Bitcoin Gold Price Surge – Time To Buy Before 2018?

[Music] this is Jeff Thal coin buzz we’re gonna talk about the surge that’s occurring on with Bitcoin gold here before I do that if you’re new to this channel please subscribe if you haven’t already and if you have subscribed go ahead and click that bell next to the subscribe button so you get notified when news like this drops so let’s kick it right off so if you can watch my channel for a while you know that I’ve been calling for a Bitcoin Gold surge you know that and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a Bitcoin hard fork no matter how much controversy and skepticism is behind this cryptocurrency being that it’s a bitcoin hard fork you know that it’s gonna get some love like Bitcoin cash has gotten and you know it’s been flying under the radar big time I mean it when it was crashing like this that was the time to buy and you know yeah it’s pumping right now we’ve already seen a pump before you know it wasn’t as easily accessible as it has as it is now now it’s on bit tracks BitFenix finance get ready guys this one’s gonna start closing in on the same kind of price action the Bitcoin cash has had look G haawoo over here with Bitcoin cash he’s sitting pretty right so let’s go ahead and take a look at Bitcoin gold and see what’s going down all right so the last 24 hours over the last 24 hours we’ve really seen some great price action coming out of Bitcoin gold and it looks like the charts loading a little bit slower right now apologize for the delay but you can see over the last I don’t know six outweigh six hours yeah about the last six hours we’ve seen this surge so the one-day chart is pulling up finally alright anyway so over the last six hours it’s gone from 119 all the way up to 3:02 and it’s looking like it’s getting pumped and the only thing that I see happening is Bitcoin price is pulling back and I wonder how much of that Bitcoin pull back is pouring into Bitcoin gold now and I wonder who’s doing it usually you could come over here and see if there was maybe Korea or something but it’s the highest volume is on bit tracks and that’s really hard to tell where if any country or if any institution is driving that this pump here let’s refresh and see if anything’s changed so it’s still at 3:02 but it would be interesting to see how high it goes even while I make this video so if if we’re just thinking about Bitcoin gold I would say this is a slippery slope here because we’ve seen we’ve seen a pump before we’ve seen it we’ve seen it pull back when it hit the market you know let’s look at when it hit the market it hit the market at just under $500 and I’m saying that if you get it for at the same price that it hit the market at then it’s a good it’s a good grab so yes I would say overall this is a good price now the ideal price to get it and I’m not gonna say to buy at this price and this isn’t financial advice you need to do your own due diligence and check your own research and make sure this is a good fit for your portfolio but my goodness 114 you could get you could take serious you can make some serious moves at 114 with this long term over the next year you’re gonna see some major price action with this one and Bitcoin cash right now Bitcoin gold is like the it’s the bastard child so to speak of the crypto currencies Jack Lau he’s the he’s the founder of this he’s the Jihan Wu of you know Bitcoin gold okay so sure this one hasn’t been a crowd favorite or a Bitcoin core favorite or anybody’s favorite but that doesn’t mean it can’t change and everyone get all happy about it it’s kind of good for them they’ve kept quiet during all this controversy and they weathered the storm my post in to claim Bitcoin gold I promised my son I will keep Bitcoin gold until he’s 18 see long-term guys I mean you have to wonder you have to wonder about this and looking at this price compared to Bitcoin 8,000 3:02 this is a good buy I think anything below 500 I’m actually I’m gonna tell you straight up I’m accumulating Bitcoin gold I’m really accumulating Bitcoin gold when it’s at 114 dollars but hey I just I sold off some of my power ledger and I did pick up some Bitcoin gold with that I didn’t get it I got it hey so I’m already up on my Bitcoin Gold position because I got it in the 200s because I knew that it was gonna pump if it goes up – if it goes up to $400 and I see it start pulling back I’ll probably take a profit on it and wait to see if it pulls back again and see if I can accumulate some more bitcoin gold in that process so I took profit on my power ledger which is going sky-high and I’m put it into Bitcoin gold when I saw it was pumping because no telling how high this is gonna go let’s check