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Smart Cash Review – Smarter Cryptocurrency for a Smarter Future Uncategorized 

Smart Cash Review – Smarter Cryptocurrency for a Smarter Future

hey guys how’s it goin as the cryptolocker Wellington here today we’re gonna be talking about smart cash a very interesting project that we’re gonna looking at just what exactly smart cash does what are some the projects they’ve been involved with recently what the communities like what are some of the really interesting features of smart cash after a quick shout out to everyone who has been hitting that like button of course everybody who has been subscribing to the channel if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet make sure you hit that button up down below to stay up to date with all of the latest in the crypto space furthermore this is of course not professional financial advice guys this is just a dude documoto cryptocurrencies on the Internet oh let’s check it out now smart I’ve incentivized decentralized community cool what’s that mean what does it do well smart cash is actually a really interesting project they’ve got the zero point protocol so this makes it a privacy coin now that’s actually done through a particular feature on their wallet called renewing basically the coins get burnt and you get issued with new coins with different history basically new history actually fast transactions of course that is the norm now in the space to be honest if you don’t have fast transactions you must be Bitcoin now the interesting thing here is actually the focus on community if you look at the block rewards only 20% are going to their smart rewards program actually 15% go to the smart rewards program 5% go to the miners which is a fractional amount it’s really really small an 80 percent 80 percent are going to smart hive and a high of teams that is to of course fund the development of the project but also to fund community initiatives advertising charity stuff like this so they’re really really community focused really focused on giving back creating a big war chest basically to give back into to continue to develop smart cash make it the best cryptocurrency that it can be of course now they’ve got a governance mechanism another work and getting in wallet voting going on not quite ready yet at the time of recording this video but they are working on getting that moved forward basically one smartcash equals one vote pretty simple idea and of course anybody is able to vote which is nice now it is a decentralized network of people working on this so they’ve got what’s called hive teams basically the whole idea here is that they don’t want to create cult of personalities and look there are definitely some cryptocurrencies that suffer from cult of personality litecoin and Charlie Lee for example yeah we all love Charlie I love Charlie but it’s you know he’s a big figure in the litecoin space you know and everyone looks to Charlie for information and updates and all these things smart cash doesn’t have that doesn’t have those personalities that they put forward all there of course there are dedicated people developing it working on it all the time and as part of these different hive teams pretty interesting pretty interesting really the way they’ve structured their community is great lots of independent pieces coming together to make a hole of course this comes back to their whole analogy about this kind of being like a big beehive of you know ingenuity and connectedness now really exciting thing here is smart rewards they are trying to stabilize their cryptocurrency in order to do that they are incentivizing of course holding your the cryptocurrency so they have a smart rewards program currently the rewards at like seven point six percent so if you have 1,000 smart you will have extra 76 smart every time there is a reward now the rewards process lurks works like this you have to have it locked up in your wallet for 30 days every month on the 25th they do a snapshot and basically issue out rewards based on that now if you buy on the 24th no deals remember you gotta have it locked up for 30 days you buy it on the 27th we have to wait almost 60 days to get paid out so you have to have that locked up for 30 days please do keep that in mind you need at least 1,000 smart which currently is pretty easy to do it’s only about a hundred bucks and a little bit of change us in order to get a thousand smart so very reasonable and actually pretty decent payout the long-term residual income and especially a smart cash continues to rise potential there is even higher so that is very cool you cannot come over here and run the calculator to if you want if you are already a smart cash holder you probably know about this we can still come over here and check out and see what the potential rewards are for you so that is pretty cool and that’s paid out and monthly now I like their wallet got multiple addresses on your wallet so this is your spending account remember you have to have your smart cash locked up for 30 days so you can actually have two different savings accounts on here so you have smart rewards one and smart rewards too so you know say you’ve got a savings account and you don’t want to mess with that but you get one that well I’m saving but sometimes I might in to use it that could be your smart rewards to account for example so that is really cool to see that kind of ease of use already thought into it and speaking of easy use this here is awesome all you need is a user name to send smart cash it’s my user names the crypto lark all you need to do type in the crypto lark send cash that’s awesome that is really cool obviously cryptographic addresses are nice but for a lot of people it seems confusing or you know it’s too easy to make mistakes and I guess you can make mistakes typing in a name too but never the less this is a nice feature and I’m glad to see them doing that anything that can make cryptocurrencies a little bit easier for your average person is a good thing if we have a look here at the roadmap they’ve got a lot of features I’ve already come out smart hi voting actually has been has been done but they’re working on the in wallet functionality that’s still I think mobile wallets still come smart nodes will be coming that will require a 10,000 lock-up instant pay is coming after the smart nodes of course adaptive blocks and point-of-sale this is one thing they’re focusing on trying to get smart cash being used as a point-of-sale payment settlement form so that would be really powerful if they can actually get retailers to start