Bitcoin Gold Demystified (Fork Date, Exchange Support, Premine)

what’s up everyone my name is Michael and welcome to box mining today I want to demystify Bitcoin code because there’s a lot of confusion surrounding this project its ideas its pre mine and how to even claim this so I do want to talk about how it’s gonna fork then I’m gonna talk about how to claim your Bitcoin gold and then we’ll talk about the controversy surrounding Bitcoin gold as well and I want to talk about my views on this project lastly so let’s start off with the concept behind Bitcoin gold they want to change the mining algorithm for Bitcoin from sha-256 which is you know as like friendly to equi hash which is GPU friendly so the difference with that is that GPUs are everywhere their graphics processors we all possess them and as they are hard custom hardware the thing with as exists that right now there’s a few big manufacturers of Isaac and the people who want to mine have contracts with them so they can get them for cheap which means that Bitcoin eventually gets a little bit more centralized as the key people the big miners get more control over it the thing with Bitcoin scold is that it’s trying to use the same Bitcoin but decentralize it a little bit more with the GPU mining and it won’t be compatible with a zigg mining so that’s kind of the core difference between Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin the thing is because they want to make this abrupt sudden change they have to do it with something called a hard fork because the regular Bitcoin network will not support this change because the consensus rules has been decided by servers already so that’s why you can try to do a hard fork and they’re gonna cause and create a new coin called Bitcoin gold tada and the name so what’s gonna happen here is a new coin will be created and if you possess any Bitcoin prior to the split that is at 490 1407 then you’re gonna have both Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold the thing is you do have to have possession off those bitcoins so you can put it in say maybe an exit wallet or your ledger s wallet or a paper wallet any of these walls would mean that you have full possession over your Bitcoin and you can eventually claim your Bitcoin go through various processes that I’ll discuss later once the coin is launched but if you have your Bitcoin in an exchange you’re at the mercy of the exchange so some exchanges for example Beatrix has issued a statement that they will be giving you your Bitcoin gold but the fork date is a little bit earlier so they’re gonna take a snapshot a little bit earlier to the actual Bitcoin gold fork date so that’s just because they want to make sure this baton is secure and I’m gonna freeze withdrawals etc there’s also a bit flier which will accept and give you Bitcoin gold as well so it really depends on exchange there are exchanges that completely do not want to give you bitcoin gold because they don’t want to cause the confusion between Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold so it really depends and after the fork it’s gonna be a little bit more clear what’s gonna happen but if you really want to have ultimate control over your bitcoins then of course you might want to move it into your own wallet that’s it if you’re moving it to your own wallet you are responsible for the wall safety so make sure you know what you’re doing so Bitcoin Forks and everyone gets Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold right everyone’s happy because now we created more value well that’s not the full story because there’s a little bit more to that the project has gone through a few iterations they started off with an ICO they wanted to raise money for our project and make a little bit of money on their sides for themselves and then it realized probably that didn’t work very well because it wasn’t very interesting then they have something called a pre mine which is definitely gonna happen so what is a pre miner what’s gonna happen with the Bitcoin gold pre mine well what’s gonna happen is after the fourth block they’re gonna mine it for themselves for 8,000 blocks so they will not allow any put one in from public to mine it they will only allow exclusive developers only to mine this Bitcoin gold so that’s for 8,000 blocks and with each block giving 12.5 Bitcoin goes that means they’re gonna have a hundred thousand Bitcoin goats add their own disposal in their own accounts to spend however way they want so they want to use this to fund this project in the future