SUBSTRATUM (ICO) | Creating the decentralized web

what’s going on everyone my name is Nicolas Burton here at day two – and today is August 10th of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my channel I love getting feedback in the comments below and all my live streams about what coin or token I should cover next and boy have you all asked me about icos on this channel a ton that being said though you probably know by now that I’m usually very skeptical about ICS I think that a lot of them around 80 90 percent are not coins or tokens that I touch with a ten-foot pole and the biggest reason being that a lot of them are overvalued at the start a lot of them over promise on what they can truly deliver and mainly a lot of them don’t have detect the team or the actual target market to really become the next etherium the next Bitcoin etc that being said there are a few coins even in this kind of new shady market of AI CEOs that is just started to touch the cryptocurrency sphere that really do give me a sense of optimism and there are ambitions in their team and technology and the coin I’m talking about today is no exception folks it is the substratum network so what if substratum what is it aiming to achieve is the team in the tech there and what are their ambitions for the long term I’m only I’m not only going to be going over all of that but I also want to let you all know that I have so much confidence behind this coin that I wanted to make sure to go a little bit further in depth and as the team reached out to me to cover this coin I really wanted to ask them and see if we could do a livestream with one of the developers and I’ll talk about that a little bit later which is a really cool opportunity for this channel it’s going to be one of our first interviews and we’ll really get to get a deeper knowledge of this coin because I don’t want to just promote ICS I want to make sure that you guys get all the information you need if you’re interested in this concept so that being said let’s jump right into substratum and talk about what if they need to achieve a naming it to fix in the long term so why am i optimistic on it guys well we can see here right on the homepage they have a beautiful design here that really brings an attraction to looking into what they’re aiming to achieve and I can see that right off the bat they’re trying to be nation of the decentralized web so that’s not like a bowl kind of a brash statement to make what is it really mean you know and you can get a better description from the quote under it which talks about being an open-source network for web hosting across the decentralized blockchain now what does that mean and what is web hosting in general well I think that a lot of people don’t really understand how the internet work even though we use it on a daily basis we don’t understand what’s happening behind the scenes no I’m not going to go into extensive detail and if you’d like to get that extensive detail feel free to watch this video by Bluehost which is a web host err and I’m going to kind of rail on later on however they do a great job here of demonstrating how web hosting works and what really goes on when you go and visit any website but I’m going to talk more on a philosophical sense before we dive into what some streamer is trying to do and the world of web hosting we realized once we look at it in a very philosophical technical sense that it’s very centralized okay whereas we think the the web is this beautiful place that’s very decentralized it’s really not any web site that we go to whether it be maybe your personal web site or a small businesses web site or any kind of maybe social media that you might use or entertainment a lot of it all pretty much all of it has to come from a web host at the fact it needs a web host to host the server that is going to transfer information between your personal computer and that server that holds all the information of the file that you’re going to need to bring the web page up that you want to see so what are some of those examples and what are some of the companies that host web servers I can give you a few reps about we just looked at what Bluehost is a perfect example we have GoDaddy we have Amazon Web Services etc there’s dozens out there however those dozens are becoming a lot more powerful and a lot more conglomerates meaning they’re becoming much more monopolistic in a long term of web hosting and it’s becoming very centralized and enclosed and there’s a lot of fears tied to that folks now it’s not the reason that these companies are getting more enclosed that it’s really a fear it’s not like the companies are going to try to censor us out of anything however costs will continue to go up as it comes to more centralized but the biggest fear of all and why there’s so much power behind the decentralization of web hosting is because of trees like China we see that countries like China not just in China across the globe we’re seeing this governments continue our continuing continuing to encroach on our freedom on the web and they’re starting to censor out what we can and can’t do what can you can’t see that being said China is a perfect example in the sense of having to use you can see so many different barrier breakers to get onto the web the way you’d like for example you have to use the tor browser a specific web client that rarely anybody knows about unless they have to get onto the web that way and then also they have to use VPNs they’ve been use a virtual private network to actually access the web sites that they want on the tor browser so there’s all these kind of like you know huge leaps that people have to take technologically to get onto the web in certain areas of the world that being said we can see that the kind of centralized web hosting world is it’s not working out and it’s limiting us a lot limiting us and a lot of people in general we might not know our being