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Smartcash – What is Smartcash

with the growing community lots of people are talking about smart cash but what is it let’s find out smart cash is a secure fast private fungible community governs a digital currency focused on merchants adoption but let’s break that down alone this video is an overview of smart cash but when you see this symbol it signifies that it’s another video covering the topic I’m currently discussing but in greater depth so if you’re interested or you require further explanation pause this video and watch the other video before resuming smartcasts approaches privacy and fungibility by implementing zero point features allowing users to burn all coins and have them replaced with new coins with no transaction history this is simply the digital equivalent of trading in an old dollar bill for a brand new one and it can be done by the click of a button straight from the smart cash wallet this is extremely important for privacy and in order to be considered fully fungible or in other words for there to be no difference between one unit of smart cash in any other one unit of smart cash security speed and the immutable nature of smart cash is provided by the use of blockchain technology block teen is the data structure for storing transactions in a secure decentralized network this despairs database has no centralized point of weakness pervading a hack proof peer-to-peer network governed by mathematical rules and protected by cryptography smart cache was launched by the community in order to offer a truly decentralized currency where every user has a voice and can participate it’s an evolution of proceeding digital currencies such as Bitcoin where Manor centric governance models have resulted in per being in the hands of the few rather than many smart high voting is how that paradigm is flipped community proposals are published and then voted on with one smart cast being one vote the first major project approved by the smart cash community was an aid project to help feed starving people in Venezuela a country ravaged by economic and political turmoil resulting in massive food shortages this altruistic act and the that was the very first major project approved highlights that smart cash is truly different and then in the hands of the many great things can be achieved anyone can submit a proposal and if the community deems that worthy funding is provided via the community fund so where does this community funding come from from block rewards when a new block is created by a thousand smartcasts are awarded in Bitcoin this reward will go solely to the menos as do all the voting privileges which results in the imbalance of power we see today in smart cash only 5% of the block reward goes to miners 26% goes towards essential technical development and 54% goes to the community funds to finance worthy proposals this really underscores community development being the priority and the remaining 15% is rewarded to holders of smart cash to promote long-term holding through price stability mechanism smart rewards and more smart casts just by holding smart rewards are distributed to users that have held their coins in a wallet for at least a month this incentivizes a more long-term approach to encourage greater community spark has already has a growing number of merchants accepting smart payments but its focus is exponential growth in this area the ultimate aim is for smart cash to be usable all over the world for any purchase one would require fast cheap scalable and borderless payments make an attractive proposition for merit ins there are many ways to join the smart cast community you may simply want to buy hold and vote or you can even earn smart cash through regular content and social media bounties offered by the community alternatively you may have a great idea you feel will help the community you can propose it to be voted upon engage with the community on the forum and social media to find the option that suits you best smart cash is an incredible project grown organically with an active community committed to a truly decentralized model financial gain doesn’t have to sacrifice fairness or inclusivity and can be a force for good smart cash is already up thousands of presents is launched and it’s still a very new project one prominent cryptocurrency of lagann is over the opinion that smart cash could eventually be one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap and I’m inclined to agree go to the smart cash website for further what do you think about smart cars start the conversation in the comment section below and don’t forget to Like share subscribe and click the bell for more alerts see in the next video

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