they have you know put up these sort of expenses to try to explain how they’re gonna spend that pre mine go cryptocurrency but you do have to trust them for that and that that’s the issue and that’s what’s driving a lot of controversy around the project because the project has gone through so many iterations that the developers have lost a little bit of trust with the community and because there’s so much bickering go out there that they possess it might potentially crash the market if they try to offload it all at once so just by a rough estimate if a Bitcoin goat is worth a hundred dollars which is around a 1/3 of the price of Bitcoin cash then that means the developers will have 10 million dollars worth of Bitcoin go to spend at their own disposal which I’m actually quite jealous of I think you know they came up with one simple idea and managed to make quite a lot of money and that’s quite a lot of lamb bowls for everybody there have been attempts to remove the pre mind but I think this is gonna be very difficult because the developers can change the code their own code at any moment before the fork and if they’re mining privately that means you can’t really contribute anyway so it’s pretty much developer exclusive and part of the package now let’s talk a little bit about exchanges because exchanges have issued statements about this so for example Petric said that they will issue our Bitcoin code to anyone who possess and hold Bitcoin on their exchange so they will close off the date a little bit earlier than the actual fork date that’s probably because they want to make sure everything goes on well but they’re gonna give you Bitcoin going on a one-to-one basis other exchanges such as Biff flyer are announcing something very similar as well but not all exchangers are doing this I think it depends on the exchange so if you have a cryptocurrency in an exchange we definitely want to see and ask them what’s gonna happen with the Bitcoin gold Fork so what do I think about Bitcoin gold well I personally think that it’s gonna open the floodgates to even more Bitcoin force in the future Bitcoin cash opened the floodgates they made it a successful case where Bitcoin was forked and the fork stayed alive afterwards and it has value so now if this is successful that means anyone arbitrarily can Ford the network and if they can generate enough media attention then it’s gonna have value and honestly if we keep forking Bitcoin it’s gonna feel like printing money it’s gonna be like bitcoins getting diluted more and more and it’s gonna cost more user confusion in the future so it’s bad for the overall network whilst it might be good for people individual people to gain a little bit of extra Bitcoin gold or a Bitcoin platinum or a big point mobile it does mean that in the future there’s gonna be a lot of confusion when people enter the space and see 50 coins out there and they don’t know which one to buy so it’s gonna be interesting see what’s gonna happen I don’t really support this movement this move because I don’t think that decentralization should be done in this fashion and if you want to have other currencies that are you know more decentralized just like aetherium don’t why not just go for aetherium I don’t see why we need to change Bitcoin and combine that with equi hash there’s also other mining algorithms out there there’s also other coins that use equi hash the miners should be pretty happy at the current state there’s also zee cash that uses echo hash music coin and everything else so having this there yes it’s good for miners yes I am a miner but I honestly don’t think this is good for the ecosystem overall so what do you guys think about the Bitcoin gold Harford is clarify this up do you trust the developers as well because all these statements are issued from the developers side and the thing is we do have to trust them in order to believe this because they might just completely change the code at last minute change the pre mind block numbers and they might be like doubling or tripling the amount they can pre mine it’s just that easy because they have full control of the network during that time so do you trust them so I’d love to hear your comments below and what you think of this whole situation thank you guys so much for watching remember to subscribe to this video and click the notification valve to be updated on the latest discussions and videos on this topic thank you guys so much for watching see you next time

Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? – $10,000 COIN IN 2018?

