Bitcore – The Unknown Bitcoin Fork – Should You Buy Some? (BTX)

good afternoon guys this is with rebel and this is an update on beat core this was a fork that occurred back in April the least well-known fork from Bitcoin and it’s been rising dramatically in fries or the last week or so so I’ll let you know what’s going on with the price movements in a little bit here but first I’m over now on their homepage beat core dot CC and what happened is if you owned the Bitcoin in April you already own some bit corn because this thing was sent out to you – all Bitcoin wallets and let’s say if you have your Bitcoin on blockchain not in for you could you should be able to go and get your coins already and if you own one Bitcoin you would get point five bit core now they also have their own wallet it is downloadable from this home page here so only do is you scroll down limit and these are the okay I want to mention the changes it’s not traded on any big exchanges yet you might have heard of crypto key and it beats see that’s where you can find it at the moment but it is rising in market cap so it’s definitely worth having a look at now if we scroll down here a little bit we do have the wallet download so if you have Windows or Mac or Linux or Android from github you can get your download from here now this is the homepage for the Windows version so you just go here and download it but let’s just go back to their home page because I want to mention something about they do have this airdrop every Monday where your wallet if you have maybe TX wallet so it’s not enough if you have you been going on in induction dot info you need to get this wallet to get these airdrops so every Monday until I think January or so you will be air-dropped so this is definitely worth knowing if you are an owner of the bit cord now let’s head over to corn market cap here and I look we can see that the price is twenty five point nine dollars at the moment it’s up very nicely and the market cap is thirty million u.s. dollars and look at the volume here compared to the market cap it’s almost one-third that is very high when we look at the circulating supply it’s only 1.1 million but the total supply will be sixteen million sixteen point six million so that I do like this these supply numbers the low number the lower the better and now let’s head over to the shorts this thing has you know it started in April a year end of April looks like it will 27th but it’s only trading on these more ones you know well actually did this one beat see is one with the most volume and I never heard about this one we’d see I’ve heard back utopia and never used it and then I think this had hit PTC on their home page as well I was down here here it Bitsey but it’s not here well anyways let’s look at the short we can see it’s been sort of going sideways for last three months but then there was something happened here in September sorry rice and we’re rising ever since I had a nice peak here nothing back there brief top here I fell back but now it’s regain strength and surpassed his old high here so who knows where the next peak will be he might had over had not appeared 2:30 or so before it will come back down when I look at this I see the near the nearest major support is around $12 so it could fall quite a bit of here once it Peaks you see the volume is really picked up here so much higher than earlier so very interesting coin here bit corn and what I’ve heard is that since they have these air drops on Mondays the price usually supposed to fall right after it I know if you can see it from here on day is now 15 as Wednesday 15 14 13 that would be Monday so perhaps it had a little bit of a dip here but not much but I could be a thing to wait until Monday and see how far we will dip but anyways the long term short here says the major support is around 12 or even lower like perhaps 10 it’s hard to see the look read these shorts but anyways yeah between 10 and 12 so that is a bit quorum definitely worth having a look at and it’s supposed to have a lot of developers very committed they there’s a strong community spirit here for bit court so it does have a lot of potential here to the outside still a fairly low market cap now that’s it and if you enjoy my videos please subscribe my channel if you haven’t already and follow my work over Stephen calm we’re vlogging several times a day good

Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork – What You Need To Know!

