Videtar OTO And Demo – Videtar BEST Bonus And Discount hi guys this week and welcome to the demo video of weed eater I’m super excited to actually share this great great app this is cloud base and this is all-in-one video marketing toolkit and why I’m super excited now this is a great demo video because I’m going to show you all the inside powers are we later so please pay close attention as this is the only one shop stop for all your video marketing needs it’ll get you unlimited free traffic traffic you know on complete auto-pilot so let’s get started now you know with videos we know that the video is hot and we can actually you know make a lot of money and that’s the reason people are actually going crazy after we do so there are certain things that we need to you know do the steps that we need to follow to actually get the best out of our video marketing efforts now either you’re an affiliate marketer or a local mark that this is something which is by will for you the first thing is you need to actually research you know and so the video research part is very very crucial whether that particular keyword is actually working well with videos or not so you need to actually do the video research first then you know once the research is done you have your keywords you you’ve seen you know what needs to be done then you need to actually create a video right and after that once the video is created you need to actually rank that video on page 1 to get that you know free traffic and what after that is rinse and repeat so you can use the same strategy for product reviews you can use it for your local marketing you can use it for your product you know services your own products cpa marketing affiliate marketing anything that you can dream or physical products absolutely it works great but you need to have all these steps now with visitor we actually created an all-in-one marketing toolkit okay so here I am I’m in the dashboard operator and as you see if you’ve you know if you have one of our previous products the interface is absolutely some similar to all of them so that it becomes very easy for any user you know to come in and get started you don’t even need any training video to very honest to use this great great software so I’ll just walk you through what the modules that we have so first one let’s go inside the YouTube research so we need to read search video okay so let’s see you know for example there was there’s this great product from my friend with your pal Todd gross so let’s go and see what exactly is happening for this keyword so what our software is going to do and in the background it’s gonna pull out all the all important details whether videos relating to this keyword are getting views likes shares comments what does the title all about what’s the description all about and so much so far and obviously it will give you the live link as well so while we were talking so this is actually doing all the hard work so you can you can find out the product and it took almost few seconds and now we have all these great results so as you see when was this video created the you know kind of views this is good it could create amount of views other stats as well so we we know that you know the this video is getting a lot of views so for example so this keyword this product is actually a good product you know so we can we can actually target and you know we can create our own video and you know rank on on page one of Google and YouTube using the power of your data but we don’t even stop there so if you do not want to create your videos and you want some ready-made done-for-you stuff you know we have some unlimited supply right inside with it how do you get that so the next step once you’ve understood the the video research part so next step you come into the video feature YouTube feature part and then you know you come to this window and over here what has happened is if I again type say for example video pal review I need a video pal review video okay I don’t want to create it I want it you know we later will go out there and find out all the creative common videos and relating to that keyword that you are free to use guys that you are free to use so that’s very very important so you don’t even need to create your own videos now not only this we also I’ll be showing you in the next step we are also adding some done for you green screen videos you know we inside our editor so if you’re in local marketing you know you have those green screen videos and a lot more that we have if you’re an affiliate marketer any other you know marketing that you do cpa marketing or physical products anything then you can actually use the creative comment section so we data will find out all the videos that you can use and as you see if I have all these videos that I can I’m free to use for my keyword okay so it’s video pal reviews so I just click on this and over here you know I select download I had some it so it gets downloaded on my hard drive and there’s some more cool features that are in the pro features in the pro features we can actually you know select multiple videos you can merge them and download them so it will create all the videos as one video so this is good for say group videos like funny pranks you know those are high traffic keywords so there’s so many ideas and we’re giving all those in the training area as well so you can create different amount of different types of funny videos you can create different amount of you know funny dogs funny cats pranks blah blah blah so that works great obviously you have different to view videos different to your nose you have songs albums you can create you can merge them and do whatever you want so we are giving you all the part with just one click so with this you actually get a video right there you don’t even need to do that and it’s all cloud-based once you’re done with the video you know either you’ve created or you’ve selected one from our library we move to the next step where we have our video editor now let me introduce you to the best video editor it has the easiest easiest interface that you can have a dream of plus it’s a green screen editor and we have