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Loopring CEO Interview – Daniel Wang Uncategorized 

Loopring CEO Interview – Daniel Wang

welcome to the show everybody super excited to have with us today Daniel Daniel is the CEO over at loop ring of course one of the hottest projects out there at the moment Daniel welcome to the show Thank You Alaric and we’re glad to be here so for anyone who hasn’t heard about loop ring yet can you tell us just quickly what is loop ring and what do you do sure a loop ring is a protocol for year C 20 token exchange which combines the offline of…

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loopring (LRC) –  The SUPER UNDERVALUED Crypto – Exchange Protocol Uncategorized 

loopring (LRC) – The SUPER UNDERVALUED Crypto – Exchange Protocol

that’s crypto cashier back again to help you make that crypto cash in Bitcoin bucks and today we’re gonna be talking about loop ring which in my opinion is one of the most undervalued projects that I have found right now it’s only at 93 million dollars it’s got fantastic room to grow if we look at the markets that it’s on it’s only on financed and hit BTC it’s it’s got many other big exchanges like pit rigs and stuff that it can uh that it could still be…

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Loopring: [LRC] A Deeper Dive Uncategorized 

Loopring: [LRC] A Deeper Dive

as cryptocurrencies make their way to the mainstream more and more traders are joining exchanges to get their piece of the pie loop ring is an open multilateral token exchange protocol for decentralized exchanges on the e theorem blockchain loop ring is intended to serve as a common building block with open standards driving interoperability among decentralized applications or adapts that incorporate exchange functionality trades are executed by a system of aetherium smart contracts that are publicly accessible for you to use and that any DAP can hook into loop…

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Loopring review and updates on the $1000 giveaway Uncategorized 

Loopring review and updates on the $1000 giveaway

hi I’m becoming Benny welcome to another episode of your daily fix for Bitcoin news I’m a trader a long-term holder and I’m here to make you a lot of money hey guys welcome back to another episode of Bitcoin Benny today we’ve got a very special episode we’re actually looking at loop ring so we’ll have a little bit of an in-depth look at that and why I invest in why many others of you have and why you should if you have not already before we do that…

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Loopring / LRC – The Protocol of the Future Uncategorized 

Loopring / LRC – The Protocol of the Future

what’s going on guys crypto lurk here today we’re gonna be talking about you bring very exciting stuff from looking at what they’re doing with the team what competitions like just what the heck loop ring actually does all that and more after a quick shout out everyone who has been hitting that like button of course to all the subscribers new and old and if you’re not subscribed yet there’s a button right just down below there go ahead and hit it up and of course if you want…

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