[Music] what’s going on guys why ogv here and today we’re going to be talking about the next Bitcoin hard fork Bitcoin gold that is coming on the 25th of October and what you guys need to know what you guys are currently looking at if you guys aren’t aware what you probably are this was the last Bitcoin hard fork that occurred on August 1st that we all experienced Bitcoin cash next up is going to be Bitcoin gold and what people are or what at least I’m seeing is gonna happen from all this is over time we’re just going to keep getting more and more variations and forks Bitcoin I saw an image maybe a month or two back and it basically had stuff such as Bitcoin than Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold Bitcoin dollars Bitcoin this Bitcoin that there’s going to be so many different versions of Bitcoin which I can definitely see happen at this point with all these hard Forks this is going to lead to other cryptocurrencies going and having their own hard Forks done as well with this following it’s going to seem at least in my mind that every time is a hard fork unless there is a lot of backing behind it from the start the net ones that keep coming the hard Forks that keep coming are going to get less and less support Bitcoin gold from my knowledge doesn’t have nearly the amount of support that Bitcoin cached it obviously it doesn’t have the amount of support that Bitcoin itself does and I think it’s going to open up at a lower price point we’re gonna see the same thing to happen with Bitcoin cash it will get released somewhat at a low point it’ll get released people start selling it just to get that immediate profits get more Bitcoin as you get Bitcoin gold for free basically 1 to 1 depending on the amount of Bitcoin that you’re holding people gonna sell it off then it’s gonna have its random skyrocket such as that Bitcoin cash I wear once around 800 900 then dumped basically the next day after that and then we’re gonna see it eventually study out a certain price we’ve been seeing Bitcoin cash staying around the 400 to 500 dollar mark pretty much that’s where it’s been sticking around we can even look at the chart down here it’s been remaining relatively steady over the past few months we saw it early in the like $600 range it’s been going down a bit but it’s been remained steady at least for this line for the most part now today we’re going to be talking about Bitcoin gold and some things that you guys need to know about it and just some basic information on Bitcoin gold and the Bitcoin hard fork Bitcoin gold aims to follow a similar launch plan as Bitcoin cash so as I said before this is going to be by the way of a hard fork and the idea of the Bitcoin gold project is to release an improved protocol similar to what Bitcoin cash is going to do in their mind they think they are released an improved protocol to make Bitcoin better and to follow the initial vision that Satoshi Nakamoto had so led by Jack Lyle hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly who is the CEO of Hong Kong mining firm lightning ASIC Bitcoin gold is slated to launch on October 25th and it’s cryptocurrency is going to be opened and to be able to be traded on exchanges on November 1st so Bitcoin gold is going to implement a proof-of-work change from bitcoins sha-256 to equal hash a memory hard algorithm that is ASIC resistant and optimized for GPU mining so this way you’re going to be able to mine Bitcoin with your graphics card instead of using the sha-256 algorithm and having miners you’re going to be able to use it straight on by using GPU mining Bitcoin goals Lee developer h4x has said that the project is still evolving and details such as exact Bach I of the hard fork is still up for discussion Bitcoin gold has been a little disorganized in my opinion at least when comparing it to other cryptocurrency teams out there and Bitcoin cash we’re getting closer to the release of Bitcoin gold and there’s still a lot of stuff that they haven’t figured out and some flaws that they have to deal with which I’m going to get into near the end of this video but Bitcoin gold is going to implement the user activate hard fork proposal and this is going to be to accept as I explained before the GPU mining miners can choose the size of the blocks that they want to mine with default being one megabyte and it’s going to include replay and wipe out protection now the original website it said that bitcoin gold was planning to offer an initial coin offering ICO and this was going to have 1% of Bitcoin gold coins would go to the developer team but these details have been removed from the Bitcoin gold site which I’ll throw the link down to the site in the description below so obviously that is not going to be happening and that’s another thing that calls just a little bit of confusion in my mind as I thought mostly it should just be distributed to everyone who’s holding Bitcoin so if you want your free Bitcoin gold just by up on your Bitcoin before the October 25th date so the one