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Stratis Technical Analysis (STRAT) | Bitcoin & USD 💰

alright hey guys so I had a request today from a member to take a look at Stratos so I’ve got Stratos here to Bitcoin we’re gonna look at it both in against Bitcoin in to the dollar if I can get it done in time now with as with any any coin that you’re considering trading I always suggest you come over here and check check its stats if you haven’t traded it before strata this is a really strong project we’re very high on the coin gecko scale at 66% market cap but you know almost six hundred and fifty million so this is a this is a major coin a lot of volume coming in of late and this is a strong project but if you wanted to read a little bit more about what they’re all about and you know do a little of your for your own fundamental research this would be a good place to start back to the back to the chart so you know let me straight up in this straight down right so and then here was the ICO this by the way is why I don’t trade icos but you know putting putting that aside use it a pump and a dump you know whatever it is it’s it’s it certainly here this you know with there’s really no elliot count there but you do have some technical trading on the way down remember algos they don’t they don’t care long or short they’re just they’re just you know it’s software that’s written to to do particular things so we can look at that and see you know how how the algos have traded this on the way down if we’re at a reasonable spot down here which you know doesn’t have a whole lot lower to go here’s 0 if this is a reasonable spot to be looking for new opportunities long now here I’ve got an 8 hour chart so here’s my Vegas wave and you know we’re just starting to attend o come up and tickle the inside edge of it we’re not quite there yet but let’s just do a little bit of measuring here because we’re you know you can see this bar here we’re starting to see signs of some strength and some potentially renewed buying but just checking it so if I just you know do the same procedure that I would do with any coin so if we go from my swing low here we go up you can see we here’s the six one eight we go to here’s my negative 23 so the first algo target and then here’s the negative six one eight so it’s been to and through those so they made money here have having seen that I’d go back in and then I’d pull from this last pivot and you know I can just kind of eyeball and tell you so here here you can see from this last swing where they first took profit then we go right back it just as before in fact we do it twice we double top here at just shy of the six one eight and then here’s their target here that’s the negative twenty three so potentially you’re at a spot now where they’ve they’ve taken everything they can out of out of the the short side of it and potentially now we start moving higher so I guess my point here is that it’s trading technically and there’s algo footprints all over it so given that if we look here now you know can we is there any Elliott count here that would make sense well and and this correction here is kind of interesting so you can see kind of an a B’s so if I were if I were you know just trying to put a preliminary count on this I would do something like this now this this looks to me like we’ve got this kind of thing happening so let’s let’s say I could do another degree here so I am inclined to think we do this and we’re down here let me put that in a higher degree so if I go to that let’s put that in a different color so I’m inclined to think you’ve got you know a pretty substantial correction here so this is kind of interesting here we get this a B and then this double top here measuring that I you know looking for fib relationships I pull here and then to here right on it and you can see we go right to the six one eight if I have this tight I think it was right on the to the tick yeah it is so there there’s an a B right so we knew we knew as well that from from this B here we had this confluence here so we get the ABC there’s the six one eight four the four that three wave so you would have additional subdivision here so you’d have this as an a B C again I’ll put that enough smaller degree let’s go down so you can see it and put that in in white so do you see what’s happening there so we have very technical trading so we’ve got an Eliot structure here too of some degree and we’ve got and we’ve got the six one eight here so the this was a perfect short now as you guys know if you follow me you know I’m almost always looking for the long side of the market here so the idea is you know do we have a potentially established pivot to work from here that would make sense and certainly based on what we’re seeing here we’ve got Elliott pattern we’ve got fib relationships we’ve got a technical correction and now we’re here a few ticks from the negative 23 so looks like maybe there’s some there’s some movement here this worth noting here as we’re now breaking these prior highs so we have potentially now we have a higher low and a higher so that’s on the eighth hour so I’ve got it below here so where do I have so here it is on Polonia X on the on the hourly right so here’s that low back here and you can see now we’ve started to move technically so from that low first question is will can I get a decent impulsive