Ripple (XRP) 2018 price prediction – The odd cryptocurrency

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to young and investing thanks for tuning in in this video we’re going to do another price prediction as you know I already did price predictions about Bitcoin about litecoin iota and neo and if you want to check them out they are on my channel so go check them out on my channel and right now I want to talk about another price prediction another cryptocurrency and that is Ripple so I want to talk about Ripple today and ripple is actually a very odd one compared to the other ones because ripple as you know is actually the one that is not really accepted by the entire community and ripple is also the one that works together with banks and that’s why they’re not accepted by the community but what you need to know about ripple is that it can be very unpredictable for me personally it’s very very unpredictable cryptocurrency so me personally I bought Ripple right here on 24th of March and then since then it immediately went up time sturdy from that point and only like a month time or something even it stopped even at 40 cents if you can if you see here let’s top so we’ll have a look so I bought right here and really immediately after it showed up to right here and yeah I talked over 40 cents but then the 17th of May that was before all the other old coins were doing well ripple was then the second biggest cryptocurrency just below Bitcoin so they were not a lot behind of Bitcoin actually in terms of market cap so but then since that moment it actually did the rest of the year it really did not a lot it just went up a little bit went down a little bit but it was very stable this was also a very good thing obviously because compared to other cryptocurrencies and bad times ripple is always more stable but as you can see right here it didn’t reached it all-time high again since actually two days ago so two days ago Ripple shoot up from 24 25 cents as high as right now 56 cents so with more than doubled and why I find this remarkable is because ripple didn’t react to some news which I thought was very huge so one month ago that was right here I think so or not even a month ago this probably could be here as well so one of these Peaks right here then the news was released that ripple had a partnership with American Express and we know that American Express is one of the biggest payment networks in the world so I thought this is a huge if this isn’t it not going to move Ripple then nobody is going to move Ripple if nothing is going to move Ripple but then suddenly out of nowhere ripple doubled in only a few hours of time actually so that was pretty crazy and we looked for some news and I saw that ripple had done some very successful tests that it proved that it could do in four seconds a transaction between the US and China so this US dollar is converted into x RP and x RP is converted into Chinese yen and this all in four seconds while it took days with the Swift Network which is now implemented in some banks still but wouldn’t ripple Network this is instead of base four seconds so that is also pretty cool but I mean this was already known that ripple was this fast so for me it was not really a surprise this news but suddenly out of nowhere the market reacted to this probably this is because all the cryptocurrencies doubled over the last few weeks actually so it could be just that as well but guys what I think about ripple what it will be worth in 2018 and why I think ripple will go to $2 but probably I think it won’t go higher than $2 and this will this will mean that we’ll have a market cap of around 80 billion depending on how much they bring into circulation because this will also lower the price a little bit if there comes more circulation to compensate it will probably get a lower price so the market cap probably around 80 billion I think could be a little bit more as well like I said depending on the circulating supply but $2 that is what I think it will reach and that’s times four so that’s a very careful prediction if we look to what I said for other cryptocurrencies I said times 8 times 10 sometimes times 5 but I think Ripple $2 is very reasonable and this is still because I think that ripple is very hard to to move in terms of price so they have a very very stable price and it is very unpredictable when the price will go up so I think personally right now ripple peaked at 56 cents so I don’t know if it’s just going to wait if ripple is going to keep up this price what I do think is that there used to be or actually until now the cryptocurrency industry or people investing in cryptocurrencies were people that really believed in the values of cryptocurrencies as well which were away from governments away from banks you know and these people weren’t really liking Ripple and this was probably also why the price didn’t really do a lot because people that were investing were people that were actually hating a little bit but from this moment onwards actually and also from next year there will be a lot more institutional investors in it and in crypto currency market and invest in it funds etc and these people they like banks they or at least they don’t care that a ripple is working with banks so they really don’t believe in the values of cryptocurrencies at all they’re just in it for the money that’s what institutions that funds will be for so that’s also that is why I think that ripple can reach for $2 so for me it’s really reason that we will see Ripple starting to move again but still I think that ripple is supported by a lot of banks etc and the price is a little bit keeping being kept stable actually so that’s why we also saw this very stable movements of ripple so that’s probably what is going to happen or what I think will happen with ripple so it will hit two dollars even though people are cryptocurrency investors now they really believe in the values and norms of cryptocurrencies the people that will be in the market they are just there to invest and they don’t care about the values and norms or they don’t care about cryptocurrencies working with banks etc what we also need to keep in mind for ripple is that it gots more and more competition of stellar lumens stellar lumens is actually doing pretty much the same than ripple and stellar looms is also improving their technology very quickly so it could be that it will be like a full competitor to ripple in 2018 so we need to take to pay attention to that as well if we have a look at ripple would I personally buy ripple again probably not because I I cannot really predict it’s very hard to estimate what’s ripple going to do over a period of time so I found this the the most hard prediction I’m going to do in this series so that’s why you know we need to know about my opinion about ripple so guys thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video please subscribe to my channel and also hit the like button down below thank you guys so much for watching bye bye

Top 5 under $5 cryptocurrencies for 2018 (IOTA, Substratum & more)

