Substratum (SUB) will EXPLODE in 2018 | Here’s Why.. | Review & Price Prediction

what up YouTube YouTube crip don’t Fein here with everything crypto and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the decentralized web if you guys don’t know what’s up stratum is well you’re about to find out because substratum is hands-down one of the best projects on the blockchain so for today’s video we’re gonna be going over what substratum is how it works its price movement and my personal view going into 2018 so what is substratum so stratum is an open source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place or the entire world so some stratum is trying to decentralize the web now I know that sounds like a very ambitious goal but they already have incredible progress coming along and we’ll talk about that in a little bit but also what’s the difference between centralized web and decentralized web well the main differences are that centralized web means that your government is regulating your usage and what you view on the internet with a decentralized web that means you can view access anything you want and no one can tell you what to do about it so the benefits for having a decentralized web a great example would be China right now China has incredible regulations on their web for example they cannot purchase crypto currencies right now their government completely banned crypto currencies access also they cannot perfu YouTube so that means they can’t even view this video right now they can’t view Facebook Yahoo Google and all those great websites so when some stratum comes into play China for example would be able to access all those websites and much much more so how this all works is if we go down here for every network there’s a host and there’s a receiver so how it works is anyone can host a website application using substratum and you get paid for doing it so you actually use the substratum software and you host websites for other people around the world and in doing this you earn some stratum okay so you get paid for helping people doing a good deed and you get paid for also just helping people out which is pretty awesome on the other end of things when you are using the network you can access any web browser you want and there’s no censorship which is a huge huge benefit if we go down here it shows a couple other features that substratum offers they have crypto pay so you get paid through some stratum tokens directly through the system as well as they have the one-click minor so it’s very easy to assemble and access it’s not complicated you don’t have to download ten different things it’s one-click you’re ready to go also artificial intelligence this is talking about making the network very fast so it’s not gonna be a network that takes ten minutes to load a webpage whether it’s YouTube or whatever is gonna be very fast like your every day to day network that you’re using now as well it’s gonna be very secure because when you have a host to a receiver that network in between you don’t want it to be able to be breached so they’re making so that it’s cryptography it’s very secure and ready to use so that is pretty much some stratum summed up to sum it up again in my own words it’s a decentralized web they want to make it so that you can access anything you want and no one can do anything about it whether it’s a government or the President of the United States knowing can control the network which is completely world-changing and it’s gonna have great benefits in the future especially coming into 2018 now coming into 2018 we are rounding near the one trillion dollar market cap and for crypto currencies right now we’re doing about 100 billion dollars every two days which is pretty incredible for the past the past two days we had about 92 billion dollars since we passed half a trillion dollars but when we come near the trillion dollar market cap we’re gonna really start seeing government’s step in and trying to regulate crypto currencies whether it’s banning crypto currencies as a whole or really regulating whether it depends on the specific websites you can use or the taxing of cryptocurrencies we’re gonna really start seeing regulations and that how they’re gonna do that is they they’re gonna be able to do that directly through the internet access so when some stratum comes along that’s gonna be completely mine that’s gonna be completely game-changing because you can actually use the substratum network to access cryptocurrencies especially for those people in China that can’t access them at all right now when some stratum comes along they’ll be able to access cryptocurrencies and do as they please with it so that’s why I think so stratum is gonna have a huge benefit coming into 2018 is because we will start to get regulations on crypto currencies and crypto currencies will start to be not sent not decentralized it will start to become centralized and when the substratum comes around that will help keep us all being decentralized in the crypto world so some stratum is sitting around the 60 suit 2 cent range right now in the 89 spot on the market cap going into 2018 you can definitely begin to see this increase due to some stratum having a successful alpha 1 test so so stratum tested their network and they were they confirmed that it’s working it’s ready to go they are having us alpha 2 test coming up and the beta will most likely begin coming the beginning months of 2018 is when you can see a beta for some stratum coming into 2018 I could definitely see substrate I’m moving up in the market cap positions and as well as evaluation because people are really beginning to realize that some stratum is an incredible project they are really starting trying to change the game and they have progress coming along they’re ahead of schedule and this is just baby movements right now I don’t want to put a price evaluation on some stratum because it’s such a great project if not one of the best projects on the blockchain that it doesn’t deserve an evaluation and who knows what it could be in a year especially if everyone has to start using the substratum network due to centralization of the blockchain substratum could be absol huge as of right now for the price movement sitting around the 59 60 cent range would I get in right now no I would try to wait a couple days as you can see we had this run up due to the alpha testing being announced that it was successful and all that stuff and also people are starting to realize that this is a great project coming along so I would try to wait a couple days see if all this goes down get and try to buy into the red because right now we are starting to get into the green see if you can get in the red if not if you are a long-term holder just get in on this and hold it for the long term because in the long term no matter if you buy at 60 cents or 40 cents you’re gonna be paid off in the long run so that is my view on the current price if you’re really if you’re trying to day trade this this is definitely not the price you want to get in on because I don’t see it going up any more from here but it could because who knows in the cryptocurrency world everything is completely crazy and volatile so that is my view on the price and as well as going into 2018 I see great things for substratum I just see the price going up from here we definitely do need a pullback right now for healthy growth but substratum is a completely awesome project and I highly highly suggest you guys research more into it don’t just go and invest into it just because you saw this video do some more research on it and figure out if it’s a good investment for you personally from you for me I think it’s a great investment because I am in the United States and I can see net neutrality coming along within the next year or so and substratum will be here to save the day also before in the video on a shout out after school hustle this guy brings out quality content every single day for all you cryptocurrency investors so consider going to check out his channel and I’ll leave a link to his channel in the description below but that is gonna be the video for today guys I hope you enjoyed if you’re not already subscribed consider subscribing to one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency communities on YouTube and I will catch you guys in the next video deuces you

PureVidz VIDZ криптовалюта Jewels (JWL) токены Veltor (VLT) team ICOTRACKER!

я посмотрел your wits и живые живые посмотрел так поверхностно принципе мне кажется что учитывая как пола хитро выбирая смоленске идеи на 1 1 скорее всего долбанет на попова ближайшее время но это неточно возможно что и не не так все perviz это попытка на идеологии и pfs да короче централизованный перт opera internet но здесь все сводится к к раздачи контента всем желающим без участия копирайтеров со стороны то есть есть контент человек может этот контент получить оплачиваю его лицами этими видзы а соответственно контент предоставляется вот через новую интересную разработку и на javascript те то есть вот когда мы заходим на сайт какую-нибудь скину вообще никаким окне цеху современные новые там разные будут предоставляться с разных серверов через web rct так называемый этот как бы компонент как я понимаю это и вот 5 входит и не требуется ни установку никаких дат 1 of как на многих левых сайтах про видим какой-то плуги ты поставишь потом обязательно что-нибудь у тебя пропадет или еще что-то плохое случится здесь все базируется на такой как бы частоте контент все равно лежит на катерах но с доступ него получается можно через именно приступим технологию но их в этом vkontakte будет задействовано некая там а вознаграждение apple ударов этих же самых хороших видео там full hd хотя никакого порнографического контента не будет то есть это только кино огурчики так все для людей без вот этих вот без без порнографии аналог чем-то напоминает singular дтв только в других масштабах команда анонимная фильмы все естественно ведутся нарушения копирайта и предоставляются в одном варианте вообще бесплатно мы будет там реклама о другом варианте с небольшими там бонусами типа будет премиум якобы зона вот было скромного проекта потом 100 витков собрали делаю давно уже и шут у них на февраль якобы запланировал получается 125 миллионов видного этих плагинов да да да 125 миллионов и опять же кое что это рисковая вести ция в которая не может не факт что превратится во что-то благодарна индустрия там то так что она вообще пойдет дальше выхода на полах после этого водного выход на поло тоже будет сопровождаться определенными сами поэтому как бы риск я попробую по крайней мере участвовать в этом на один пытаться я рискну сейчас на репите и этот один втц уже превратился два с половиной btc просто так там убить на 9 pumped как команда троллит фанфик короче эту монету везде ходит и рассказывает о том что именно эта монета будет на поводу я узнал то что она накала пойдет из другого источника томата с одного из трейдеров там у меня в твиттере есть несколько трейдеров богуна еще там парочка волос ну и вот как раз но хорошие показатели вот night на этот найти технологию раздачи контента бесплатно практически и живые дживы или the crypto для использования в игре но как максимум носил спинку стула покурить ссылка нужно нет нет уже здесь если что я жива и кстати на клитор и все торгуются и количество попытки превышает на несколько сотен тысяч продажу его этом я не могу закупить сколько хотел меня холдена 5000 выполнить короче 100000 я не могу лечь потому что реально там стена покупки и сейчас под живые но вскоре mockup там есть вебсайт проник оба проекта базируется на эту яны разработчиков короче вы поскольку я днем самого начала когда он убежище не был приставлен не факт что там бы оказался эти проекты не совсем самого начала эти проекты они носят рекомендательный характер я просто посмотрел их ну и стильно оба проекта как много сил мне хуже но разработчики делают пишут не могу сказать что прям они преследуют цель беседу пока все весьма интересный она и третий проект белта нравится там наверное самый самый идеологический проект мужик сказал что бог чей биткоина крайне неправильно реализован и lighting никак его не поможет и поэтому титан должен упасть и возродиться и и это случится никак не то чтобы случиться но и и он пишется нога короче другой совершенно протоколов и вот в этом вот и сидят в общем-то самые дикие вообще кто большие фанаты 2 ч и технологии и как бы но там тоже есть определенные нюансы например было какое-то количество этих vlt и я читал что не так давно там смог случился то есть где-то объясняет цену на убить из тысячи 5 9 и 6 тысяч сатош на 30000 39000 короче цена прыгнула вот я сначала думал что это какой-то там pump и не просто что я не успел что вот и выходит на повар но он мне так понимаю что это связано все-таки со слогом в покупать по 39 тысяч меня жадности сна говоря замутить я просто наверное заложили собрать успешно борется пожелаю его удачи на не буду входить на любите были на 39 тысяч сатош не за не потому что там чем там торгует витя и высоте прикольный там такое этот внизу отчета можно дать дойти покидать на своей супруге скроено вокалистом вы дольского черепашка такой весь мир будет забавно вижу короче весьма вахрушева я конечно капец не знаю лучше значительно чем этот криптекс он мне почему-то windows 10 скрипт рокс когда я на него смотрю вот короче был фигурировал слухах perviz & greet у старика стать живым не выйдет на полу потому что где с на бицепсе во первых во вторых на полу уже есть максимум то есть будучи другой выбирать [музыка] [музыка] [музыка]