thing is clear though about the Bitcoin gold funding and because of the nature of the split as I said before every Bitcoin user at the time is going to have an equal amount of Bitcoin gold associated with their private key a lot of people bought up Bitcoin cash one epoch on cash a lot of people bought a Bitcoin once they really realized what is there to be worried about I can just be getting free money basically if you guys don’t recall the period before the first hard fork to Bitcoin was causing a lot of confusion and a lot of pandemonium people were selling off the Bitcoin nervous about bitcoins future and a few days prior to when I thought the prices go up we saw a Bitcoin just skyrocket back up in price and the reason for this was because people wanted their free Bitcoin cash they wanted to buy 2/3 for Bitcoin and to be able to get for Bitcoin cash and if you look at it now first of all the price of Bitcoin is up from where it was at that time second of all if you would have for Bitcoin then you got you for free Bitcoin cash you’re basically getting four hundred and twenty-two dollars times four for free so what is that guys this is round two four hundred that’ll be $1,600 for free basically just for holding Bitcoin and buying it before the activated hard fork so the Bitcoin gold protocol if you guys aren’t aware is available on github for review and they have multiple social media accounts such as Twitter Facebook and a slack channel currently they have over 250 members in the slack Channel and the people who visit there obviously are excited about the fork they go there to ask questions and to get help and to get information that they may not have known about the for before and just simply learn more about the project now a lot of people surprisingly have been viewing this somewhat as a joke or I guess you could say trolling and one of the things is that the project as I said before has just been extremely unorganized for a horde fork that is coming up very soon the end of the less than a month away is when we’re going to experience it’s hard for there’s just a lot of details that haven’t been ironed out yet there’s a lot of information that is not known about Bitcoin gold that I haven’t even found stuff that I would just like to know stuff such as like the definite block size and things of that nature a lot still has yet to be seen what is going to be the details of Bitcoin gold so a lot of people a little weary of it so here are the flaws I was talking about before so one of them is that the team currently does not have a testament of the network created so miners who would be using GPU mining would be using Bitcoin gold and the Eco hash algorithm can’t even test it yet also unlike the Bitcoin cash network the Bitcoin gold project still implements the same per block difficulty adjustment as Bitcoin does in its code and currently also has no signs of emergency difficulty adjustment that has been one of the problems with Bitcoin and its problems with scaling and it’s block size and transactions costing way too much with Bitcoin gold obviously they are essentially keeping the same per block difficulty adjustment and that’s going to be another problem as what is it it’s not changed anything about that aspect they’re going for other changes but it’s one of the things that I think they should be changing and they are not going after in this project whatsoever there’s also another hard work that’s going to be coming in November and right now Bitcoin gold is simply under the radar not too many people are caring about it there’s a lot of people that actually don’t even know about it and it’s going to be interesting to see what price it opens up at and exactly who is going to be buying and who’s gonna be buying up Bitcoin to get some free Bitcoin gold I know I’ll take my free Bitcoin gold and I’m gonna hold it for a while unless it goes up and had one of those great bull runs like Bitcoin cash had that it hasn’t reached since if it opens up at a really low price let’s say one hundred two hundred dollars whatever opens up at I’m not going to be selling it there but if it opens up maybe around a three to four hundred level mark and it skyrockets up also most of it there and buy back when it comes down cheaper but let’s see what kind of support it gets it might not even get that high the support I think is going to be far there’s gonna be a lot far less support for a Bitcoin gold than there was for Bitcoin cash so I don’t think we’re gonna see the price even at this 422 dollar mark that we are seeing for a Bitcoin cash here if you guys enjoyed the video and it gave you even a little bit more information on Bitcoin gold and the hard for coming up on October 25th please leave a like and a comment down below and make sure to subscribe thank you guys so much for watching check me out on Steam a Facebook and Twitter thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you all next video

Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? – $10,000 COIN IN 2018?

