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Ripple XRP Coinmarketcap Crash EXPLAINED! Uncategorized 

Ripple XRP Coinmarketcap Crash EXPLAINED!

all right so let me just check a few coins in here what is going on in one SunnyD career did you feel today a little bit like that you just got on comarca capcom and so well ripple only on 2.56 cent list on coin market cap what happened if we have a look at the price action itself we can see in here wow that is a huge seller for what is that exactly I was live streaming earlier on and we were discussing this and some people…

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Loopring | Market Cap OVER $1 BILLION?! Uncategorized 

Loopring | Market Cap OVER $1 BILLION?!

hi guys is Tom here from crypto-jews calm and in today’s video I want to talk to you guys very briefly about a very exciting project that we’ve recently come across called loop ring and we also want to explain despite how promising this project is why we wouldn’t be investing in it right now so if you’re interested to hear more keep watching the first thing to start off with is what is luring and how did we find out about it well the reason that we found out…

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