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Lendconnect – Big Insider Info! Eigencoin Lending in 2 Days! 3% Guaranteed Rate! Uncategorized 

Lendconnect – Big Insider Info! Eigencoin Lending in 2 Days! 3% Guaranteed Rate!

here we are again welcome back everybody and if it’s the first time here to the channel welcome my name is Todd the channels called passive wealth and today I want to be talking about a couple of different lending platforms I’m gonna lead tonight with eigen coin ligand coin is looking to launch their a lending platform here very soon as you can see via the counter on the screen a little over two days from now and eigen coin is kind of positioning themselves to be one of the one of the platforms that’s gonna offer may be slightly lower rates than other platforms but they’re saying you know we’re gonna offer slightly lower rates but we are going to be sustainable and they’ll have multiple income streams they’re going to burn their coins they’re gonna have a biannual buyback period where they take a certain amount of their profit and buy back coins and destroy them so they got a lot of things going for them that are that are cool and that would make them a sustainable platform so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ve had a couple pulled out from under you you’ve been you’ve gotten burned before if you’ve been hurt before guys maybe this is one you want to you want to invest in I am invested in it I have a few thousand coins here and I think it’s totally a totally good project so I just want to make you aware that this is something that’s happening soon now the deal with eigen coin they actually have this reddit that I’m gonna go out to they posted this in their telegram and you can see they’ve got some posts on here but they have their lending FAQ out here and if you join the telegram group it’s the pinned message you can go ahead and and follow that out here but there’s some important information here the lending FAQ is I just wanted to go over with you really quickly number one will withdraws be available after the promotion ends and I guess I should say that first how about I do that first there’s a promotion okay once the lending platform is launched there will be a promotion where they will be guaranteeing a certain interest rate which will be you know a promotional rate better than the normal rate they could offer and I just want to go ahead and bring that to your attention really quickly okay here it is the team would like to thank us for sticking with us edited we’re thrilled to announce the details of our lending launched January 15th okay so it looks like these are their packages and typically the way these packages work is how long your duration of your loan is going to be as dependent on how big a loan you do that’s not the case here they’re saying depending on the duration you choose it looks like you’re going to choose your duration and depending on how long of a loan you want to do they will give you certain dollar amounts and certain interest rates so if you choose a 60 day loan they will guarantee you and rate of $8 on your lent coins at one point two five percent interest today now these guaranteed rates a day it says here promotional lending rate will last 30 days variable thereafter and we’ll go over over the variable rates here in a second but I’m gonna go through this sixty day duration $8 gear of guaranteed rate at one point two five percent interest daily for 30 days you can do a hundred day duration at ten dollars with a two percent rate or a 199 day duration at ten dollars with two and a half percent or at 299 day duration at ten dollars with a three percent rate for 30 days three percent rate guaranteed that’s pretty good although two hundred ninety nine days man that is an eternity in foreign crypto it is just so long and I mean–but connect okay as long as bit connects been around which seems like for freaking ever bit Connect has only been in existence a year they’ve basically been around since last January so 365 days and they’re talking about a 299 day loan here do we think eigen coin will be around as long as bit Connect that’s up to you to decide if I were going to haven’t decided if I’m doing a loan yet but if I did do a loan honestly I would probably choose the 100 seems like the best deal 2 percent interest today for 30 days tend that you get the 10 dollars instead of the 8 and your money’s not locked up for you know eternity so that would probably be my choice we’ll see you can lend up to 4000 seem you can’t lend any more than that and here’s kind of this kind of stinks in my opinion but the promo packages will last until January 25th and will be limited to 100 people a day so they’re doing that thing you know where it’s starting out they’re going to they’re going to try to manufacture some scarcity for these lending packages by saying only a hundred people get to do it a day so that’s going to create hype and FOMO etc etc and they say also early withdrawals are not allowed during this promotion and I’ll clarify that here later actually probably next we’ll go ahead and clarify this information but just so you know there’s a hundred people a day that can get into this starting on the 15th and the promotion last to the 25th okay so let’s go back out to I’m sorry about that let’s