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LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber review! 75137 Uncategorized 

LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber review! 75137

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64 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber review! 75137

  1. http://JANGBRiCKS

    To ug or naught to ug… that is the question.

    1. http://RandomToy%20Reviews

      I wish they added one more figure,like leia or chewbacca or darth vader,im
      not sure if it will increase the price

    2. http://SEMI%20FRN%2033456

      this cost 70 dollar in my country

    3. http://Fergus%20Stevens

      +JANGBRÏČKŠ ug…? I don’t know lets play noughts and crosses I will to ug

    4. http://Fox%20Tuber

      SEMI FRN 33456 really for me it cost like thirty

    5. http://SEMI%20FRN%2033456


  2. http://Matchlight

    i just got this set at myer, not built it

    1. http://Ultra%20Brick%20Studios

      +Matchlight okay thanks

    2. http://Joebor1777

      +Matchlight US, or UK?

    3. http://Lorevertse

      +Matchlight how much in Canadian money??

    4. http://Kuku%20h

      +nick scott I’d guess the set is 29.99 in CAN.

  3. http://Matthew%20Y

    Can’t wait to pick up this set. Hopefully it is released online soon…

    1. http://Jeff%20Dunbar

      +lloyd 3113
      You can find it online at the hut, they are based out of the Uk. This set
      along with Obi wan’s interceptor and the new droid escape set’s are $29
      each with free shipping to the US.

    2. http://LashedWalnut%20979

      I dont live in us or uk

    3. http://LashedWalnut%20979

      But they should be out now in stores though

    4. http://OMGitzSAM

      I saw it at Toys R Us for only like 20 dollars.

    5. http://LashedWalnut%20979

      Its $40 in australia

  4. http://Cheese%20Doodles

    I really wish boba get had his UCS face and not angry clone.

    1. http://TheOptimusprimeguy

      +Zennar den Hartog You mean 2010

    2. http://Jarmo%20Verriet

      +This is my Destiny Incorrect.

    3. http://ApexZephyr69

      If they do that for Boba Fett,he would no longer be valuable

    4. http://Derple%20Plays%20Roblox

      +Cheese Doodles If you didn’t know, he is a clone!

    5. http://ThunderBolt%2047

      +This is my Destiny Nope it’s a little different.

  5. http://Boogie

    His voice is so calming and soothing

    1. http://Subsidoot

      its up there with morgan freeman’s voice… so soothing…

    2. http://Johan%20Boberg


    3. http://Subsidoot

      +Lego Xan I have to lower my volume to listen to the brick show XD

    4. http://PrinceMarcus%20William

      +Daniel Stuart I like my voice

    5. http://Lego%20Sparrow

      I know that’s why I subbed o him

  6. http://Paul%20Jones%20for%20fun.

    I would like a big UCS Cloud city like the Ewok Village.

    1. http://PureS0u1

      +Gabe Newell I would looove a UCS of Coruscant or Kamino

    2. http://Gabe%20Newell

      +PureS0u1 Yeah! Imagine how cool it would be. In coruscant you could have
      the jedi council, the senat, a landing pad and the appartement of Anakin.
      For Kamino, you could have the factory (where the armors are built and
      where the clones are grown), the office of lama su (the long neck guys),
      the apprtement of jango fett and finally a landing pad with a mini version
      of obi wans fighter.

    3. http://charlie%20compton


    4. http://Luke%20Halling

      +Paul Jones that would be sick but probably, like the ewok village it would
      be soooooo expensive

    5. http://Horns%20And%20Halos

      +Gabe Newell Yavin 4 would be nice too.

  7. http://David%20Townend

    I love this. I know.

    1. http://Fionn%20Fitzpatrick

      +David Townend Nice.

  8. http://Ladondorf

    Do you think it’s time LEGO makes a new mould for Han’s hair?

    1. http://jx592

      +Patrick Doyle But doesn’t Force awakens Han use a different hair piece?
      but just white? why not use it in brown

    2. http://Ladondorf

      Grey, you mean.

    3. http://Caden%20_Masterz

      I think the new hair lego used for old han solo would also work for all the
      other han solos too

    4. http://Lego%20Sparrow


    5. http://Matthew%20Senior

      they have. in the new death star

  9. http://Mathijs%20Breedveld

    Isn’t that hiding compartment supposed to be Han’s cell in cloud city. The
    floor color is red and the bed is black.

    1. http://PsychoChicken008

      Well, the ceeling of the cell looks like the floor of the freezing chamber.
      And that bed comes out of the wall like in the movie…

    2. http://Patrick%20Doyle

      +Combustiblemonguy The scale of this is already too small and it’s still
      only part of the freezing complex. They’re not going for total, accuracy
      just enough to convincingly reenact the scene with minifigs. The scene in
      the interrogation room was less than a minute long and not as memorable as
      the freezing scene, so they wouldn’t make a set with just that room. They
      just used some simple parts to add it beneath the platform in order to add
      some extra value. You wouldn’t normally use or look at the two parts at the
      same time anyway, so their location doesn’t matter

    3. http://Mathijs%20Breedveld

      +Patrick Doyle Yes, thank you!

    4. http://Ladondorf

      Good eye, Mathijs.

    5. http://RandomToy%20Reviews

      I dont really know whats that,but now i know thanks.

  10. http://Tablet%20Oyuncusu

    This or Shadow Trooper pack ?

    1. http://Brandon%20Lynch

      This by far

  11. http://Ladondorf

    The carbonite freezing chamber as a scene seems less deserving of its own
    set and more like a section of a larger Cloud City set.

  12. http://O%20BRO0182

    I Wish they Made it Fully Round.

  13. http://Lewis%20Conroy

    i thought that bit for hiding was the torture machine thing that was used
    on him before he was frozen

  14. http://Oskari%20Eronen

    if this came with boba fett AND darth vader i would so buy this

  15. http://Arturo%20Plaza

    this set came with a bag for Boba helmet complements, came with 4 antenas
    and came with other 4 (kind of) caps, that i dont understood their use.
    someone help me :/ sorry for bad english.

    1. http://Harry%20heading

      Yeah what are they for

    2. http://Benjamin%20Lane

      They’re extras. If you have any other helmets that they fit on (some clone
      helmets) then you can put some of those on them. That’s what I did.

  16. http://Fergus%20Stevens

    Why aren’t you the most subscribed YouTube WHY?

  17. http://captcrouton

    I came here because I got the set and couldn’t figure out what that little
    ramp gadget was for. Even after seeing you put Han in it, it still doesn’t
    make sense to me.

  18. http://yomomma%20tube

    Should I get this or the two battlefront battle packs ?

  19. http://steelie2010

    I think the folding down piece is supposed to be the stone bed that Han
    lies on in the prison after he’s tortured when he says ‘I feel terrible’

  20. http://caleb%20carswell

    I just got the set at my grandparents house I will build at my I am a big
    fan Jangbricks!

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