KiloCoin $KLC Surged 58% In the Last Day

this is a crypto breaking news report for Friday October 13 2017 cryptocurrency kilo coin search 58% during the last 24 hours this coin is trading at 1.9 a – 7 bitcoins which is about 19 panda coins kilo coin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency using the script algorithm Killick coin is meant to be a new measurement of value KLC can be traded on the SEC’s cryptocurrency market what is your opinion on kilo coin and its outlook for the future leave your thoughts on kilo coin KLC in the comments below thank you for watching crypto breaking news [Music]

Stratis in a Nutshell

strattice in a nutshell so I’ve been getting a lot of requests to talk about Stratus and it’s for a very good reason as well Stratus has gone into the top tens of cryptocurrencies and it’s growing at a massive massive rate today we’re going to talk about why it’s very interesting and the key features and innovations behind Stratus so first of all to under really understand why Enterprise would want to use something like Stratus or use the blockchain you want to watch my video to explain why big companies are interested in the blockchain one example I’m going to really cover today is something that it’s really big home to me which is potentially you can actually use blockchain technology as a huge database to keep in-game items I make video games and actually just found out that I could potentially use Stratus for that and this is going to be a case example of explaining why that’s so fast and cool and interesting for me and why this technology is really really novel so I’m just using my personal case example so first of all let’s explain a little bit of ultralight stratasys strategy is a very easy way to deploy up custom blockchain it’s essentially blockchain for dummies since actually database for dummies and what Don Stratos has over Bitcoin is is based on Bitcoin technology so it has to rely ability the scalability and the decentralization aspects of the coin so I can manage basically a huge database maybe of a lot of in-game items you know players love to play video games and they have you know weapons and stuff and these are all database entries your weapon that you’re holding is actually just in a number in a database an opinion is like players get very upset if they lose those items you know they work hard for them and with blockchain technology you can keep track of these items and can prevent duplications you can prevent people exploiting the system and you can do it for a very cheap price so even in that case example even for me I actually think blockchain technology could be applied for video games and strategy could be a possible solution and that goes on to explain the next point the thing is Bitcoin technology is based on the language C++ and that language is highly efficient but also it’s a little bit more complicated to program it you know when you’re making what stratus you’re actually using kind of a similar solution but using the language C sharp C sharp is a more modern language it has more overhead but it’s actually much easier to learn well for some people anyways I’m not going to go into a programming debate over this but there are some enterprises that prefer using c-sharp and one example of that is actually unity so I actually use we actually use unity a program called unity to develop our apps and unity is actually really really easy to learn you can over basically learn it over a week and just start programming video games and I use a c-sharp and there’s actually going to be Stratis integration into unity that’s mind blowing for me because unity is super cool and you can develop various apps for basically and various apps and games for Android iOS and other different systems with just one click again you switch your development into these things so that’s the beauty of a kind of this modern software development where it is so fast to learn and develop and what Stratos provides is that provides integration to do this it provides a framework for different companies who are interested in using blocking technology to do it relatively quickly if you have two different systems so if you think about currency and just tracking the strattice token that’s what people probably be interested in buying the strata is token the tracking slogan is maintained by the primary blockchain so that’s the whole purpose of that chain is to maintain the ins and outs of this currency well strategy’s always a lot also allows you to build a custom private blockchain for your own needs for example if I wanted to build my video game that tracks items with blockchain technology I can use it on a custom chain that all it does is it tracks in-game items you know the transfer of you know in-game gold a transfer of in-game weapons can all be tracked with Stratus so they can build a custom solution for me and you can actually just start applying for something like this on Stratis strategy it’s actually hosted with Microsoft so that’s kind of cool so they’re working with Microsoft to bring kind of this hosting solution so you can actually just really put it it’s a really a turnkey solution you know you kind of figure out what you need and you go to Microsoft you start the server and you’re good to go like that takes less than a week a few days to do a max and you can start deploying technology for it and this is a great way for different companies to start experimenting with blockchain technology and trying to figure out if they can apply it for their own purposes I mean there is going to be a huge debate you know and there’s different solutions that work for different for everyone for example you know with Bitcoin it’s in c-sharp it’s more efficient then maybe you want to go with the vlog stream solution which is integrating self slight change into and using that to do your private transactions that might be a good solution strategy is the c-sharp solution and bitcoin is the c++ solution any theory has a very similar thing that theorem the enterprise-d theorem lines the EEA is doing a very similar thing it’s trying to use the etherium technology for this the cool thing about Stratos is that its primary it’s very very focused down you know with aetherium there’s multiple smart contracts and there’s different ways applying that but with Stratos they’re very focused on kind of just delivering a very simple and easy to do solution for blockchain technology and that’s why there’s so much interest into it and the very cool thing is you know I was talking about you know primary chains and side chains you know going back to my analogy with the video game what I can do is I can start set up a special chain my private chain for my video game but they can also interact with the main strategy change and one of the reasons why is perhaps you want to buy in-game items or you want to trade in game currency for Stratos you know right now in game selling income items is actually quite hot right now and perhaps you can actually start doing that with the integration with the sidechain and the main chain and that’s where you’ll start you know using Stratos and that’s where strategy will get valuable maybe you can make a game that uses you know strategy as the currency for payment and that might just take you know what months to develop because they have all the plugins for unity already you know that’s that’s already being developed and they’re working on that and that’s the beauty of Stratis day they’re working on ways to integrate that for different companies and I feel that’s pretty cool so anyways if you guys have any questions or Stratus I covered it with quite a very detailed example and I thought that was the best approach to do it but if you guys have any points that you want to ask about Stratus and want me to explain more I will be glad to explain it and if I would love to read your comments below and as always I would like to thank you guys so much for watching my channel it’s been super have a super fun journey with you guys just learning about these different things and strategies was such a cool thing for me to experiment because you know I actually really wanted to apologize cause Travis and that’s the beauty of this so I will I would like to thank everyone for sharing this crypto journey with me I started nearly three months ago and it’s just been such a blast to share ideas and to talk to and with you guys so anyways guys thanks so much for watching remember to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this see you next time

BITCORE (BTX) e Bitcoin Blockchain – Conviene davvero?