got everything covered that makes highly credible videos like lower thirds you can add lower thirds you can add animated text on lower thirds like it comes on the news channels you know takes flowing from left to right right to left stuff like that then you can add you know watermark so like the video that I just downloaded for example if I we downloaded that video pal review video I’m just gonna put that right inside this editor I’m gonna add my own logo I’m gonna add my own lower third which says any call to action I’m gonna add background music I’m gonna add you know I can add if it’s a green screen video I can remove the green screen I can add you know my own backgrounds and we’re giving pixabay integration so you can add as many backgrounds as you one from pixabay it’s just a keyword away you enter a keyword and you get all that all the backgrounds plus you know this is this is happening on cloud there’s so much more that I’m gonna show you right now so let’s get started the first and foremost thing is on the first step you need to give a title okay so over here I’m actually gonna give a title so once the title is there I will select the video format so I hit mp4 okay so once it’s done I hit the next button okay so once I’m in the next button so I can either add my own videos or if you want you can add you know images and create a video of your own and for images you can actually browse from our pixabay images search so for example you know you don’t need to do anything so I say landscape so if you want to just create different you know a video from different landscape images you can do that you can select any number of pixel images and these are all royalty-free guys you can you can have as many images as you want and you are good to go so I’ll so once you you can just check box this and go at the end and just hit done so the images will be added you can add multiple images and there’s unlimited supply of these images so you know that’s the beauty of this great product so but I don’t do that I want to actually create video from the one that I downloaded or the one that I created I don’t want to add more credibility to that video so what I do I search a video and I click on add video I go wherever I have actually you know saved that video on my hard drive and let me just find that video so I’ll just take a sample video so I just used the sample video which is short one so what’s it gonna do it’s gonna add that video in the timeline and as you see over here I have a green screen checkbox here so if I use you know I can have some inbuilt use inbuilt green screen library of video so I have all these videos that I can use you know we have a library of videos over here that you can use and you can sell it to your local clients as we are also adding the commercial license inside this software so that’s how cool it is so we have all these videos right there and you keeping on adding all of them so so if you’re dealing with green screen you can create unlimited variations of those videos just work for unlimited clients and you can add unlimited different backgrounds for different clients at the watermarks at the low text and it’s a highly credible video okay so having said that that’s just one single feature guys so I’m sure you’re going to be blown away with all the things that I have for you here then I what I do I hit next and this is where you can actually add your background music or your audio stuff like that if I want I can actually browse a background image so if you’re dealing with a green screen video so once the green screen video is there the best green screen editor that you can ever find is with ATAR guys it’s in sight with it a green screen editor why because with green screen editor we have actually created a technology which will actually work with any kind of green screen it doesn’t need to be very bright it doesn’t need to be you know a high quality green screen video even a little dull video will work like wonderful weather data that’s that’s why my team actually created this great great software so that you get easy access to you know unlimited supply of green screen videos and then what you can do you can add backgrounds once you the green screen is removed you can add background from pixabay you can add your own backgrounds maybe you have your client they have given your day have given their custom backgrounds so you can add that background and obviously there’s so much so forth so that’s how this background will work so after you you want you’ve added that so we can actually add the lower third image so we have some you know lower thirds here so you can check box this and it gets added so it’s done so hit next and then what we do is we can also add a watermark so the end or we can add a watermark we can also select the location of the watermark image so for example let me just take a logo from one of our one of our products okay and now I have I have this logo selected so I hit next and then what’s gonna happen so if I if I just forgot something so I can go back and what I want to do is I wanna I wanna change the location of the watermark so I want it on the top left and then I hit next and over here you know you can add any text so this text will be actually a something that that will appear on the lower third so there is a static text so this is static text or you can add an animated text so animate attack will move like you know it will be a mark you from left to right right to drag so the text goes here and then again you can actually you know decide on which animation you want and how do you want and stuff like that and obviously you can also select the color so let me select the color so so for example if you select this color I hit next so I’ve added the enemy attacks if in case you just have an image you you know you want to actually have a text-to-speech you know so we’ve added that also so you can add audio here you can select the you can select which voice where you want from our library of high-quality voiceovers and you are good to go once everything is done you hit finish the video is created so and that’s how simple it is so that is the greatest greatest coolest