hello and welcome again to the cryptocurrency Channel today we’re going to be talking about bitcoins little bastard stepchildren Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin cash so there are a couple other denominations like Bitcoin diamond Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin unlimited but we’re we’re not gonna focus on those ones we’re going to be focusing just on the two main ones Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold so over here is the last seven days of Bitcoin cash it is currently number four in coin market cap with a market cap of just over thirty three billion dollars now in stark contrast Bitcoin gold is at about five billion market cap so Bitcoin cash has a definite advantage over this and it has been around longer and Bitcoin cash has been around since August 2017 whereas Bitcoin gold fork happened in October but launched in November let’s go back to why are they both called Bitcoin and what are the goals that they’re trying to accomplish people that back Bitcoin gold believe that Bitcoin has become more centralized now what that means is a long time ago everyone could mine Bitcoin on computers and you know like any old computer using computing power but now we have gotten to the point where you can only really make meaningful mining if you have ASIC mining Hardware which is really really expensive hardware on this very energy taxing so it’s going to cost more for some people to run it than other people and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of Bitcoin being mined in China because the electricity is just so much cheaper there so Bitcoin Gold’s goal is to be able to be mined by regular computers therefore it’s able to be mined by GPU power regular computers anyone that anyone really has around kind of going back to the old days of Bitcoin where you could do the same with that basically the goal of Bitcoin gold is to bring the power of mining back to the people not to the people that can afford ASIC miners not to the owners of Bitcoin farms but back to regular computers and regular people just the way that we were using it before and on the contrary Bitcoin cash uses the same sha-256 the way that Bitcoin does which means that mining is really only profitable if you have an ASIC miner same way with Bitcoin okay so what Bitcoin cash is trying to solve is true how can we make transactions shorter and cheaper than Bitcoin because it’s getting expensive and it’s getting slow so their proposal is to is to increase the amount of transaction data per block according to Roger various Twitter an interesting little tidbit is that unlike Bitcoin core Bitcoin cash doesn’t have an artificial cap so in the way that Bitcoin core there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million there won’t because of lost coins but in theory there could be 21 million it’s not going to be the case for Bitcoin cash what the consequences of not having an artificial cap are are still undefined and still split by the community how do I think that this is personally gonna go I don’t really agree with the reason that Bitcoin cash came to be but I do think it’s here to stay and that’s just because a lot of people are starting to pour money into it like investing into it more so than Bitcoin and gold and I do think that market demand is really going to be the factor that determines which one is going to say and which one might be the forgotten stepchild of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash just has more interest among investors it looks like blockchain info launched Bitcoin cash support where I don’t think they support Bitcoin gold so the increased exposure the increase used by trusted sources is going to make Bitcoin cash just that much more valuable than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash is also has that central figure Roger there that has a big audience and is going to be able to push that more into the public eye than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash seems to have a lot more marketing that I have seen around than Bitcoin gold and for that reason I think that Bitcoin cash is here to stay do I think it’s gonna overtake Bitcoin no but you know what we’ll see what happens so are you in favor of these Forks tell us in the comments below or are you a Bitcoin purus tell us why thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

Bitcoin Gold BTG Price Predictions and Forecast

hello everyone visible here you idiom evangelist your crypto Thomas for those of you who don’t know who I am I am a longtime online entrepreneur an ethereal millionaire meaning I made my first million in aetherium a long time Bitcoin investor and a crypto currency trader now some time have been making videos regarding my trades and some of you know my insight and what’s going on in the crypto currency market and in this video I want to talk about Bitcoin Gold [Music] to make a long story short let’s just jump into it and talk a little bit about Bitcoin gold but when gold is the most recent fork that the original Bitcoin has gone through just let’s say two months after the August fork to Bitcoin cache now I I did some similar predictions with Bitcoin captian I had my own little strategy about how to trade it I waited until become cash came out because I predicted that it would be dropping in price temporarily and that’s when I invested heavily the content hit around