allora ben ritrovati ragazzi oggi voglio parlare di bit core alla realtà non volevo parlare di backhaul mi è arrivata una grande inchiesta del tipo ma senti un po è mai sentito parlare di b core che cosa ne dici cosa ne pensi è una buona opportunità pagano il 3 per cento che ne dici è un buon investimento è una cripta moneta quindi emergente potrebbe essere il nuovo bitcoin allora andiamo ad analizzare quello che è e vi faccio sapere cosa ne pensi questa è la piattaforma ufficiale questa sito ufficiale bit cor punto cc e da qui abbiamo tutte le informazioni allora devo dire che innanzitutto la piattaforma è ben fatta un bel sito mi piace anche perché ci sono le specifiche abbiamo le informazioni e tutto ben spiegato come funziona il suo wall e tutto quanto però voglio andare un attimo ad analizzare quello che chiama in partendo dal fatto che pitt core adesso in questo preciso momento costa 6 dollari per token è quotato così sul coin market cap a una vita di qualche mese perché effettivamente è uscito a maggio pochi mesi di vita ancora e ad avuto dei picchi di crescita arrivato fino all 8 fino a 8 dollari per poi adesso assestarsi sui 6 ma andiamo a vedere quella che è l’analisi su quello che c’è scritto sulla piattaforma allora andrò analizzare punto per punto e quello che ne penso allora b col parla di air drop questa è la cosa che interessa più di tutti l’air drop il regalare token regalare soldi alla gente devo dire che come trovata di marketing è super smart perché stanno dando hanno dato e sta dando dei nomi a un qualcosa che hanno tantissime altre monete e loro lo vendono come una cosa fighissima una tecnologia che hanno tirato fuori loro allora primo punto air drop for bitcoin od in pratica ci dice che se abbiamo dei bitcoin facendo un claim utilizzando questo link qui quindi se si clicca qui il beat core clean service quindi inserendo l’indirizzo di un wallet dove abbiamo depositati alcuni bitcoin possiamo fare il claim otterremo l’equivalente in b con btx allora ho visto altri video parlare di questa cosa c’è chi dice che su questo indirizzo ma non va inserito l’indirizzo del wallet di bykov c’è chi dice che si otterrà l’equivalente in dollari in bit core no allora questo che come funziona in pratica è come quando si è fatti il claim per bitcoin cash c’è stato il fork quindi mi riallaccio un discorso dopo tra la blog scende bitcoin è nato beccò in cash a quel punto chiunque avesse avuto un quantitativo di bitcoin poteva fare il claim per ottenere l’equivalente in token quindi avevi un bitcoin otterrai anche un bitcoin cash in questo caso ai due bitcoin inserisci l’indirizzo outlet qui farà il claim per due bit core quindi perché dico che è una trovata di marketing perché tornando un attimo indietro avrà i bitcoin for free allora sapete quanto vale un bel coi nano bitcoin al momento vale 4.300 dollari quindi diciamo che ne avete uno facciamo che ne abbiamo uno a quel punto otterremo un décor se facciamo il claim e quindi otterremo 6 dollari questo è questa è la verità non so quanti di voi abbiano 10 bitcoin per ottenere 10 bit core perché 10 questo numero non a caso quindi questa è la prima trovata di marketing sembrare che vi regalano il key milioni gratis con questo è il drop è soltanto un claim in realtà si tratta di pochi dollari comunque ok sono sempre qualcosa gratis effettivamente sono un claim gratuito passiamo al secondo punto parla di che cos’è effettivamente bit corre descrive un po quella che è poi la block chain perché che cosa vuol dire che è tutto simile come descritto qui hanno seguito viene paragonato a bitcoin hanno praticamente effettuato una copia della block chain del bitcoin con la modifica di avere una avere seguito implementa già attiva sulla block chen comunque beccò innestato quella quella fase di attivazione che è avvenuta nel mese di luglio e che ha portato cambiamenti nel prezzo e molta insicurezza ma poi ha seguito il bitcoin serie preso perché effettivamente è andato tutto liscio la differenza vera è che abbiamo un blocco da 20 mega considerate che la grandezza del blocco del bitcoin è un mega byte allora che cosa per dirla in parole povere spiegare che cosa vuol dire la grandezza del blocco cercherà di farvi capire cosa serve e cos’è la blog scene di cosa sto parlando da bruxelles è come se fosse una catena di blocchi appunto block chain in cui all’interno di questi blocchi questi box si trovano una serie di transazioni ossia tutte le varie operazioni che vengono effettuate nella rete questi blocchi hanno una grandezza per riccò in sono una grandezza di un megabyte fino a prima dell’implementazione eseguit questo mega byte era diventato troppo poco perché le transazioni erano andate ad aumentare e i blocchi sempre si riempiono sempre più velocemente la risoluzione di questi blocchi e lenta ci vuole un quantitativo una potenza di calcolo che è quello che poi effettuano i miners quando si dice mining quello è il plus of work si lavora per casey venere munerati perché si risolvono questi blocchi alla risoluzione questi blocchi si viene si vanno a verificare le transazioni e si viene remunerati in un blocco da 20 megabyte come questo caso entrerebbero ed entrano molte più transazioni rispetto ad un blocco da un megabyte e che vuol dire che renderebbe la velocità delle transazioni e della tecnologia stessa molto più fluida e insomma arriverebbe ad avere problematiche di lentezza molto più tardi ma allora perché anche su coin non è stato fatto direttamente un blocco più grande perché farlo da un mega quando un blocco più grande porta dei vantaggi di questo genere questa è una discussione in atto ed è per questo che si creano dei fori sul bild coin e sulla blog shade bitcoin anche per questo motivo mascherato in realtà perché ci sono dei motivi dietro che sono quelli a base di interesse personali è nato bitcoin cash che detto anche essere ad esempio a una block cena da 8 mega otto volte tanto quella del bitcoin però attenzione non è tutto oro quel che luccica perché ci sono le persone contro l’aumento del blocco anche qui cercherò di essere molto veloce perché su questo in realtà è un discorso molto complesso di cui si potrebbe parlare veramente tanto la difficoltà nel mantenere il blocco più grande è legata alla sicurezza avete mai sentito parlare di attacco di s che vuol dire the night of service in pratica è un attacco causato letteralmente a qui su wikipedia ci dice letteralmente in italiano negazione del servizio in pratica si attacca un servizio web presidente su una macchina quindi su un server in modo tale che bloccando questo server il servizio non è più accessibile subìte coin noi abbiamo un servizio decentralizzato come sappiamo no in pratica ogni wallet che ha una block cena sincronizzata è considerato un nodo i nodi vanno a rendere un attacco di questo tipo ddos molto più difficile perché non c’è un unico punto di fallimento ma ognuno di noi coi nostri computer con i nostri wallet mantiene la block chain attiva mantiene la block chain in piedi e ne mantiene anche la sicurezza adesso però avete mai scaricato un nodo intero per coin avete mai notato quanto è grande quanto è lento sono gigabyte circa trenta aumentano di continuo potrei anche sbagliarmi sul numero in realtà perché è veramente tanto che non e scarico un intero per bitcoin se ne scaricate da zero sono parecchi gigabyte ed è lento nella sincronizzazione quindi se sia ad esempio wallet sul cellulare non si hanno in modo completo e sincronizzato si chiamano light wallet cioè versioni senza la blog cene senza la brooks era incompleta e che vuol dire che se non sia poi questa versione completa perché vuole troppo pesante vuol dire che i nodi veri diventano pochi più diminuiscono i nodi e più aumenta il rischio di attacchi di di dos a quel punto un blocco da 20 mega su una glock chen utilizzata contrattazioni continue come quella del bitcoin aumenterebbe si le prestazioni e l’efficienza ma allo stesso tempo aumenterebbe di tanto un rischio di attacchi dal punto di vista della sicurezza della dell’albero salto all’ultimo punto che è quello che mi dà più fastidio in realtà di questa schermata che dice questa è la seconda opportunità se hai mancato l’opportunità di partire con il picco e pochi centesimi adesso è la seconda chance vuoi prendere b corda sarà il nuovo bitcoin è come ripartire da zero è scappato quel treno adesso c’è un nuovo bitcoin che parte a pochi dollari lo prendi adesso è risolto tutto perché è fighissimo diventerà bitcoin allora qui ho le mie due punti principalmente se c’è bitcoin perché una copia che ancora non al mercato e non è utilizzato da nessuno con un marcato capitale piccolissimo dovrebbe diventare il nuovo perché dovrebbero riprendere il posto di una umanità che già affermate già conosciuta perché a 20 megabyte di blocco vi ho spiegato che c’è questo fattore della sicurezza se veramente crescesse a livello di utilizzo avrebbero troppo rischio dal punto di vista della sicurezza cioè se si blocca la rete poi è finita cioè se la block chain andis e un attacco dos venisse verificato sull’intera rete sarebbe la fine sarebbe la fine del servizio fine della moneta è un rischio concreto per chiudere un decentralizzato che diventa poco decentralizzato se è troppo pesante creare dei noti completi sono qui va bene questo aspetto molto tecnico molto completo molto complesso in