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Stratis in a Nutshell Uncategorized 

Stratis in a Nutshell

strattice in a nutshell so I’ve been getting a lot of requests to talk about Stratus and it’s for a very good reason as well Stratus has gone into the top tens of cryptocurrencies and it’s growing at a massive massive rate today we’re going to talk about why it’s very interesting and the key features and innovations behind Stratus so first of all to under really understand why Enterprise would want to use something like Stratus or use the blockchain you want to watch my video to explain why…

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Stratis! My love for it & Why im investing Uncategorized 

Stratis! My love for it & Why im investing

what is happening gasps calf again i’m Kryptos today’s meal is gonna be an exciting one first off I hope you guys are taking sort of profits of your toppings on this great bull market if you want to call it that it is been fantastic three days it’s been awesome to see Bitcoin saw once the big boy soars I think the 800-pound gorilla if you want to call it that then everything follows so that is really awesome for us that are in the crypto space it’s been…

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