what is going on guys it’s Quinton here thanks for tuning in at Yonge and investing before we start big shout out to all subscribers of my channel I really really appreciate all of you if you’re not a subscriber yet hit that subscribe button down below and if you liked the video hit that like button as well also thank you for people following me on Twitter because I just hit over 1,500 followers on Twitter so it’s also a little cool achievement anyway in today’s video we’re going to do my top 5 for 2018 under $5 so the 5 cryptocurrencies that are under $5 which I like the most and we’re going to do it this in a totally random order let’s say we’re just going to start with the one with the biggest market cap and then we go to the one with the smallest market so it’s in a random order it’s not like we start with number 5 and go to number 1 or something like that it’s just a 5 once I like the most under 5 are okay let’s get started the first one is nib so name is as you know one of my favorites and was also one of my favorites in 2017 I’ve put it on my second place as an altcoin in my top 5 for 2017 and guess what it was the second biggest altcoin gainer in 2017 I personally bought at a 1 cent and right now it’s 1.67 dollars so I made a very very great profit in 2017 still holding a lot of NIMH what is them basically for me personally it is the best technology out there all round so as a platform it’s very very easy to create tokens on them it’s just a few clicks a few minutes and you can create your own token on them as well as it can handle up to 8,000 transactions per second with the new catapult release it is tested up to 8,000 so that’s more than all the rest we see in the top 10 cryptocurrencies so basically technology is very great and also what is super cool about name is that you can send text messages with your transactions so that is also super cool which makes it for me one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies as well because it went up so much this year but it never never had a high so basically people some big people recognize the value of NIM well I think the big crowd doesn’t really see what the potential is of NIM because I barely see someone talking about it even though it was the second biggest gainer in 2017 so men best overall technology for me very user friendly easy to use platform I mean it’s just all around super good so we’re going to the second one right now which is Yoda and also you guys should know by now that I like Yoda a lot Yoda is not working with blockchain technology but it is working with the tangled technology and the tangled technology has some different advantages over blockchain technology so basically the tangle technology of Yoda is infinite scalability so basically there is not a problem of scalability such we have actually we have very hard times with the scalability of Bitcoin and helium and iota just basically have an infinite scalability so it is super super easy to scale super easy to do a lot of transactions per second and also what is also big problem of Bitcoin right now are the transactions fees and for iota and at that angle technology this is zero so there is no transaction fee at all and the infinite scalability makes it for me one of the best ones out there as well it is still holding on rank 10 and I hope we will keep seeing it in the top ten because iota really deserves it the price right now 3.94 since it went up a lot since it came to the market iota also one of my favourites for 2018 then the third one we’re having here is dragon chain and I recently invested in Dragon King and I called it to you guys as well I think it’s only a week ago maybe a little more than one week and I call it to you guys at 85 cents so I also bought around 85 cents which was I think it was here or something or here so 85 cents and immediately it it took a very very good bull run and it came up from 85 cents to right now 3.43 u.s. dollars again 35% increase today it is very very undervalued right now still I think they can easily get a market cap off a few billion dollars also it’s still not on big exchanges yet it’s only on cue coin which is not the best exchange out there I bought mine there but yeah I guess it will be very soon on other exchanges as well I see it coming to two by Nance very soon it’s a typical project for buy Nance and Dragon chain what is it it’s also a platform on which ICS can be built but it’s actually aiming on companies to work with so a lot of companies are already working with Dragon chain they are already there from 2014 developed by Disney in the Walt Disney offices and actually let this year into that last year it’s already 2018 but in 2017 Dragon chain went independently from Disney the entire team left Disney and went on their own but they are already together from 2014 their technology is really on point and the very good thing of this platform compared to other platforms such as neo aetherium ma’am cordana us named them the great thing about this is that it has a lot of anonymity which is actually a must lately since a lot of these platforms can easily be tracked the transactions I mean so dragon chain is actually a very great nology in terms of scalability in terms of transactions per second block time as well as anonymity which is very important right now and that’s why I also think that dragon has a very good chance to compete with the other platforms so drag chain I still like it such a lot and I’m holding it for a longer term as well then we’re coming to the fourth one which you already know about and that is sub stratum and subscribing today to end up 41% and substrate is my biggest hauling of my personal portfolio after that it is dragging chain but substratum is my biggest holding I hold a lot of it so subscribe them I really really hope it’s going to do well in 2018 I think so because very soon you’re going to start with the beta tests with a small team there are already sending out there are notes whoever wants to run a note can do this and you can earn sup with it if you run a note and that’s how they want to create decentralized web so basically like the web we know right now they want to do the same decentralized version with notes all over the world that are connected with each other and IP addresses changing constantly so you never got tracks and you actually have never have a regulations so that is basically a good thing it’s very good for for for countries such as the US which also have the net neutrality thing right now which is actually it’s done right now with the net neutrality so they voted against it so this regulation just can be regulations on the US Internet as well so China Russia Iran or Korea you named him there are so many countries which put on regulations on the net and subscribing is solving this and now with the u.s. coming also in this list of countries who need substratum I think they are really going to blow up and we see this already at charts as well so I’m substrate in right now 195 US dollars it went up a lot today so that is sub stratum and that’s my number four or my for one anyway then the fifth one and last one of this video is a Wahby and I think I didn’t talk about Wahby not even once to you guys it also went up 23% today has a value of 3.0 for US dollars but Wahby is very cool even though it’s only ranked 155th so Wahby is basically you can track every good in the food supply chain so basically if you buy something in the grocery store in the supermarket you can just win an application you can scan and it has like a little tracking system on the product and you see where the product has been and what happened with the product so you can basically track everything of the product so it will be impossible to manipulate the food the the goods to to fake goods for example so you can see that they’ve been in China if you order something from the US I just say something and so it’s actually a pretty good idea me personally I’m not yet investing in Wahby but they are very promising so I might consider to buy some Wahby as well in the future but I’m not too sure but anyway it’s a very very great project also the tracking system is designed that way that it’s impossible to to destroy or manipulate a tracking system because it then simply work don’t work anymore so it’s pretty cool I hope a lot of supermarkets a lot of grocery stores starts using this tracking system and then we can see you I’ll be going up such a lot because it’s such a great thing and it aims at a multi-billion even trillion-dollar industry it’s aiming on that so I hope Wahby we’ll make it true so that’s why I also believe in a lobby guys that is it that’s my five picks for 2018 which is curved currently under five dollars probably by the end of the year none of them are going to be under five dollars anymore I’m pretty sure about that so thank you so much for watching once again if you liked the video hit that subscribe button down below also the like button and follow me on Twitter and steam it and Facebook and whatever you want so guys thank you bye bye