ogni caso c’è poi vogliono spingere ancora su questo claim da pochi dollari e va bene vediamo questo discorso qui il relativo a questa marketing passiamo al punto che vi fa gola e che fa gola soprattutto a chi mi ha detto di fare un report su questa moneta a quello il 3 per cento settimanale allora loro dicono vi regaliamo il 3 per cento di quello che tenete sul wallet e lo chiamano ancora una volta ai brotto allora come vi ho detto il modo per ottenere dei token che siano di boyd bitcoin o altre monete è avrete sentito parlare il mining minare una moneta un token il mining vuol dire appunto proof of work la prova del lavoro che si è verificato quindi quei blocchi di cui parlavo prima a transazioni e si viene ripagati un altro modo invece per essere ripagati è quello di fare proof of state probabilmente se sera in questo mondo avrete già sentito parlare di staking lo stacking è un mantenere sempre la sincronizzazione della rete avendo quindi i nostri nodi i nostri wallet sincronizzati con all’interno i token che stiamo mantenendo di cui facciamo appunto holding per far questo visto che allo stesso modo stiamo mantenendo sincronizzata la rete decentralizzata alla blog se stessa veniamo remunerati con un proof of state quindi riceviamo parte dei token in percentuale che stiamo tenendo e lo fanno tantissime altre monete qui lo chiama air drop pare che si sono inventati regaliamo i soldi alla gente ma è così c’è il tuffo work o il prof state su tantissime altre per tavon prendiamo adesso un’altra piattaforma come e tiri che è al momento incluso work e si dice probabilmente passerà altro fortezza non lavorando per questa evoluzione quelli comunque non me fate fregare dal merchandising dal marketing di alcuni siti che promettono cose in ogni caso è vero ogni lunedì riceviamo il nostro 3 per cento che non è male per carità non è male cioè riceviamo il 3 per cento per ottenere una moneta che pensiamo magari possa anche aumentare di valore quindi prenderemo il nostro profitto dalla l’aumento del valore della moneta e in più aumenteremo i token stessi ogni lunedì solamente quel fatto che stiamo tenendo il nostro ruolo perfetto non ho nulla da ribadire a questo è comunque un opportunità che può essere considerata una buona una buona chance per fare qualche profitto quello però che dico io è che se veramente vogliamo investire siccome non abbiamo comunque è giusto differenziare lo dico sempre è giustissimo differenziare però siccome nessuno di noi ha una disponibilità di mettere una una cifra considerevole in ognuna di queste piattaforme bisogna comunque differenziare sì ma andare a puntare quelle che poi ci ripagano meglio o sbaglio quindi questa città il 3 per cento settimanale a noi vi prendo sapete fatto tanti video su i vari big connect i vari regal coin adesso sto facendo anche astra going di cui non so veramente non posso dire nulla perché ancora e nico quindi può essere qualsiasi cosa queste piattaforme qui a partire da b connect che ormai è un anno che va avanti pagano il 7 per cento di base settimanale il 7 per cento certo non sono sicuri perché è una media del 7 per cento in ogni caso è più del doppio è vero qui non stiamo bloccando i nostri token per 120 giorni minimo chiamo 2 candido che non abbiamo bloccati quindi possiamo anche prenderli e venderli ma non so se questa è una cosa positiva perché effettivamente se tutti possono prendere e vendere libertà è normale che si avranno delle vendite dopo che si aver preso lei troppo la mano loro o comunque la remunerazione del settimanale e si acquista poi dopo quindi si vende si riacquista quindi è una moneta principalmente speculativa con tutte le chiacchiere che si può avere non verrà mai utilizzata non sarà mai un tool che io dico sempre guardiamo il valore che c’è dietro punto che non potrà mai diventare un token che verrà utilizzato perché vuole essere un altro bitcoin palesemente vuole vuole prendere il posto del bitcoin ma è palese che non lotterà mai non potrà mai arrivare a quel punto perché sarebbe anche io parlo spesso di lecce ma allora possiamo paragonare una cosa del genere con un 10 e una struttura tecnologia come des non c’è proprio paragone no a parte che partono dopo sono qualche mese che sono uscite ma se prendiamo l’aspetto della si vabbè parli sempre di b connettono ma smb connect quello che quello che c’è dietro quello che quello che sono qui sapete qualcosa di più no non mi sembra di vedere troppe informazioni in più sono meno mesi che va avanti c’è un rischio maggiore che il token perda di valore completamente perché adesso puoi parlare dell’ultimo punto allora subic con bic con bitcoin talk c’è questo post che ha fatti l’attenzione di tanti andata scrollando a scrollare un po come possiamo leggere qui in basso e cosa dice abbiamo anche una speciale sorpresa avere i nostri big beat core holders per i nostri holders db core più fedeli il 30 di ottobre ognuno di essi riceverò sul wallet locale caricato con minimo di 10 btx perciò prima facevo l’esempio di dieci una special è la stessa cosa bisogna avere un minimo di 10 anche per ricevere il 3 per cento settimanale mi sono dimenticato di dirlo comunque una cosa importante da sapere riceverà una tantum una il drop dal 25 per cento invece del 3 per cento eccolo qua allora se questo è veramente vero se il 30 ottobre facciamo finta che noi abbiamo 100 vitkor il 30 ottobre cioè regalano 25 25 così gratis comprerò se questo è vero se verifico che questa notizia vera questo deve essere una fonte ufficiale per chi ha postato questo post quindi dovrebbero succedere a questo punto quel che farò io sarà prendere qualche bicolor a tenerli sì questo 3 per cento settimanale e poi il 30 ottobre prendo il 25 per cento e vendo tutto tutto tutto quello che ciò avendo perché un’altra operazione speculativa perché non prendete male quando dico così ma su monete del genere che non hanno futuro non vedo un futuro concreto un caso di utilizzo non verranno mai utilizzato questa neve qui è solo una corsa per quando finiranno bisogna approfittare da questo punto di vista qua è un’occasione per fare un altro profitto perché si prendono in questo 25 per cento gratis il giorno dopo si vede tutto e si spera comunque che ci sia almeno rientro ci si faccia qualcosa in più però capirete bene che il giorno dopo nessuno sorelle a comprare cioè questa moneta si vende su che povia che è un exchange dove avviene una compravendita tra privati quindi immaginate bene che il giorno dopo non è che solo io vendo vengono tutti e nessuno compra quindi il prezzo crolla c’è solo la domanda e offerta è sbilanciata ci sarà solo offerta domanda non ce ne sarà per niente e quindi il prezzo crollerà è solo una gara a chi riesce a vendere prima è palese e crolla e secondo me crolla tanto però andava tanto da magari far finire tutta la giochino quindi questa cosa del 25 per cento del 30 e sinceramente io non la capisco non capisco se probabilmente loro vogliono compare un marketing che altrimenti non potrebbe essere una parte perché questa è la notizia che fa interessare alla moneta perché poi per il resto penso che c’è qualcun altro spiegati i motivi che ho detto prima che possa prenderli comunque va bene questa è una mia idea è l’analisi che ho fatto io di questa moneta qui siccome avete chiesto in tanti oppure parlato troppo perché il video diventato anche lunghetto però non so contento perché ci ho messo dentro anche spiegazioni su quello che magari un fork in che cosa è la block chain come funziona la grandezza dei blocchi tra parentesi voglio concludere proprio come un informazione che cos’è la sec with all a sagre created with ness praticamente che cosa hanno fatto non erano sono riusciti a ottenere tramite veramente della una migliori a livello programmatico veramente complessa una segregazione delle firme perché in ogni transazione all’interno dei blocchi c’è la transazione stessa più una firma è questa queste due cose insieme all’interno del blocco andavano occupare uno spazio nel blocco stesso sono riusciti a separare la firma dalla transazione e mettere tutta la lista delle transazioni così che la risoluzione è lo spazio che occupa all’interno del blocco stesso è diventata più efficiente in pratica mantenendo lo stesso la stessa grandezza del blocco questo diventa comunque come se fosse più grande solo per un’efficienza nello spazio utilizzato è come se da un mega si sia passati automaticamente a 1 e 3 minimo semplicemente riorganizzando meglio lo spazio per farvi capire un po come quando si faceva la deframmentazione sul computer non so se avete mai fatto su vecchi sistemi windows dove si riorganizzavano i blocchetti in modo in modo tale da occupare meglio lo spazio sull’hard disk è un concetto simile in ogni caso tutti questi spunti sarei contento sembri andate a leggere magari poi in modo più dettagliato perché è pieno di documentazione certo parecchio in inglese però a me alla fine non è che ha insegnato niente nessuno solamente la mia passione che mi ha portato a leggere queste cose si sono informati che sono ingegnere informatico e quindi parto con una buona base però per il resto è disponibile a tutti sta online detto ciò vi ringrazio per l’attenzione e taglio il video perché troppo lungo e ci vediamo al prossimo aggiornamento per parlare di cripto monete e magari alla prossima opportunità ciao a tutti [Musica]

