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Stratis launches test ICO platform. Big investment opportunity for 2018 !! Uncategorized 

Stratis launches test ICO platform. Big investment opportunity for 2018 !!

hi guys this is the wishmaster speaking here and today we’re gonna talk about Stratus because Stratus has released something important to for you guys they have released the best initial coin offering platform and what does that mean guys I wonder why is it important for you because initial core offerings are a big deal if you have been following a tier iam and yo lately they have been doing initial coin offerings for months now well it is not new but they have been raising millions and millions of dollars for these new companies that are trying to build on the etherion platform and if you have funded one of these initial core offerings you know it can be a hassle because every company is doing another one another way and there are they have to implement their own o your customer rules and everybody every company has to do it honest as doing our in a separate way and as an investor I think it’s your real hassle to do it and it and it really blocks some sort some some users that that are not technical savvy enough to do to participate in an initial coin offering and I think acrylic clear example of that is was the Neo initial coin offering of Red Bulls it was a total disaster in my opinion guys they have raised they have raised a significant amount of money but if you follow – the instructions – to help fund the initial coin offering it was horrible you even had to download a separate wallet – to fund the project it was a copy of the original wallet and it had some extra functionalities but can you imagine explaining to a different user or normal user and non technical savvy user that you have to download another separate wallet and resync the whole blockchain and use that wallet and import import your current wallet file and etc etc before you can even fund the project it was a real hassle that people were complaining about it as well and then network cut latency etc but that’s another side of the story but what is I’m gonna get to the point of Stratos right now what is Stratos to do here they are launching an initial coin offering platform and what does it mean guys you have to have a bit of fantasy here because they are still in a test phase and that’s why it’s important to look at this you have to look at the projects that are upcoming that will make a groundbreaking movement next year and I think Stratos is one of that ones okay Stratos has the platform up and running or the test platform at least I’m gonna take a small look at this because I already tested it and we’re gonna look at this this is this is the platform you login which you use your name and password etc etc and you have your account details you can even enable two-factor authentication for extra security etc etc so this is a test case designate it from of your designed from the Stratos team so they have enabled an initial coin offering for the token that is named token Wow big surprise as you can see there are already five hundred thousand best Stratos coins invested and I invested 100 so to make things easy guys if you want to invest in initial coin offering in Stratos you make an account on this platform and every initial coin offering will be available on this platform I can tell you now guys this will be a center center piece of the initial coin offering on Stratos you login you will see a list of potential initial coin offerings and you can directly set like here if you want to participate in this initial coin offerings you get just an address and you send your dope your send your coins to this that easy it’s that easy everybody probably gets a unique address and you send some funds over there you can see that you had invested several stratasys and you earned several tokens that’s it you can even test it do you need test coins get some here at for the sake of it we’re just gonna set directly some tests strattice coins into that wallet so you have a separate wallet on the platform and that will automatically give you the tokens so just gonna copy paste that and get Stratus I don’t know if it’s gonna work because our already claimed some free status maybe you can okay it worked but why is this important guys this is a nice layout this is something for everyday everyday users not something like aetherium right now or neo that you have to go on a technical road and i have to install stuff etc etc no this is just create a user with the username and I enable two-factor authentication you get a list of initial calling offerings you send Stratos to the address and you’re done you have your tokens done it’s that easy and why is this important because initial coin offerings brings money to the platform I can’t stress this enough you have seen this with etherium we have seen this with neo the initial point offerings brings investors to the platform that’s it and when you look at the road map of Stratos you have some interesting stuff you have look fourth quarter we have the priests wallet that is going into path data that is going this right now into better and they are going to the main net until the before the end of the year I think jemelle it should be but they have said it it’s gonna work we all now have an alpha version of the masternodes we have the stratas identity app that it’s already embed I think and we have some more contracts coming in next year they also said that they are already talking with companies that are interested in the initial coin offering platform guys Stratos will be big next year I can’t stress this enough it will be big just like liske will be big next year I I can’t stress this enough I’m a fan of a theorem I’m a semi finai hate love relationship with neo but Stratos at lists those four are really platform cryptocurrencies and money will be pouring into them because investors will want to put money into this in issuing offerings is that simple and even way we look at the charts look at this is the one day chart with Bitcoin and we have going just a normal level for the for the past months maybe I’m gonna put it on the weekend look at that we had a big rise in the beginning of the year because they were coming out with a rope nap and everybody was excited I’m blah blah blah blah blah and everybody know where it was investing into this but a habit has been slowly dying I slowly dying off and considered having a consolidation session and around this level around a 50,000 satoshi level and I think if you want to have a longer long-term investment I think Stratus is one of those guys I don’t see it going any lower than this it’s almost an initial coin offering level I think well not really like a good half maybe but guys if you wanna have a good investment for next year this is the MA this is the time to buy it if you look at the weekly chart it’s from heads all the indicators are saying that this is just at a low level nobody is buying this right now know some people are selling it but I really think that people are starting to catch on if you look at the one day we are slightly going up and I think if we can stay above the Green Line that’s the the 20 day moving average I think we can we can see a big movement before the end of the era maybe maybe even before the end of the year but I’m pretty sure that this will be making next year and I think we might go back to these levels like the previous high so if you want to have a double up on your money money I think this is a wise investment I’m not telling you to buy it don’t listen to me this is not a financial advice but I’m giving my personal opinion and I have my money invested into Stratos as well you can see it on as well the IRAs is slowly creeping up as well as the the the moving average is slowly creeping up creeping up small volumes just creeping guys check this out I’m gonna see if this transaction has been going to actually if you see you saw this is the total invested amount just to end up at my I also invest the to understand my tokens have gone up as well you could clearly see your your transactions here so guys even if you look at this number a lot of people have been testing this platform a lot of people I have have invested in this strattice are seeing the potential and Stratus I think you should really look into this because everybody is focusing on Bitcoin and it terraeum etc acceptor okay if you if you all have a steady coin with a steady game do do your top 5 picks invest in Bitcoin invest in etherium invest in neo invest in – etc but if you really want to have the long-term hold and see an exponential pool of your money later on the these things are the way to go Stratus and lists are probably the way to go there are many others out there probably but I think these these two are for me the the ones that I looked into this are probably the biggest ones you have waves as well as well but they aren’t getting much attention I think I’m invested in waves as well but I might do a separate video about that so guys remember do your research I did mine I invested into Stratos you don’t have to do what I say but at least look into this look at what’s coming from Stratos look at the team look at the slack channel look at reddit look at what they’re doing and even invest maybe a small amount of this before and invest more and when you see you’re going up or something but if you want to have a solid investment over the next coming months I think this might be a big one I don’t see it I really don’t see it dropping any lower except if we maybe let miss some deadlines or something but I really don’t see this going going lower if you could see the boulder Bazaar or so narrow so so narrow it could potentially even shoot up before the end of the year actually so guys I hope you like this video if you liked it subscribe like tweet about it I don’t know these are my first videos of YouTube and how I how I see things but thanks for watching so bye guys

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