hundred dollars and then it came back to five hundred then went over and now you know if it’s over a thousand dollars for Bitcoin cash how you feel about these Forks in theory you know whether or not you agree with them what do you think it’s good for the overall network there happen and with Bitcoin gold is more of a purist version of Bitcoin meaning they’re trying to give power they’re trying to Reedy centralized Bitcoin what does this mean the coin is decentralized already but the voting power sits in the hands of the large mining is you have to be miner to do the voting bitcoin is mined with these like the ant miner s9 there’s a very expensive mining equipment and there’s very large companies that hold all of the power it’s not originally Bitcoin was devised to be kind of like a one CPU one I mean one GPU one boat kind of situation so that’s where it’s going back so now Bitcoin gold can be mined with the same type of rigs that you can miney theorem we can mines e cash which are two of the more profitable and popular cryptocurrencies to mines so anyway my price prediction for Bitcoin gold is going to be around a thousand dollars within the next thirty days I think Bitcoin gold is going to perform exactly like the Prakash and we’ve already seen this off Bitcoin cash come on to the scene at four hundred dollars immediately drop lower and now he’s recovering and looking really strong so whether or not you agree that it’s going to be a viable option as far as it goes our currency in the future you have that against consideration is previous performance and the previous performance of Bitcoin cash so many people interesting I think has more potential than Bitcoin can but I believe that in the end bitcoin will prevail I think that these are these cryptocurrencies they’re going to keep on 14y on are you getting they don’t have as much potential long-term we couldn’t gold so far has been doing exactly what bitcoin cash a lot of people didn’t believe me you know then it’s been all over the place for the next foreseeable future for the next few years both Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin are gonna be around and they’re probably gonna be more Forks now you can argue whether or not these Forks are good for the network I think eventually they’re going to be we’re going to start seeing Bitcoin forms and you’re gonna start have to treat them like alt coins ring regardless when comes the bond line is it profitable yes it’s profitable I think it’s gonna be very profitable next you must invest in Bitcoin gold I think the price is gonna go up to over a thousand dollars exactly like Bitcoin cash did I want to go ahead and wrap this video because I didn’t want to make it too long I know a lot of you guys have a very short attention span I know I do I just wanted to I know I didn’t go into relase I didn’t go into a lot you know block sizes you know block difficulty all this other stuff because I didn’t think it was as important a lot of you guys are traders you just want to get the information you need so a lot of great other videos out there discussing the ins and outs of Bitcoin gold for now like I said I think it’s a very profitable investment that’s gonna pay off big-time I think you can see at a twenty five hundred dollars before the end of the year also mining I did a little mining calculator real quick we’re doing about twice the profitability I see cash right now with your theory of running grid now I used a pretty much standard calculator on one of the pool websites you know you’re talking about a six GPU mining rig you know pretty standard kind of GPU with like four eighties five 80s I would turn around and like I said before if you don’t if you have your reservations as far as the code you know the development of Bitcoin gold its future you can always set up your shapeshifter you change leave whatever to automatically change over a portion or all of your big Winkle that you’ve mined and turn it into Z catchy theorem like point or whatever else you want so that’s a good way to kind of diversify right off the bat so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on with Bitcoin gold it’s more than just the name because I know I know a lot of you guys are thinking ah this is just a big marketing ploy because they get the copy the original you know they get the four from the original Bitcoin so and they get the name and that attracts people that the people didn’t and it’s just not people getting confused it’s people that are introduced into the market and they have more auctions obviously they’re gonna go to Bitcoin first because all of the major exchanges already have Bitcoin the ATMs or you have Bitcoin but then they’re going to look I think a lot of people see that price point and we see a lower price point that still hasn’t even hitting a thousand it’s just a psychological manifestation like Bitcoin is not about to hit ten thousand dollars and so they’ve work it up in the head and they see you know bitcoin gold at two or three hundred dollars and they’re gonna invest and that every time that someone comes in with these Bitcoin forts there automatically distributing some Bitcoin to everybody this doesn’t actually hurt the network when you get it’s like give me somebody for something free when somebody gives you a free appetizer you know for Applebee’s I know it’s not a good comparison but when someone gives you a coupon for free