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[Music] what’s going on guys Jeff back here from crypto for dummies and today we have some great news for you guys Bitcoin is back at its all-time high that it was a little over a week ago it’s currently 1204 p.m. Eastern Time and it is November 16th it’s currently at seven thousand four hundred and thirty six dollars and forty seven cents that’s very impressive now let’s go ahead and look at the 24 hour change only three point three two percent increase that doesn’t sound good to most people but that is a good thing because the fact that it’s only gone up three point three two percent in the past 24 hours tells us that it has been right there in the 7,000 steady for the past day before obviously the previous 24 hours so that is actually a good thing in this sense and the fact that it went from I think was almost a 5,000 wasn’t when it went down and it dropped it’s already back up to almost 7500 from 5,000 that’s almost 2500 dollars that is insane that it’s back up I’m glad I’m glad to see that the market is treating us well again so anyways also I want to take a look at basically ever since that drop happened all the alt coins were going up now it seems like more of a 50/50 split of going up and going down as we can see here but it seems like the ones that are left over going up seem to be going up a lot now last night I know Trump we had some going up tremendously like over 200% a couple of them were going up now it seems like they’re kind of steady let’s go and take a look at the next page here by the way if you everyone look at this these charts here you can go to crypto I mean I’m sorry coin market Capcom and that will show you basically all the different coins out there their values 24 change or 24 hour changes and you can start looking at this just like name I mean I see 22% but so it may have gone down from last night a little bit but I mean still it’s about 50/50 and that’s part of my point here we noticed now people are starting to put a little trust back into Bitcoin because I honestly I don’t think that one’s going anywhere you know it’s it’s there it was the leading one it was the first one I mean it’s not going anywhere guys so but I do want to point out something new that I was reading up about is bit core what no old is bit core a lot of people have not heard of it if you haven’t bit core is actually another currency just like Bitcoin and of course it looks like Bitcoin it sounds like Bitcoin the only thing is the logos pink rather than orangish yellow like the Bitcoin I’m logo we noticed it’s up 25 percent or 25 point 70 percent people to be exact and that is the past 24 hours it’s currently at 33 dollars and eighty-eight cents now this coin was only made in April April of 2017 so the fact that it’s at 33 dollars already is actually pretty impressive and people are thinking what’s the difference between this and Bitcoin or any other coin the reason I’m pointing out this one specifically because if we go go ahead and take a look at their website here BIC or your new coin we notice with the specifications look at the block size we’ve got a block size of 10 megabytes and 20 megabytes Segway yeah that’s right the thing that Bitcoin did not want to go through with and it seems like from my evaluation of this website that what they are doing here is everything that Bitcoin isn’t hot so it’s kind of like this coin is telling us what would have happened if Bitcoin would have taken the routes that it was going to now of course it’s not gonna have the same change or outcome as Bitcoin because it’s not of course as valuable but still it’s a pretty decent coin from what I’m seeing and if this thing actually works really good it may take off you know and I mean I don’t know if the fact that Bitcoin didn’t go with it is a good thing or a bad thing a lot of people will Ford a lot before against it but they said it was too controversial which is why they would not go on with the idea so the fact that this is doing that it’s definitely something different and something definitely to keep a good weather eye out for so anyways guys that is a few quick things that are out there I do want to go ahead and say we apologize for not getting videos out there like we’ve wanted to we’ve we’ve been wanting to do daily videos but I mean with me I’m only in college it’s actually very hard to keep up with because things happen so rapidly in the crypto market but important things we definitely get out there for you guys instantly I’m definitely gonna try to start doing daily videos every morning I’m gonna try to get up get a nice cup of joe and just start reading up and research and then get a video out for you guys so because we want to do the hard work for you guys so you guys can have it easy and find it easier to invest that’s that’s our goal is to get the crypto market going in society because a lot of people don’t have faith in it they don’t they don’t think that it’s something that will take off but I mean the Internet is obviously the next route in the world so it’s going to take off anyways if you want to keep up with us or talk to the community join us on discord the discord link is down below check out our social media and from crypto for dummies I’m Jeff and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music] [Music]

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