BITCORE BTX to TOP 50 SOON? More ICO i suggest to invest in

lo ladies and gents future millionaires welcome to my channel we’ll be discussing a bit of everything really let’s start off with Bitcoin 7 7 to 8 while Bitcoin cash is at 1 grand this is probably the size of your asshole if you’re Korean we’ve sold your Bitcoin for your Bitcoin cash sorry to put it so bluntly however me on the other hand I’ve sold my Bitcoin before years this is not financial advice obviously do your own research reason being is this let’s say that by the end of let’s say Bitcoin doubles it’s a 14 15 grand which is totally possible next few months on the other hand for my Bitcoin I go about 7,000 years roughly roughly speaking so 10 7000 and let’s multiply let’s say 1 yes in the next 3 months becomes $3 $3 crap how do you work this 21 grand so really and truly I believe in my humble opinion that I will make more money holding ears and it’s not as prone to volatility now as Bitcoin is I believe it still might go down a couple of grand before you shoots up past the 8,000 mark so sometime in the future I believe that I can buy my Bitcoin back and still have some years left over slightly risky but I’m willing to give her a go I know that I can’t go wrong with ears at this moment in time he was in his trading dollar 77 and if you’ve bought our 49 and 50 Cent’s like I have been doing for the past three months I’ve been I first I bought a doll Apache all the way down to 50 Cent’s and I ever bought some today and I’ll carry on vine until it becomes way too expensive talk about more of the platforms let’s have a look at Liske really expensive for me to buy ten dollars wait greedy I will not be buying this however if you’ve been holding it for time 2018 is gonna make you very happy talk about war of the platforms and I reckon when you hold platforms you’re holding aces in regards to our old coins is there really any point in my experience because I’ve been holding over 60 of them not really you go up you go down mainly you go sideways and you go nowhere fast I’ve cut down to about seven cryptos most of them are platforms in fact I can actually share them with you I hold ears I hold litecoin we’ll get to like on in a minute iota oMG and I on and I’m excluding the coins that I got from my eye cos and we’ll get to I cos as well and I also made me very happy lately up to 84 cents beautiful I will go into card I know in a couple of months at the moment or while they still doing their own thing nothing to show for it before any major news I will position myself because it’s a quality project however when it comes 2018 I do believe EOS is gonna enter the top 5 and if you still haven’t go opposition there you really need to get in cuz you’re gonna get your money back a hundredfold and ya do quote me on this prediction next year so yeah when it comes to old coins I get recommended by this by that no not doing it being there done that not happening there is no point hold a few coins but make sure the Asus Bitcoin litecoin out I don’t think Neil okay most neo will do in my opinion is maybe double okay let’s say triples by the end of next year right not good enough for me I rather spent the 28 bucks in get twenty years so let’s say if we get 20 years for one year let’s just calculate this how do I reset this one okay so 20 and I reckon and I do reckon that by first of June it will be worth at least $30 that’s me being very pessimistic equals $600 so either way like this is this is how I calculate I want to place my capital where it will grow hell of a lot more and generate a lot more profit than the way it is currently so i optimize my capital so is me i’m gonna go to 600 dollars by the end of next year I highly doubt it I highly doubt it is II was gonna go up to $30.00 way more believable to me definitely even though I think it I will actually go up to $100 and yes I know what you’re gonna say the market cap needs to be at least a hundred billion that of Bitcoin and I believe with yes it is achievable you don’t believe me for the past three months when I told you to buy this and you’re still skeptical but let’s see where this goes another one of my predictions and you’re gonna love this I made about three videos about this at some point I’ve sold the coin that I bought him back check this out thirty-five dollars last time I made a video about this it was at $7 30% up today I reckon this thing is just gonna carry on going up from being 12 million market cap number to around 200 it’s up to 42 million market cap I reckon this is definitely gonna hit the top 50 I don’t know about the top 20 top 50 coming soon so I’ve actually convert this thing grows faster than light coin and there’s a good reason behind I don’t know where I’ve actually placed the comparison you can watch my other videos so I’ve actually exchanged some of my light point for this why because I think this is gonna grow faster than light coin at some point in the future I’ll exchange some of my bit core for light quite hence doubling my profit once again optimisation of my capital that’s that currently participating in some I see oh oh yeah Bitcoin cash we’ll get to that as well sink fat now this is probably my 17th ICO or so sing guys I reckon it’s good stuff they have a pre-sale going on now 50% bonus jump in there do your own research obviously but this 200 I see what’s going on at this moment in time and anyone just so many there’s just so much noise this I believe is quality and I sent some money in there I believe that’s actually true value proposition in this I see Oh another one recommended to me and I always give the credit way to do Michael jihun is what was it called what point what coin I see oh no it’s not what coin I see oh ok these guys once again Chinese and Chinese have been coming up with some quality ideas when they are original pretty much wanting to do what Walton is doing but slightly differently on different level I won’t go into details the channels on YouTube they’re going to details I just filter out all the noise find things that work your attention to save you some time I give you a brief introduction and if you’re interested you can do your research from there on so I will be investing in here because yeah I believe it’s a good project and has potential for some nice returns ok I need to join the white list in regards to paying taxes in the UK then a little bit of research obviously if you’re gonna purchase house or any falada you’re gonna have to pay tax on it or this capital gains tax then apparently the HMRC which is the IRS equivalent in the UK they wanna treat any income that you get from crypto currencies as income tax so you’re gonna have to pay about 20% of all your profits which i think is fact that really but anyway so that’s let’s say you want to buy a house let’s say you made a million it took a million I’ll put in your account obviously you have to declare it if you don’t declare it in the UK apparently they can come to your house without warrant and take your belongings so either way they’re gonna know not that you want to hide it anyway however I do think that the tax levels are just ridiculous it’s basically evil extortion right so you’re gonna have to pay your income tax which is about 20% so that’s 200 grand gun then you’re gonna have to pay your capital gains tax which is 1 over 20% so out of the million you’ll have about 600 grand left let us sink in uh-huh which is why most of the wealthy people I actually use Cayman Islands Monaco you know them sort of tax havens and I believe that next day if you think you’re gonna have a significant amount of money you need to do your research as to how to go about your business you need to really wise up because you might have made your money but you can actually lose there very quickly you don’t take the appropriate steps and educate yourself at this moment in time I believe I am a total greenhorn and if I had a substantial amount of money right now before I would spend it I think I would seriously see a few professionals first not just one but a few opposing views and then base my decisions as to what to do with the capital on that rather than buying any liabilities or anything fancy like a Lambo now I would see what would be the legal way of doing things secondly how to safeguard my capital and pay the least tax as I can and still remain within the framework of law so that obviously they don’t check you in jail so it’s a very delicate matter when you get a substantial amount of money you need to be really wise and go about it in a way where you can actually maintain and keep that capital and perhaps even generate more make your money work for you so it’s a whole other level of education that I will be going into because at this moment in time having spoken to someone wealthy who runs his own company who’s been into cryptos for a long time speaking to him I felt I am absolutely dunce that’s the UK expression so from here on I will be educating myself obviously I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you guys as well last but not least half of the community is against Bitcoin cash are they retarded that would be included myself no perhaps we just been in a game long enough and we actually do our own research to know the difference between a Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin and why actually matters now if you are supporting with Bitcoin cash then this handsome fella has you by the ball sack this is G ha whoo one of the biggest Chinese mining farms bit Maine it’s very profitable in so many levels like I should do a video and actually going to the technicalities for you to buy Bitcoin cash its profitable for him to mine it’s about money control it’s nothing to do with fast transactions or any other crap or benefiting the community no one cares about benefiting you believe me the only pet person actually cares about benefiting you is you and me cuz I’m doing this other than that all these people they just want more control more power and more money that would be including Roger ver very disappointed to see Jeff Berwick jump on a bandwagon and what is a like McAfee as well I don’t know how much they go paid if they go paid however I will still I’ll still remain with my point of view stand on my point of view that Bitcoin cash is a Chinese copy and that’s what they do they’re just the copy stuff and Bitcoin cash is just a copy of the original not as good it’s just there to scare people and here we are we can see you know the proof is in the pudding proof is in the pudding psalteries I’ll leave at that thank you very much click the sub button we’ll be coming out with some more info soon

OmiseGo : Objectif 2000% de hausse en 2018 !