the following video is no financial advice this is just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies are very risky so do your own due diligence and always decide on your own behalf and only invest what you can afford to lose hello guys how’s it going and welcome to quite woke yo cryptocurrency channel as you all know the USP of this channel is to give you all important information in very little time so you don’t have to watch those 30 minute videos in today’s episode of Kryptos to watch other in 2018 we’re covering the sleeping giant and a very nice opportunity its new bring loop ring has the ticker lrc the circling supply is 286 million then the maximum supply 1.4 billion coins it’s an open source protocol to search exchanges for the best price for cryptos imagine you’re searching for specific crypto and loop ring gets you the best price this works full automatically using smart contracts and atomic swaps therefore it’s absolutely secure at the moment they’re only covering ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain the targets are enable access to various exchanges and get you the best prices for the crypto s– they will also have an old trading wallet using the loop ring protocol if we look up higher market cap blueprints rank number 133 at the moment with the price of 36 cents and a market cap of 105 million when you bring it exchanges you could get it to approximately 10 cents afterwards despite a little bit it went down but altogether this crypto is still sleeping and the price of 36 cents is a steal if you have a look at the website you see it’s not that fancy and glamorous like other web sites but the amazing thing is the team this guy for instance is a former Google employee and this guy has been at PayPal and the advisory board is even more fantastic this guy here is the founder of neo so you can imagine how this project can spike so let’s get to the advantages this project is still way under valued it’s absolutely in the beginning phase and it’s an amazing idea and a powerful tool guys would you use it I would use it and the team is absolutely amazing especially the advisory board with the neo founder the disadvantages are that you have one point four billion coins but I’m pretty sure a lot of them will be burned let’s get to the price predictor as always no guarantee this is just a mathematical calculation to see what’s actually possible the supply is 1.4 billion the market share today 0.02 percent if the market kept in 1 year could be 5 trillion what is very conservative in my mind if you have a look at market cap development last year and to bring could manage to get a market share of 0.2% the price in one year could be 750 2/3 dollars this absolutely depends on how many coins will be on the market the return on investment would be 2000 to 8 thousand percent that’s absolutely stunning let’s get to the final evaluation the business model gets four point seven five stars a tool which searches for the best price for Kryptos is an amazing idea the possible growth gets 5 stars from 39 cents to maybe 30 dollars that’s absolutely stunning the team gets four point seven five stars especially the advisory board is amazing diplomate a shoe gets 4.25 stars at the moment it’s not fully integrated at the moment only ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain other factors get 5 stars to me this project is super undervalued it’s an amazing opportunity you have a fantastic advisory board and if you have to look at Twitter and the social media of loop ring you see those guys are around with their very successful projects like nem neo and stuff like that so altogether it’s four point seven five stars to me who brings an amazing opportunity this could really change how people will trade in the future it’s a powerful tool an amazing team with a special advisory board and the price of 39 cents is a steal thank you very much guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it give me a like or just to follow if you want more of this content and if you think somebody else could profit off this video just share it to the world have a good one guys bye

Stratis (STRAT) 2018 price prediction – The undervalued platform

Stratis STRAT is already alround since 2016, but only got discovered earlier this year. After that, there were not a lot of talking anymore about Stratis.
The platform improved in quality and the first ICOs are going to be announced in January 2018. Stratis is a cryptocurrency to look out for next year.

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BITCORE BTX to TOP 50 SOON? More ICO i suggest to invest in

lo ladies and gents future millionaires welcome to my channel we’ll be discussing a bit of everything really let’s start off with Bitcoin 7 7 to 8 while Bitcoin cash is at 1 grand this is probably the size of your asshole if you’re Korean we’ve sold your Bitcoin for your Bitcoin cash sorry to put it so bluntly however me on the other hand I’ve sold my Bitcoin before years this is not financial advice obviously do your own research reason being is this let’s say that by the end of let’s say Bitcoin doubles it’s a 14 15 grand which is totally possible next few months on the other hand for my Bitcoin I go about 7,000 years roughly roughly speaking so 10 7000 and let’s multiply let’s say 1 yes in the next 3 months becomes $3 $3 crap how do you work this 21 grand so really and truly I believe in my humble opinion that I will make more money holding ears and it’s not as prone to volatility now as Bitcoin is I believe it still might go down a couple of grand before you shoots up past the 8,000 mark so sometime in the future I believe that I can buy my Bitcoin back and still have some years left over slightly risky but I’m willing to give her a go I know that I can’t go wrong with ears at this moment in time he was in his trading dollar 77 and if you’ve bought our 49 and 50 Cent’s like I have been doing for the past three months I’ve been I first I bought a doll Apache all the way down to 50 Cent’s and I ever bought some today and I’ll carry on vine until it becomes way too expensive talk about more of the platforms let’s have a look at Liske really expensive for me to buy ten dollars wait greedy I will not be buying this however if you’ve been holding it for time 2018 is gonna make you very happy talk about war of the platforms and I reckon when you hold platforms you’re holding aces in regards to our old coins is there really any point in my experience because I’ve been holding over 60 of them not really you go up you go down mainly you go sideways and you go nowhere fast I’ve cut down to about seven cryptos most of them are platforms in fact I can actually share them with you I hold ears I hold litecoin we’ll get to like on in a minute iota oMG and I on and I’m excluding the coins that I got from my eye cos and we’ll get to I cos as well and I also made me very happy lately up to 84 cents beautiful I will go into card I know in a couple of months at the moment or while they still doing their own thing nothing to show for it before any major news I will position myself because it’s a quality project however when it comes 2018 I do believe EOS is gonna enter the top 5 and if you still haven’t go opposition there you really need to get in cuz you’re gonna get your money back a hundredfold and ya do quote me on this prediction next year so yeah when it comes to old