Ripple (XRP) 2018 price prediction – The odd cryptocurrency

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to young and investing thanks for tuning in in this video we’re going to do another price prediction as you know I already did price predictions about Bitcoin about litecoin iota and neo and if you want to check them out they are on my channel so go check them out on my channel and right now I want to talk about another price prediction another cryptocurrency and that is Ripple so I want to talk about Ripple today and ripple is actually a very odd one compared to the other ones because ripple as you know is actually the one that is not really accepted by the entire community and ripple is also the one that works together with banks and that’s why they’re not accepted by the community but what you need to know about ripple is that it can be very unpredictable for me personally it’s very very unpredictable cryptocurrency so me personally I bought Ripple right here on 24th of March and then since then it immediately went up time sturdy from that point and only like a month time or something even it stopped even at 40 cents if you can if you see here let’s top so we’ll have a look so I bought right here and really immediately after it showed up to right here and yeah I talked over 40 cents but then the 17th of May that was before all the other old coins were doing well ripple was then the second biggest cryptocurrency just below Bitcoin so they were not a lot behind of Bitcoin actually in terms of market cap so but then since that moment it actually did the rest of the year it really did not a lot it just went up a little bit went down a little bit but it was very stable this was also a very good thing obviously because compared to other cryptocurrencies and bad times ripple is always more stable but as you can see right here it didn’t reached it all-time high again since actually two days ago so two days ago Ripple shoot up from 24 25 cents as high as right now 56 cents so with more than doubled and why I find this remarkable is because ripple didn’t react to some news which I thought was very huge so one month ago that was right here I think so or not even a month ago this probably could be here as well so one of these Peaks right here then the news was released that ripple had a partnership with American Express and we know that American Express is one of the biggest payment networks in the world so I thought this is a huge if this isn’t it not going to move Ripple then nobody is going to move Ripple if nothing is going to move Ripple but then suddenly out of nowhere ripple doubled in only a few hours of time actually so that was pretty crazy and we looked for some news and I saw that ripple had done some very successful tests that it proved that it could do in four seconds a transaction between the US and China so this US dollar is converted into x RP and x RP is converted into Chinese yen and this all in four seconds while it took days with the Swift Network which is now implemented in some banks still but wouldn’t ripple Network this is instead of base four seconds so that is also pretty cool but I mean this was already known that ripple was this fast so for me it was not really a surprise this news but suddenly out of nowhere the market reacted to this probably this is because all the cryptocurrencies doubled over the last few weeks actually so it could be just that as well but guys what I think about ripple what it will be worth in 2018 and why I think ripple will go to $2 but probably I think it won’t go higher than $2 and this will this will mean that we’ll have a market cap of around 80 billion depending on how much they bring into circulation because this will also lower the price a little bit if there comes more circulation to compensate it will probably get a lower price so the market cap probably around 80 billion I think could be a little bit more as well like I said depending on the circulating supply but $2 that is what I think it will reach and that’s times four so that’s a very careful prediction if we look to what I said for other cryptocurrencies I said times 8 times 10 sometimes times 5 but I think Ripple $2 is very reasonable and this is still because I think that ripple is very hard to to move in terms of price so they have a very very stable price and it is very unpredictable when the price will go up so I think personally right now ripple peaked at 56 cents so I don’t know if it’s just going to wait if ripple is going to keep up this price what I do think is that there used to be or actually until now the cryptocurrency industry or people investing in cryptocurrencies were people that really believed in the values of cryptocurrencies as well which were away from governments away from banks you know and these people weren’t really liking Ripple and this was probably also why the price didn’t really do a lot because people that were investing were people that were actually hating a little bit but from this moment onwards actually and also from next year there will be a lot more institutional investors in it and in crypto currency market and invest in it funds etc and these people they like banks they or at least they don’t care that a ripple is working with banks so they really don’t believe in the values of cryptocurrencies at all they’re just in it for the money that’s what institutions that funds will be for so that’s also that is why I think that ripple can reach for $2 so for me it’s really reason that we will see Ripple starting to move again but still I think that ripple is supported by a lot of banks etc and the price is a little bit keeping being kept stable actually so that’s why we also saw this very stable movements of ripple so that’s probably what is going to happen or what I think will happen with ripple so it will hit two dollars even though people are cryptocurrency investors now they really believe in the values and norms of cryptocurrencies the people that will be in the market they are just there to invest and they don’t care about the values and norms or they don’t care about cryptocurrencies working with banks etc what we also need to keep in mind for ripple is that it gots more and more competition of stellar lumens stellar lumens is actually doing pretty much the same than ripple and stellar looms is also improving their technology very quickly so it could be that it will be like a full competitor to ripple in 2018 so we need to take to pay attention to that as well if we have a look at ripple would I personally buy ripple again probably not because I I cannot really predict it’s very hard to estimate what’s ripple going to do over a period of time so I found this the the most hard prediction I’m going to do in this series so that’s why you know we need to know about my opinion about ripple so guys thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video please subscribe to my channel and also hit the like button down below thank you guys so much for watching bye bye

Top 5 under $5 cryptocurrencies for 2018 (IOTA, Substratum & more)