you les crypto c’est jonathan de la chaîne bloc aujourd’hui on va parler de home is égaux alors d’abord on veut voir que omis ségo c’est d’abord une entreprise qui s’appelle aux miss et ensuite on va s’intéresser à la technologie mems la technologie que propose aux miss ego qui est une technologie de cryptome onnaing tout simplement et on va voir que l’objectif de home is ego se rapproche de par exemple stellar lumens ça laissait partir on va voir ce que c’est aux miss ego avant de commencer avec les chiffres comme j’ai l’habitude de faire on va d’abord voir d’où vient aux miss ego parce que nos miss égaux ça vient d’une entreprise qui s’appelle aux miss et qui a été fondée en 2013 alors la société loomis et avait levé pas mal de fonds elle avait d’abord lever 300 mille dollars en six rounds puis elle avait commencé avec un premier fonds d’investissement de 2 millions de dollars puis en 2016 la société a enchaîné avec un fonds d’investissement de 18 millions de dollars alors c’était clairement ce qu’on appelle une rock-star de la fintec pourquoi la société home is et étant encensé et bien c’est parce qu’elle propose une solution d’intégration de moyens de paiement de systèmes de paiement dans un site internet ou une application mobile est de rendre l’intégration simple en réalité c’est la même chose que propose stripes si vous connaissez et bien aux miss et propose ce service là mais plutôt basé sur l’asie du sud est ces deux là où est originaire omis c’est d’ailleurs et maintenant on va s’intéresser à la technologie qu’ils proposent qui s’appelle omis ségo et qui s’alignent plutôt pas mal avec ce qu’ils ont déjà proposé au départ avec gomis et du coup on peut parler de dévolution de l’entreprise originel omis c’est ce qui est une très bonne chose à dire qu’ils gardent leurs compétences de base par rapport à ce qu’ils proposaient avant et le font évoluer vers un système lié à la crypto monnaie maintenant on va s’intéresser un peu au chiffre de omis ségo qui a le tykerb omg omis ces gosses et 15 15 $ par unité pour un market cap de 1 milliard cinq cent cinquante millions de dollars et 120 millions de jetons en circulation et un total de jetons est équivalent à 140 millions il faut savoir que les jetons en question ce sont des jetons géré par un contre intelligent sur était rome grâce à l’interface er ses vins qui est une interface plutôt courante pour lancer des as you et on va voir quand je vais parler de la techno j même omis ségo que cet aspect 2e rc 20,2 contre intelligent sur étaient roms c’est un point très important par rapport à cette technologie l’objectif de miss egos et d’apporter une plateforme des changes décentralisée crypto agnostique c’est-à-dire qu’elle permet d’échanger n’importe quel crypto pour en partie du moins sur le début pour l’asie du sud-est alors l’argument qu’ils exposent dans leurs différentes publications c’est que il y à 73 % de personnes des banques arisée sur l’asie du sud est sur tous les territoires de l’asie du sud est ce qui fait que il ya beaucoup de personnes qui sont en demande d’un système des changes efficace mais en dehors des banques parce que l’utilisation des banques dans ces endroits là est plutôt contraignant réalise pour conceptualiser la technologie au mi6 go à travailler avec joseph poule alors joseph poule peut-être ça vous parle pas comme ça et josef kunz et le mec qui est derrière line network il a coécrit avec la ds donc l’oeil network qui sera une technologie qui permet de faire des cadeaux de paiement bons qui permettront clairement d’accélérer les transactions avec différentes crypto monnaie et c’est également on en reviendra un peu après quelqu’un qui travaille avec en ce moment vitalic better in donc le créateur de et et rome sur le projet plasma et justement c’est assez en lien avec gomis égaux à ceux qui fait de joseph poule 1 ce qu’on appelle un advisor de home is ego et j’aimerais mettre un point par rapport à ça tout ce qui est bizarre pour les projets je vous conseille de vous méfier lorsque vous voyez la partie advisors sur les projets souvent les gens ils n’hésitent pas à mettre n’importe qui comme visor parce qu’ils ont juste échangé par mail par exemple et du coup il met des grandes têtes dans la liste des oeufs d’or bon pour le cadeau aux miss égaux ce sont vraiment des vrais advisor il ya vitalic doctrine et yann joseph kung dans la partie advisor mais là pour le coup ce sont vraiment des odeurs du projet omis ségo il est réellement soutenu par ses deux ces deux personnes là qui sont des personnes peut dire d’autorité parce que josef kunz est quand même lightning network c’est pas rien et vitalic de taryn c’est très clairement c’est pas rien non plus hein avant de commencer de parler de la technologie mems de home is ego je vais évoquer le point qui fait que omis ségo se rapproche plutôt pas mal de stellar lui même ce du moins dans actifs tels arles humaine s’occupe de mettre en place un système des changes décentralisée qui permet d’échanger différentes crypto monnaie est également la monnaie fiduciaire tout en transparence il compte fluidifier tout ce mécanisme là mais l’intégration proposés parmi ces go est nettement différente de celle de stellar lumens ce pour faire court stellar lui même utilise ce qui s’appelle un intermédiaire ou en anglais utilisent le terme gateway pour faire les transactions entre différentes crypto monnaie en l’occurrence taylor lui même utilise l’élu men’s les jetons lumens ce pour faire l’intermédiaire par exemple entre un échange de bitcoin contre de l’été rome par exemple est bien là ils vont utiliser du lui met pour le cadeau me ségo c’est complètement différent on va y revenir quand on va parler de la technologie mais il utilise pas du tout leurs jetons comme intermédiaire le seul intermédiaire entre guillemets est une block chaîne géré par romy ségo mais c’est quand même très différent alors dans un premier temps où miss ego c’est vraiment un projet pourrait theron dans un premier temps la structure de base de la blocs chaîne home is égaux alors qu’ils n’existent pas encore c’est sur la roadmap sam n’a pas été encore développer mais en tout cas le projet de la blocs chaîne home is ego car il y aura une blocs chaîne omis ségo c’est d’être sur la même structure que était rome en utilisant ce qu’on appelle la machine virtuelle de était rome afin de dialoguer directement avec les contres intelligente de la blocs chaîne était rome la blocs chaîne de home is ego je vais l’appeler omis ségo chain c’est comme ça qu’il appelle dans leurs différents documents à va servir à contrôler les différents fonds des portefeuilles qui sont basés sur homicide pour faire simple la bloque chaîne home is ego s’occupe de gérer les fonds et à le dialogue directement avec les contres intelligent sur la chaîne de terreur et à quoi ils serviront ces contrats concrètement ils serviront à faire de l’ échange de valeurs entre les différents jetons qu’il ya sur les contrats basés sur les contrats de était rome est directement les autres crypto monnaie que peut gérer du moins la plateforme homicide et à ce moment là on parle également de cache évidemment comme j’expliquais c’est comme stellar lumens ça permet également d’échanger par exemple du était rome avec du cash directement on voyait venir à la conclusion avec ce système de cache parce que c’est assez vague mine dorée la blocs chaîne home is ego chain sera basé sur de la preuve d’ enjeu donc profonde state ou le principe sera que les validateurs donc valideront les transactions et seront récompensés depuis une taxe mise dans la transaction tout simple le principe est qu un validateur plus il a de jetons omg plus on vote pèse lourd et donc plus récolte de taxe lorsqu’ils votent pour des transactions un point intéressant où ils sont un peu vague sur ce point là donc il y aura toutes les sources en descriptions pour aller un peu plus loin donc un point intéressant c’est que quand je parle de jetons omg et bien c’est un peu dur de dire si je parle des jetons qu’il y a depuis leur haïti au qui je le rappelle était lancé sur un contre intelligent sur était rome 1 contre intelligent de type 1 er ses vins mais il pourra exister également des jetons sur la blocs chaîne même omis ségo chain mais ils on parle pas trop du coup je ne sais pas trop ce qu’ils feront si il ya des jeux tôt sur miss ego chain et à mon avis en aura normalement mais voilà là c’est pas clair de ce côté là pour l’instant ce qu’ils disent et là ils sont un peu plus clair quand même c’est que les jetons que les validateurs auront ce seront les jetons qui viennent bel et bien du contrat de la ici ou en fait donc des jetons omg qu’on voit en ce moment même sur le marché alors tout ça c’est bien beau pour l’instant je n’ai parlé que de étaient roms comme j’ai dit aux miss ego prétend être crypto agnostique c’est à dire qu’il permet de gérer n’importe quel crypte aumône pour pouvoir travailler avec bitcoin et les crypto monnaie similaire à bitcoin je pense à l’iphone par exemple et bien du coup il ya deux manières de gérer les choses il ya une partie où il ya les choses sont gérées via hétéro mais là ça marche très bien parce que omis ségo est basé sur était rome est fait pour bien fonctionner avec hétéro mais il ya l’autre partie où c’est géré avec du lightning network pour retravailler bitcoin ou similaire à bydgoszcz alors voilà ça c’était la technologie coeur de home is égaux maintenant on va voir ce qui gravite autour et c’est vraiment le plus important en fait c’est vraiment ce qui transparaîtra du projet concret de omis ségo est l’une des premières choses qui est mise en avant c’est le kit de développement de home is ego un kit de développement c’est aussi abrégée par sdk c’est quelque chose de connu dans le développement c’est là qu’ils vont continuer un peu sur la route qu’il avait déjà emprunté avec à la base aux miss est pour rappel il proposait un système pour intégrer des moyens de paiement sur un site ou une application facilement de la même manière que stripe par exemple est bien avec comme illégaux ils veulent faire la même chose pour la crise monet le kit de développement ce sera la chose qui sera mise à disposition aux intégrateurs de la solution home is ego ce qui veut dire c’est que omis ségo est une solution intégrable dans des applications dans des sites web c’est une solution applicable partout et enfin évidemment au mit s’est gaussé également des projets annexes où il détaille pas trop par rapport à leurs maps sur ces points là mais a priori c’est sur leur roadmap c’est de faire une plateforme des changes décentraliser ce qu’on appelle une d’aix donc ça c’est par exemple stellar lumens ce également font leurs decks base et bah du coup sûr les lumineux à tous les coups ils vont faire la même chose basé sur les crypto monnaie commis ces go permet de manipuler et enfin malgré que il propose un sdk évidemment c’est un kit de développement ils vont également l’utiliser pour eux-mêmes fournir un service de portefeuille simple comme on le connaît tous un donc un portefeuille qui se présenteraient un peu du style multi wallet qui permettra d’échanger plein de choses tout en transparence grâce à la système de la blocs chaîne de home is a good chez avant de passer à la conclusion il ya un point que j’aimerais soulever kenny un inconvénient ni un avantage c’est le fait qu’ils ne sont pas très précis sur la manière dont ils vont gérer s’appelle le cash in cash alors le cash in c’est le fait de mettre de l’argent sur la plateforme omis ségo et le cash out c’est le fait de transférer transformé par exemple des bitcoin ans de l’argent réel en des caches parce que pour rappel leur objectif c’est de couvrir les 73 % de personnes des banques arisée c’est à dire que ces personnes pour aujourd’hui pour gérer le cash à utilisent des systèmes un peu annexes en fait qu’il ne demande pas d’avoir un compte en banque je vais prendre un exemple qui existent actuellement c’est le système octopus qui je crois est à hong kong c’est comme une carte dans laquelle j’ai un gect de la valeur grâce à du cash et du coup on me ségo ne disent pas comment ils vont gérer tout ce principe là clairement à mon avis il faudrait qu’ils collaborent de près avec les banques est forcément pour que les banques acceptent de collaborer il faut qu’il y ait un intérêt pour cette dernière l’équipe omis ségo arts du monde qu’ elles vont forcément collaborer parce que eux ils vont proposer un système pour faire de l’ échange de monnaie entre différentes banques parce que l’asie du sud est ces différents pays 1 c’est le vietnam c’est la thaïlande par exemple du coup miss ego pourrait proposer un service de pouvoir faire des échanges de mots n’est assez rapide et sûrement peu coûteux alors ça c’est qu’une supposition c’est ce que moi je pense après mes différentes recherches donc rien n’est clair sur ce point là et c’est quelque chose à surveiller voir si il détaille un peu plus lors des marches à ce niveau là en conclusion omis ségo c’est une solution qui travaillent de corps avec le terreau homme qui permet d’échanger plein d’autres crypto monnaie en toute transparence est également qui permet de transférer en cash et d’injecter du cash également pour les personnes qui ne possèdent pas de compte en banque alors ces avantages maintenant c’est que c’est un marché à fort potentiel comme j’ai dit ces 73 % de personnes des banques à reese et je sais pas sur quelle quantité de personnes ça réunit de gens que ça réunit mais c’est toute l’asie du sud est donc on peut supposer assez facilement que c’est beaucoup de monde donc c’est 73% de personnes des banques arisée qui auraient besoin d’une telle solution permettrait de bénéficier d’un service aussi efficace que la banque en termes de transactions monétaires par exemple lorsqu’on paye quelque chose avec une carte bleue c’est très rapide voilà ça permette de bénéficier d’un tel service sans avoir de compte en banque et donc sans avoir à subir les contraintes de la création d’un compte en banque parce que c’est un peu différent que ici en europe 1 un autre point fort et là c’est plutôt sur l’aspect technologique et surtout de la delà du coeur de gomis ego c’est le fait d’avoir comme advisors vitalic better in et joseph poule comme je les dis qu’ils sont vraiment des personnes compétentes réellement compétentes et surtout pas le fait que omis ségo travail de corps avec était rome le fait d’être avec un peu le boss entre guillemets un vitalic de taurine qui est le créateur de étaient roms c’est un réel avantage or la raison on la connaît un peu hein pourquoi vitalic boutorine et advisor de omis ségo c’est parce qu’on me ségo c’est quelque chose qui va exploiter un maximum le projet plasma alors je mettrais source en descriptions parce que c’est pas le but d’expliquer c’est quoi le projet plasma mais c’est quelque chose qui va largement aidé du moins aux miss égaux à fonctionner comme ils l’entendent donc clairement omis ségo c’est un peu ce qui va propulser le projet plasma s’il fonctionne comme attendu du côté des inconvénients moi ce qui m’inquiète c’est par rapport à aux projets plasma parce qu’en réalité lorsqu’on s’intéresse en profondeur au papier blanc je n’ai pas tant évoqué que ça parce que ça aurait été très dur de simplifier cette chose là mais en tout cas où miss ego dépendra beaucoup du fonctionnement de plasma qui est un projet en développement ce moment par vitalic bathory né joseph poon mais si ce projet ne marche pas comme attendu a omis ségo ça risque d’être compromis en partie alors du coup là c’est un vrai souci est le fait d’investir sur mais ces gosses et parier sur le fonctionnement de plasma moi en mon avis il est plutôt cohérent de parier sur la réussite de plasma puisqu’on a deux personnes qui savent ce qu’elles font un autre inconvénient qui pour moi pour investir je trouve ça assez embêtant c’est qu’ils sont pas claires sur la gestion des jetons pour l’instant il parle que du jeton géré par le contrat intelligent 1er ses vins donc like you comme je le disais en ce moment c’est le token omg qu’on voit sur le marché donc ça c’est ce qui vient du contrat intelligent 1er ses vins mais qu’est ce qui va se passer lorsque il y aura une block chaîne home is égaux là ils sont pas très claires sur ce côté là est clairement dans tous les documents ils sont un peu vague je pense volette volontairement parce qu’ils n’ont pas vraiment étudié ce qui ferait avec ça pour l’instant à priori vont pas à gérer de jetons au sein de la blocs scène omis ségo chain ils vont continuer de travailler avec les jetons du contrat intelligent et un troisième et dernier on va dire un doute c’est le atomique swaps alors si vous connaissez atom il soit fait quelque chose qui permet de faire la transition entre différentes crypto monnaie sans passer par une autre blog chaîne ou quoi que ce soit par exemple de faire de transférer du btc vers du ltc sans passer par un intermédiaire a priori aux miss ego se défend pas très bien dans quoi omis ségo propose quelque chose de mieux qu atomic soir du coup là on a un peu sur un questionnement en fait faudrait faire une étude en profondeur sur pourquoi omis ségo serait mieux qu’à taux midswaps houle inverse et là on entre dans un jeu assez difficile à bien analyser un mesure où miss ego n’est pas encore fait et dans la mesure où atomique swap n’est pas encore fait non plus voilà j’espère avoir bien résumé omis ségo c’est assez compliqué de résumer cette technologie puisqu’elle est assez complexe il ya beaucoup de choses à évoquer que je n’ai pas vraiment évolué au long de cette vidéo mais j’espère que ça peut aider à 2 une idée si c’est un bon investissement ou en investissement plutôt moyen en tout cas pour l’heure je vous invite à mettre un petit lac à vous abonner à la chaîne crypto analystes y vit à faire un tour sur le site cryptanalyse tv si vous vous intéressez au trading et des formations sur le trading et vous y trouverez également un abonnement à wolof kraken qui consiste en à chanel privé ou un trader professionnel fait des appels sur quoi investir quand investir et pour combien de temps à qu’elles veulent c’est très intéressant vous trouverez une vidéo qui s’appelle we love kraken enfin un tuto sur wolof kraken pour saisir un peu ce que c’est si vous vous intéressez au training et surtout si vous débutez au trading et vous trouverez également en descriptions un lien vers ma chaîne youtube où je parle plus en détails de la technologie de la crypto monnaie un typique monte était jonathan de la chaîne bloc je vous dis à bientôt