coins I get recommended by this by that no not doing it being there done that not happening there is no point hold a few coins but make sure the Asus Bitcoin litecoin out I don’t think Neil okay most neo will do in my opinion is maybe double okay let’s say triples by the end of next year right not good enough for me I rather spent the 28 bucks in get twenty years so let’s say if we get 20 years for one year let’s just calculate this how do I reset this one okay so 20 and I reckon and I do reckon that by first of June it will be worth at least $30 that’s me being very pessimistic equals $600 so either way like this is this is how I calculate I want to place my capital where it will grow hell of a lot more and generate a lot more profit than the way it is currently so i optimize my capital so is me i’m gonna go to 600 dollars by the end of next year I highly doubt it I highly doubt it is II was gonna go up to $30.00 way more believable to me definitely even though I think it I will actually go up to $100 and yes I know what you’re gonna say the market cap needs to be at least a hundred billion that of Bitcoin and I believe with yes it is achievable you don’t believe me for the past three months when I told you to buy this and you’re still skeptical but let’s see where this goes another one of my predictions and you’re gonna love this I made about three videos about this at some point I’ve sold the coin that I bought him back check this out thirty-five dollars last time I made a video about this it was at $7 30% up today I reckon this thing is just gonna carry on going up from being 12 million market cap number to around 200 it’s up to 42 million market cap I reckon this is definitely gonna hit the top 50 I don’t know about the top 20 top 50 coming soon so I’ve actually convert this thing grows faster than light coin and there’s a good reason behind I don’t know where I’ve actually placed the comparison you can watch my other videos so I’ve actually exchanged some of my light point for this why because I think this is gonna grow faster than light coin at some point in the future I’ll exchange some of my bit core for light quite hence doubling my profit once again optimisation of my capital that’s that currently participating in some I see oh oh yeah Bitcoin cash we’ll get to that as well sink fat now this is probably my 17th ICO or so sing guys I reckon it’s good stuff they have a pre-sale going on now 50% bonus jump in there do your own research obviously but this 200 I see what’s going on at this moment in time and anyone just so many there’s just so much noise this I believe is quality and I sent some money in there I believe that’s actually true value proposition in this I see Oh another one recommended to me and I always give the credit way to do Michael jihun is what was it called what point what coin I see oh no it’s not what coin I see oh ok these guys once again Chinese and Chinese have been coming up with some quality ideas when they are original pretty much wanting to do what Walton is doing but slightly differently on different level I won’t go into details the channels on YouTube they’re going to details I just filter out all the noise find things that work your attention to save you some time I give you a brief introduction and if you’re interested you can do your research from there on so I will be investing in here because yeah I believe it’s a good project and has potential for some nice returns ok I need to join the white list in regards to paying taxes in the UK then a little bit of research obviously if you’re gonna purchase house or any falada you’re gonna have to pay tax on it or this capital gains tax then apparently the HMRC which is the IRS equivalent in the UK they wanna treat any income that you get from crypto currencies as income tax so you’re gonna have to pay about 20% of all your profits which i think is fact that really but anyway so that’s let’s say you want to buy a house let’s say you made a million it took a million I’ll put in your account obviously you have to declare it if you don’t declare it in the UK apparently they can come to your house without warrant and take your belongings so either way they’re gonna know not that you want to hide it anyway however I do think that the tax levels are just ridiculous it’s basically evil extortion right so you’re gonna have to pay your income tax which is about 20% so that’s 200 grand gun then you’re gonna have to pay your capital gains tax which is 1 over 20% so out of the million you’ll have about 600 grand left let us sink in uh-huh which is why most of the wealthy people I actually use Cayman Islands Monaco you know them sort of tax havens and I believe that next day if you think you’re gonna have a significant amount of money you need to do your research as to how to go about your business you need to really wise up because you might have made your money but you can actually lose there very quickly you don’t take the appropriate steps and educate yourself at this moment in time I believe I am a total greenhorn and if I had a substantial amount of money right now before I would spend it I think I would seriously see a few professionals first not just one but a few opposing views and then base my decisions as to what to do with the capital on that rather than buying any liabilities or anything fancy like a Lambo now I would see what would be the legal way of doing things secondly how to safeguard my capital and pay the least tax as I can and still remain within the framework of law so that obviously they don’t check you in jail so it’s a very delicate matter when you get a substantial amount of money you need to be really wise and go about it in a way where you can actually maintain and keep that capital and perhaps even generate more make your money work for you so it’s a whole other level of education that I will be going into because at this moment in time having spoken to someone wealthy who runs his own company who’s been into cryptos for a long time speaking to him I felt I am absolutely dunce that’s the UK expression so from here on I will be educating myself obviously I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you guys as well last but not least half of the community is against Bitcoin cash are they retarded that would be included myself no perhaps we just been in a game long enough and we actually do our own research to know the difference between a Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin and why actually matters now if you are supporting with Bitcoin cash then this handsome fella has you by the ball sack this is G ha whoo one of the biggest Chinese mining farms bit Maine it’s very profitable in so many levels like I should do a video and actually going to the technicalities for you to buy Bitcoin cash its profitable for him to mine it’s about money control it’s nothing to do with fast transactions or any other crap or benefiting the community no one cares about benefiting you believe me the only pet person actually cares about benefiting you is you and me cuz I’m doing this other than that all these people they just want more control more power and more money that would be including Roger ver very disappointed to see Jeff Berwick jump on a bandwagon and what is a like McAfee as well I don’t know how much they go paid if they go paid however I will still I’ll still remain with my point of view stand on my point of view that Bitcoin cash is a Chinese copy and that’s what they do they’re just the copy stuff and Bitcoin cash is just a copy of the original not as good it’s just there to scare people and here we are we can see you know the proof is in the pudding proof is in the pudding psalteries I’ll leave at that thank you very much click the sub button we’ll be coming out with some more info soon

SmartCash Coin – The HOT New Cryptocurrency!