what is going on guys it’s Quinton here thanks for tuning in at Yonge and investing before we start big shout out to all subscribers of my channel I really really appreciate all of you if you’re not a subscriber yet hit that subscribe button down below and if you liked the video hit that like button as well also thank you for people following me on Twitter because I just hit over 1,500 followers on Twitter so it’s also a little cool achievement anyway in today’s video we’re going to do my top 5 for 2018 under $5 so the 5 cryptocurrencies that are under $5 which I like the most and we’re going to do it this in a totally random order let’s say we’re just going to start with the one with the biggest market cap and then we go to the one with the smallest market so it’s in a random order it’s not like we start with number 5 and go to number 1 or something like that it’s just a 5 once I like the most under 5 are okay let’s get started the first one is nib so name is as you know one of my favorites and was also one of my favorites in 2017 I’ve put it on my second place as an altcoin in my top 5 for 2017 and guess what it was the second biggest altcoin gainer in 2017 I personally bought at a 1 cent and right now it’s 1.67 dollars so I made a very very great profit in 2017 still holding a lot of NIMH what is them basically for me personally it is the best technology out there all round so as a platform it’s very very easy to create tokens on them it’s just a few clicks a few minutes and you can create your own token on them as well as it can handle up to 8,000 transactions per second with the new catapult release it is tested up to 8,000 so that’s more than all the rest we see in the top 10 cryptocurrencies so basically technology is very great and also what is super cool about name is that you can send text messages with your transactions so that is also super cool which makes it for me one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies as well because it went up so much this year but it never never had a high so basically people some big people recognize the value of NIM well I think the big crowd doesn’t really see what the potential is of NIM because I barely see someone talking about it even though it was the second biggest gainer in 2017 so men best overall technology for me very user friendly easy to use platform I mean it’s just all around super good so we’re going to the second one right now which is Yoda and also you guys should know by now that I like Yoda a lot Yoda is not working with blockchain technology but it is working with the tangled technology and the tangled technology has some different advantages over blockchain technology so basically the tangle technology of Yoda is infinite scalability so basically there is not a problem of scalability such we have actually we have very hard times with the scalability of Bitcoin and helium and iota just basically have an infinite scalability so it is super super easy to scale super easy to do a lot of transactions per second and also what is also big problem of Bitcoin right now are the transactions fees and for iota and at that angle technology this is zero so there is no transaction fee at all and the infinite scalability makes it for me one of the best ones out there as well it is still holding on rank 10 and I hope we will keep seeing it in the top ten because iota really deserves it the price right now 3.94 since it went up a lot since it came to the market iota also one of my favourites for 2018 then the third one we’re having here is dragon chain and I recently invested in Dragon King and I called it to you guys as well I think it’s only a week ago maybe a little more than one week and I call it to you guys at 85 cents so I also bought around 85 cents which was I think it was here or something or here so 85 cents and immediately it it took a very very good bull run and it came up from 85 cents to right now 3.43 u.s. dollars again 35% increase today it is very very undervalued right now still I think they can easily get a market cap off a few billion dollars also it’s still not on big exchanges yet it’s only on cue coin which is not the best exchange out there I bought mine there but yeah I guess it will be very soon on other exchanges as well I see it coming to two by Nance very soon it’s a typical project for buy Nance and Dragon chain what is it it’s also a platform on which ICS can be built but it’s actually aiming on companies to work with so a lot of companies are already working with Dragon chain they are already there from 2014 developed by Disney in the Walt Disney offices and actually let this year into that last year it’s already 2018 but in 2017 Dragon chain went independently from Disney the entire team left Disney and went on their own but they are already together from 2014 their technology is really on point and the very good thing of this platform compared to other platforms such as neo aetherium ma’am cordana us named them the great thing about this is that it has a lot of anonymity which is actually a must lately since a lot of these platforms can easily be tracked the transactions I mean so dragon chain is actually a very great nology in terms of scalability in terms of transactions per second block time as well as anonymity which is very important right now and that’s why I also think that dragon has a very good chance to compete with the other platforms so drag chain I still like it such a lot and I’m holding it for a longer term as well then we’re coming to the fourth one which you already know about and that is sub stratum and subscribing today to end up 41% and substrate is my biggest hauling of my personal portfolio after that it is dragging chain but substratum is my biggest holding I hold a lot of it so subscribe them I really really hope it’s going to do well in 2018 I think so because very soon you’re going to start with the beta tests with a small team there are already sending out there are notes whoever wants to run a note can do this and you can earn sup with it if you run a note and that’s how they want to create decentralized web so basically like the web we know right now they want to do the same decentralized version with notes all over the world that are connected with each other and IP addresses changing constantly so you never got tracks and you actually have never have a regulations so that is basically a good thing it’s very good for for for countries such as the US which also have the net neutrality thing right now which is actually it’s done right now with the net neutrality so they voted against it so this regulation just can be regulations on the US Internet as well so China Russia Iran or Korea you named him there are so many countries which put on regulations on the net and subscribing is solving this and now with the u.s. coming also in this list of countries who need substratum I think they are really going to blow up and we see this already at charts as well so I’m substrate in right now 195 US dollars it went up a lot today so that is sub stratum and that’s my number four or my for one anyway then the fifth one and last one of this video is a Wahby and I think I didn’t talk about Wahby not even once to you guys it also went up 23% today has a value of 3.0 for US dollars but Wahby is very cool even though it’s only ranked 155th so Wahby is basically you can track every good in the food supply chain so basically if you buy something in the grocery store in the supermarket you can just win an application you can scan and it has like a little tracking system on the product and you see where the product has been and what happened with the product so you can basically track everything of the product so it will be impossible to manipulate the food the the goods to to fake goods for example so you can see that they’ve been in China if you order something from the US I just say something and so it’s actually a pretty good idea me personally I’m not yet investing in Wahby but they are very promising so I might consider to buy some Wahby as well in the future but I’m not too sure but anyway it’s a very very great project also the tracking system is designed that way that it’s impossible to to destroy or manipulate a tracking system because it then simply work don’t work anymore so it’s pretty cool I hope a lot of supermarkets a lot of grocery stores starts using this tracking system and then we can see you I’ll be going up such a lot because it’s such a great thing and it aims at a multi-billion even trillion-dollar industry it’s aiming on that so I hope Wahby we’ll make it true so that’s why I also believe in a lobby guys that is it that’s my five picks for 2018 which is curved currently under five dollars probably by the end of the year none of them are going to be under five dollars anymore I’m pretty sure about that so thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video hit that subscribe button down below also the like button and follow me on Twitter and steam it and Facebook and whatever you want so guys thank you bye bye


the following video is no financial advice this is just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies are very risky so do your own due diligence and always decide on your own behalf and only invest what you can afford to lose hello guys how’s it going and welcome to quite woke yo cryptocurrency channel as you all know the USP of this channel is to give you all important information in very little time so you don’t have to watch those 30 minute videos in today’s episode of Kryptos to watch other in 2018 we’re covering the sleeping giant and a very nice opportunity its new bring loop ring has the ticker lrc the circling supply is 286 million then the maximum supply 1.4 billion coins it’s an open source protocol to search exchanges for the best price for cryptos imagine you’re searching for specific crypto and loop ring gets you the best price this works full automatically using smart contracts and atomic swaps therefore it’s absolutely secure at the moment they’re only covering ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain the targets are enable access to various exchanges and get you the best prices for the crypto s– they will also have an old trading wallet using the loop ring protocol if we look up higher market cap blueprints rank number 133 at the moment with the price of 36 cents and a market cap of 105 million when you bring it exchanges you could get it to approximately 10 cents afterwards despite a little bit it went down but altogether this crypto is still sleeping and the price of 36 cents is a steal if you have a look at the website you see it’s not that fancy and glamorous like other web sites but the amazing thing is the team this guy for instance is a former Google employee and this guy has been at PayPal and the advisory board is even more fantastic this guy here is the founder of neo so you can imagine how this project can spike so let’s get to the advantages this project is still way under valued it’s absolutely in the beginning phase and it’s an amazing idea and a powerful tool guys would you use it I would use it and the team is absolutely amazing especially the advisory board with the neo founder the disadvantages are that you have one point four billion coins but I’m pretty sure a lot of them will be burned let’s get to the price predictor as always no guarantee this is just a mathematical calculation to see what’s actually possible the supply is 1.4 billion the market share today 0.02 percent if the market kept in 1 year could be 5 trillion what is very conservative in my mind if you have a look at market cap development last year and to bring could manage to get a market share of 0.2% the price in one year could be 750 2/3 dollars this absolutely depends on how many coins will be on the market the return on investment would be 2000 to 8 thousand percent that’s absolutely stunning let’s get to the final evaluation the business model gets four point seven five stars a tool which searches for the best price for Kryptos is an amazing idea the possible growth gets 5 stars from 39 cents to maybe 30 dollars that’s absolutely stunning the team gets four point seven five stars especially the advisory board is amazing diplomate a shoe gets 4.25 stars at the moment it’s not fully integrated at the moment only ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain other factors get 5 stars to me this project is super undervalued it’s an amazing opportunity you have a fantastic advisory board and if you have to look at Twitter and the social media of loop ring you see those guys are around with their very successful projects like nem neo and stuff like that so altogether it’s four point seven five stars to me who brings an amazing opportunity this could really change how people will trade in the future it’s a powerful tool an amazing team with a special advisory board and the price of 39 cents is a steal thank you very much guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it give me a like or just to follow if you want more of this content and if you think somebody else could profit off this video just share it to the world have a good one guys bye

OmiseGo : Objectif 2000% de hausse en 2018 !