hello everyone this is a cryptic wine investor today we are going to talk about a Mesa go this is one of the most popular coins in terms of market cap it ranks number thirteen right now and I think it is time to revisit this very kind so this kind took a lot a lot of beating in the recent Bitcoin crash but it is solid rising up so for those who don’t know what always a go is and what problems the only second trying to solve let me give an example interoperability between the closed systems you know think about people visa all you pay you know the 10x cars and the V which had you know if you use Ali pay and you want to let’s say asset payments through PayPal can you make a transaction now you can’t but what about if you have something that connects all of these and you know it lets you do that that is what the only cycle is trying to do here right now it is based on the material but very soon it will have its own blockchain and it will have its own identity I would say so army cycle creates a blockchain platform that allows the exchanges between these closed systems you know like PayPal Visa Ali pay to communicate and talk to each other without any of them actually having to use the owe me Sega wallet you owe me say GU ICO was very successful in fact they were easily able to you know raise more than hundred million dollars in their I CL the project is only part of an existing thing successful FinTech company or me say that was fallen in 2013 in Japan Singapore and Indonesia and you know it’s a big company it is doing millions of transactions every day so it’s not trying to be a direct competitor to something like 10x which I already love the next makes the currency is spendable by giving you a plastic card that you can use in any country only sago is not a direct competition to the 10x it rather provides a means for them to overcome the limitations of their closed platform you know in addition it provides a mean for the only single users to pay with any digital assets that they would like to use you know for instance you can make a payment using Bitcoin err mild or your own country’s fiat currency to buy you know groceries or shop abroad so the only Sega is backed by a lot of big investors including the SBA investment and SMBC it’s also backed by wide leap uterine who is actually seen promoting the Yummie Seco brand he wears their t-shirts at major conferences and whatnot so he is the main guy why so many people are interested in purchasing the ami sega token another reason why I think the ami say was allowed me to go is the fact that in 2018 quarter 2 there are there publicly going to make their proof of chain public blockchain available so you will be able to stock your own me sago tokens or coin and you’ll be able to get some free moments ago coins which you can either exchange for a Bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrencies are interested in or you can just keep the extra coins in your wallet either way it’s a win-win situation for the end user the private bit of it will go into testing phase later this year the vault SDK will be released in the quarter 1 of 2018 so now let’s talk about the price shall we so the price right now is around 100,000 Satoshi’s and it has not been like this in fact it is 50% of what it used to be couple of weeks back so it’s at-at – it’s almost minimum and it was at nearly 30,000 – doji level and then something happened the bitcoin is started increasing and it grows to sound if I had a level and then it cries so Bitcoin is chiefly responsible for the crash all the coins are having this thing but obviously it was one of those few coins that are recovering at the fastest rate and the reason why you should invest you know me second is it’s still a very young coin it is just few months old it was launched back in June and it is just getting started it went from just 50 cents to six dollars and I’m pretty sure it is not even achieved one tenth of his potential and given that it’s marker supplies quite Micra is almost same as the theory am I think I easily see this as a hundred dollar client so you ought to have some own seconds in your portfolio if you want a portfolio to grow so I hope you found this video useful give us the light and make sure to subscribe for more cryptocurrency Anais your news bye bye

Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Ardor (ARDR)

