to your wallet go to settings and then addresses in you will have your various addresses for your account then you want to go to more options and then we want to assign message it gives us our address which we’re going to need so if you go back to there the Bitcoin talk website and it gives us a link to open up which is not that one it is this one sorry good actually had that open ok so we pay for our Bitcoin address in here and it’s going to click on claim be TX so then the next part is we need to sign a message with our Bitcoin wallet and the text BTX so which is Class B TX and now we want to sign it and we should get like a reference okay so now we have this signature going to copy that we’re going to paste good signature back into this box and then we need our Bitcoin core address so I’m going to get a new core dress this is a core address copy that paste that back in here as well so I’ve got signature and our core address and then we want to claim be TX okay so you can see it’s got sign message valid and we are claiming 1.3 B checks there so that should be coming through to our wallet very soon so that’s how you claim airdrop tokens for Bitcoin core just to show you as well okay so in this section I’m going to show you how to sign a Bitcoin transaction using the Bitcoin cutie wallet so you go to file then one a sign message at the top part you want to enter the address that it’s valid for so most people you’ll just use your default Bitcoin address then you want to add in the actual message that you want so it can be anything you like whatever you’re requested to do and then you want to click sign message and they will generate an actual signature in this box here that generation signature is unique to you and that’s where you can use to actually sign your your wallet messages effectively from there you can click on this button here to copy the signature and then you can paste that to wherever you need it to verify that you go created that particular message ok guys so you can see there now have value pending transaction for this here so that should be through in what soon as it’s confirmed basically six come from and that should be in our account so that’s how you claim your free bit core tokens via the air drop method hopefully you’ve enjoyed watching if you have give it a like a don’t forget to subscribe and as always I’ll see you guys in the next video thanks for watching

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