you les crypto c’est jonathan de la chaĂ®ne bloc aujourd’hui on va parler de home is Ă©gaux alors d’abord on veut voir que omis sĂ©go c’est d’abord une entreprise qui s’appelle aux miss et ensuite on va s’intĂ©resser Ă  la technologie mems la technologie que propose aux miss ego qui est une technologie de cryptome onnaing tout simplement et on va voir que l’objectif de home is ego se rapproche de par exemple stellar lumens ça laissait partir on va voir ce que c’est aux miss ego avant de commencer avec les chiffres comme j’ai l’habitude de faire on va d’abord voir d’oĂą vient aux miss ego parce que nos miss Ă©gaux ça vient d’une entreprise qui s’appelle aux miss et qui a Ă©tĂ© fondĂ©e en 2013 alors la sociĂ©tĂ© loomis et avait levĂ© pas mal de fonds elle avait d’abord lever 300 mille dollars en six rounds puis elle avait commencĂ© avec un premier fonds d’investissement de 2 millions de dollars puis en 2016 la sociĂ©tĂ© a enchaĂ®nĂ© avec un fonds d’investissement de 18 millions de dollars alors c’Ă©tait clairement ce qu’on appelle une rock-star de la fintec pourquoi la sociĂ©tĂ© home is et Ă©tant encensĂ© et bien c’est parce qu’elle propose une solution d’intĂ©gration de moyens de paiement de systèmes de paiement dans un site internet ou une application mobile est de rendre l’intĂ©gration simple en rĂ©alitĂ© c’est la mĂŞme chose que propose stripes si vous connaissez et bien aux miss et propose ce service lĂ  mais plutĂ´t basĂ© sur l’asie du sud est ces deux lĂ  oĂą est originaire omis c’est d’ailleurs et maintenant on va s’intĂ©resser Ă  la technologie qu’ils proposent qui s’appelle omis sĂ©go et qui s’alignent plutĂ´t pas mal avec ce qu’ils ont dĂ©jĂ  proposĂ© au dĂ©part avec gomis et du coup on peut parler de dĂ©volution de l’entreprise originel omis c’est ce qui est une très bonne chose Ă  dire qu’ils gardent leurs compĂ©tences de base par rapport Ă  ce qu’ils proposaient avant et le font Ă©voluer vers un système liĂ© Ă  la crypto monnaie maintenant on va s’intĂ©resser un peu au chiffre de omis sĂ©go qui a le tykerb omg omis ces gosses et 15 15 $ par unitĂ© pour un market cap de 1 milliard cinq cent cinquante millions de dollars et 120 millions de jetons en circulation et un total de jetons est Ă©quivalent Ă  140 millions il faut savoir que les jetons en question ce sont des jetons gĂ©rĂ© par un contre intelligent sur Ă©tait rome grâce Ă  l’interface er ses vins qui est une interface plutĂ´t courante pour lancer des as you et on va voir quand je vais parler de la techno j mĂŞme omis sĂ©go que cet aspect 2e rc 20,2 contre intelligent sur Ă©taient roms c’est un point très important par rapport Ă  cette technologie l’objectif de miss egos et d’apporter une plateforme des changes dĂ©centralisĂ©e crypto agnostique c’est-Ă -dire qu’elle permet d’Ă©changer n’importe quel crypto pour en partie du moins sur le dĂ©but pour l’asie du sud-est alors l’argument qu’ils exposent dans leurs diffĂ©rentes publications c’est que il y Ă  73 % de personnes des banques arisĂ©e sur l’asie du sud est sur tous les territoires de l’asie du sud est ce qui fait que il ya beaucoup de personnes qui sont en demande d’un système des changes efficace mais en dehors des banques parce que l’utilisation des banques dans ces endroits lĂ  est plutĂ´t contraignant rĂ©alise pour conceptualiser la technologie au mi6 go Ă  travailler avec joseph poule alors joseph poule peut-ĂŞtre ça vous parle pas comme ça et josef kunz et le mec qui est derrière line network il a coĂ©crit avec la ds donc l’oeil network qui sera une technologie qui permet de faire des cadeaux de paiement bons qui permettront clairement d’accĂ©lĂ©rer les transactions avec diffĂ©rentes crypto monnaie et c’est Ă©galement on en reviendra un peu après quelqu’un qui travaille avec en ce moment vitalic better in donc le crĂ©ateur de et et rome sur le projet plasma et justement c’est assez en lien avec gomis Ă©gaux Ă  ceux qui fait de joseph poule 1 ce qu’on appelle un advisor de home is ego et j’aimerais mettre un point par rapport Ă  ça tout ce qui est bizarre pour les projets je vous conseille de vous mĂ©fier lorsque vous voyez la partie advisors sur les projets souvent les gens ils n’hĂ©sitent pas Ă  mettre n’importe qui comme visor parce qu’ils ont juste Ă©changĂ© par mail par exemple et du coup il met des grandes tĂŞtes dans la liste des oeufs d’or bon pour le cadeau aux miss Ă©gaux ce sont vraiment des vrais advisor il ya vitalic doctrine et yann joseph kung dans la partie advisor mais lĂ  pour le coup ce sont vraiment des odeurs du projet omis sĂ©go il est rĂ©ellement soutenu par ses deux ces deux personnes lĂ  qui sont des personnes peut dire d’autoritĂ© parce que josef kunz est quand mĂŞme lightning network c’est pas rien et vitalic de taryn c’est très clairement c’est pas rien non plus hein avant de commencer de parler de la technologie mems de home is ego je vais Ă©voquer le point qui fait que omis sĂ©go se rapproche plutĂ´t pas mal de stellar lui mĂŞme ce du moins dans actifs tels arles humaine s’occupe de mettre en place un système des changes dĂ©centralisĂ©e qui permet d’Ă©changer diffĂ©rentes crypto monnaie est Ă©galement la monnaie fiduciaire tout en transparence il compte fluidifier tout ce mĂ©canisme lĂ  mais l’intĂ©gration proposĂ©s parmi ces go est nettement diffĂ©rente de celle de stellar lumens ce pour faire court stellar lui mĂŞme utilise ce qui s’appelle un intermĂ©diaire ou en anglais utilisent le terme gateway pour faire les transactions entre diffĂ©rentes crypto monnaie en l’occurrence taylor lui mĂŞme utilise l’Ă©lu men’s les jetons lumens ce pour faire l’intermĂ©diaire par exemple entre un Ă©change de bitcoin contre de l’Ă©tĂ© rome par exemple est bien lĂ  ils vont utiliser du lui met pour le cadeau me sĂ©go c’est complètement diffĂ©rent on va y revenir quand on va parler de la technologie mais il utilise pas du tout leurs jetons comme intermĂ©diaire le seul intermĂ©diaire entre guillemets est une block chaĂ®ne gĂ©rĂ© par romy sĂ©go mais c’est quand mĂŞme très diffĂ©rent alors dans un premier temps oĂą miss ego c’est vraiment un projet pourrait theron dans un premier temps la structure de base de la blocs chaĂ®ne home is Ă©gaux alors qu’ils n’existent pas encore c’est sur la roadmap sam n’a pas Ă©tĂ© encore dĂ©velopper mais en tout cas le projet de la blocs chaĂ®ne home is ego car il y aura une blocs chaĂ®ne omis sĂ©go c’est d’ĂŞtre sur la mĂŞme structure que Ă©tait rome en utilisant ce qu’on appelle la machine virtuelle de Ă©tait rome afin de dialoguer directement avec les contres intelligente de la blocs chaĂ®ne Ă©tait rome la blocs chaĂ®ne de home is ego je vais l’appeler omis sĂ©go chain c’est comme ça qu’il appelle dans leurs diffĂ©rents documents Ă  va servir Ă  contrĂ´ler les diffĂ©rents fonds des portefeuilles qui sont basĂ©s sur homicide pour faire simple la bloque chaĂ®ne home is ego s’occupe de gĂ©rer les fonds et Ă  le dialogue directement avec les contres intelligent sur la chaĂ®ne de terreur et Ă  quoi ils serviront ces contrats concrètement ils serviront Ă  faire de l’ Ă©change de valeurs entre les diffĂ©rents jetons qu’il ya sur les contrats basĂ©s sur les contrats de Ă©tait rome est directement les autres crypto monnaie que peut gĂ©rer du moins la plateforme homicide et Ă  ce moment lĂ  on parle Ă©galement de cache Ă©videmment comme j’expliquais c’est comme stellar lumens ça permet Ă©galement d’Ă©changer par exemple du Ă©tait rome avec du cash directement on voyait venir Ă  la conclusion avec ce système de cache parce que c’est assez vague mine dorĂ©e la blocs chaĂ®ne home is ego chain sera basĂ© sur de la preuve d’ enjeu donc profonde state ou le principe sera que les validateurs donc valideront les transactions et seront rĂ©compensĂ©s depuis une taxe mise dans la transaction tout simple le principe est qu un validateur plus il a de jetons omg plus on vote pèse lourd et donc plus rĂ©colte de taxe lorsqu’ils votent pour des transactions un point intĂ©ressant oĂą ils sont un peu vague sur ce point lĂ  donc il y aura toutes les sources en descriptions pour aller un peu plus loin donc un point intĂ©ressant c’est que quand je parle de jetons omg et bien c’est un peu dur de dire si je parle des jetons qu’il y a depuis leur haĂŻti au qui je le rappelle Ă©tait lancĂ© sur un contre intelligent sur Ă©tait rome 1 contre intelligent de type 1 er ses vins mais il pourra exister Ă©galement des jetons sur la blocs chaĂ®ne mĂŞme omis sĂ©go chain mais ils on parle pas trop du coup je ne sais pas trop ce qu’ils feront si il ya des jeux tĂ´t sur miss ego chain et Ă  mon avis en aura normalement mais voilĂ  lĂ  c’est pas clair de ce cĂ´tĂ© lĂ  pour l’instant ce qu’ils disent et lĂ  ils sont un peu plus clair quand mĂŞme c’est que les jetons que les validateurs auront ce seront les jetons qui viennent bel et bien du contrat de la ici ou en fait donc des jetons omg qu’on voit en ce moment mĂŞme sur le marchĂ© alors tout ça c’est bien beau pour l’instant je n’ai parlĂ© que de Ă©taient roms comme j’ai dit aux miss ego prĂ©tend ĂŞtre crypto agnostique c’est Ă  dire qu’il permet de gĂ©rer n’importe quel crypte aumĂ´ne pour pouvoir travailler avec bitcoin et les crypto monnaie similaire Ă  bitcoin je pense Ă  l’iphone par exemple et bien du coup il ya deux manières de gĂ©rer les choses il ya une partie oĂą il ya les choses sont gĂ©rĂ©es via hĂ©tĂ©ro mais lĂ  ça marche très bien parce que omis sĂ©go est basĂ© sur Ă©tait rome est fait pour bien fonctionner avec hĂ©tĂ©ro mais il ya l’autre partie oĂą c’est