using smart cash that would pretty awesome now the smart nodes do require 10,000 smart per node plus the other technical features as well that is really cool a thousand dollar node is not bad price at all of course that’s based on the current prices if by comparison a – node at the moment costs about eight hundred thousand dollars so to get in now on smart cash Kansas smart cash be the next – maybe they should just shorten it smash smash smash and dash would be fun who knows we’re gonna look at the use cases and the areas where smart cash is becoming popular where they’re focusing on but if they can get even a quarter of the value of – Wow running a smart node getting it for a thousand bucks now cool remember a year ago or a year and a half ago the people who got – no they got them like five thousand six thousand dollars look at the growth on that amazing so this could be a real opportunity you know nodes have a great potential for paying out and of course the smart rewards program is fantastic too so if you have eleven thousand smart for example you need ten thousand for your node and then you can have a thousand just sitting in your wallet gaining you that monthly interest so very cool stuff here now they are really focusing on Latin America in Africa Eastern Europe Roma talk a little about those different markets and potentials there let’s have a Venezuela first they are the fourth cryptocurrency to get added on the only legally compliant crypto exchange Venezuela wow that’s really interesting that puts smart cash really in front of people’s faces in Venezuela and go wow this is one of the crypto currencies that I can buy that’s really cool I’m gonna buy it I’m gonna use it they’ve been doing outreach programs in Venezuela they actually had a charity run where they fed and like 2500 people as a community proposal but they also of course talked about smart cash when people came and sat down hey by the way this was funded by smart cash what smart cash less value so that’s very cool and they’ve also had a conference in Venezuela so they’re definitely getting the word out in Venezuela obviously there’s a lot of potential reach across South America you know places like Brazil would be ripe for this to come in as well Africa they have been really focusing on Africa a lot Ghana for example there’s if you look through the list of proposals in the forums they’ve got proposals for lots of different countries in Africa francophone Africa English Africa english-speaking Africa of course you know over in the Caribbean they want to you know get it pushed into Jamaica a lot of potential here and of course Eastern Europe is a massive potential market for them as well places like Ukraine Belarus hungry Greece Georgia Armenia whatever I mention all these places because if they can gain a foothold in any of these countries that’s massive let’s say the smart cash becomes the preferred digital currency of Venezuela and look I know digital currencies are cross-border and international and all these things but the reality is if you are walking through the streets of Venezuela and every other retailer accepts smart cash that’s huge or if you’re going down the streets of Ghana and every retailer accepts smart cash you can pay for your taxi in smart cash and these kind of things that is really really big it’s all about finding use cases is about finding places that are ready for the tech ready for the community to come in and do it and with the massive amount of funding the smart cash has through their block rewards system or 80% of every block is put into the fund into the war chest to help advertise the help market to help get into these new markets they have a lot of potential here it’s a very exciting project smart cash you can come over here and now check the forums out as mentioned you see a lot of the pre proposals for example and they’ve got a good focus on charity to public service campaign and donation for helping polar bears cool and other polar bears polar bears cool now let’s talk about the markets smart cash currently a little under 50 million u.s. dollars back up to about 10 cents at the time of recording this video and I have recorded this on the 13th so marks might have changed substantially by the time I release it but the maximum supply will be 5 billion currently we’re a little over a billion for the total supply again that is issued out via the block rewards currently the block reward is five thousand per block its bracelet angel’ amount but that of course will deflate over time as we get closer and closer to the max supply if you do want to pick up some smart cash for yourself crypto Pia or hit BTC are your places actually that Venezuelan exchange isn’t even listed on here so that’s quite interesting clay market cap actually doesn’t have quite a few different exchanges listed on here some of the top ones without a doubt but then there are lots of little ones that actually get missed you’re on quite market cap but if you do when it gets weird a crypto P a rock over to hit BTC and grab yourself some smart cash preferably sooner than later because as they continue to move forward there is a lot of potential for this one to really pick up in some different places and look there is big competition – for example is massive – ones to be doing point sale – wants to be a new PayPal – has got private send as well – is super well-funded you know even though there the reward for – that goes to funding – isn’t as big the fact that – is a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency means that it doesn’t have to be as big currently they have a lot more money to spend and the guise of smart cash now there’s lots of other competitors in the space – but I think – is probably the best comparison here extreme community focus here with smart cash whereas – yeah they’ve got the nodes set up for community voting and stuff like this but at the same time you know – has really gone corporate and you know if you’re anti corporate well a smart cash is your honey if you don’t mind corporate well a – they’re rocking they’re gonna do really really well and they have been doing really well they’ve seen a lot of their value comes through but it’s a top cryptocurrency it’s a very safe place to invest if you’re gonna invest in smart cash it’s a lot farther down the list that’s a little more risk here you know with the potential for rewards quite big very interesting project smart cash let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below long live the blockchain and peace out til next time guys you

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