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LENDCONNECT – New All time High!  How High Can It Go??!! Uncategorized 

LENDCONNECT – New All time High! How High Can It Go??!!

what’s up everybody this is your boy John it ka nice trade and welcome to another land connect video today’s video we’re gonna go over some Ling connect updates such as price where are we we’re about to moon also a new price target announced by the lct team also how about some updates on Devore and big connect some lincoln and competitors in the space but i look at this is great for us to have another few lending platforms or a couple lending platforms for us to diversify…

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BITCORE  BTX to TOP 50 SOON? More ICO i suggest to invest in Uncategorized 

BITCORE BTX to TOP 50 SOON? More ICO i suggest to invest in

lo ladies and gents future millionaires welcome to my channel we’ll be discussing a bit of everything really let’s start off with Bitcoin 7 7 to 8 while Bitcoin cash is at 1 grand this is probably the size of your asshole if you’re Korean we’ve sold your Bitcoin for your Bitcoin cash sorry to put it so bluntly however me on the other hand I’ve sold my Bitcoin before years this is not financial advice obviously do your own research reason being is this let’s say that by the…

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OmiseGo : Objectif 2000% de hausse en 2018 ! Uncategorized 

OmiseGo : Objectif 2000% de hausse en 2018 !

you les crypto c’est jonathan de la chaîne bloc aujourd’hui on va parler de home is égaux alors d’abord on veut voir que omis ségo c’est d’abord une entreprise qui s’appelle aux miss et ensuite on va s’intéresser à la technologie mems la technologie que propose aux miss ego qui est une technologie de cryptome onnaing tout simplement et on va voir que l’objectif de home is ego se rapproche de par exemple stellar lumens ça laissait partir on va voir ce que c’est aux miss ego avant de commencer…

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Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Ardor (ARDR) Uncategorized 

Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Ardor (ARDR)

hello I hope you’re doing very well today this is crypto coins and in this episode of undervalued coin series I’m going to look at our door which is blockchain as a service so order will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of next which is other blockchain that was before other for the use of something called child chains I was created by next chord left team elder tokens were released in October 2016 now next already had some problems and still has running on it including other…

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What I’m Doing With My Bitcoin Gold Uncategorized 

What I’m Doing With My Bitcoin Gold

right so building on Bitcoin gold let’s go out the way I feel like I’m obliged to at least make one video about this but as you can probably already tell this isn’t but something I’m particularly interested in or enthusiastic about I spend literally about 5-10 minutes kind of researching Bitcoin gold knowing what it is and I have to say that honestly I wasn’t particularly impressed do I think it’s gonna steal BT C’s crown and become V Bitcoin absolutely not and so what I expect is gonna…

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