and see if it’s going out oh it pulled back to 96 so there is a little bit of price action going on it could pull but it could it could already have its pump at 300 pull back down to 205 which is still fine because I bought it within that range and it could even pull back down to 115 dollars and if it does I’m buying more I’m not panicking on my position I’m actually looking to accumulate bitcoin gold and that’s because where we’re at now and where we’re at in a year is gonna be a really interesting change here so Bitcoin cash we I’m just following the Bitcoin cash you know let’s take a look at Bitcoin cash let’s see how Bitcoin cash is done you know Bitcoin cash is had at a day and then it had a real great a day when it almost caught up to Bitcoin you know and now it’s pulled back but I have some Bitcoin cash from the Bitcoin hard fork that happened but I haven’t sold it and the reason I’m not selling is my basic plan for this personally is I want to hold one Bitcoin one Bitcoin cash and one Bitcoin gold at the very minimum that’s my core position that I’m not touching anywhere but if I can just have one one one I don’t need I don’t need too much more of that and then I can go into other all coins and make my real profit but I’m holding these as my stores of value because I don’t know which one of these hard Forks is going to take the lead so that’s how I’m rolling with the Bitcoin gold and the Bitcoin cash it’s to have one one and one up to you guys how you guys want to play this but yeah I mean Bitcoin Gold’s at seeing some serious price action right now and I don’t care if it goes down because I will pick up more I already have my one which I’m happy about be nice if crankin would give me my other you know because I did keep my Bitcoin goal or I did keep my Bitcoin odd and in exchange I wouldn’t recommend holding your Bitcoin on craking guys so I don’t have much Bitcoin but the little that I did have I had it on krey-kin and that was kind of disappointing so I didn’t get it Cragen’s got kind of a here let’s just check out what the heck Krakens saying about that why wont krey-kin release our bitcoin gold right so here it is no plan to support in any way at this time but we will reevaluate it later that’s talking about Bitcoin gold please disregard the prior tweet about our stance on Bitcoin gold breaking has not made an official determination on btg we will announce plans soon yeah they’re just not supporting Bitcoin gold and people are fairly disappointed in that but at the end of the day Krakens saying you need to take you need to take control over your own money and not rely on the exchanges that’s what Cragen’s official position is so we’ll see how that pans out but some people are pretty upset especially if Bitcoin gold goes up over at thousand dollars and those people who have big positions on Bitcoin gold don’t get their legless Bitcoin let’s say they had ten their holding ten Bitcoin and triking and then they don’t get their Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin gold goes over a thousand maybe five thousand dollars at some point you got to think that they’re not gonna let that slide and you know that there’s gonna be lawyers chomping at the bit to try and slip in there and get that I’m not personally bringing any legal action but I know based on what I’ve seen on that in on the internet and in the communities the people who are holding large amounts of Bitcoin pretty upset I even saw this there was a tweet where a guy said he’s holding 100 Bitcoin on krey-kin and he wants his Bitcoin gold and he hasn’t gotten it yet and he’s talking about a class-action lawsuit which I’m staying out of that completely but you know if you’re having 100 Bitcoin and you’re expecting Bitcoin gold and you don’t get it a lawyer a lawyer starts to see money when Bitcoin gold goes up so we’ll see how that plays out and I’m only bringing that up because I know a bunch of you were watching this video right now are in the same situation where you were holding Bitcoin on an exchange and you didn’t get your Bitcoin gold and you don’t care when it’s at $115 but when it goes up over a thousand if it does you’re gonna care a lot more right so that’s the point that I’m making so we’ll see craking I like cracking I’m a big fan of cracking crack and creeks and whatever you want to call it but there is that there is that controversy that’s spinning around and Krakens position on that is they just didn’t they don’t they don’t really trust a Bitcoin Gold that’s why they didn’t that’s why they chose not to do that because they don’t trust Bitcoin gold but we’ll see how that changes over time right anyways let me know your position on Bitcoin gold and we’ll see you next time