Buy SmartCash using Bitcoin Now Here >>

welcome back to do news I’m your host the king of do and today we’re gonna take a look at smart cash I’m super excited about smart cash and we’re actually doing this stream live so we’re gonna wait for some people to come on in right now and we’ll get this party going so looking forward to talking to you a little bit about smart cash when I get this started right now alright and we’re back I got work on that intro there got the chat in the way there of course but gonna have some people popping in here in just a second but we’re gonna go ahead and get started as we’re waiting for people to roll in cuz really I just decided to do it live because I’ve been enjoying answering some questions as of late and you know that’s just so that’s just fun for me but I want to go over smart cash with you guys and that’s what we’re gonna do today if you haven’t heard of smart cash is a brand new cryptocurrency it’s been around for a little while and it’s got a very very strong organic team community around it that just gets me really really excited because I believe that in beds all the things that we want to believe that is good in the world that cryptocurrency can do for for good and not just for profits I think it’s a fantastic project you know that being said it has some amazing opportunities where it’s being positioned and the way it’s being used to truly maybe be one of the next big crypto currencies I’ve been following it for a while now and if you haven’t been following it here I’ll go ahead and bring that up for you right now we’re gonna switch on over to the desktop and we’re gonna take a look at a quick market cap and here we have smart cash and if you didn’t know you better know you better wake up because right now it’s at rank 108 we’ve seen many things in the past that have broken the 100 mark basically go hyperbolic and go up as high as you know ranked 40 and then kind of settle back down that’s kind of the norm if you haven’t been around the crypto world very long that 100 mark is a big deal why well I won’t lie here on the first page of coin market cap we’ve seen it happen a few times before with coins that basically actually are vaporware and there’s really nothing there they’re just pump and dumps we see that all the time but this is not the case this is the real deal you guys can actually look here if we didn’t look at even just the 7-day tart there’s things on a rampage just 12 cents a week ago I was looking at it before that back in 9 cents and back here you can actually see that it’s trailing around five six cents now look at this volume this is big volume good strong volume there are some big big buyers coming in here you can see another volume what’s triggering that volume we’ll get into that a little bit in just a moment so we’re gonna head over here and we’re gonna head smart cash gonna head back to the homepage here welcome guys oh the Harvard guys are back I remember the Harvard guys I get I am honored that anyone at Harvard would even listen to me to be honest but at the same time pretty cool to talk to people that actually understand what the heck I’m talking about and that’s exciting so I’ve got smart cash here I got my wife coming home right in the middle of a live broadcast year so my dogs probably gonna freak out here so bear with me we’re going to jump right into a smart hive here so smart hive is a brand new cryptocurrency um that is basically built with the the original ideas of a peer-to-peer network in mind really what Satoshi had in mind in his original white paper a lot of the people that have joined it that are a part of it now are joining it because they feel like you know this whole Bitcoin cash Bitcoin stuff that’s just not their deal they don’t want to develop for that anymore a lot of the other things that are out there are just so commercialized so focused on you know trying to make money trying to pump it up position itself to reap the rewards that the industry is going to give it that lost sight of its real meaning hey there’s Chewbacca hi Chewie he loves the camera guys you have to get used to this guy on camera so we got some really really cool people in the smart hive community and the more I’ve been trolling around quietly in the forums and on reddit I’ve been learning a lot about what they’re capable of doing the things they’ve already done and it’s really really exciting so let’s talk a little bit more about smart caption why you should seriously seriously consider as part of your portfolio so essentially they haven’t split up the way that the rewards work and it’s really really interesting right now you can actually earn rewards by staking in a wallet you only need 1,000 coins that’s it just 1,000 coins and that’s not too bad considering the price right now I’m at about 25 27 cents and you can throw that in your wallet and essentially you’re gonna get paid once a month you’re gonna get roughly about 7% right now on that and you can have up to 5,000 and actually get paid on that so just for holding essentially you can get paid now you have to have your holdings in by the 25th of every month okay so you missed it for this month but essentially if you hold it in there and you do not touch it you do not spend it you’re gonna be good to go the next month you’re basically just going to reap the rewards of staking now your light wallet will be confirming transactions but specifically block transactions and that’s really important that you guys understand that it’s just the block transactions because they have these things called essentially smart notes and they look they basically are going to work like traditional nodes but they’re gonna actually be focusing on a different type of confirmation you’re gonna have a confirmation that is instant it’s going to be the confirmations that need to happen right away only the nodes are going to be able to do those and they’re gonna reap the rewards from that and node right now is 10 smart cash and people are eating up nodes like crazy it’s actually why you’re seeing this massive rise in the price right now so initially it looked as if the price was going up because everyone was trying to get in so that the you know right before the 25th but actually monitoring a lot of what was happening on crypto PIA where you can trade it and buy it right now it was very very obvious that people were just buying it in 10000 chunks tons of people are buying note after note after known to support this now why is that well there’s a lot of reasons why this particular currency is really really exciting one of the main ones is that this is actually kind of like a up a fork of Vivek’s and – and if you know anything about – and you know anything about pivots you now understand the majority of the intellectual property they’ve been able to adopt into their system and that’s kind of the beauty of the blockchain world is that you know you can basically create new systems using open source code and things like that and try to create a better version of what it is you want to create if you know me at all if you’ve been around on this channel at all you know I’m massively in love with pivots always have been and that’s been quite the ride and – I have no problem with – I’m not a huge fan of it I know I would recommend it to a lot of people that you know don’t know anything and just want to hold for a long time but that being said those that have some pretty unique features that are gonna be coming over here that get me really excited about the opportunities that essentially smartcash has and definitely you’ll want to take a look at those on your owns more research on your own now one of the things I wanted to show you guys which i think is one of the most unique parts of the whole community and one of the reasons why I actually wanted to share it is they actually have this this concept called smart high and the hive is their version of their community and essentially you know you