hello and welcome again to the cryptocurrency Channel today we’re going to be talking about bitcoins little bastard stepchildren Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin cash so there are a couple other denominations like Bitcoin diamond Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin unlimited but we’re we’re not gonna focus on those ones we’re going to be focusing just on the two main ones Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold so over here is the last seven days of Bitcoin cash it is currently number four in coin market cap with a market cap of just over thirty three billion dollars now in stark contrast Bitcoin gold is at about five billion market cap so Bitcoin cash has a definite advantage over this and it has been around longer and Bitcoin cash has been around since August 2017 whereas Bitcoin gold fork happened in October but launched in November let’s go back to why are they both called Bitcoin and what are the goals that they’re trying to accomplish people that back Bitcoin gold believe that Bitcoin has become more centralized now what that means is a long time ago everyone could mine Bitcoin on computers and you know like any old computer using computing power but now we have gotten to the point where you can only really make meaningful mining if you have ASIC mining Hardware which is really really expensive hardware on this very energy taxing so it’s going to cost more for some people to run it than other people and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of Bitcoin being mined in China because the electricity is just so much cheaper there so Bitcoin Gold’s goal is to be able to be mined by regular computers therefore it’s able to be mined by GPU power regular computers anyone that anyone really has around kind of going back to the old days of Bitcoin where you could do the same with that basically the goal of Bitcoin gold is to bring the power of mining back to the people not to the people that can afford ASIC miners not to the owners of Bitcoin farms but back to regular computers and regular people just the way that we were using it before and on the contrary Bitcoin cash uses the same sha-256 the way that Bitcoin does which means that mining is really only profitable if you have an ASIC miner same way with Bitcoin okay so what Bitcoin cash is trying to solve is true how can we make transactions shorter and cheaper than Bitcoin because it’s getting expensive and it’s getting slow so their proposal is to is to increase the amount of transaction data per block according to Roger various Twitter an interesting little tidbit is that unlike Bitcoin core Bitcoin cash doesn’t have an artificial cap so in the way that Bitcoin core there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million there won’t because of lost coins but in theory there could be 21 million it’s not going to be the case for Bitcoin cash what the consequences of not having an artificial cap are are still undefined and still split by the community how do I think that this is personally gonna go I don’t really agree with the reason that Bitcoin cash came to be but I do think it’s here to stay and that’s just because a lot of people are starting to pour money into it like investing into it more so than Bitcoin and gold and I do think that market demand is really going to be the factor that determines which one is going to say and which one might be the forgotten stepchild of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash just has more interest among investors it looks like blockchain info launched Bitcoin cash support where I don’t think they support Bitcoin gold so the increased exposure the increase used by trusted sources is going to make Bitcoin cash just that much more valuable than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash is also has that central figure Roger there that has a big audience and is going to be able to push that more into the public eye than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash seems to have a lot more marketing that I have seen around than Bitcoin gold and for that reason I think that Bitcoin cash is here to stay do I think it’s gonna overtake Bitcoin no but you know what we’ll see what happens so are you in favor of these Forks tell us in the comments below or are you a Bitcoin purus tell us why thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

What I’m Doing With My Bitcoin Gold

right so building on Bitcoin gold let’s go out the way I feel like I’m obliged to at least make one video about this but as you can probably already tell this isn’t but something I’m particularly interested in or enthusiastic about I spend literally about 5-10 minutes kind of researching Bitcoin gold knowing what it is and I have to say that honestly I wasn’t particularly impressed do I think it’s gonna steal BT C’s crown and become V Bitcoin absolutely not and so what I expect is gonna happen when the hard fork occurs is that everyone who can actually get hold of their Bitcoin gold so I know that many many wallets out there aren’t even kind of bothering to you know do the work to allow people to get hold of a Bitcoin goal they’re not doing all that extra effort those people who are able to get hold of it I think they’re all going to be in a desperate rush to sell to get hold of some of their free money that everyone kind of assumes these folks are and what this is gonna mean is that the price of Bitcoin gold is in all likelihood probably going to crash down to the floor as you have all of these you know huge amounts of sellers and