part guys choose you have the video research module you have the the creative common download section you have the video creator right inside video editor right inside video whatever you call it you know it’s the inside with hater so and you have the green screen editor so inside local marketing you can actually you know plus with me later and it’s all cloud-based as you said you know the video is created so I go inside and as you see it’s it’s showing as process and once your videos process it’ll all come in this mini bar so and then from here you can download it and of course you can delete it so this is just half way off viateur and actually this in itself is a great great product but this is just half way guys so we we didn’t even stop there once your video is created you can download your video or you can delete it from here and then we actually didn’t stop even did the next step is you need to rank your videos right because the only then you get some some some link juice and some traffic from YouTube so what we have done is we’ve added a live streaming module here and that is going to get you hundreds and hundreds of you know page one rankings in itself so what we can do is for example the same keyword that we used save PDO pal so that’s a product name that we selected rights of we thought we found that this is a great product we have these inbuilt SEO strategies there so how do we create hundreds and hundreds of you know page one listing is we’ve added you know prefix and suffix a list of prefix and suffix you can add it you can add more as many as you want but you already done the hard work for you if you just want to start right away after you know we also have this great strategy you can add the description once say this is my text and you can actually add this to all all the all the listings with just one click so once you’re done with all this settings which is like hardly a couple of seconds so you click on show results product is actually getting a hundreds and hundreds of listings here so all these will be live-streamed on complete auto-pilot the great inbuilt strategies that we have is the on-page video SEO optimization so over here we see the text is there in the description and in the tags as well now you can add the video file from here you can hit this check box and the video goes to all the listings you don’t need to add it again and again the same thing goes with the thumbnail so you can add one thumbnail you can hit this check box and it goes to all the thumbnails right here so that’s another great strategy but we don’t even stop there so this is the coolest part so you know based on the package that you have so you can add a you know multiple YouTube channel inside weedeater and over here what you can do you can select different YouTube channels for different listings so the link juice will come from different channels that’s cross a link YouTube channel link juice and what we have here is amazing inside the description obviously we have already added the text that we are you know we wanted on all the descriptions so that goes like that plus we’ve added the SEO strategy so in each and every video the description part will have the last URL and the random URL so if you’re selecting multiple YouTube channel which you should you will be actually getting link juice for your videos from different YouTube channels your video gets high higher authority in the eyes of YouTube and Google because the link juice is coming from YouTube only so that’s how cool it is and once it stands we have you know these cooling options here so we’re here you can actually schedule and all the trainings are inside the members area where you’ll be actually finding out the greatest best ways and strategies that you can use to just you know rank only using this particular module but we did not even stop there so we want to actually you know get you the best page 1 rankings even if you know there’s a high competition keyword which is you know which wants more backlinks rather than just having the YouTube backlinks from live streaming so what we did is we added the network embed section right inside with a tab over here what you do is you go inside add campaign and you know you just need to give it a name add the YouTube URL and you know I select some keywords and hit done and that’s pretty much it all the training will be there inside the members area but that’s in a nutshell what will happen is it’ll get you thousands of you know web 2.0 embeds it’s thousands and thousands of web 2.0 amateur video will be actually embedded on high PR and be tiered linking so it’s so for the live streaming module you have the YouTube a backlinking strategy going on with the optimization strategy on-page and off-page and with this network embed you have all the backlinking is coming from web 2.0 embed so this is a great great you know package in itself guys so you have the video research you have the video creative comment section where you can actually download a pre done video you have the done for your green screen videos from the local for the local marketers out there you have a complete great video editor there you can actually create that even the downloaded videos from the creative comment section you can create your own version of it by adding the watermarks by adding the lower third images animations background music anything that you want make it completely highly credible and then once the video is created you actually used it live streaming module and rank it or get hundreds and hundreds of page one rankings and of course with the network embeds you get even more power to the backlinks that’s in a nutshell and this is basically I couldn’t I couldn’t actually you know make it a shorter video because there’s so much in it even as a bonus we are also giving you video booster guys so what this is conversion booster so in this what will happen is once your videos there so you can actually create a sticky video the one the same technology that the Vimeo and other sites like even Facebook are using so once anybody Scrolls down on the page the video will actually stick on the top or at the bottom and the training is again in the members area so right from the research to the creation to the ranking part and of course with the conversion booster you have everything inside one single app and this is just one single product guys we are not we could have given you know a complete funnel in itself but we’re giving this all inside we data we data is gonna terminate all the video marketing tool kits and that’s that’s the name of free data I am sure you love this and this package is waiting for you get inside me later and we’ll see you in the members area