go back out to here which let me look for that what they were saying about early withdrawals look it’s basically number one here withdrawal be available after the promotion ends and exchange launches and they say Bitcoin withdrawals will be available once our lending plateau a program launches on 115 ok so it looks like you should be able to take Bitcoin off the site 115th so there you go there’s your answer will people be able to withdraw daily interest but not be able to withdraw capital is the K is the interest auto reinvested yes you can withdraw a daily interest or you can leave it in the website and create another loan so there you go when they said no early withdrawal they meant you won’t be able to take out your principal during promotions so how about people who want to land but miss promotion they will be able to lend at standard rates listed on the website and those standard rates are down here and like I said they’re they are lower zero to a thousand up to one percent plus point zero three percent daily times the bonus multiplier which is down here and this already alluded to their earlier withdrawal options so this is a program where you can withdraw your principal early at at a penalty but you can see there’s the early withdrawal penalties for the different lengths for the different terms and there are bonus multipliers so if you want to choose the 100 day length like I said I might then you would have a 1.1 bonus multiplier so that would then be added into this formula back to this document here’s something interesting interest will be paid back in agony equivalent to the USD value so it’s not going to be like a lot of these other platforms where you get USD in your wallet on the site and then you have to exchange that USD for the coin and then you have to sell the coin for Bitcoin and then you transfer the Bitcoin off the site you’re gonna get it in eigen coin and let’s see what else is interesting here would have made two accounts lending price lending price after the promo depending on how well our investments are going the lending rate is dynamically reflected but as you can see from what I showed you on the website it’s going to be up to 1% a day and as far as how to go through the lending they’re actually going to post a step-by-step guide in advance we don’t have it yet and lending starts the 15th so I imagine we’re gonna get it later tonight or tomorrow at which point I will go ahead and update this video with a link in the description out to that guide but they are going there stead is still in the works so that is the end of this FAQ for the lending a quick note regarding exchanges they say on here their lending platform opens January this month obviously in two days and also that they are getting added to or possibly more exchanges this month we don’t have a date on that just yet although if you’re wondering when will they get put on an exchange then there’s your answer they’re not on one yet we are waiting on that so basically the only way currently to do a loan with IgAN coin is if you bought during the ico if you didn’t buy during the ico then you’re gonna have to wait until an actual exchange comes out before you can participate and as soon as that happens I’ll update all you guys I’ll lomi all my subscribers on the latest so that you can get in on this but there you have it I ghen coin is setting themselves up to be a sustainable platform with some interesting quirks to it like an ICO investment program ad revenue redistribution other growth plans like the premium content portal which I have described all that in an earlier video about eigen coin and feel free to come out to the website there’ll be a link in the description for you if you want to read more about it you can follow that link and you can also sign up but they’re setting themselves up to be sustainable and they have a pretty good promotion going on with the rates you can lock in for 30 days all the way up to 3% if you’re interested in the longest term but yeah that that is that’s the update on I can coin now I want to move on to honestly my favorite my favorite lending platform thing that’s happening right now the only thing that I didn’t reason I didn’t lead with it is because my last two or three videos have been about it is Len to connect let me get out to what they’re doing okay so if you haven’t heard already or you haven’t seen my other videos that I’ve posted this week or in the last few days lend connect is absolutely killing it right now and if you’re unfamiliar with the platform what they’re looking to do obviously they have a lending platform they’re gonna have an internal exchange all that normal stuff but their exchange is going to be an exchange where you can you can buy and sell and exchange lend connect tokens for other lending tokens so like you would be able to come to lend connect and and by hex you know Hexter coin extra coins kind of got not doing so great right now but you can come and buy Devore or you could come and buy home block or whatever it is you wanted to buy they will just gradually be adding more and more lending platform tokens so this can be your one-stop shop for that kind of deal a very interesting platform and what else is very interesting what’s driving all the interest right now is the interest rate that they’re guaranteeing