know it’s just a place for people to come together and share ideas and talk in forums and things like that and they’ve given it a nice little brand name and essentially what you’re looking at here on this screen right now are essentially proposals that have been proposed by community members and people get to vote for and against you so right here we have a launch of an event in Netherlands and they want to raise money for it and people are voting for and against it and it’s actually Sir pretty surprising it’s a 76 to 23 so I mean as our good one for split there there’s definitely some people against it and some people for it and then down below you can see that hey people want to get an official smart cash faucet going most people don’t want to faucet which is very interesting very fascinating to me and so but here’s the thing they strongly encourage this guys you definitely can come here with any idea you have for this community and propose it it’s open to everyone if you have an idea for smart cash if you believe that there’s a better way to do marketing for it if you have marketing skills come propose it if you have a strategy for a type of technical improvement to a piece of the code you know you can come here and do that I saw an interview that krypto did with a gentleman that proposed essentially a fundraiser to feed the hungry in Venezuela they can’t they were able to raise enough to do 2,300 meals and during that whole process they also paid out a ton of people a ton of people actually were able to make money make a living wage working in exchange for smart cash and that’s really really cool that’s really really exciting and that’s the whole purpose of the whole concept is this is to be a community driven 100% community driven coin if you don’t like the shenanigans of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and that’s a turn-off to you this is for you if you don’t like the commercialized nature of – if that’s too much for you and you want something more real intangible something that you feel like you can be a part of this is for you so definitely come take a look because this gets me excited now someone was asking about a master node and master nodes right now are I’m not gonna say they’re affordable but if you were to compare against other master nodes out there and things like that as far as how legitimate this is knowing that this is about to break at any second now honestly a top 100 coin is the most affordable top 100 node you’re gonna find that’s that’s the end of the story if you have missed out on other nodes this is your chance you could have bought a pivots node at a dollar and not a dollar but a dollar per pivots and you’d be pretty happy right now and that wasn’t that long ago I was about six months ago that you could have bought one of those for about 15,000 dollars now that’s about $150,000 if you originally got a – node you’re a millionaire at this point I’m not gonna say any of anything like that about this I’m not gonna make any predictions like that but here’s what I will say is that there there there there is even the feel of a international flair to smart hive in their community that I actually have a lot of hope for this to actually find its way to root in two particular countries that need cryptocurrency is a solution I think what you guys will see over the next couple years you guys are already seeing it in Venezuela we’re talking about that earlier you know Venezuela over the last about five six years is experienced about 600 or 800 percent inflation rates people went from having a utopian lifestyle to basically starving you’ve got a massive crisis going on and what else gosh I mean they used to have wonderful beautiful Christmases just like ours and where the malls are full of people shopping and the whole thing’s a wreck you guys can go do your own history lessons on what’s been going on in the last five years of Venezuela but you know it’s a it’s a very very dark situation people are desperate and right now I’m basically income last I heard on a video recently was a income is about twenty dollars a month right now I found $20 in my wallet on accident the other day right like you know what I mean that’s unreal people are trying to survive on that down there and and part of the problem is that there is not a gateway for opportunity and that’s truly what cryptocurrency does it basically breaks down borders and provides people opportunities this smart hive program already again was able to help feed a lot of people in Venezuela provide jobs to people as a part of the project in Venezuela and that just gets me excited I want to see more of that oh Jesus unsuccessfully connected your chat disconnected please wait sorry guys if you’re trying to connect the chat right now it looks like that is down at the moment I do believe on still lives so I think we’re just gonna keep on rolling so anyhow Venezuela I’m passionate about what’s going on down there because I believe that cryptocurrency is the answer I feel like there’s a little that’s just one example of one country that’s going through that right now there’s a lot of countries right now we’re essentially money needs to be get poured in there to help set people free you can see the things like in Korea that they’re a huge demand you guys always wonder why the Korean Won prices for your kryptos are so much higher than they are here there’s not there’s basically too much demand not enough supply and people are people trying to get their money in there so they can’t even get out of the country and things like that and be able to leave with their wealth at the end of the day I don’t know which cryptocurrency is going to be the currency I feel pretty strongly however that in the sense that we could have a one-world currency with with blockchain we all know that like that’s just like it feels like a no-brainer to us you know the people that are in this space that understand this stuff we just feel like oh you know cryptocurrency that obviously one world currency it just makes so much sense well I like to challenge your thoughts on that in the sense that cultural borders are extremely tough very very tough to break and I truly believe that you know there’s the potential this is just theory bear with me my theory is this like if what if what if – is the you know North American cryptocurrency right that’s not to say it doesn’t interact with the other chains around the world and people can easily switch but just for the sake of our economy in the way that we like to do things – just works best for us in America and you know and then you go over somewhere else and you know you go to some third-world country and the only thing they use is Manero because they practically have no government and they’re trying to hide everything and then you go to somewhere else and maybe they maybe they’re still old-school and sticking with some Bitcoin litecoin action of some sort I’ve got some countries using pivots but what if what if I were to tell you smarten hive has the opportunity to be the solution be the answer in a place like Venezuela and maybe all of South America what if it becomes the South American currency of choice I’m sure that the people would love that that are part of this community and all that that mass adoption but truly they’re just trying to do good things and that’s why I wanted to raise awareness and bring it in front of you guys because they’re doing it the right way they’re doing it with good intent and I think that it’s a good opportunity to support them many of you have made a ridiculous amount of money just last year in this market go ahead and make sure you set up a node and support the cause it’s a win win win win like you’re helping create a you’re helping support and create a community that can go out and do good for the world you’re getting rewarded for it people are able to conduct their transactions and people that need to pay one another are rewarding and one another