Videtar Review | Is This Really an All-in-One Video App? hey everyone Nate Valene here and welcome to the channel in this video I’m going to give you a pre-launch overview of the new release that a that is going to be releasing this November 2nd 2018 and it’s known as vidit our biddat are supposed to be an all-in-one solution for a market for video marketers and i have to say i am very excited about this because i’m going to get my hands on a demo of this software and take it for a test drive and try out everything that it involves so i’m going to do a full comprehensive review on it so that video markers like yourself or even those that are looking to build and grow their video presence in our business on the internet and determine if this will be a valuable solution that can help them achieve their goals and is actually something to go with now this is supposed to be an all-in-one video marketing app a one-stop shop that will allow you to do everything from video of research video creation all the way through to publication and ranking your videos now if you’re anything like me this could be a software that can make your video marketing processes much more efficient currently my process as well as maybe yours consists of manually performing many of the tasks on different platforms as well as many as well as by using many different tools all of which can take up a lot of time just by switching between them all now it looks like the video tower software has been designed in an easy to use and very intuitive dashboard that all ability levels can learn in this with this software you’re able to find a hot keyword using the video research app users don’t even have to create their own videos as they can legally fetch viral videos from YouTube with just one click you can brand your videos with the powerful green screen video editor also add background music lower thirds watermarks whatever whatever else you need you can also rank your videos with their powerful live streaming technology and inbuilt SEO and get free traffic to make sales now the best part is is from what I hear also is that this software is not going to be anything will break the bank if you get in early the early bird special when it launches I’m hearing that it’s even gonna be less than 20 bucks now one on top all of this which is pretty neat is the team that is bringing the software to market it consists of three very successful individuals Cindy Donovan Vic cardi and Yogesh argon each of them in the own right have been very successful in their own professional lives and are now collaborating on this project to bring their experiences together to create this powerful software Cindy in fact if you don’t know it’s known as the queen of the internet and has landed in both the apex and premier elite groups of Clickbank and in more recent years has been a creator of multiple best sellers on the jpz jvzoo platform and has built a seven-figure business of her own now like I said I’m going to get my hands on a demo of this software and the car is opening on November 2nd so if I think that bit–it our will is really going to be a valuable marketing solution then I will be letting you know that and if you’d like to be on this launch or if you’d like me to notify you when this product launches then I will leave a link below in the description of this video and you can add yourself to my early bird list all you have to do is click the link enter your first name and email address and you’ll be added I will then notify you once vidit are goes live and I will also be providing you with a full product review in the next week or two now with that said I hope you got some value from this video and if you did give me a thumbs up leave any comments below and if you have any questions like I said I will be going through vidit are in depth and you can watch over my shoulder as I give you my unbiased review of this new software solution so again click the link below get yourself added to the early bird list to get notified of the launch and with that this is Nate Moline I am Nate bullying I appreciate you out I appreciate you for watching have a great day and I’m signing off thanks

Videtar real review hey this has been here I’m doing a quick pro and con review of vid tar what this is is a new cloud-based talked where that’s gonna help you uh potentially get more results with video marketing with YouTube videos there’s five features in one in this type of app including a video research section a way to find Creative Commons videos for you to leverage and potentially profit from there’s actually a video creator in here there’s a live streaming ability to for you to livestream your videos to get higher rankings and also something to get a web 2.0 backlinks pointing toward your actual YouTube videos to help them rank as well-known over this came out I thought there’s gonna be some sort of like Avatar video creator there seems to be very popular right now as it was called vid tar but actually has something to do with a Betar a video creation at all what it is like I said it there’s a five features in one here to focus on helping you potentially get more results with your YouTube video marketing now it’s gonna start with this thing called a video research tab and all this is is that what you can do is type in any keyword here you probably want to type in something that relates to like an affiliate product you’re promoting or some sort of uh you know keyword you’re trying to rank for like you know you can type in cat toys here and what it’s going to do is analyze the top most popular videos to see how hard it will be to try to