they have a promotion right now and it’s been running for a few days already but it runs through the 21st where if you do a loan they’re guaranteeing 5% daily interest on loans that are done right now after that after the promotional period they are saying that the daily interest rate will be between one and a half and five percent so they’re saying that they can do that because they they’ve tested they’re they’re trading and they’re bought and they came up with a certain percentage that they had been making they tested it for a week and they’re like okay we can afford to do this and work so they’re just they’re going to give back the majority of what it is that they earn and keep a sliver for themselves instead of the other way around which is I believe how some of the other platforms do it you know they get the meal and they give you the scraps this is gonna be more like you know you split the plate instead of you know you sitting there like the dog that you are and getting the leftovers and saying thank you sir so it’s very interesting and very it’s very on the move right now people are flocking to this platform and they’re gonna continue to flock I’ve got some insider information I’m gonna share with you in a minute but one thing that’s not insider information is they were added to coin market cap yesterday and not only were they added to coin market cap and you can see their coin is twelve fifty right now huge huge pump in the price but they were actually number one if you go here to coin market cap and under trending gainers and losers yesterday for a 24 hour percentage game they were number one for like 12 hours or so they were number one on this list and they’re still number 17 even at 70% and they had their they had a huge pullback of course after the huge pump and they’re still number 17 today on 24-hour gainers here they are on coin exchange which is the place I recommend you come by if you need the coin because they’re uncommon ether Delta you would want to use coin exchange in my opinion and you can see it wasn’t worth too much back here they got added no one cared no one cared and then they announced their lending right here one and a half to five percent and people are like oh there was some interest and then you know it took a week to germinate so people started selling again and then it got to be a few days before lending and it started picking back up again picking back up again and then boom they launched their lending and you get this huge huge pump like we didn’t even really see a red candle like this is three dollars we didn’t really see a red candle until $15 and then of course there was the predictable 50% pullback and then the wave back up and back down back up back down looks like we’re probably gonna be settling around twelve thirteen dollars but guys not for long okay the insider info I have that’s just talking to and one of the admins and the telegram in in DM and he was saying that they’ve got I’m not gonna say names but they’ve got some big youtubers that are gonna start promoting lend connect and youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subs and you know what that means I mean for better or worse or whatever your opinion to that is big youtubers are about to start promoting this and that means one thing more adoption you know though these youtubers they wield influence and their subscribers are going to to a certain extent follow what they say so right now I checked this guy hasn’t started promoting it yet I imagine it’ll be later today or tomorrow so right now at this dip this might be a good place to try to get in because I think that we’re gonna see another big pump here shortly either tonight or within the next 24 hours just my opinion I’m not your adviser but this is what I’m looking at and this is my opinion just like every other video I do these are my opinions so if you do want to buy come out to coin exchange and do it here and then when you send your coins out to the lend connect site just FYI since this is an e rc 20 token you need to have a small aetherium balance out here on lend connect so that the transaction gets pushed through it doesn’t matter if you send the etherium first or second the etherium just needs to get there in order for the transaction to go through and if it takes 3 4 5 6 hours don’t freak out that’s how long it’s taking for everyone my suggestion would be though if you have the option to send like if you’re gonna send your coins from my ether wallet or something send it with 200000 gasps but if you’re sending from coin exchange just send it and wait just send it in wait because it’s probably gonna take a little while so that about does that I think that’s everything I have to say about lend connect and about IgAN coin if you have any questions or comments leave them down below you throw me a like – if you like what I had to say or if you find value in this and if you find value in it also you should subscribe and hit the notification bell because I love putting this content out here and helping people the best way I know how through crypto it can be a real minefield so that’s about it guys thank you so much for your support and for listening my name is Todd this is passive wealth and everybody have a great night take care

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