gĂ©rĂ© avec du lightning network pour retravailler bitcoin ou similaire Ă  bydgoszcz alors voilĂ  ça c’Ă©tait la technologie coeur de home is Ă©gaux maintenant on va voir ce qui gravite autour et c’est vraiment le plus important en fait c’est vraiment ce qui transparaĂ®tra du projet concret de omis sĂ©go est l’une des premières choses qui est mise en avant c’est le kit de dĂ©veloppement de home is ego un kit de dĂ©veloppement c’est aussi abrĂ©gĂ©e par sdk c’est quelque chose de connu dans le dĂ©veloppement c’est lĂ  qu’ils vont continuer un peu sur la route qu’il avait dĂ©jĂ  empruntĂ© avec Ă  la base aux miss est pour rappel il proposait un système pour intĂ©grer des moyens de paiement sur un site ou une application facilement de la mĂŞme manière que stripe par exemple est bien avec comme illĂ©gaux ils veulent faire la mĂŞme chose pour la crise monet le kit de dĂ©veloppement ce sera la chose qui sera mise Ă  disposition aux intĂ©grateurs de la solution home is ego ce qui veut dire c’est que omis sĂ©go est une solution intĂ©grable dans des applications dans des sites web c’est une solution applicable partout et enfin Ă©videmment au mit s’est gaussĂ© Ă©galement des projets annexes oĂą il dĂ©taille pas trop par rapport Ă  leurs maps sur ces points lĂ  mais a priori c’est sur leur roadmap c’est de faire une plateforme des changes dĂ©centraliser ce qu’on appelle une d’aix donc ça c’est par exemple stellar lumens ce Ă©galement font leurs decks base et bah du coup sĂ»r les lumineux Ă  tous les coups ils vont faire la mĂŞme chose basĂ© sur les crypto monnaie commis ces go permet de manipuler et enfin malgrĂ© que il propose un sdk Ă©videmment c’est un kit de dĂ©veloppement ils vont Ă©galement l’utiliser pour eux-mĂŞmes fournir un service de portefeuille simple comme on le connaĂ®t tous un donc un portefeuille qui se prĂ©senteraient un peu du style multi wallet qui permettra d’Ă©changer plein de choses tout en transparence grâce Ă  la système de la blocs chaĂ®ne de home is a good chez avant de passer Ă  la conclusion il ya un point que j’aimerais soulever kenny un inconvĂ©nient ni un avantage c’est le fait qu’ils ne sont pas très prĂ©cis sur la manière dont ils vont gĂ©rer s’appelle le cash in cash alors le cash in c’est le fait de mettre de l’argent sur la plateforme omis sĂ©go et le cash out c’est le fait de transfĂ©rer transformĂ© par exemple des bitcoin ans de l’argent rĂ©el en des caches parce que pour rappel leur objectif c’est de couvrir les 73 % de personnes des banques arisĂ©e c’est Ă  dire que ces personnes pour aujourd’hui pour gĂ©rer le cash Ă  utilisent des systèmes un peu annexes en fait qu’il ne demande pas d’avoir un compte en banque je vais prendre un exemple qui existent actuellement c’est le système octopus qui je crois est Ă  hong kong c’est comme une carte dans laquelle j’ai un gect de la valeur grâce Ă  du cash et du coup on me sĂ©go ne disent pas comment ils vont gĂ©rer tout ce principe lĂ  clairement Ă  mon avis il faudrait qu’ils collaborent de près avec les banques est forcĂ©ment pour que les banques acceptent de collaborer il faut qu’il y ait un intĂ©rĂŞt pour cette dernière l’Ă©quipe omis sĂ©go arts du monde qu’ elles vont forcĂ©ment collaborer parce que eux ils vont proposer un système pour faire de l’ Ă©change de monnaie entre diffĂ©rentes banques parce que l’asie du sud est ces diffĂ©rents pays 1 c’est le vietnam c’est la thaĂŻlande par exemple du coup miss ego pourrait proposer un service de pouvoir faire des Ă©changes de mots n’est assez rapide et sĂ»rement peu coĂ»teux alors ça c’est qu’une supposition c’est ce que moi je pense après mes diffĂ©rentes recherches donc rien n’est clair sur ce point lĂ  et c’est quelque chose Ă  surveiller voir si il dĂ©taille un peu plus lors des marches Ă  ce niveau lĂ  en conclusion omis sĂ©go c’est une solution qui travaillent de corps avec le terreau homme qui permet d’Ă©changer plein d’autres crypto monnaie en toute transparence est Ă©galement qui permet de transfĂ©rer en cash et d’injecter du cash Ă©galement pour les personnes qui ne possèdent pas de compte en banque alors ces avantages maintenant c’est que c’est un marchĂ© Ă  fort potentiel comme j’ai dit ces 73 % de personnes des banques Ă  reese et je sais pas sur quelle quantitĂ© de personnes ça rĂ©unit de gens que ça rĂ©unit mais c’est toute l’asie du sud est donc on peut supposer assez facilement que c’est beaucoup de monde donc c’est 73% de personnes des banques arisĂ©e qui auraient besoin d’une telle solution permettrait de bĂ©nĂ©ficier d’un service aussi efficace que la banque en termes de transactions monĂ©taires par exemple lorsqu’on paye quelque chose avec une carte bleue c’est très rapide voilĂ  ça permette de bĂ©nĂ©ficier d’un tel service sans avoir de compte en banque et donc sans avoir Ă  subir les contraintes de la crĂ©ation d’un compte en banque parce que c’est un peu diffĂ©rent que ici en europe 1 un autre point fort et lĂ  c’est plutĂ´t sur l’aspect technologique et surtout de la delĂ  du coeur de gomis ego c’est le fait d’avoir comme advisors vitalic better in et joseph poule comme je les dis qu’ils sont vraiment des personnes compĂ©tentes rĂ©ellement compĂ©tentes et surtout pas le fait que omis sĂ©go travail de corps avec Ă©tait rome le fait d’ĂŞtre avec un peu le boss entre guillemets un vitalic de taurine qui est le crĂ©ateur de Ă©taient roms c’est un rĂ©el avantage or la raison on la connaĂ®t un peu hein pourquoi vitalic boutorine et advisor de omis sĂ©go c’est parce qu’on me sĂ©go c’est quelque chose qui va exploiter un maximum le projet plasma alors je mettrais source en descriptions parce que c’est pas le but d’expliquer c’est quoi le projet plasma mais c’est quelque chose qui va largement aidĂ© du moins aux miss Ă©gaux Ă  fonctionner comme ils l’entendent donc clairement omis sĂ©go c’est un peu ce qui va propulser le projet plasma s’il fonctionne comme attendu du cĂ´tĂ© des inconvĂ©nients moi ce qui m’inquiète c’est par rapport Ă  aux projets plasma parce qu’en rĂ©alitĂ© lorsqu’on s’intĂ©resse en profondeur au papier blanc je n’ai pas tant Ă©voquĂ© que ça parce que ça aurait Ă©tĂ© très dur de simplifier cette chose lĂ  mais en tout cas oĂą miss ego dĂ©pendra beaucoup du fonctionnement de plasma qui est un projet en dĂ©veloppement ce moment par vitalic bathory nĂ© joseph poon mais si ce projet ne marche pas comme attendu a omis sĂ©go ça risque d’ĂŞtre compromis en partie alors du coup lĂ  c’est un vrai souci est le fait d’investir sur mais ces gosses et parier sur le fonctionnement de plasma moi en mon avis il est plutĂ´t cohĂ©rent de parier sur la rĂ©ussite de plasma puisqu’on a deux personnes qui savent ce qu’elles font un autre inconvĂ©nient qui pour moi pour investir je trouve ça assez embĂŞtant c’est qu’ils sont pas claires sur la gestion des jetons pour l’instant il parle que du jeton gĂ©rĂ© par le contrat intelligent 1er ses vins donc like you comme je le disais en ce moment c’est le token omg qu’on voit sur le marchĂ© donc ça c’est ce qui vient du contrat intelligent 1er ses vins mais qu’est ce qui va se passer lorsque il y aura une block chaĂ®ne home is Ă©gaux lĂ  ils sont pas très claires sur ce cĂ´tĂ© lĂ  est clairement dans tous les documents ils sont un peu vague je pense volette volontairement parce qu’ils n’ont pas vraiment Ă©tudiĂ© ce qui ferait avec ça pour l’instant Ă  priori vont pas Ă  gĂ©rer de jetons au sein de la blocs scène omis sĂ©go chain ils vont continuer de travailler avec les jetons du contrat intelligent et un troisième et dernier on va dire un doute c’est le atomique swaps alors si vous connaissez atom il soit fait quelque chose qui permet de faire la transition entre diffĂ©rentes crypto monnaie sans passer par une autre blog chaĂ®ne ou quoi que ce soit par exemple de faire de transfĂ©rer du btc vers du ltc sans passer par un intermĂ©diaire a priori aux miss ego se dĂ©fend pas très bien dans quoi omis sĂ©go propose quelque chose de mieux qu atomic soir du coup lĂ  on a un peu sur un questionnement en fait faudrait faire une Ă©tude en profondeur sur pourquoi omis sĂ©go serait mieux qu’Ă  taux midswaps houle inverse et lĂ  on entre dans un jeu assez difficile Ă  bien analyser un mesure oĂą miss ego n’est pas encore fait et dans la mesure oĂą atomique swap n’est pas encore fait non plus voilĂ  j’espère avoir bien rĂ©sumĂ© omis sĂ©go c’est assez compliquĂ© de rĂ©sumer cette technologie puisqu’elle est assez complexe il ya beaucoup de choses Ă  Ă©voquer que je n’ai pas vraiment Ă©voluĂ© au long de cette vidĂ©o mais j’espère que ça peut aider Ă  2 une idĂ©e si c’est un bon investissement ou en investissement plutĂ´t moyen en tout cas pour l’heure je vous invite Ă  mettre un petit lac Ă  vous abonner Ă  la chaĂ®ne crypto analystes y vit Ă  faire un tour sur le site cryptanalyse tv si vous vous intĂ©ressez au trading et des formations sur le trading et vous y trouverez Ă©galement un abonnement Ă  wolof kraken qui consiste en Ă  chanel privĂ© ou un trader professionnel fait des appels sur quoi investir quand investir et pour combien de temps Ă  qu’elles veulent c’est très intĂ©ressant vous trouverez une vidĂ©o qui s’appelle we love kraken enfin un tuto sur wolof kraken pour saisir un peu ce que c’est si vous vous intĂ©ressez au training et surtout si vous dĂ©butez au trading et vous trouverez Ă©galement en descriptions un lien vers ma chaĂ®ne youtube oĂą je parle plus en dĂ©tails de la technologie de la crypto monnaie un typique monte Ă©tait jonathan de la chaĂ®ne bloc je vous dis Ă  bientĂ´t