outrank these and just kind of gives you a quick detailed analysis of what to look look what to look for so if we see here we can see the number reviews dislikes comments the channel we can check out this is just a quick way to analyze how competitive a certain niches a certain keyword is and look at the videos I’m for right in the app so obviously if we were checking this out and we’re going to be trying to rank potentially for the keyword cat toys that play would be a bad idea as those videos with like three hundred thousand views a lot of likes to dislikes a good proportion there so this would be hard to outrank but if it’s something like a new product you’re trying to rank for like a new affiliate product out you can quickly type it in here and see like how steep the competition is to try to beat out now the next part here this is a little bit more helpful in my opinion the next part is something called a video fetcher now if you don’t have a video of your own and you’re trying to promote a product potentially what you can do is type in something like cat videos and what it’s going to do is it’s gonna search videos that are tagged with the YouTube Creative Commons license meaning that you can download them and repurpose them for your own creation meaning that you can search for you know cat videos for example and then add like a call to action before in the beginning for people to check out the cat product that you’re promoting or you can you know download a bunch of cat videos and combine them into one new type of video you can pension you know share on Facebook or YouTube and more to get arm shares with okay so we have some cat videos up for us and what you can do is click on them here to view them we can’t scroll over here to then download and a preview the video and again these are all tagged with YouTube Creative Commons you can use them and repurpose them and your video not downloading someone’s video that that’s going to get you in trouble or your YouTube account suspended then what you can do here is go to its Video Creator tab now if you don’t want to download a video and you don’t have a video already created and you don’t really have access to a video creation software this allows you to create very simple basic type videos now this isn’t something anywhere near like Camtasia or anything like this basically it just allows you to give it a title here and then you can pull images from pixabay you can browse images to use that you know you can use commercially you can use a video already and combine different videos this is a basic browser editor for you can you can you create video compilations or download one of these videos these creative comment videos and add like a a call-to-action to buy a product that you’re promoting or something like that this isn’t like a multi-layer type tool or avatar creed or anything like that like Camtasia or the video robot software that came out this is just a simple browser video creator to kind of cut and paste different sections of videos together to create a new one for you to rank in YouTube now we’re gonna go here to another feature here called live streaming and what this allows you to do is this is similar to add another app that came out by these creators where you can type in a keyword like say if we wanted to rank a video for something cold we’re promoting the video pal software and we wanted to try to rank a video for that this allows you to livestream one specific video so we can go down here to choose a video and then it’s going to add titles and descriptions and then livestream a combination of different videos so instead of you know a lot of streaming of video and putting in a lot of work it’s going to livestream on autopilot which is going to help your ranked in YouTube and Google and it’s going to potentially depending on how many of these we check it’s gonna livestream different combinations of keywords to see which one is gonna rank the best in which was gonna pull traffic and you can go back and delete the other livestream videos and just focus on the ones that are ranking the best so actually whenever we go to set this up here I can go to live streaming over here and we can’t add if I’m gonna click on these different prefixes prefixes and suffixes that you can use for your video so like honest review might be a good one a real review awesome review then here’s the subjects over here on the video pal bonus a video pal review and bonus you can actually edit and change these up so you can have these different combinations of live videos all potentially ranking and sending you long longer tail type traffic then once you’ve live-streamed your video of whether it’s one you’ve created with the video creator or you fetched with this video fetcher you can go ahead and um there’s one there’s one other feature here that you can actually create a sticky video now this is something that like it’s a video that’s going to follow you as you scroll down here this is there’s already some similar ones out there of this type of sticky video but what you can do is generate a new script here of your video and this would be something that you embed on your site and then I’ll the and then the one other main feature here is something called network in bed and this is going to get you web 2.0 backlinks pointing to the video after you’ve live-streamed it so what we can do here is go to add campaign you’re gonna give it a name here you’re gonna give a URL where you want the links pointing toward or if you have a youtube video put the URL link here and what they have is that they have built up a number of web 2.0 sites that you can point your video toward to get additional backlinks to help it rank so obviously you need some backlinks to help your video rank and these will help you get backlinks with the the keyword here in the URL pointing towards your video now I’d imagine that there’s gonna be some other people using the software and they’re also gonna have their you know links pointing toward on these same networks so it might not be quite as power when you first start using us as maybe later as a lot you know sometimes with these private blog network