or diagonal structure and and take note here we it was almost perfect so if that’s the one we get a slight overlap here for the for suggesting we’ve got a diagonal right so that plays for a leading diagonal into a one wave we come down we get this somewhat technical we get this little here’s our B we get a very shallow sea but this is something we we see consistently in crypto when the market gets strong these shallow sea waves but you know we’re certainly not violating any any Elliott rule set there and of course I’ve got the pitchfork on it when I get three significant pivots like that and you see we’re right we we hovered in the Box in that six one eight six five box so a very technical and then we pop in from here here’s the my you know my favorite corner pocket trade which was you know just just textbook so here’s your corner pocket trade we go right to the median line so that right there that’s a nice little trade one that you know I hope some of you guys know to look for those and that we caught that so there’s your first indication that again now algos are in but they’re trading from the long side so with that one wave in then we start to measure this say okay now I’ve got structure here that I can I can really work with so if I’ve got a good so here’s my leading diagonal until one I get my abc into a two and now looks like we’re going impulsive well if that’s a 1/2 my expectation is that I’m going to get an impulsive wave count here so it can’t be a diagonal in the 3rd wave relative to this degree here in white so here’s my target and all I’m doing is I’ve done many many times before and I’ve shown you from the length of my wave 1 projected from my wave to well here’s the first target right here which we have just wikked that’s 100% of the wave 1 here’s the algo target so we’re 2 and through that but I promise you out goes took some profit there so that now we’re 2 and through so we can qualify this now relative to well actually that’s the wrong degree relative to this degree here right in white so we’re at we’ve just gone a couple of ticks through 100% of the wave 1 so we can qualify this as a wave 3 well if that’s if that’s a wave 3 that well that’s good that’s good news here that we’ve qualified here and we don’t know that we you know we’re getting a little kickback here and that’s likely because the algo is taking some profit there but where’s the the higher target the more likely target the more common expectation and statistically where where our wave 3 is likely to reach we’ve got the 1 6 1 8 1 7 5 box up here so right here becomes our hot box up here for that potential wave 3 of the degree of this larger degree in white but if this is 1/3 we’re expecting subdivision into into that into that motive wave so here’s my 1/2 we so the 1 went right to the median line and we pull back to the outside edge so here’s the lower parallel median and now we’re getting even subdivision and with within that so if I open this up you know we can just guess the point I’m trying to make here is this is just trading we perfectly technical so I’m going to take some of this off just to declutter the chart so there’s our 100% so we know and we’ve got our box drawn up here so let me let me take this off and we’ll go to the smaller degree well from my my low here to my one alright so there we go written take note right right into the 6 1 8 I can’t I’ve lost count how many times I’ve shown that to you guys well over a hundred times so we go right into that little pocket and boom that’s the reaction so we get we get exactly what we always look for we get a confluence here we’ve got the lower parallel so not only we so we have the lower parallel so we had the corner pocket trade right to the median line bang so now we come down to the to the lower parallel and we Rick right into the pocket so in effect we get a second we get a second corner pocket trade and where do we go on that we go from that right to the median line and now we’re two and through so potentially now we’re having had a reaction there and gone through well here’s the negative six one eight here’s the negative 100 so that’s a that’s a contender for the algo target and this reaction here is partially because al goes that bought it here I’ve taken some profit so now you know are we gonna keep going well we would do the same thing here so let me take some of this off since we’ve established that so if we’re in a one two three we’re gonna now look at the Elliott targets so from my low to my one projected from my two well where’s my target for that third that’s right here right there’s the one six one eight one seven five of the lower degree so our expectation is now from from this to that we’re heading to this is a three and look what that lines up with right here’s the upper parallel median line so very very technical training now do we get there well we don’t know yet but that would be if you were long here so you know if people always often ask me what you know what about taking profits and my reply is if it’s trading technically and you reach a significant fib level or some sort of structure or pattern point this is not a bad place to take a partial profit right if you’re long from here you know what you know one choice would be to move your stop up here so you lock in some profit because we don’t know that it’s going to keep going we have a probability