limited from accessing what they’d like to see so now that I’ve rambled on about that now that you get the concept of why the centralized web is bad now a decentralized web might not sound so bad and I’m telling you all it’s much more achievable through substratum technology than you might think so substantive is trying to bring decentralization to web hosting and they’re doing it on the blockchain so this is a really cool concept let’s go ahead and look at some of their technology and the most primary one I want to talk about today is its core technology and that’s the substrate of node so what does it’s note and what is it allowing us to do well as you might think waste for example when we’ve talked about see a coin with storing cloud storage on our own personal pcs or with mysterium serving as a decentralized VPN so stratum takes that same concept of web hosting and brings it to your computer if you go watch how websites work the video that I link to the description or that came from Blue Hose you’ll hear in the video that that all the servers and those you probably seen the pictures before in your mind instantly where there’s just thousands of rows of big servers that are hosting websites your computer do what may look completely different is no different really it has all the function and components to host a website it needs the technical application of it which is what substratum is aiming to achieve so you can go out and actually host websites and this is the coolest thing guys I think I’ve seen it a long time in the AI sale market they already have concept pictures of how the technology would work and how it would look and how you can measure and host different websites and they also have ways to measure how they can make it efficient by using artificial intelligence and business intelligence rules they can make it so we can bounce in host web websites off of our own personal computers and gain a substratum or sub poins for our own it selves to build cash flow and this is really a powerful guys I think this is really cool and if they can deliver on this on the tech side this is this is a revolution in web hosting in general and I think it’s going to give the centralized web posters have run for their money and really give an opportunity for people in China who don’t want to learn about VPNs who don’t want to learn about using tor to actually go about using this decentralized network of web hosting that’s the coolest thing about it guys if you go and read through the white paper like I have I’ve read completely through it at least two to three times because I was so interested in it and I picked it up very quickly within the white paper they state you don’t need a tor browser you don’t even need a VPN use the substrate network the reason you don’t need it is because it’s decentralized from the get-go the web hosting is on this key centralized network that no government can censor and it can’t go to whatever IP that a website is being hosted at it can’t just go to Amazon’s headquarters and say no stop posting that website it’s on this decentralized network and the network is constantly changing where that website is going to be hosted from to meet the best user experience it’s absolutely phenomenal it is an absolute game changer in my mind if it can deliver so what’s cool is like I was saying to you you can really invent this it says make money while you sleep you can build residual income through some point by hosting two peoples websites while you go to sleep now it does a little bit during the day on the standard default settings however when it kicks off you can set the schedule when you’re having your off hours when you go in bed and stuff start racking in that income you can start activating it on your computer at late night hours and really seeing the benefit of generating sub tokens and hosting websites for people so folks on domitius on this I think it’s great now that being said even with the technology there’s a few other parts to it for example the next thing they have in their phase is crypto pay and this is a platform that you’ll be able to use to exchange cryptocurrency and payment systems on the substrate and network later on in the future and this is a little bit later the pipeline as we go down to their website they’ve got a timeline we’re going to look at the team in just a sec but they’ve got a good timeline here they’ve got the ICO token sale starting here in October they’re going to be on the exchange of bit tricks and bits and X in September good news a lot of points I’m going to get on those exchanges right away however they’ve got a promising concept and I can see why they’re on there in September we have the first actual tech drop in later late 2017 for the version 1 and the substrate and network and in version 2 will be launched in early 2018 so they’ve got some pretty student deadlines to actually deliver this tech and it seems like through the visual images that we’ve seen the concept photos they’re ready to deploy this they’re just continuing to work on it and make it work as efficient as possible so that being said that’s all great but is the team there that’s the question guys and I’ve been looking to the team a little bit and getting a little bit of knowledge from the team and I got to say the two people I really looked at were the first two people the Solutions Architect and the lead software developer as you all know I try to get deep a deep and dive into the actual individuals of these teams and I’m going to say I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen for example just in tab who is the Solutions Architect was the previous entrepreneur himself he was a managing partner at overwrite Pro if you go through you can see that they’ve done work with companies like Apple Disney Kodak Hewlett and Packard etc he’s a very skilled individual I think in my opinion to be working on a project like this and be bringing