absolutely no buyers at all because I don’t think there are many people out there at all who seriously think that this is gonna be a thing like several weeks or months from now and so yeah as far as I’m concerned I guess I think this is just gonna be another fork or another fad in bitcoins history will we even remember this 12 months from now you know a year from now probably not at all with all of that being said am I gonna sell my Bitcoin gold but I can get hold of it no the reason I say that is because first of all I really really do genuinely think that everyone is gonna be in a desperate rush to sell it straight away and so unless you could get in incredibly incredibly early I just don’t think it’ll be even worth it if you know if the price really really does crash or collapse you might say to me well Luis if you’re so sure that the price is gonna collapse in the Bitcoin gold isn’t gonna be a serious threat or contender to Bitcoin then why don’t you just sell it anyway interests get whatever little you can Fred my response to that would be just because you never ever know for sure what’s gonna happen in the future there might be an absolute teeny tiny chance you know a fraction of a percent that somehow someway due to whatever circumstances that you and I can barely even think of right now BTC might fail in some way Bitcoin cash might fail in some way and for whatever reason Bitcoin gold might become be leading kind of cryptocurrency in the space it might be the Bitcoin in which case its value goes from whatever dollars you would get for it on October 25th you know it might go up to the kind of 6,000 dollar level that we have right now for Bitcoin and so maybe I am being a bit over-the-top and a bit too extremely conservative about this but I just think you know what if there’s like a less than 1% chance that this might actually overtake Bitcoin somehow then I might just want to hold onto it for for the time being just to see how things unfold the way I see it is that if Bitcoin gold fails if the collapses and got a zero then I haven’t actually lost anything at all because I still have my BTC and whatever Forks come out of in the future so no loss in that sense and alternatively if Bitcoin gold really does take off and somehow does manage to kind of steal the crown or overthrow BTC then I’ll have held on to it and all those people who sold it for just a handful of dollars and just kind of disregarded it they’d probably live with intense regret about doing so and so I think the settled position that I’ve come down to now with all of these Bitcoin Forks both previous present and in the future as well is I’m just gonna hold on to every single one at firm no matter what there is a little part of me that regrets not selling Bitcoin cash when it was way up I can’t remember the height was it like six hundred seven hundred eight hundred dollars something along those lines you know people did sell it at that point and they were able to scoop themselves up some BTC very profitable move for them but I think most of me you know that other part of me really is just glad I’ve held on to it just in case and I’m always gonna hold on to the ones in the future just in case as well even if all of them only ever have a a 1% chance of overtaking it’s just I feel it’s comfortable and I feel more secure knowing that I will hold every possible vision or every possible iteration of Bitcoin I will always hold the Bitcoin whatever it is because I’m never gonna sell any folks at all I’m probably gonna make another video in the future discussing what I’m gonna be doing with these cigarettes wex coin whenever that gets called eventually and sometime in mid November and it’s gonna be pretty much exactly the same as this video because there’s nothing else or nothing more I have to really say of course none of this is financial advice you can do whatever hell you want to do with your money and in all likelihood I think most people will probably profit or be better off from just selling all the forks so they get just to buy back into BTC you know that will probably I’d say a good 90% plus chance that will serve them well always in the future as far as I’m concerned just for that very very small what-if chance I just want to hold on to it every single fork that I’m ever gonna get out of my BTC that’s what makes me feel good that’s what helps me sleep at night and so you know that’s the reason I think it’s worth it so to condense everything I’ve said in this video basically bitcoin gold I think it’s a fad I don’t think it’ll last even weeks in all likelihood you know we’re gonna forget about this in a year’s time but does that mean that I’m gonna sell my Bitcoin gold no I’m just gonna hold onto it just in case what are you guys gonna do with your Bitcoin Gold you’re gonna hold on to it you’re gonna sell it or any of you actually going to buy it I’d be really really interested if any of you actually are gonna buy it and why you think it’s a good investment for the future I know yeah thank you so much for watching and I’ll be back with more videos very soon Cheers [Music]

Bitcoin Gold in a Nutshell