appetizer they already know the yeren are good most people are not gonna go into Applebee’s and get a water and then just get the appetizer you know you’re gonna end up ordering other things it’s the whole concept of coupons it unfortunately the Bitcoin fourth thing is like that the powers that be have seen that these Forks are profitable you’re giving somebody a little bit of free Bitcoin you know for every Bitcoin that we give you a one Bitcoin goal may be worth a lot less but suddenly you’re aware of it suddenly get all this free marketing is just all this awareness of it that everybody all of the sudden has this vested interest in seeing it succeed to some extent even if it’s just from a value so even if you’re just interested in seeing go up in value it’s hard if you have possess four or five Bitcoin gold how are you not going to want to price to increase and you know all this awareness more people are gonna put money in it the price is gonna rise it’s my bet based on all the information available that this price is going to keep going up that’s all I have for now check out some more of my videos to subscribe to my channel got a really funny video about how I got ID theorem and started traveling around as you see I’m in a hotel right now because I’m in Pennsylvania I just came from Portland Maine before that I was in Los Angeles before I was in Vegas then to Chicago so you know if you have any questions you know add me on other social media platforms if you want and let’s take this journey together I mean the price point the Bitcoin gold is now you could you’re looking at a 400% return if it hits a thousand dollars within the next 30 days I think it will so hold me to it guys thank you [Music]

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

okay here is now Bitcoin gold I’ve removed all the prior labelings quite often is best to start with a blank it’s clean slate without any markings the reason for that is because quite often if you leave the markings alone you get try your assumptions by removing all the markings yes I paint about to read label everything but it gives you a certain consistent weight of AHA movements paddles that you didn’t see counts that you didn’t notice when you were doing it before so here it is yes we do the count but before that let’s do some pattern analysis and as always the first thing I do would be do our lines so as I said before he Kryptos do love to make it just a magical triangle pattern that you can see here price this was downward point pointing therefore a bullish price ten has a propensity to move up and it sure did now let’s do another line like so this is more like channeling to me between two parallel lines and if it’s channeling mm-hmm this looks more like what’s called a bullish flag remember a bull flag especially when price goes near vertical price channels between two parallel lines but those parallel lines are pointing downward like this it has propensity for price to break upwards and after is complete when it is the other way around that is what I call a bearish flag don’t forget that triangles work the same way that is bullish I’m that’ll be bearish so you gotta get this second uh natured and being able to identify them if they come into it when you combine it with the final anyways it enables you to do a more accurate future price pathway so if we do an earlier way of count here we can see one two three four one five so I didn’t post upwards to a vertical movement of the price and that’s why if I was pretty stretched mm-hmm when you see is a stretched wave 5 extended wave it’s time to really take your profits because the resulting retrace if it’s gonna be quite deep as you can see here I would say this is about eighty six point six percent which is point seven eight square root of point seven eight and ribbon ah cheese now let’s look at this flag so it’s a bullish flag in my opinion it’s a freaking big long flag oversize compared to the the flagpole so to speak so I have two five ways there was a sizable correction and that correction was in the form of an ABC and then price broke out of this a surged out in an impulsive manner one two three four five and then it’s correcting that now I want you to be clearly be able to see what’s called a hobby up in weight syndrome and no one is talking about this are we a big talk hurry up in wheat and no one is talking about this syndrome that every crypto has as a genetic trait if you will what does that mean the hurry up phase is when the impulse waves are just done without wasting any time it goes near-vertical sometimes one and two might drag out as you can see okay in fact this one I would put here too there you go so 1 2 3 valve I want you to five I know wasting of time near-vertical the stir hurry up phase now the wait there is a correction just x4 her voice seems like it’s painful if you’re hollering through this so what do you do when you see an extended fifth u-turn you don’t walk you’ve run away I guess the only instance the only instance on bitches that I would agree to sell is if there is an extended fifth now this is Bitcoin gold now on the bitchiest if we see an extended fifth there would be the only term that I would really sell because the retrace is just not worth it more importantly if you were able to check your profit seal you can buy back here and double near double your position just using the profits so here’s one two three four