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How to Host a Minecraft Server on a FREE VPS [24/7 Server] Uncategorized 

How to Host a Minecraft Server on a FREE VPS [24/7 Server]

Tutorial on how to host a minecraft server on a VPS for free. This server will let you have up to 20 players on without any lag, and it takes minutes of configuration to set it up. Enjoy and please Subscribe if you would like to see more of my videos as this is a new channel and I need all the help I could get.

Thanks and enjoy your free MC server 😉

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31 thoughts on “How to Host a Minecraft Server on a FREE VPS [24/7 Server]

  1. http://MCgamefreak2001

    thx 4 the vid dood

  2. http://Ivan%20Kalenyuk

    03/:27 – А да ты ж Русский :D

    1. http://Простой%20Анимешник

      Ахаха )

  3. http://[Old]%20TheCardsReveal

    Ahhhh , if anyone could msg me back or help me , I’m a teen and I ain’t got
    any money yet so I really need a way to get a free 24/7 server without
    buying or leaving my PC on !!! Anyone that helps can be
    Co-owner/admin/mod/staff on my server 

    1. http://Bob%20Helfer

      +TheCardsReveal I Will Help Pay For Yours Server If You Also Give Me The
      Consle And Make Me Co-Owner But I Will Only Pay Half So If You Are Willing
      To Pay The Other Half Then Ya Sure

    2. http://TBS%20Studios

      +Bob Heifer I will gladly give you Co-Owner, just a 4GB server please?

  4. http://Anthony%20Yotov

    my minecraft server is 24/7 sorry :D

    1. http://PrOwEiRd


  5. http://Gage%20Anderson

    Can you make it bukkit?

    1. http://Ontaix%20IsS127


  6. http://Official%20Hydroxocobalamin

    Well technically, it’s 24/7… for five days. So technically, 24/5!

  7. http://В%20мире%20Фионны%20|%20In%20the%20world%20of%20Fionna


    1. http://Ontaix%20IsS127

      he stopped video there.

  8. http://ThaCoconutGamer

    It Dosn’t Work, Can Someone Help Me Get A 24/7 Minecraft Server For REAL!?!

    1. http://ThaCoconutGamer

      +San Ramzi xD

    2. http://Tony%20P

      Go to it is only 512mb but you get unlimited and for
      life everything else they also have paid hosting with more ram but that is

    3. http://Kevin%20Nobel

      triangel is for 1 day

    4. http://Ontaix%20IsS127

      +Kevin Nobel nope but it sucks i lost my files.

  9. http://13.4%20Vgalate%20Ftera


  10. http://[Old]%20TheCardsReveal

    +Bob Hefler if you got skype contact me at haloboy111 on skype

  11. http://BlackIsDeath%20Some%20people%20are%20wearing%20it

    Emily i can help you

  12. http://mc_myster%20|%20Animations

    Doest this stil work ?

    1. http://Ontaix%20IsS127


  13. http://FlameKnightHD%20c

    You guys have to understand of giving away free trails off a host like ”
    ElasticHosting ” If there are to give 24/7 servers then there own business
    wouldn’t get enough money to pay there cost of there bill. Just think what
    you’ve said to this guy..

  14. http://laithabbadi%20abbadi

    help me how to make my server RSPS online , anyone help i will give him
    owner same as me! please!

  15. http://StepByStepper

    I recommend just buying one :)

    1. http://AlphaGamingHD

      hey I need help please I want to make a mcpe server so how should I make a
      mcpe server?

  16. http://AquaticGamerYT

    Guys,if you have a server that’s like portforwarded,keep the thing that
    keeps it on and put your computer to sleep then it’ll stay there and
    running because a PC in sleep mode keeps all apps open instead of wasting
    your money on buying an overpriced server that’s 24/7 like MCProHosting. So
    just do what I said in le beginning :p

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