hello I hope you’re doing very well today this is crypto coins and in this episode of undervalued coin series I’m going to look at our door which is blockchain as a service so order will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of next which is other blockchain that was before other for the use of something called child chains I was created by next chord left team elder tokens were released in October 2016 now next already had some problems and still has running on it including other foil or dark roofs and roll SP others so that alone proves that the system you know can be used and it’s not just all etherium now our door is actually aimed at businesses organizations or even independent project and is taking the technology of next more mainstream and easier to use for the usage of child chains are going to provide a variety of features to make it easier to launch their own blockchain based project so the more so the main purpose of it is you know to for people to take the block teen mainstream for the child chains there are several unique features that will allow people to do that the most important being easy setup class from white training trading of assets monetary system we are either natan native tokens and others is needed cloud storage secure messaging the centralized voting additional plugins that allow you to customize the functionality of the blockchain conditional as well as unconditional transactions or others marketplace for both digital and physical islands so pretty much anything you would need from a blockchain is going to be provided already through our door which is great others actually already tested running so we can test those features if you want now in terms of the tokens there is almost billion of them available and the number will not change you can exchanger for next tokens if you need to other available on major Western and Eastern exchanges with most volume on bt c-38 then the major exchanges after BTC are Paulo Beatrix in 1981 now the reason why you want to hold under tokens is the fact that you will collect the fees that’s going to be used by the child’s chains so the price obviously changes quickly but at the time of making this video is about 11 cents was the market cap of about eleven hundred million and the market capitalization rank is 1440 place it was actually recently hit quite badly for the market crash as you can see the price probably as always has been in a very long time so if you want to invest now it’s probably a good moment actually do so now in terms of the team first of all um it’s being run by a non-profit next foundation that’s based in Netherlands now the actual intellectual property of next another is being kept by a company called jazz a reader BV I think I pronounced that correctly and they basically aim to explore commercial opportunities for those platforms there is a busy team and busy development team has many years of experience through developing through the development of next and there is also a very busy community behind the project so you know they share the websites to each of the projects and Twitter addresses for each of the projects so what are the first of all is aiming to be easy and user-friendly alternative of aetherium since I already have plenty of features incorporated into it developers if they want to can just focus on adjusting the child chain to fit their needs I think a very good analogy that I found was basically building website from scratch which would be etherium versus using something like WordPress and that’s basically either they they provide templates for you to build your own blockchain and then you can simply adjust the blockchain to fit your needs so that should allow people with good ideas and good marketing skills to create Buddhism products even if they lack that technical knowledge that you would otherwise need it’s already backed by popularity and community of next as well which is very important now the change child changed usage also means that any issues that affect maintain shouldn’t affect the child change so I think a good example is the valve Fiasco and the fact that a seeing fork to assume classic as an example so that shouldn’t happen with other because that probably would happen on child change instead of the main shape and in terms of alternatives is going to compete directly obviously of all the other smart contract platforms and a serum is being the main competitor in that sense however the child change technology as I know is unique so you know it will have that unique kind of niche position in the blockchain 2.0 space based on that did you have a very busy development client how you can you can I’m going to put a link in the description actually so the Ignace I SEOs actually gonna take place in a few days and also going to launch several technologies in the upcoming weeks as well as implement something called acid control now at the end of 2017 they’re going to have the launch of the mainland which I think you’re going to skyrocket the price as well as they’re going to migrate on the outer balances from an Xbox chain to the outdoor asset blockchain so that’s quite important as well I guess I don’t really like doing prediction um predictions in terms of the price but there is plenty of ongoing development connected with other and you know the main ones that could actually spark the price are first of all the main is launch then the big migration of the other asset bounces from the next block chain to the other blockchain Ignace chang um launch as well as other child chain launches as well so it’s coming around on 1440 but I think it could easy and the top 20 and compete with the likes of pitchers neo or ways so let’s compare it to bitch first for example which is basically yo the market cup of bitch shapes is three times as much as our dough so if other was about to reach that account that mean the price would increase from eleven cents to thirty three cents and I think they’re definitely achievable with the launch of the main net so why is it unvalued so first of all it can become the mainstream and easy-to-use blogging platform are the actual usage of child chains is a unique technology and it’s gonna attract users that do not want to risk Forks like happened with a cerium antiserum graphic it’s still at a very early phase of development and there are several milestones that should spike the price including the mainly release as where the child chain releases a team is already experienced for the development of next and you know based on next there is also the very busy community behind it and that community is definitely gonna move to our door some of the things to keep in mind so first of all locking 2.0 is already dominated by a Syrian and it’s also getting crowded with other platforms so that’s gonna make it more difficult for outdoor we’re going to go through it’s still a very early stage of development so it’s going to be a very long time before there are several child chains that you know and that should spike the price but it’s going to be a while before that happens and as with all the out coins currently seems to be very connected to bid Congrats so if Bitcoin goes down algorithm and go down as well so there you have it I hope you found that video useful if you have any questions about outdoor leave a comment below you can follow me on steam it on Twitter and subscribe for more videos I hope you have a great day Cheers

Bitcoin Gold Demystified (Fork Date, Exchange Support, Premine)

what’s up everyone my name is Michael and welcome to box mining today I want to demystify Bitcoin code because there’s a lot of confusion surrounding this project its ideas its pre mine and how to even claim this so I do want to talk about how it’s gonna fork then I’m gonna talk about how to claim your Bitcoin gold and then we’ll talk about the controversy surrounding Bitcoin gold as well and I want to talk about my views on this project lastly so let’s start off with the concept behind Bitcoin gold they want to change the mining algorithm for Bitcoin from sha-256 which is you know as like friendly to equi hash which is GPU friendly so the difference with that is that GPUs are everywhere their graphics processors we all possess them and as they are hard custom hardware the thing with as exists that right now there’s a few big manufacturers of Isaac and the people who want to mine have contracts with them so they can get them for cheap which means that Bitcoin eventually gets a little bit more centralized as the key people the big miners get more control over it the thing with Bitcoin scold is that it’s trying to use the same Bitcoin but decentralize it a little bit more with the GPU mining and it won’t be compatible with a zigg mining so that’s kind of the core difference between Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin the thing is because they want to make this abrupt sudden change they have to do it with something called a hard fork because the regular Bitcoin network will not support this change because the consensus rules has been decided by servers already so that’s why you can try to do a hard fork and they’re gonna cause and create a new coin called Bitcoin gold tada and the name so what’s gonna happen here is a new coin will be created and if you possess any Bitcoin prior to the split that is at 490 1407 then you’re gonna have both Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold the thing is you do have to have possession off those bitcoins so you can put it in say maybe an exit wallet or your ledger s wallet or a paper wallet any of these walls would mean that you have full possession over your Bitcoin and you can eventually claim your Bitcoin go through various processes that I’ll discuss later once the coin is launched but if you have your Bitcoin in an exchange you’re at the mercy of the exchange so some exchanges for example Beatrix has issued a statement that they will be giving you your Bitcoin gold but the fork date is a little bit earlier so they’re gonna take a snapshot a little bit earlier to the actual Bitcoin gold fork date so that’s just because they want to make sure this baton is secure and I’m gonna freeze withdrawals etc there’s also a bit flier which will accept and give you Bitcoin gold as well so it really depends on exchange there are exchanges that completely do not want to give you bitcoin gold because they don’t want to cause the confusion between Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold so it really depends and after the fork it’s gonna be a little bit more clear what’s gonna happen but if you really want to have ultimate control over your bitcoins then of course you might want to move it into your own wallet that’s it if you’re moving it to your own wallet you are responsible for the wall safety so make sure you know what you’re doing so Bitcoin Forks and everyone gets Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold right everyone’s happy because now we created more value well that’s not the full story because there’s a little bit more to that the project has gone through a few iterations they started off with an ICO they wanted to raise money for our project and make a little bit of money on their sides for themselves and then it realized probably that didn’t work very well because it wasn’t very interesting then they have something called a pre mine which is definitely gonna happen so what is a pre miner what’s gonna happen with the Bitcoin gold pre mine well what’s gonna happen is after the fourth block they’re gonna mine it for themselves for 8,000 blocks so they will not allow any put one in from public to mine it they will only allow exclusive developers only to mine this Bitcoin gold so that’s for 8,000 blocks and with each block giving 12.5 Bitcoin goes that means they’re gonna have a hundred thousand Bitcoin goats add their own disposal in their own accounts to spend however way they want so they want to use this to fund this project in the future they have you know put up these sort of expenses to try to explain how they’re gonna spend that pre mine go cryptocurrency but you do have to trust them for that and that that’s the issue and that’s what’s driving a lot of controversy around the project because the project has gone through so many iterations that the developers have lost a little bit of trust with the community and because there’s so much bickering go out there that they possess it might potentially crash the market if they try to offload it all at once so just by a rough estimate if a Bitcoin goat is worth a hundred dollars which is around a 1/3 of the price of Bitcoin cash then that means the developers will have 10 million dollars worth of Bitcoin go to spend at their own disposal which I’m actually quite jealous of I think you know they came up with one simple idea and managed to make quite a lot of money and that’s quite a lot of lamb bowls for everybody there have been attempts to remove the pre mind but I think this is gonna be very difficult because the developers can change the code their own code at any moment before the fork and if they’re mining privately that means you can’t really contribute anyway so it’s pretty much developer exclusive and part of the package now let’s talk a little bit about exchanges because exchanges have issued statements about this so for example Petric said that they will issue our Bitcoin code to anyone who possess and hold Bitcoin on their exchange so they will close off the date a little bit earlier than the actual fork date that’s probably because they want to make sure everything goes on well but they’re gonna give you Bitcoin going on a one-to-one basis other exchanges such as Biff flyer are announcing something very similar as well but not all exchangers are doing this I think it depends on the exchange so if you have a cryptocurrency in an exchange we definitely want to see and ask them what’s gonna happen with the Bitcoin gold Fork so what do I think about Bitcoin gold well I personally think that it’s gonna open the floodgates to even more Bitcoin force in the future Bitcoin cash opened the floodgates they made it a successful case where Bitcoin was forked and the fork stayed alive afterwards and it has value so now if this is successful that means anyone arbitrarily can Ford the network and if they can generate enough media attention then it’s gonna have value and honestly if we keep forking Bitcoin it’s gonna feel like printing money it’s gonna be like bitcoins getting diluted more and more and it’s gonna cost more user confusion in the future so it’s bad for the overall network whilst it might be good for people individual people to gain a little bit of extra Bitcoin gold or a Bitcoin platinum or a big point mobile it does mean that in the future there’s gonna be a lot of confusion when people enter the space and see 50 coins out there and they don’t know which one to buy so it’s gonna be interesting see what’s gonna happen I don’t really support this movement this move because I don’t think that decentralization should be done in this fashion and if you want to have other currencies that are you know more decentralized just like aetherium don’t why not just go for aetherium I don’t see why we need to change Bitcoin and combine that with equi hash there’s also other mining algorithms out there there’s also other coins that use equi hash the miners should be pretty happy at the current state there’s also zee cash that uses echo hash music coin and everything else so having this there yes it’s good for miners yes I am a miner but I honestly don’t think this is good for the ecosystem overall so what do you guys think about the Bitcoin gold Harford is clarify this up do you trust the developers as well because all these statements are issued from the developers side and the thing is we do have to trust them in order to believe this because they might just completely change the code at last minute change the pre mind block numbers and they might be like doubling or tripling the amount they can pre mine it’s just that easy because they have full control of the network during that time so do you trust them so I’d love to hear your comments below and what you think of this whole situation thank you guys so much for watching remember to subscribe to this video and click the notification valve to be updated on the latest discussions and videos on this topic thank you guys so much for watching see you next time