five and there’s a correction going on and this correction has to do with not an ABCDE someone a novice would try and make this a B C D and E that’ll be very cute and understandable but this is where you really need to kind of see it I believe this is simple a b c correction and what kind of an ABC is is if you’ve been watching my tutorials if you’ve been watching my tutorials by the way you saw this the orange caddie the best to just be showing up all my microphones those are my two cats here is in all the tutorials one two and three will explain the details about the ABC type of Correction this clearly to me is a five three five what is a five three four what kind of an ABC correction is a five three five it’s called a zigzag why is it called a fire three five because the a wave has five subways there B has three sub waves and C always has five waves let’s count it and count of sub waves because it gives me geo confirmation it gives me the confirmation that the a BC that I label was correctly labeled if I can count the subways here’s one two three four five boom confirmed see we’ve one two three four maybe one more dip five I think if you want what I need it oops wrong ones so my primary account is that either the ABC fifth wave is done here let’s get one more little dip to go so what would you be doing you this is the time to ladder in that are in your buys why what is a big picture on this these five waves mm-hmm became Subway’s to a higher degree wave one these ABC became subways too high to be wave to actually know what mm-hmm when did you scrunch things like that one one two three four five or Subway’s of this why do we wave one ABC becomes Subway’s to my ID we wave two three four five follow me real wait please and what this five is that five represents I’m going to make my wave three one two point six one and my wave five will be equal to wave 1 approximately okay I’m eyeballing everything so now we have a higher degree of trend these 1 2 3 4 5 became wave 1 the ABC became wave 2 now I’m going to count these 1 2 3 4 5 became one of three this ABC became 2 of 3 3 or 3 4 3 5 of them so that’s how I’m saying they’ve trying to see the forest on this so when is the best time to buy the best time to buy is at the terminal end of an ABC correction like this so now is a good time to ladder in because my projected forest price I think I would call it from now long-term projection will be called forest pricing alright so we’re back to this you have to kind of take everything into consideration all the Wiggles and flicks and twisting of the pricing and put it into context all of these are the trees and if you look at the forest this one the golden tower 12:39 on the way to there there will be corrections like this hurry up and wait we’ll be in full effect but now that this is giving you a greater awareness these Corrections wouldn’t bother you even if you missed taking prophecy you okay the banner in the sky so I hope this has been helpful for you and I hope I have again learn the way to ask you for the consideration of your uploads last but not least I want to share this with you my Mookie has found a way maybe as you know but I want a visibility campaign well that means I’m trying to get as much visibility as possible for my blogs so that other people just like you more people can benefit I have something I have the secret sauces that have worked for me in being betrayed to mass and profits I’d like to share this all my secrets forces are being spilled out one of the reasons why I’m trying to maintain anonymity is I don’t want my fault paying clients to find out that’s one reason but anyways the mukti has had a suggestion on one of the comments where if you send one steam to this blog site you can sponsor authors for uploads I think is that’s a bit of an uploading bar or something like that mm-hm and the upvotes truly gave me that visibility the most more than the V steams I think more than the follows so if I am helping you and this is something that you can maybe join in on I’d be grateful where you send let’s team you like to this site which of this user blog site or bot mmm and then you can name me out so that I can receive the votes that would be really much appreciated I’m not here to look to make money whatever me I’m here to look see a fucking beyond a visit visibility campaign because I’m here to see if I can have as many other people benefit as possible just like you all so again if you can take this into into consideration that be grateful and I’ll talk to you again have a good one bye bye

What I’m Doing With My Bitcoin Gold

right so building on Bitcoin gold let’s go out the way I feel like I’m obliged to at least make one video about this but as you can probably already tell this isn’t but something I’m particularly interested in or enthusiastic about I spend literally about 5-10 minutes kind of researching Bitcoin gold knowing what it is and I have to say that honestly I wasn’t particularly impressed do I think it’s gonna steal BT C’s crown and become V Bitcoin absolutely not and so what I expect is gonna happen when the hard fork occurs is that everyone who can actually get hold of their Bitcoin gold so I know that many many wallets out there aren’t even kind of bothering to you know do the work to allow people to get hold of a Bitcoin goal they’re not doing all that extra effort those people who are able to get hold of it I think they’re