in that way and hopefully we can actually set some people free economically that would be really fantastic wouldn’t it so man I’m really disappointed at our chat is down I really really am sorry guys it looks like the chest disconnected and it’s saying please wait until we try again maybe if one of you guys can type something I can actually get some info back I’m not exactly sure what happened look I’m definitely still alive so hopefully you guys are still with me and hey here is the chat test it looks like we’re back it’s fantastic alright so I’ve got a few people in here mic the bombs here just found you through a friend great insight without the BS it’s a current price a good time to get in I can’t really speak to that okay this is all I got to say all I can tell you is that it was five or six cents for a long long time and now you’re looking at 25 cents that best to get in again a lot of the volume right here if you’re looking at the chart down here you can see this spike in volume right here on the 24th that was everyone buying locking it up so they get their dividends next month for staking since then the volume and the price did not slow down and what’s happened is is these nodes so I should I should be more clear about it my note is not set up in because they don’t exist yet they have on the roadmap and they’ve announced it and confirmed it many many times that it’s basically supposed to be ready like this week don’t know if that how true that is we don’t have an official launch date and time but if you guys are following their github you’ll see any moment some type of update on that should be able to download it get your nodes set up and start supporting the system so hey you’re awesome – man it’s good to see you guys appreciate everyone coming out to talk about smart cash a little bit so really guys I think that is it I didn’t want to kind of do a whole new segment didn’t want to spend a ton of time digging into the news there’s a ton of things that are blowing my mind right now but I really feel like I needed to share smart cash because it’s right on the precipice of that top 100 if it breaks things are gonna get kind of crazy for it I believe and most the reason why I believe it will get crazy is they they have everything in place that you’d want for a potential investment both in the short term and long term they are attracting great community members they have active proposals you can again you can do one do you have an idea for a blockchain idea right do you want you know you could do a fundraiser of sorts to help spread awareness but for the smart hive community at the same time as trying to help people around the world with with any type of issue you know whether it’s economical or just survival even it’s definitely something to be considering so I got someone asking essentially what a master node is master node is basically a little bit of software you’ve likely downloaded a wallet before right where you had to download the entire blockchain right a node is essentially very very similar to that you’re gonna have to download the whole blockchain you’re gonna need like 20 gigs or room at least or something like that it just depends on the blockchain size and then basically you’re just gonna have to leave your computer on 24/7 to run and you’re gonna need a good internet connection if you have a bad internet connection and you drop off for more than an hour you’re not going to get rewarded in it for this particular masternode you’re gonna want you’re gonna want exactly 10,000 coins right so if you guys are interested in supporting the cause maybe you’ve got some friends you want to go in together on it or something like that the learning experience is priceless if you’ve never done a master noti I definitely encourage you to do it learn about it it’s like mining only without all the ridiculous Ness of a mining machine right so for less than a price of a miner you should basically start mining this particular currency we don’t have any hard numbers and hard facts on what type of return we can expect if I remember right they’re gonna do a seesaw approach which basically means depending on basically the rewards shift back and forth to keep it even one thing that’s really important about this community this is super important I’m really glad I just thought of this don’t forget this this is critical to this community and what they believe they have an algorithm that is very new and very unique and essentially what that means is that asic miners won’t be around for a while okay also they’ve designed it using an algorithm that essentially almost any computer almost any computer can run it most of you probably have a laptop too could actually run it I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like you’re gonna get some crazy amount of money or rewards for it again you can support the the the good work that’s happening help help the transactions go through and things like that with your with your wallet open essentially and help confirm blocks that way so let’s see did I say 10,000 I did didn’t I it’s only a thousand huh whoa no no no no it’s 10,000 it’s TD it’s ten thousand a thousand is for staking you can stake a thousand and then you can stake up to 5,000 and that is to actually get your reward each month that is not a master node that is you staking it in your wallet that’s like your savings account at your bank you put it in there your bank’s gonna pay you a few pennies right so don’t get that confused okay but that’s what’s great right isn’t that cool that maybe you don’t maybe you’re not interested in the whole node thing maybe you don’t know how to set all that software up it’s new to you it makes you a little nervous maybe it’s more money than you want to invest maybe you don’t have a friend to invest with you you can throw in a thousand and then just sit back and you’re gonna make about 7% each month and you basically can’t can’t complain about that yeah that’s right Samuel 1000 to 5000 for staking so the maximum amounts 5000 on staking 10,000 for a master net you guys can kind of feel and see that you know a lot of the decisions that they made around this particular cryptocurrency was to allow everyone to be a part of it right if you really really really wanted to mine a thousand just to stake it with with one graphic card I guarantee you you can I absolutely guarantee you you can it’s gonna take a while but right then and there you’ll you’ll be able to actually stake it and start making some money the cool thing about staking though is you only have to keep it in your address you don’t actually have to leave the wallet open just has to be in the address they take a snapshot of the blockchain and then payout automatically it’s all automatically done there’s no manual it’s all built into the blockchain in the way that it functions in the way that works so those were some great questions I glad I could add some clarity to that this this smart cash thing reminds me of a lot of currencies that I do see right now on the top 100 but it reminds me of what they were a year ago where they were doing these cool things and there were these cool communities right like go look at like what vivix was posting on youtube and on their Twitter and stuff about a year ago and you’ll really get the sense of that same feeling that same momentum that same excitement the same good work being done and actual results happening and then you actually go and you look at the charts and you can see that other people are agreeing right you’re seeing the volume pick up you’re seeing the price move up with the volume as well and I can tell you guys I actually did point my miners at this as well to kind of test out you know well you know how much can you mine you know can you get a note at an affordable price is it better to mine it and I can actually tell you I definitely mind some you know I got some smart cash out but I can tell you that these little smart caches are a