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Intro to Bitcore Uncategorized 

Intro to Bitcore

okay hey thanks Julia so hello everyone I just go ahead and start first I want to to introduce myself briefly to let everyone sort of finished joining the webinar so my name is mine where else let me show you a nicer screen name is Manohar else I’m software engineer at bit Bay I joined this company about 15 months ago on January 2014 as a as a remote a software engineer I am currently located in in Buenos Aires Argentina from from where I’m I’m talking to you…

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[Music] what’s going on guys Jeff back here from crypto for dummies and today we have some great news for you guys Bitcoin is back at its all-time high that it was a little over a week ago it’s currently 1204 p.m. Eastern Time and it is November 16th it’s currently at seven thousand four hundred and thirty six dollars and forty seven cents that’s very impressive now let’s go ahead and look at the 24 hour change only three point three two percent increase that doesn’t sound good to…

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Smartcash – What is Smartcash Uncategorized 

Smartcash – What is Smartcash

with the growing community lots of people are talking about smart cash but what is it let’s find out smart cash is a secure fast private fungible community governs a digital currency focused on merchants adoption but let’s break that down alone this video is an overview of smart cash but when you see this symbol it signifies that it’s another video covering the topic I’m currently discussing but in greater depth so if you’re interested or you require further explanation pause this video and watch the other video before…

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