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Jan-02 BITCOIN CASH : BITCOIN GOLD : BITCOIN Update CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Chart Uncategorized 

Jan-02 BITCOIN CASH : BITCOIN GOLD : BITCOIN Update CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Chart

[Music] hello everyone my carnal tier co-founder Patridge and partners along ba-bye achene oh if your news channel please like subscribe and comment so you know I’m going to release videos and you let us know what you think thanks again everybody happy 2018 thanks for growing the channel with us so little minor break out not above a big area of resistance but just above this little little base now back above the rotation zone we’re going watching for a pullback to see if this catches especially right around the twenty four fifty eight to twenty four seventy three level see if it can catch it and sustain some traction upward as if it can our next target is round 28:48 228 six the end of a clear path and the 50 percent retracement from a the bigger move from the lows back on the 14th of December to the most recent highs on the 20th as what would be looking for if we can sustain above their next target is thirty thirty seven and then we have a cluster right around this 31 seventy-four area if this does not hold watch for support to come back in at about 2300 and if that doesn’t support this that doesn’t hold in key support it’s gonna come in around 20 175 checking in on the daily for Bitcoin cash back above the rotation zone this is the first move back up so let’s see if it can sustain that or not we’ll be keeping an eye on that if it cannot sustain this move back up then again we’ll be watching for the lower prices longer-term switch you over Bitcoin gold for our chart Bitcoin gold alright back up of the rotations and also breaking out of this little horizontal channel reaching up attracting a fair amount of sellers we have a defining point right here which is one of the targets when we get above a trendline let’s see that defining point was 260 126 and the most recent high 261 even so pretty close match there it’s got to get above that defining point then we’ll be watching for a return let me fix this level over here we’ll be watching for a return to the end of this clear path and the flattening 200 right around 271 to 274 then above that 279 again we are not using extended targets for any of these because we’re in a major consolidation and congestion area and we haven’t been able to see this really get any traction if the rotation is known we got the first cross right here with keys of fort County about 242 to 244 if that does not hold watch for a return to 232 and then if that doesn’t hold about 219 to 216 is gonna be key airs only issues look at the daily or still against the rotation zone so you’re spiking up in here we have to get a close above this rotation zone so it can get some traction this is now key resistance key resistance is around 263 on the daily chart so watch for a close about there and hopefully that can get it some traction moving higher finally over to Bitcoin nice ignition bar this is what we mean by a really nice ignition power running up then hitting the 50% retracement level key targets been on the charts virtually lining up at the end of a clear path the end of Clair battles enough 215 357 the 50% retracement 15 to 95 what was the high here 15 to 85 so running up there now we’re gonna watch first Cross rotation zone we want to see if this does hold it can come back hits the trendline get by catching on the first cross rotation zone we’re gonna see if that can hold and then push higher so watch for a key support coming in about this 14 150 with the rising rotation zone see if that’s holds if we get another close back or move back bow 13 7:30 not looking very good then we’ll be watching for it to return to 12,000 997 on the first major next downdraft and then we’d be watching for returns at 11,000 848 if it can continue higher gave you about this 15,000 295 then the next major cluster area 16,000 268 to 16,000 644 right here which is just above a clear path and it lines up with this prior breakdown zone so you had to support so support support support moving through there then it became resistance that’s going to be key resistance again and that’s also a 62 and advertisement from this last major sell-off which we’ve talked about multiple times that we’re not getting really bullish back on Bitcoin until I can prove it can get and hold above the sixty two and a half percent retracement level which is a key Gann level for all major sell offs that we’ve talked about in the past videos checking in on the daily daily see here this is forming what could be considered a pretty large double bottom let’s see if it fits into our categories and not really it does not fit in our categories a double bottom so we would not use our targets with it although this the peak of this double bottom is coming in right at the sixty two and a half so if we do get the key close above this a lot of people all trade this is double bottom we’ll just trade this as and return to the end of the clear path which we’d have a target right up here on 19 to ten but that would be on a closing basis above this peak which would it currently is at 16 494 so nothing else to do there you see now we’re holding right at this 50 exponential moving average so we’re just gonna watch to see how much this can run up and if it can sustain some what would some upward move we still don’t have the first cross of rotations I’m back on the Dantley and we’re just in big congestion so again this couldn’t travel up and down but until it gets out of this big congestion range there’s only really some scalp trades that can be done that’s what we have for you on the Bitcoin series for tonight hope everybody started off having a wonderful 2018 and we will talk to everyone soon bye for now [Music]

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