projection here and we have pattern that looks like it’s in play we know algos are in but we don’t know that it keeps going so what one choice is take a partial profit here and move your stop from here now to this last swing low that’s what I would do but I’m gonna bank a little bit here I I want to reduce risk I want to put some put some Bitcoin in my pocket and then I want to lock in some profit here so I’m basically in a risk free trade so in a very very good situation to be in so I can let a portion of it run because I know I’ve got on this degree here in blue I’ve got this this target up here and now it since we’re two and through the 100 you know we get here’s the one to seven to the square root of one six one eight that’s a contender all right I’ve really got nothing nothing on the left here – yeah there’s a little pivot there but we’re already through that so nothing really telling me that it should stop if I look at my oscillators well we’re a little hot here on the hourly we’re a little hot well you know we could see a little a little pullback because take note here now remember it’s waves within waves within waves so if I’ve got good technical subdivision here and here’s my potential third here well I’m additionally going to expect if I were to go down to the 15-minute that I’m gonna expect technical subdivision within the third waves within waves within waves so here’s my one there’s my two right so so here’s the next one six one eight one seven five right of the lower degree do you see that so these become all potential targets of relative degrees so the smaller degree here’s the sub potentially I have to get another five wave on this that’s how technically it’s trading so I’ve got a one two potentially a three four and a five I got to put that in a different color and I got to take it to a smaller degree so let’s go to micro do you see that so within this one – now I’m getting subdivision within that potential so here’s the three here of that right so that within that potential third wave here’s my one two of that third wave and then within that here’s my one two within the next so I’ve got one two one two one two that’s as good you can’t get any better that’s exactly where you want to be you because you’re you’re now in the third of the third of the third it’s just perfect just where do you want to be so it going to be interesting to see how technically we stay here but if you’re long you know that’s your next potential target of this degree then the expectation would be if we’re gonna go to that target and that’s our that’s our highest probability then we’d be expecting something like this so maybe we come back to the median line for the four you know we could go deeper but I’d be paying attention to that and I would certainly be paying attention to the wave one’s highs I want to watch what kind of reaction do we get there for potential invalidation right here I don’t have to worry about this one yet because I’ve already qualified here now if we’re gonna stay technical and stay in this Elliott motive wave well then I’m looking for potential invalidation to tell me that something else may be happening because again we don’t know for sure that it’s going there we’re just playing the probabilities so that’s that’s what to watch for so I’m always looking for the but since I’m in up in an impulsive move here I’m in a third wave in a third wave in the third wave I want to see these wave ones holding I don’t want to see those invalidating because right now if I’m in a third wave here I can’t go into a diagonal now technically since this is a one week we had a diagonal here right so since we had that first diagonal we could have another diagonal if we’re in a one-two one-two we could this could end up as another diagonal technically right now there’s no reason to assume that the assumption would be for a primary count is that we stay in impulsive motive waves so that that’s that’s what I see here looking at this but very very technical trading is so far no reason to expect that not to continue so if you’re long you know here’s where my stop would be right and note you know right to the vagus wave so I would be under the Vegas way of allowing for that to come back down you know if you want to put you could the other choice would be just below the wave one on the assumption that we stay impulsive and we don’t turn into a diagonal so very technical trading here this is you know a great price you got everything going for you here you’ve got you got you’ve got your la wave count you got algos that are in you’ve got a good score the coin gecko you got a strong project I mean everything is good here so this is a coin to definitely be watching to be tracking and expecting it to continue to remain technical until proven otherwise let’s since how am i doing there’s 16 minutes all right let’s take a quick look at it against the dollar so here’s it’s not it’s not exactly the same but you had you know here here’s your IC o—- right and then here’s the pump and the dump so well you can look at that and say okay well you know pretty clear here that I that I’ve got a solid correction so you know anyone just novice Elliott trader can see that well there so I got a nice ABC correction how high did it go well if I go down in my low here well you know we got some wicks through the seven through the six one eight six five but we