Jan-02 BITCOIN CASH : BITCOIN GOLD : BITCOIN Update CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Chart

[Music] hello everyone my carnal tier co-founder Patridge and partners along ba-bye achene oh if your news channel please like subscribe and comment so you know I’m going to release videos and you let us know what you think thanks again everybody happy 2018 thanks for growing the channel with us so little minor break out not above a big area of resistance but just above this little little base now back above the rotation zone we’re going watching for a pullback to see if this catches especially right around the twenty four fifty eight to twenty four seventy three level see if it can catch it and sustain some traction upward as if it can our next target is round 28:48 228 six the end of a clear path and the 50 percent retracement from a the bigger move from the lows back on the 14th of December to the most recent highs on the 20th as what would be looking for if we can sustain above their next target is thirty thirty seven and then we have a cluster right around this 31 seventy-four area if this does not hold watch for support to come back in at about 2300 and if that doesn’t support this that doesn’t hold in key support it’s gonna come in around 20 175 checking in on the daily for Bitcoin cash back above the rotation zone this is the first move back up so let’s see if it can sustain that or not we’ll be keeping an eye on that if it cannot sustain this move back up then again we’ll be watching for the lower prices longer-term switch you over Bitcoin gold for our chart Bitcoin gold alright back up of the rotations and also breaking out of this little horizontal channel reaching up attracting a fair amount of sellers we have a defining point right here which is one of the targets when we get above a trendline let’s see that defining point was 260 126 and the most recent high 261 even so pretty close match there it’s got to get above that defining point then we’ll be watching for a return let me fix this level over here we’ll be watching for a return to the end of this clear path and the flattening 200 right around 271 to 274 then above that 279 again we are not using extended targets for any of these because we’re in a major consolidation and congestion area and we haven’t been able to see this really get any traction if the rotation is known we got the first cross right here with keys of fort County about 242 to 244 if that does not hold watch for a return to 232 and then if that doesn’t hold about 219 to 216 is gonna be key airs only issues look at the daily or still against the rotation zone so you’re spiking up in here we have to get a close above this rotation zone so it can get some traction this is now key resistance key resistance is around 263 on the daily chart so watch for a close about there and hopefully that can get it some traction moving higher finally over to Bitcoin nice ignition bar this is what we mean by a really nice ignition power running up then hitting the 50% retracement level key targets been on the charts virtually lining up at the end of a clear path the end of Clair battles enough 215 357 the 50% retracement 15 to 95 what was the high here 15 to 85 so running up there now we’re gonna watch first Cross rotation zone we want to see if this does hold it can come back hits the trendline get by catching on the first cross rotation zone we’re gonna see if that can hold and then push higher so watch for a key support coming in about this 14 150 with the rising rotation zone see if that’s holds if we get another close back or move back bow 13 7:30 not looking very good then we’ll be watching for it to return to 12,000 997 on the first major next downdraft and then we’d be watching for returns at 11,000 848 if it can continue higher gave you about this 15,000 295 then the next major cluster area 16,000 268 to 16,000 644 right here which is just above a clear path and it lines up with this prior breakdown zone so you had to support so support support support moving through there then it became resistance that’s going to be key resistance again and that’s also a 62 and advertisement from this last major sell-off which we’ve talked about multiple times that we’re not getting really bullish back on Bitcoin until I can prove it can get and hold above the sixty two and a half percent retracement level which is a key Gann level for all major sell offs that we’ve talked about in the past videos checking in on the daily daily see here this is forming what could be considered a pretty large double bottom let’s see if it fits into our categories and not really it does not fit in our categories a double bottom so we would not use our targets with it although this the peak of this double bottom is coming in right at the sixty two and a half so if we do get the key close above this a lot of people all trade this is double bottom we’ll just trade this as and return to the end of the clear path which we’d have a target right up here on 19 to ten but that would be on a closing basis above this peak which would it currently is at 16 494 so nothing else to do there you see now we’re holding right at this 50 exponential moving average so we’re just gonna watch to see how much this can run up and if it can sustain some what would some upward move we still don’t have the first cross of rotations I’m back on the Dantley and we’re just in big congestion so again this couldn’t travel up and down but until it gets out of this big congestion range there’s only really some scalp trades that can be done that’s what we have for you on the Bitcoin series for tonight hope everybody started off having a wonderful 2018 and we will talk to everyone soon bye for now [Music]

Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork – What You Need To Know!

[Music] what’s going on guys why ogv here and today we’re going to be talking about the next Bitcoin hard fork Bitcoin gold that is coming on the 25th of October and what you guys need to know what you guys are currently looking at if you guys aren’t aware what you probably are this was the last Bitcoin hard fork that occurred on August 1st that we all experienced Bitcoin cash next up is going to be Bitcoin gold and what people are or what at least I’m seeing is gonna happen from all this is over time we’re just going to keep getting more and more variations and forks Bitcoin I saw an image maybe a month or two back and it basically had stuff such as Bitcoin than Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold Bitcoin dollars Bitcoin this Bitcoin that there’s going to be so many different versions of Bitcoin which I can definitely see happen at this point with all these hard Forks this is going to lead to other cryptocurrencies going and having their own hard Forks done as well with this following it’s going to seem at least in my mind that every time is a hard fork unless there is a lot of backing behind it from the start the net ones that keep coming the hard Forks that keep coming are going to get less and less support Bitcoin gold from my knowledge doesn’t have nearly the amount of support that Bitcoin cached it obviously it doesn’t have the amount of support that Bitcoin itself does and I think it’s going to open up at a lower price point we’re gonna see the same thing to happen with Bitcoin cash it will get released somewhat at a low point it’ll get released people start selling it just to get that immediate profits get more Bitcoin as you get Bitcoin gold for free basically 1 to 1 depending on the amount of Bitcoin that you’re holding people gonna sell it off then it’s gonna have its random skyrocket such as that Bitcoin cash I wear once around 800 900 then dumped basically the next day after that and then we’re gonna see it eventually study out a certain price we’ve been seeing Bitcoin cash staying around the 400 to 500 dollar mark pretty much that’s where it’s been sticking around we can even look at the chart down here it’s been remaining relatively steady over the past few months we saw it early in the like $600 range it’s been going down a bit but it’s been remained steady at least for this line for the most part now today we’re going to be talking about Bitcoin gold and some things that you guys need to know about it and just some basic information on Bitcoin gold and the Bitcoin hard fork Bitcoin gold aims to follow a similar launch plan as Bitcoin cash so as I said before this is going to be by the way of a hard fork and the idea of the Bitcoin gold project is to release an improved protocol similar to what Bitcoin cash is going to do in their mind they think they are released an improved protocol to make Bitcoin better and to follow the initial vision that Satoshi Nakamoto had so led by Jack Lyle hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly who is the CEO of Hong Kong mining firm lightning ASIC Bitcoin gold is slated to launch on October 25th and it’s cryptocurrency is going to be opened and to be able to be traded on exchanges on November 1st so Bitcoin gold is going to implement a proof-of-work change from bitcoins sha-256 to equal hash a memory hard algorithm that is ASIC resistant and optimized for GPU mining so this way you’re going to be able to mine Bitcoin with your graphics card instead of using the sha-256 algorithm and having miners you’re going to be able to use it straight on by using GPU mining Bitcoin goals Lee developer h4x has said that the project is still evolving and details such as exact Bach I of the hard fork is still up for discussion Bitcoin gold has been a little disorganized in my opinion at least when comparing it to other cryptocurrency teams out there and Bitcoin cash we’re getting closer to the release of Bitcoin gold and there’s still a lot of stuff that they haven’t figured out and some flaws that they have to deal with which I’m going to get into near the end of this video but Bitcoin gold is going to implement the user activate hard fork proposal and this is going to be to accept as I explained before the GPU mining miners can choose the size of the blocks that they want to mine with default being one megabyte and it’s going to include replay and wipe out protection now the original website it said that bitcoin gold was planning to offer an initial coin offering ICO and this was going to have 1% of Bitcoin gold coins would go to the developer team but these details have been removed from the Bitcoin gold site which I’ll throw the link down to the site in the description below so obviously that is not going to be happening and that’s another thing that calls just a little bit of confusion in my mind as I thought mostly it should just be distributed to everyone who’s holding Bitcoin so if you want your free Bitcoin gold just by up on your Bitcoin before the October 25th date so the one thing is clear though about the Bitcoin gold funding and because of the nature of the split as I said before every Bitcoin user at the time is going to have an equal amount of Bitcoin gold associated with their private key a lot of people bought up Bitcoin cash one epoch on cash a lot of people bought a Bitcoin once they really realized what is there to be worried about I can just be getting free money basically if you guys don’t recall the period before the first hard fork to Bitcoin was causing a lot of confusion and a lot of pandemonium people were selling off the Bitcoin nervous about bitcoins future and a few days prior to when I thought the prices go up we saw a Bitcoin just skyrocket back up in price and the reason for this was because people wanted their free Bitcoin cash they wanted to buy 2/3 for Bitcoin and to be able to get for Bitcoin cash and if you look at it now first of all the price of Bitcoin is up from where it was at that time second of all if you would have for Bitcoin then you got you for free Bitcoin cash you’re basically getting four hundred and twenty-two dollars times four for free so what is that guys this is round two four hundred that’ll be $1,600 for free basically just for holding Bitcoin and buying it before the activated hard fork so the Bitcoin gold protocol if you guys aren’t aware is available on github for review and they have multiple social media accounts such as Twitter Facebook and a slack channel currently they have over 250 members in the slack Channel and the people who visit there obviously are excited about the fork they go there to ask questions and to get help and to get information that they may not have known about the for before and just simply learn more about the project now a lot of people surprisingly have been viewing this somewhat as a joke or I guess you could say trolling and one of the things is that the project as I said before has just been extremely unorganized for a horde fork that is coming up very soon the end of the less than a month away is when we’re going to experience it’s hard for there’s just a lot of details that haven’t been ironed out yet there’s a lot of information that is not known about Bitcoin gold that I haven’t even found stuff that I would just like to know stuff such as like the definite block size and things of that nature a lot still has yet to be seen what is going to be the details of Bitcoin gold so a lot of people a little weary of it so here are the flaws I was talking about before so one of them is that the team currently does not have a testament of the network created so miners who would be using GPU mining would be using Bitcoin gold and the Eco hash algorithm can’t even test it yet also unlike the Bitcoin cash network the Bitcoin gold project still implements the same per block difficulty adjustment as Bitcoin does in its code and currently also has no signs of emergency difficulty adjustment that has been one of the problems with Bitcoin and its problems with scaling and it’s block size and transactions costing way too much with Bitcoin gold obviously they are essentially keeping the same per block difficulty adjustment and that’s going to be another problem as what is it it’s not changed anything about that aspect they’re going for other changes but it’s one of the things that I think they should be changing and they are not going after in this project whatsoever there’s also another hard work that’s going to be coming in November and right now Bitcoin gold is simply under the radar not too many people are caring about it there’s a lot of people that actually don’t even know about it and it’s going to be interesting to see what price it opens up at and exactly who is going to be buying and who’s gonna be buying up Bitcoin to get some free Bitcoin gold I know I’ll take my free Bitcoin gold and I’m gonna hold it for a while unless it goes up and had one of those great bull runs like Bitcoin cash had that it hasn’t reached since if it opens up at a really low price let’s say one hundred two hundred dollars whatever opens up at I’m not going to be selling it there but if it opens up maybe around a three to four hundred level mark and it skyrockets up also most of it there and buy back when it comes down cheaper but let’s see what kind of support it gets it might not even get that high the support I think is going to be far there’s gonna be a lot far less support for a Bitcoin gold than there was for Bitcoin cash so I don’t think we’re gonna see the price even at this 422 dollar mark that we are seeing for a Bitcoin cash here if you guys enjoyed the video and it gave you even a little bit more information on Bitcoin gold and the hard for coming up on October 25th please leave a like and a comment down below and make sure to subscribe thank you guys so much for watching check me out on Steam a Facebook and Twitter thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you all next video

Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? – $10,000 COIN IN 2018?

hello and welcome again to the cryptocurrency Channel today we’re going to be talking about bitcoins little bastard stepchildren Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin cash so there are a couple other denominations like Bitcoin diamond Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin unlimited but we’re we’re not gonna focus on those ones we’re going to be focusing just on the two main ones Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold so over here is the last seven days of Bitcoin cash it is currently number four in coin market cap with a market cap of just over thirty three billion dollars now in stark contrast Bitcoin gold is at about five billion market cap so Bitcoin cash has a definite advantage over this and it has been around longer and Bitcoin cash has been around since August 2017 whereas Bitcoin gold fork happened in October but launched in November let’s go back to why are they both called Bitcoin and what are the goals that they’re trying to accomplish people that back Bitcoin gold believe that Bitcoin has become more centralized now what that means is a long time ago everyone could mine Bitcoin on computers and you know like any old computer using computing power but now we have gotten to the point where you can only really make meaningful mining if you have ASIC mining Hardware which is really really expensive hardware on this very energy taxing so it’s going to cost more for some people to run it than other people and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of Bitcoin being mined in China because the electricity is just so much cheaper there so Bitcoin Gold’s goal is to be able to be mined by regular computers therefore it’s able to be mined by GPU power regular computers anyone that anyone really has around kind of going back to the old days of Bitcoin where you could do the same with that basically the goal of Bitcoin gold is to bring the power of mining back to the people not to the people that can afford ASIC miners not to the owners of Bitcoin farms but back to regular computers and regular people just the way that we were using it before and on the contrary Bitcoin cash uses the same sha-256 the way that Bitcoin does which means that mining is really only profitable if you have an ASIC miner same way with Bitcoin okay so what Bitcoin cash is trying to solve is true how can we make transactions shorter and cheaper than Bitcoin because it’s getting expensive and it’s getting slow so their proposal is to is to increase the amount of transaction data per block according to Roger various Twitter an interesting little tidbit is that unlike Bitcoin core Bitcoin cash doesn’t have an artificial cap so in the way that Bitcoin core there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million there won’t because of lost coins but in theory there could be 21 million it’s not going to be the case for Bitcoin cash what the consequences of not having an artificial cap are are still undefined and still split by the community how do I think that this is personally gonna go I don’t really agree with the reason that Bitcoin cash came to be but I do think it’s here to stay and that’s just because a lot of people are starting to pour money into it like investing into it more so than Bitcoin and gold and I do think that market demand is really going to be the factor that determines which one is going to say and which one might be the forgotten stepchild of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash just has more interest among investors it looks like blockchain info launched Bitcoin cash support where I don’t think they support Bitcoin gold so the increased exposure the increase used by trusted sources is going to make Bitcoin cash just that much more valuable than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash is also has that central figure Roger there that has a big audience and is going to be able to push that more into the public eye than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash seems to have a lot more marketing that I have seen around than Bitcoin gold and for that reason I think that Bitcoin cash is here to stay do I think it’s gonna overtake Bitcoin no but you know what we’ll see what happens so are you in favor of these Forks tell us in the comments below or are you a Bitcoin purus tell us why thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