what’s up everyone my name is Michael and welcome back to box mining today I want to talk about Bitcoin gold that’s right you heard it right another version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin gold I’m gonna talk about the objectives of Bitcoin gold the mechanics of how to trying to do this and also when it’s gonna happen and what I think about this whole project overall so let’s start off with what they’re trying to do here they’re trying to fork Bitcoin so that is they’re gonna use the transaction history of Bitcoin but after a certain point of time right now it’s designated to be October 25th they’re gonna create a variant a fork in the road and what seconds gonna do is what’s different about this fork is it gonna try another type of mining for it so what we do know is that with Bitcoin mining right now we use something called a six so that’s very dedicated computer chips that are specifically for that the Bitcoin Agra from known as sha-256 what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to say alright Asics is controlled by a few big companies and what we want to do is you want to instead of you of using ASIC based mining wanna change the algorithm to something called equi hash which is something similar to what aetherium uses and that’s gonna use graphics processors so instead of using a six instead of using these specialized ships we’re gonna use something that’s gonna be more akin to GPUs to mine so it’s gonna be like Bitcoin it’s gonna have a lot of the similar properties a Bitcoin but it’s gonna use GPU mining and it’s gonna be a sick resistant because we know that aqua hash is Jacek resistant the reason why some people don’t like Asics is because that it can be controlled and more centralized by one party right now there’s a producer called bit me which is very popular and they make the fastest and cheapest Asics and as a result they have a huge amount of market share and that results in people just all buying from them and they can also have a huge more portion of the market as well so the project is headed by the Hong Kong company lightning Isaac and they’re trying to replace it with GPU mining what are gonna try to do is they’re using something called a hard fork so a hard fork is when you change bitcoins code the code is very easy well kind of easy to change because it’s open-source you can just readily we need the code right and it’s made the alterations they’re trying to make these alterations on the code and they’re gonna make it incompatible with the current version of Bitcoin that is what a for hard work is known as a hard work is when you implement something that’s not backwards compatible and this results in the chain rejecting each other so one part of the clients would say hey guess what and we’re running this version of Bitcoin and then the other one called Bitcoin gold what say yeah we want to run our version we’re gonna keep our transaction history so anything before I ask before October 25th will be the exactly the same but stuff afterwards would be different so as a result what we’re gonna see is we’re gonna see this chain split it’s gonna become two versions and if you have Bitcoin prior to October 25th you’re gonna have bitcoins of both branches big plain gold and Bitcoin well now dude what value do they have do they always have the same value no well people most likely accept Bitcoin to be the real Bitcoin and the most valuable either and the new for called Bitcoin gold will have some value how much value that is we don’t know I mean it took a while for Bitcoin cash a similar project to find its value and it’s gonna be exactly at the same thing for a Bitcoin Gold the thing is of course Bitcoin cache proved a 14 Bitcoin is successful people will use it even though there’s other all currencies out there people will still use Bitcoin cash and a result this is why Bitcoin gold has such a strong drive forward that also means that anyone who possesses Bitcoin it holds a lot of Bitcoin will also have a lot of Bitcoin gold as well so that’s gonna be a motivation and a drive for these people to want the value of Bitcoin code to go up however that said there are projects like this done in the past and I see it said famously I’ve seen famously at the Bitcoin cash round table that they’ve talked about you know these clones a Bitcoin not being successful two or three years down the road it’s because if everyone keeps doing this it’s gonna be a flood of whatever Bitcoin go Bitcoin cash but Queens over Bitcoin Rio there’s gonna be tons of these fake clones of Bitcoin and that’s why they’re gonna be less and less in value and over time it might be a very little value they don’t they don’t even hit the top charts anymore for a quite market cap the other argument of course is that big goal might offer other advantages that’s not seen in Bitcoin because the mining algorithm is different there might be an alternative it might be an incentive for – to want to do that especially if you’re doing a theory of mining you might move something for hash power over to Bitcoin gold so we’re going to see what’s gonna happen so the summary of what’s gonna happen is that there’s gonna be a new topic coin and if you hold Bitcoin prior to August of 25th you’re gonna have both Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold of course Bitcoin is gonna have the most value and it’s gonna be another for coming up code sake with 2x coming up so there’s gonna be a lot of confusion in a market that’s for sure but the thing is we survive one of these and we did create a new Bitcoin cash out there which does have value so maybe this one won’t you have to guys what do you guys think of Bitcoin gold in this project do you think a different algorithm is something that’s interesting and that you might look towards what do you think thank you guys so much for watching this video remember to subscribe and hit that notification button to be part of the notification squad guys thank you guys so much for watching see you next time