type things there’s gonna be you know a bunch of keywords and posts all under one site so sometimes in Google’s eyes they you know they lessen the linkjuice or it doesn’t work as well but if you’re pointing it toward a YouTube video YouTube video is a whitelisted domain it’s never gonna be you know sandboxed or you know D index or something your video is never gonna be dead D index so in the worst case scenario you’re just gonna have a bunch of backlinks that don’t really give a lot of push or credit toward ranking your video on you’re not gonna I don’t think this is going to you know hurt your YouTube account or hurt your video ranking or anything like that this is just something extra you can add to potentially help it rank a little bit better um so overall you could probably go out you know the con or the drawback maybe is that you can go out and kind of find more in-depth robust tools for each section that you can pay like a you know for example for the Video Creator obviously there’s a lot of other way more sophisticated video creators here this is just something to quickly create the video research there’s more like monthly fee type apps that do a lot more YouTube analytics and research like that but you know all these are something that you can potentially use for your YouTube account and your YouTube videos to get some extra push especially on the video fetch or if you want to create compilations of videos and make sure that they’re had the Creative Commons tab to them so you’re not jeopardizing your account all these together all these are all things that can potentially give you an edge if you’re really serious about ranking videos getting results from YouTube marketing whether it’s for yourself or you can actually use vid tar for your clients as well it’s going to come with a commercial license so evict are something that potentially help your business during the video marketing and you want to do this especially for new clients or affiliate marketing I think that this would be a software that would be best for you can check it out whenever it’s launching for the no monthly fee price and early bird discount and also you’ll be getting a number of ranking bonuses you can check out below this video that I have added on to help add some value to your purchase and help you get results so again if it’s right go ahead and check it out whenever it launches during the early bird and hopefully this review covered or what it actually does how can potentially help and if you need this or not for your business or if you already have something similar that does what Victoire can do thanks for watching this video and I’ll talk to you again soon

Run My Contest

– What’s one of the coolest
aspects about social media? One of my favorite things is you can get a ton of stuff for free. There’s all these contests
on Instagram, Facebook. So why not run your own contest? Because you know what? Companies wouldn’t be running
’em unless it was profitable. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna share with you how you can run a profitable contest. (bright music) The first thing you wanna
do is sign up for What Gleam does is it
allows you to run a contest. If you don’t have a software
that’s tracking your contest or incentivizing people,
well, how do you really do it? You don’t wanna go to
Upwork and sites like that and pay a developer to do it for you when you could just use a simple software out there like Gleam. Now that you have the software set up, you need to figure out
who you wanna target. So the second thing you wanna
do is take your email list and upload it to Facebook. See, when you upload it to Facebook, there’s something called
Lookalike Audiences. What Lookalike Audiences
are is it tells Facebook, “Hey, these are my best qualified people. “Go find me more people like ’em.” And you can select how similar
you want your audiences to be to that email list that you upload. In general, you wanna do
a 1% Lookalike Audience. If you don’t have a
email list, no worries. You can just put a pixel on your page and track people who are
coming to your website, because these are all people who are coming to your website
that may not be converting. If you have 100 people
coming to your website, you’re lucky if only a few of ’em buy, which means the majority of ’em should be entering into your contest. So now that you have
that set up on Facebook, you need to incentivize people. When they’re entering the
contest, what’s the point? When they’re entering it, they have to have some sort of benefit, not just, “Hey, you can
get this stuff for free,” but there has to be some incentive, such as the more you share it, the more likely you are to win. ‘Cause everyone knows it, including you. If I run a contest and
be like, “Hey, apply, “and there’s a good chance that
you’re actually gonna win,” you’re gonna be like,
“Well, you know what? “If there’s thousands of people applying, “I only have like a one in 1,000 chance.” Well, with Gleam, the way
you can actually do it is the more people you invite,
you can incentivize, you’ll get more points. So if you invite all your
friends and you’re popular, you know what? Your chances or your odds
may even go all the way up to one in 10, one in
20, whatever it may be, depending on how much
work you put into it. So if you start using
these tools like Gleam, if you start doing Lookalike
Audiences on Facebook, you can start getting more
people entering in your contest. Now, when you get all these
people entering in your contest, make sure follow up
with them through email and sell ’em on other
products and services. If you forget to do that, you’re not gonna have
a profitable contest. Instead, you’re gonna spend money on ads, you’re gonna spend money on software, you”re gonna get people
to enter into a contest, you’re gonna give away stuff for free, and then you’re not gonna make any money. Why would you wanna do that? So make sure you follow up
with people through emails and upsell and downsell them
on other products or services. That’s how you make your
contests profitable. Without that, you will lose money. (bright music)

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