know a wave two or a sea with it can go up to the seven eight six so we just get some you know spike stop running here before it goes back down so likely on the larger degree we’ve got an A and then a B and then you know maybe this is our C down here put that in a larger degree that that certainly would play we’d have that you know then I’d of course if I’ve got three pivots I would you know check check the pitchfork see if that does anything for me well you know certainly will failure to reach the median line would be a tell but you’d need to check that for the alternates and see let’s see you know if I put it if I go to a ship maybe maybe you know it’s wicking around but you know it’s not ultra technical if I go to the modified ship you know maybe that’s a little bit better actually so if I’m if I’m tight on these and you know you’ve got to do this you got to get tight on them especially when you change timeframes so let me put my little shadow on it so I can see those pivots so that that actually starts to look better to me so given that so a B so median line median line we we we ticket right here but then we fail to get back to it here so that would imply that there’s strength in the market and you can see the reaction that we’re getting here now so if there’s an if there’s any relationship between the a the B and the C I would pull from the a go to the B here’s the six one eight you know we’re a little shy there I actually have got it blown up over here so let’s look a little bit more closely so looking over here if I scrunch that out you can see what I ended up with in a little more detail so if a a b c into a B and then I get this one two three four five here’s my here’s my seven eight six from the absolute low so you can see we wick 786 so if these are being corrective that’s a likely target for a deep correction as a 786 and in a set in in effect you know we double bottom here we didn’t quite get there on this one but you’ve got a nice double bottom here right at the 786 you know given these little wicks and this fit here’s the tick of the median line up and then a failure to get there let’s see we can look at the relationship between two and three of that C wave well we go right a couple of ticks so you know again algo tracks a couple of ticks from the 50 but they don’t get there they don’t get to the negative 23 just because they sold it their data they don’t always get their target well now we’re two and through so they’ve reversed that’s what they’ll do they’ll reverse when we break the six one eight so here given that we can put a clean C wave count on that so for overlapping the one so it’s an ending diagonal ending diagonal the failure to get to the median line here implies strength in the market so if I open this up and go okay if I’ve got a potentially good low here what’s my expectation I’m expecting to get an impulsive structure you know it could be a diagonal could be a straight motive wave could be just straight impulsive well I get a nice one too and then again I get another one too so I’m getting good subdivision just like we saw in Bitcoin so I’ve got the one two and then again I get a one two and looks to me like we’ve got a three four and we’re putting in some sort of five well you know how would that relate to fib targets so let me let me declutter the chart here I’ll take some of this off so we can get through that well same process right guys it’s the same thing over and over again if that’s a 1 and that’s a 2 what we’re what is my target here so first target for the 3 was right here relative to the to the large to the larger degree here in white well the first target for the 3 was right here was between that one six one eight and then one seven five well you can see we wick we get a little reaction but now we’re 2 and through so next target is up here at the two six one eight that would be the extreme for the wave three since we’re through this and as that’s a deeper retracement than this my assumption would be that this is a good one two three four and that now we’re subdividing yet again so let’s see I’m on a two-hour let’s go down to the 1-hour so it looks to me like we’re subdividing in the fifth all right so here’s one here’s two and then again it looks like more again very technical training so so now we’ve just wycked the two seven two so let’s let’s take that off just so we can look at all these degrees so is given that okay so we would take the one wave projected from the four wave we’re right in the pocket there so note that so we’re right in that sixth one eight two one seven five which is extreme for a fifth wave but you know note we wick we wick through the one six one eight so we’re in the hot box there and that but this doesn’t look like it’s done to me because it looks to me like we’ve got a little here’s our little ABC so act technically four would be here four would be over here and that looks to me like we’ve we’ve subdivided again as I try and remind you guys when it’s when it’s really working its waves within waves within waves so let’s go down to it let’s take that to white let’s go to a smaller degree if we’re getting good technical trading so within that that’s why I think this is not done right remember from the from the from the 1/2 here we’ve got to target up here in the three that would be up at the two six one eight so we’re getting the this impulsive