all going to be in a desperate rush to sell to get hold of some of their free money that everyone kind of assumes these folks are and what this is gonna mean is that the price of Bitcoin gold is in all likelihood probably going to crash down to the floor as you have all of these you know huge amounts of sellers and absolutely no buyers at all because I don’t think there are many people out there at all who seriously think that this is gonna be a thing like several weeks or months from now and so yeah as far as I’m concerned I guess I think this is just gonna be another fork or another fad in bitcoins history will we even remember this 12 months from now you know a year from now probably not at all with all of that being said am I gonna sell my Bitcoin gold but I can get hold of it no the reason I say that is because first of all I really really do genuinely think that everyone is gonna be in a desperate rush to sell it straight away and so unless you could get in incredibly incredibly early I just don’t think it’ll be even worth it if you know if the price really really does crash or collapse you might say to me well Luis if you’re so sure that the price is gonna collapse in the Bitcoin gold isn’t gonna be a serious threat or contender to Bitcoin then why don’t you just sell it anyway interests get whatever little you can Fred my response to that would be just because you never ever know for sure what’s gonna happen in the future there might be an absolute teeny tiny chance you know a fraction of a percent that somehow someway due to whatever circumstances that you and I can barely even think of right now BTC might fail in some way Bitcoin cash might fail in some way and for whatever reason Bitcoin gold might become be leading kind of cryptocurrency in the space it might be the Bitcoin in which case its value goes from whatever dollars you would get for it on October 25th you know it might go up to the kind of 6,000 dollar level that we have right now for Bitcoin and so maybe I am being a bit over-the-top and a bit too extremely conservative about this but I just think you know what if there’s like a less than 1% chance that this might actually overtake Bitcoin somehow then I might just want to hold onto it for for the time being just to see how things unfold the way I see it is that if Bitcoin gold fails if the collapses and got a zero then I haven’t actually lost anything at all because I still have my BTC and whatever Forks come out of in the future so no loss in that sense and alternatively if Bitcoin gold really does take off and somehow does manage to kind of steal the crown or overthrow BTC then I’ll have held on to it and all those people who sold it for just a handful of dollars and just kind of disregarded it they’d probably live with intense regret about doing so and so I think the settled position that I’ve come down to now with all of these Bitcoin Forks both previous present and in the future as well is I’m just gonna hold on to every single one at firm no matter what there is a little part of me that regrets not selling Bitcoin cash when it was way up I can’t remember the height was it like six hundred seven hundred eight hundred dollars something along those lines you know people did sell it at that point and they were able to scoop themselves up some BTC very profitable move for them but I think most of me you know that other part of me really is just glad I’ve held on to it just in case and I’m always gonna hold on to the ones in the future just in case as well even if all of them only ever have a a 1% chance of overtaking it’s just I feel it’s comfortable and I feel more secure knowing that I will hold every possible vision or every possible iteration of Bitcoin I will always hold the Bitcoin whatever it is because I’m never gonna sell any folks at all I’m probably gonna make another video in the future discussing what I’m gonna be doing with these cigarettes wex coin whenever that gets called eventually and sometime in mid November and it’s gonna be pretty much exactly the same as this video because there’s nothing else or nothing more I have to really say of course none of this is financial advice you can do whatever hell you want to do with your money and in all likelihood I think most people will probably profit or be better off from just selling all the forks so they get just to buy back into BTC you know that will probably I’d say a good 90% plus chance that will serve them well always in the future as far as I’m concerned just for that very very small what-if chance I just want to hold on to it every single fork that I’m ever gonna get out of my BTC that’s what makes me feel good that’s what helps me sleep at night and so you know that’s the reason I think it’s worth it so to condense everything I’ve said in this video basically bitcoin gold I think it’s a fad I don’t think it’ll last even weeks in all likelihood you know we’re gonna forget about this in a year’s time but does that mean that I’m gonna sell my Bitcoin gold no I’m just gonna hold onto it just in case what are you guys gonna do with your Bitcoin Gold you’re gonna hold on to it you’re gonna sell it or any of you actually going to buy it I’d be really really interested if any of you actually are gonna buy it and why you think it’s a good investment for the future I know yeah thank you so much for watching and I’ll be back with more videos very soon Cheers [Music]