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Intro to Bitcore Uncategorized 

Intro to Bitcore

okay hey thanks Julia so hello everyone I just go ahead and start first I want to to introduce myself briefly to let everyone sort of finished joining the webinar so my name is mine where else let me show you a nicer screen name is Manohar else I’m software engineer at bit Bay I joined this company about 15 months ago on January 2014 as a as a remote a software engineer I am currently located in in Buenos Aires Argentina from from where I’m I’m talking to you…

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Ardor (ARDR) Review NXT 2.0 – Cryptocurrency Review Uncategorized 

Ardor (ARDR) Review NXT 2.0 – Cryptocurrency Review

hey everyone Demetrios here and today I’m going to talk about our door ard our and Ignace the first child chain on our door and all of this will wrap into NXT as well but first I want to thank everyone who’s been subscribing liking the videos and commenting I always appreciate the support if you’re on this channel you know finding yourself here for your second or third time please click the subscribe I always appreciate the support so let’s jump right on into this thing a lot of…

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