structure here and then within that we’re getting additional subdivision so if that’s the case right that’s the Kate we just get same thing same thing every time so I’m trying to show you okay so if that’s our if that’s the potential third so let’s move these off so potentially like this so there’s our potential third there’s our high probability window here on the smaller degree that’s the one six one eight one seven five from this one two right so we’re getting all of these potential overlaps here that is you know show you how technically this is trading and there’s no reason to assume that that doesn’t continue until it fails which is you know as I often say to you guys this is an unfair advantage in the market because you have the roadmap here each time it’s subdivides the roadmap gets more precise so now we can see that as we push here we know that the potential target here for the third if that’s the case this this may have to be relabeled we could be going higher well let’s of course we’re with three strong pivots like this we’re gonna put a pitchfork on it so let’s go up here now I’ve got the shift from the other one but let’s go back to original original recipe so we’re you know here’s our here’s our 100% well take note of what happened here okay guys again it’s just the same thing over and over here’s your corner pocket trade right to the median line right to the outside edge we get a little shy of the median line here so that you know that doesn’t surprise me that that we see the fall back here for the four it’s a shallow four let me take some of this off just to declutter it so given that let’s see I would want that so here’s my to wave to my three wave well we’re right right here in between the 23 and the 38 very common very common target for a fourth wave but note the inside one the lower parallel to the median line so we’re so we’ve got confluence here we’ve got pattern we’ve got structure we’ve got geometry now we make the median line here and we hover as is often the case as I teach as I’ve taught you guys with regards to median line trading principles if the market is not not going to put in an exact pivot at the median line as it did it’s gonna hover and make a decision whether it’s gonna continue to go well now we’re to and through the upper 100 here’s the 150 here’s the 200 so we could still be going no reason to think this stops right do you see that so so here’s that target for the third then we’d be expecting some you know a common Elliott target for the fourth relative to this third to complete the fifth of the that degree so let me put that in a different color so it’s a little bit you know let’s put it in put it in yellow do you see that so I’ve got one two one two one two waves within waves within waves that’s the that’s the whole idea behind the Elliott principle it’s the fractal nature of it they break into waves which break into waves which break into waves right do you see that and then the add that add the so here was you know here was your algo target right so that way it’s just it’s just the same thing guys over and over again right so that’s why I always try and teach you that the key to this is consistency it’s doing the same thing over and over again not looking for the next shiny object it’s not know this isn’t worrying let me try that let me try to get stopped out three times in a row it’s the discipline to come back and do the exact same thing again because as long as you’re not stupid about taking too much risk and letting yourself get knocked out by any one particular trade you can take the small hits as is I like to say to take the jab you get in the ring you’re gonna get hit don’t take an uppercut to the jaw take it you get a little stop you get stopped out it’s just a gem I can take a jab you’re not not gonna be out with a gem if you move a stop until you know move it to rationalize yourself into a trade oh now I wasn’t trading it but now I’m a long-term holder that’s where you can get yourself in trouble right I’ll let you know crypto so strong a lot of people are getting bailed out but this isn’t gonna go on forever and in these the corrections are gonna come so so my I’d rather take five stops in a row then then move a stop and take an undue amount of risk in any one trade be consistent I I mean I know I’ve shown you so much evidence it’s there’s no possible way you could argue against this technical training you just you couldn’t do it I I could just bury you an example after example which is kind of what I’m trying to do here and every one of these videos it’s the same thing over and over again if you maintain that consistency you will have a very successful experience in the market but most people don’t have the discipline they don’t have the patience they’re trying something else because they got stopped out twice in a row trying this Elliott Wave craziness you don’t like the Elliott Wave just do just the corner pocket you don’t like the corner pocket just do the algo retracements it’s mning successful in the market is achievable it is absolutely achievable and it’s an unbelievable time to be in the crypto sphere unbelievable opportunities here think about what you’re doing don’t take too much risk stay consistent learn how to do this you’ll have a good experience I I promise you alright guys I’ll wrap it there

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