What I’m Doing With My Bitcoin Gold

right so building on Bitcoin gold let’s go out the way I feel like I’m obliged to at least make one video about this but as you can probably already tell this isn’t but something I’m particularly interested in or enthusiastic about I spend literally about 5-10 minutes kind of researching Bitcoin gold knowing what it is and I have to say that honestly I wasn’t particularly impressed do I think it’s gonna steal BT C’s crown and become V Bitcoin absolutely not and so what I expect is gonna happen when the hard fork occurs is that everyone who can actually get hold of their Bitcoin gold so I know that many many wallets out there aren’t even kind of bothering to you know do the work to allow people to get hold of a Bitcoin goal they’re not doing all that extra effort those people who are able to get hold of it I think they’re all going to be in a desperate rush to sell to get hold of some of their free money that everyone kind of assumes these folks are and what this is gonna mean is that the price of Bitcoin gold is in all likelihood probably going to crash down to the floor as you have all of these you know huge amounts of sellers and absolutely no buyers at all because I don’t think there are many people out there at all who seriously think that this is gonna be a thing like several weeks or months from now and so yeah as far as I’m concerned I guess I think this is just gonna be another fork or another fad in bitcoins history will we even remember this 12 months from now you know a year from now probably not at all with all of that being said am I gonna sell my Bitcoin gold but I can get hold of it no the reason I say that is because first of all I really really do genuinely think that everyone is gonna be in a desperate rush to sell it straight away and so unless you could get in incredibly incredibly early I just don’t think it’ll be even worth it if you know if the price really really does crash or collapse you might say to me well Luis if you’re so sure that the price is gonna collapse in the Bitcoin gold isn’t gonna be a serious threat or contender to Bitcoin then why don’t you just sell it anyway interests get whatever little you can Fred my response to that would be just because you never ever know for sure what’s gonna happen in the future there might be an absolute teeny tiny chance you know a fraction of a percent that somehow someway due to whatever circumstances that you and I can barely even think of right now BTC might fail in some way Bitcoin cash might fail in some way and for whatever reason Bitcoin gold might become be leading kind of cryptocurrency in the space it might be the Bitcoin in which case its value goes from whatever dollars you would get for it on October 25th you know it might go up to the kind of 6,000 dollar level that we have right now for Bitcoin and so maybe I am being a bit over-the-top and a bit too extremely conservative about this but I just think you know what if there’s like a less than 1% chance that this might actually overtake Bitcoin somehow then I might just want to hold onto it for for the time being just to see how things unfold the way I see it is that if Bitcoin gold fails if the collapses and got a zero then I haven’t actually lost anything at all because I still have my BTC and whatever Forks come out of in the future so no loss in that sense and alternatively if Bitcoin gold really does take off and somehow does manage to kind of steal the crown or overthrow BTC then I’ll have held on to it and all those people who sold it for just a handful of dollars and just kind of disregarded it they’d probably live with intense regret about doing so and so I think the settled position that I’ve come down to now with all of these Bitcoin Forks both previous present and in the future as well is I’m just gonna hold on to every single one at firm no matter what there is a little part of me that regrets not selling Bitcoin cash when it was way up I can’t remember the height was it like six hundred seven hundred eight hundred dollars something along those lines you know people did sell it at that point and they were able to scoop themselves up some BTC very profitable move for them but I think most of me you know that other part of me really is just glad I’ve held on to it just in case and I’m always gonna hold on to the ones in the future just in case as well even if all of them only ever have a a 1% chance of overtaking it’s just I feel it’s comfortable and I feel more secure knowing that I will hold every possible vision or every possible iteration of Bitcoin I will always hold the Bitcoin whatever it is because I’m never gonna sell any folks at all I’m probably gonna make another video in the future discussing what I’m gonna be doing with these cigarettes wex coin whenever that gets called eventually and sometime in mid November and it’s gonna be pretty much exactly the same as this video because there’s nothing else or nothing more I have to really say of course none of this is financial advice you can do whatever hell you want to do with your money and in all likelihood I think most people will probably profit or be better off from just selling all the forks so they get just to buy back into BTC you know that will probably I’d say a good 90% plus chance that will serve them well always in the future as far as I’m concerned just for that very very small what-if chance I just want to hold on to it every single fork that I’m ever gonna get out of my BTC that’s what makes me feel good that’s what helps me sleep at night and so you know that’s the reason I think it’s worth it so to condense everything I’ve said in this video basically bitcoin gold I think it’s a fad I don’t think it’ll last even weeks in all likelihood you know we’re gonna forget about this in a year’s time but does that mean that I’m gonna sell my Bitcoin gold no I’m just gonna hold onto it just in case what are you guys gonna do with your Bitcoin Gold you’re gonna hold on to it you’re gonna sell it or any of you actually going to buy it I’d be really really interested if any of you actually are gonna buy it and why you think it’s a good investment for the future I know yeah thank you so much for watching and I’ll be back with more videos very soon Cheers [Music]

Bitcoin Gold in a Nutshell

what’s up everyone my name is Michael and welcome back to box mining today I want to talk about Bitcoin gold that’s right you heard it right another version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin gold I’m gonna talk about the objectives of Bitcoin gold the mechanics of how to trying to do this and also when it’s gonna happen and what I think about this whole project overall so let’s start off with what they’re trying to do here they’re trying to fork Bitcoin so that is they’re gonna use the transaction history of Bitcoin but after a certain point of time right now it’s designated to be October 25th they’re gonna create a variant a fork in the road and what seconds gonna do is what’s different about this fork is it gonna try another type of mining for it so what we do know is that with Bitcoin mining right now we use something called a six so that’s very dedicated computer chips that are specifically for that the Bitcoin Agra from known as sha-256 what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to say alright Asics is controlled by a few big companies and what we want to do is you want to instead of you of using ASIC based mining wanna change the algorithm to something called equi hash which is something similar to what aetherium uses and that’s gonna use graphics processors so instead of using a six instead of using these specialized ships we’re gonna use something that’s gonna be more akin to GPUs to mine so it’s gonna be like Bitcoin it’s gonna have a lot of the similar properties a Bitcoin but it’s gonna use GPU mining and it’s gonna be a sick resistant because we know that aqua hash is Jacek resistant the reason why some people don’t like Asics is because that it can be controlled and more centralized by one party right now there’s a producer called bit me which is very popular and they make the fastest and cheapest Asics and as a result they have a huge amount of market share and that results in people just all buying from them and they can also have a huge more portion of the market as well so the project is headed by the Hong Kong company lightning Isaac and they’re trying to replace it with GPU mining what are gonna try to do is they’re using something called a hard fork so a hard fork is when you change bitcoins code the code is very easy well kind of easy to change because it’s open-source you can just readily we need the code right and it’s made the alterations they’re trying to make these alterations on the code and they’re gonna make it incompatible with the current version of Bitcoin that is what a for hard work is known as a hard work is when you implement something that’s not backwards compatible and this results in the chain rejecting each other so one part of the clients would say hey guess what and we’re running this version of Bitcoin and then the other one called Bitcoin gold what say yeah we want to run our version we’re gonna keep our transaction history so anything before I ask before October 25th will be the exactly the same but stuff afterwards would be different so as a result what we’re gonna see is we’re gonna see this chain split it’s gonna become two versions and if you have Bitcoin prior to October 25th you’re gonna have bitcoins of both branches big plain gold and Bitcoin well now dude what value do they have do they always have the same value no well people most likely accept Bitcoin to be the real Bitcoin and the most valuable either and the new for called Bitcoin gold will have some value how much value that is we don’t know I mean it took a while for Bitcoin cash a similar project to find its value and it’s gonna be exactly at the same thing for a Bitcoin Gold the thing is of course Bitcoin cache proved a 14 Bitcoin is successful people will use it even though there’s other all currencies out there people will still use Bitcoin cash and a result this is why Bitcoin gold has such a strong drive forward that also means that anyone who possesses Bitcoin it holds a lot of Bitcoin will also have a lot of Bitcoin gold as well so that’s gonna be a motivation and a drive for these people to want the value of Bitcoin code to go up however that said there are projects like this done in the past and I see it said famously I’ve seen famously at the Bitcoin cash round table that they’ve talked about you know these clones a Bitcoin not being successful two or three years down the road it’s because if everyone keeps doing this it’s gonna be a flood of whatever Bitcoin go Bitcoin cash but Queens over Bitcoin Rio there’s gonna be tons of these fake clones of Bitcoin and that’s why they’re gonna be less and less in value and over time it might be a very little value they don’t they don’t even hit the top charts anymore for a quite market cap the other argument of course is that big goal might offer other advantages that’s not seen in Bitcoin because the mining algorithm is different there might be an alternative it might be an incentive for – to want to do that especially if you’re doing a theory of mining you might move something for hash power over to Bitcoin gold so we’re going to see what’s gonna happen so the summary of what’s gonna happen is that there’s gonna be a new topic coin and if you hold Bitcoin prior to August of 25th you’re gonna have both Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold of course Bitcoin is gonna have the most value and it’s gonna be another for coming up code sake with 2x coming up so there’s gonna be a lot of confusion in a market that’s for sure but the thing is we survive one of these and we did create a new Bitcoin cash out there which does have value so maybe this one won’t you have to guys what do you guys think of Bitcoin gold in this project do you think a different algorithm is something that’s interesting and that you might look towards what do you think thank you guys so much for watching this video remember to subscribe and hit that notification button to be part of the notification squad guys thank you guys so much for watching see you next time