the centralization of the web we can also see Abram cook Center outside if I’ve mispronounced your name but he’s got a very nice record behind him working as a den manager at Carter help at Cardinal Health now you don’t know cardinal health I knew the name instantly when I saw it on LinkedIn because it is a a billion dollar healthcare solutions company very very big to be working as a deaf manager there and he seems to be currently working there as well so that’s really awesome on Abraham’s part so they’ve got a great team here you can look more in depth into it they’ve got everybody laid out on the team and I think they’ve got a decent team to really deliver on this project so that being said I hope they continue to expand their team I hope they continue to get bigger and build and make sure that they’ve got enough software developers to really deliver on this and make it a user-friendly experience that all being said guys I’m very very optimistic on this so there’s two things I want to say right off the bat with this first off if you are interested in substratum as with every ICO and every point you should invest in read the white paper the white paper is phenomenal I’ve read through this at least two to three times I’m very optimistic about it and I think that the technology that is there to really bring about this this concept of the decentralized web that also being said guys I I was actually personally reached out to by the substratum team I but I got to be fair in that sense they reached out to me and I was happy they did because I’ve been very optimistic on this coin since people have started sharing it on my channel they reached out to me and I asked them if we can do a personal one-on-one interview so that being said before you guys maybe might not feel confident in investing in this corner token and you really want to get some questions answered I want those questions to be answered so I made sure to talk with what other marketers and I talked about meeting with Justin tab and we’re going to be doing a actual Skype call that I’m going to record and post on the channel answering your guys biggest questions on this ambitious project if you guys are skeptical about something leave a comment below if you guys are curious about deadlines if they’re going to be meeting the deadlines that they have on their website if you guys feel like there might be an error and substrata that you want to call out leave it down in the comments below they want critical feedback they told me personally they want this to be as honest as possible and they want to have a true discussion to get you guys interested in this so that being said leave your comments down below guys and the interview will be up sometime in the next week or so during probably the next phase of the ico that being said outside of that I love to hear what you all think about this do you think substratum can really achieve what it’s aiming to do do you think it’s the lead in the race to decentralize the web and do you think it’s going to be a game-changer or do you think it’s going to be a flunk I’d love to hear what you think everyone so if you could leave comments down below but until then I will see you all in the next video stay tuned

STRATIS | Blockchain for Corporate Enterprise

what’s going on everyone my name is Nicholas Martin here at Data – today is August days of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my videos or live streams I love getting feedback in the comments below about what kwinter took and you want to see covered next and I got an overwhelming response in my recent poll on my live stream about covering a infamous token and that is no other than the successful Stratus oh I like that name but Stratus has been one of my favorites for a long time everyone on the reason being is that everything about it is something that I can love I love the technology I love the feasibility and scalability of this approach to using blockchain technology and I also love the team who has a decent amount of experience behind them so that being said we’ll cover about everything on Stratus make it easy for you to understand and along with that we’ve got to start off with the numbers so let’s jump right into it folks first off I want to take a look here at the market cap we’re sitting around a 750 million dollar valuation definitely no simple small cap and in fact it could be in my opinion a candidate to go towards the top five meaning that it will be eventually a large gap if it can if it can meet that but I definitely don’t doubt it nonetheless and right now we have volume sitting around twenty four million dollars that is pretty impressive even at the valuation that it’s at and we can see that there’s a circulating supply of 98 million Stratus out there now because I want to make sure to emphasize something as you can see I’m corn market cap there’s no information on the Mac supply so far from what I’ve seen and all of my research on Stratus there’s no specific number to the Mac supply I’ve looked on you know reddit I’ve looked on a multitude of different forums and even on their own website and I just can’t seem to find it if you guys know what it is let me know however I will state this is not a coin that is based off proof of work originally Stratus was proof of work however right now it is actually a proof of stake token as of I think May of 2016 so definitely been on the proof of stake Dan wagon for quite some time so anyways that being said let’s jump right into the technology and really talk about what Stratus is about so we go here to the website they make it clear right off the bat that Stratus is literally I wouldn’t say I mean this is an insult but Stratus is pretty much blockchain implementation for corporations and for dummies it’s for people who really don’t know you want to get excessively into the deep side of trying to build applications for the blockchain and it shouldn’t be complicated guys we want to build a blockchain that’s easy and accessible for people and allows people to build cell block shades to apply their applications and that’s exactly what Stratus does now as you all know probably if you’re kind of an ethereal bug aetherium has a multitude of languages that it uses including Java Python C++ and going however with Stratis we’re seeing that it uses c-sharp now of course you’re going to have a ton of people debating all this language is easier over the other but generally speaking c-sharp is a relatively easy language for people to use and it is extremely scalable to a multitude of different approaches and technology whether it be building web applications mobile apps or even things like games you can use Stratus to build the platforms that you want so it is definitely attacking a market that hasn’t really been brought to scale yet in the sense of blockchain technology and I think it’s really simple for developers to get out there and really start using the application and in Microsoft’s been using the technology if you’re looking for a sense of adoption so it’s definitely interesting now if you’re a developer out there you can go about already developing it starting to use c-sharp you can go out and test your applications and deploy it straight onto github to utilize it on the Stratos blockchain so it’s already out there to test out that you can implement it you can start using it and I think it’s really cool to see that this is actually not only ready to use but people are actually using it like a state of Microsoft is probably the biggest candidate that started to use Stratus and we can see that there’s some use cases here that are really interesting to look into the big thing is that you can use Stratus as a sense of a database in the sense of data recording management you can also use it for things in industry sex in tech and the thousands of other things that are possible with Stratus there’s really no limits to this guys and out of anything c-sharp is a great language to really bring this kind of scale now as you won’t wonder you know we’ve got all these great ambitions all this great technology and the potential behind it is the team there and as always I’ve been trying to increase my my my research skills in the sense of the team or at least I usually do research the team’s pretty well I just try to keep the team short but you guys seem to be really interested in learning about the teams so I’m going to get a little more in depth than that than I usually do well there’s two candidates on the team that stand out right out of the bat that I really liked when I was looking at stress for the first time and Chris trew was definitely no exception being the CEO and founder of Stratus he has been a part of the Blitz cash project for quite some time and that’s one of the small caps that though I don’t want to invest it all right now I am optimistic on it it’s kind of a purpose based chord that has a lot of different ways how you create blitz cash a few of them I’m going to hear the projects they have the viral exchange which is giving benefits to those who use as social media platforms so it’s kind of like a rewards program for you know liking and sharing content then there’s also fertilised which uses Fitbit so when you you exercise or you run and burn calories you also generate blitz cash so all these proof-of-work concepts that bring world world application and daily decisions into generation of blood cash stuff I know I kind of tailoring off into that but I want to tell you all you know they’ve got some decent people here on their team working on the project policarpo also works at open Bazaar or he was a part of starting open Bazaar which is a huge marketplace for using crypto currencies as a means of exchange and also earning Bitcoin for your purchases so I mean guys like I said they’ve got a great team here and those aren’t the only guys but I don’t have the whole time to go into all their PR and communications and project management but they’ve got a definite definitely solid team here and with what they’re trying to achieve it’s something that feasible they’ve already made it so these sub blonde chains can easily communicate with the predominant block chain of Stratus and everything’s been running smoothly so far so that being said is that the wallet technology downloader they’ve got everything set up so you can start using and communicating or that’s not going to be paying using strategies and needs of exchange so I’m very optimistic on the token guys I’d love to hear what you all think about it in the comments below the last thing I want to cover though as always if I get the chance is to talk about the technicals and price action and boy am i optimistic not only has Stratos been continuing to go up while Bitcoin has seen a massive rally it has shown that it is about to blow up to the upside in my opinion and why is that well looking at it a technical approach everyone I can see that this is easily forming a bullish triangle or an ascending triangle meaning that there’s a flat line of resistance that it continues to hit I think this is around the 200-day are on de or more around be at 240,000 satoshi level and we’re also seeing a rising support level creating this really nice value degree triangle so that being said I’m very optimistic on a technical standpoint and I think we can easily see strata stated ties folks this is a really good cryptocurrency and the technical application behind it in my opinion is immense so what do you all think about this I think Stratus is a good coin I think it’s got every single category that makes up a decent stable long term cryptocurrency but I’d love to hear what you all think in the comments below so that being said I like to hear about if you’ve also got another coin or token you want me to cover but until then everyone I will see you all in the next video stay tuned you