little bit precious they don’t come out very easily they’re not mined easily the difficulty rate the amount of people mining it etc you’re not you’re not rewarded so well for mining right now which is very very interesting so essentially what that means is you know let’s be real if you own a mining machine and anywhere if you actually have graphic cars on mining machine you’re probably in the top like five percent wealthy people of the world if you actually consider the entire planet you’re extremely wealthy you know now the people in Venezuela they don’t have access to a lot of that stuff some some of them do but you know the average person they may have a computer and things like that that the beauty that everyone can contribute be a part of the community and get involved gets me really excited and it’s all it’s the kind of coin that I think Satoshi really would appreciate hopefully he would support and that’s not to say he wouldn’t still support Bitcoin or whatever these days right guys but I think that you know at the time back in you know 2009 when we had the economic crash and it was brought forth as a potential solution I really you know you go back and you actually read about it you can even get that sense that this was supposed to be a liberating technology since that time his his genius white paper was so genius and so beautiful that it basically inspired a whole new field of tech and here we are today with things like smart contracts like not even a currency straight up full-blown programs running in a decentralized manner we’ve got people like a OS working on operating systems that are fully decentralized now things that are like so sci-fi but legitimately we might be playing within two years three years it may actually be the way that who knows I may actually stream on a blockchain someday like that’s kind of crazy right but super cool when you think about it so yeah sama I saw that correction on BTC I hope you guys are well diversified don’t be afraid of the dips be strong hold if you held some smart cash during the dip you didn’t lose a dime in fact during this dip right now you’re up 26 percent in BTC raise your hand if you like more Bitcoin I like more Bitcoin I don’t mind having more Bitcoin I hope that all of you got Bitcoin for Christmas I’m still waiting for Santa to drop some Bitcoin down my chimney but he didn’t do that for me my daughter asked for some Bitcoin and I was like hmm okay maybe a light coin hey guys get some light coin in your wallets – on these dips you know I’m saying it’s free money right now free money on these dips support lines right now for BTC if you’re curious and most of you probably don’t get too nerdy on the technical as I like to the general consensus not just my consensus but a lot of people generally that the strongest resistant point is about 8,000 dollars however there is a good resistance point at about 13,000 so if you’re looking to look you know pick up some dips that’s probably where you want to place your orders right now to kind of be picking it up along the way over the next few months while we consolidate I’m not gonna predict it goes up or down I know the general sentiment is that we’re still going to be heading up next year that I that I feel strongly about to just over the course of what you can do in 365 days knowing where we were one year ago today I don’t I think anything is possible so make sure you guys are diversified well taking a look at a lot of different technologies I’m bringing you guys a new one to look at I hope you know I hope you just consider it and research it I’m not telling you to invest in it this isn’t for everyone some of you don’t have the pockets to diversify so well that you can you know go and look at things that are even below you know the top 20 don’t forget that if you invest it in the top 100 coins on January 1st last year you’d be up about thirty-seven thousand percent whoa I would be happy with just a thousand percent right now on pretty much any investment so that’s why you guys got to make sure you’re diversifying I’m getting lots of questions now I’m gonna kind of get off topic I think a lot of people asking me about verge and red coin and all those good ones verge I like a lot I’ve always liked verge I just can’t believe it the run it’s on guys it’s like overwhelming the run that it’s on I struggled to to believe in it on that level at least that quickly and I’ve been around long enough now to see so many things go up that high and then drop not very many go up that high and stick there’s only so much room on the first page of coin market cap now that being said I’m I actually don’t judge anyone that owns it you know I might judge you slightly if you own a little ripple but I would have to judge myself because I have some too and that’s just because man if it actually is the currency of the bank’s it’s it’s gonna go to the moon but I’d sure don’t like the centralization of it yeah John John McAfee I swear I almost started following him just because I wanted to watch the show I just want to watch the show I keep hearing it after the fact and I just wanted to get to tweet and then go watch everything explode that guy’s out of his mind apparently he knows Satoshi Macanudo personally he knows who he is it’s just fantastic well I’d saw on the plan it happens to know the one most mysterious man in the world it also just happens to be a man that gets paid in Bitcoin to pump your coin so so here’s the plan guys we’re gonna we’re gonna make a coin we’re gonna call it do coin we’re gonna raise 25 Bitcoin okay and then we’re gonna call John McAfee and we’re gonna make a lot of money who’s with me you guys with me on that maybe not anyhow that guy’s that guy’s kind of little crazy but won’t lie guys right now the hype you can’t make money on hype pump-and-dump is a real thing in this space you can make money on it I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it’s worth your time to do it’s very very risky I don’t I don’t recommend it because I’ve seen I have I’ve seen things crash so hard you guys may have not been around long enough a lot of people made a lot of dumb easy money in the last month or two and maybe you’ve been in crypto for a while but that was their big first haul I’ve set up my computer before and seen you know I was here when Ripple went from two cents to seven cents okay you guys want to talk about a ride that was one hell of a ride I saw it go from seven cents down to like four cents instantly we’re talking you know thousands and thousands of Bitcoin in an instant basically there were so many transactions that happened all in the same moment Polonia acts completely crashed the whole website crashed people’s shorts positions were blown to shreds people’s long positions were blown to shreds there is basically this massive you know thousands and thousands of Bitcoin moving up and down in an instant in a moment and all these limit orders getting trigger everything just stopped the whole website blew up went offline I actually brought it live I came online here and actually did a video on it and it was crazy it was crazy and I actually I’m not gonna sit here and say that that but in particular was a pump and dump at the time but I’m just saying be careful not all exchanges do this and you should be aware that when you actually set a limit order you’re not guaranteed that it caches out at the market price you’re just not you’re not so if there’s a flash crash like that you’re selling at market price it will execute your market price but not at what you set it up it could be a thousand Satoshi’s less than what you said to that and that tens a thousand satoshis maybe some of you were around for the great g dax aetherium crash where one idiot somewhere on this planet legitimately a complete idiot completely inept and stupid had no idea how it works some multi-millionaire on this planet had so much a theorem that he had a market order for all of it and didn’t realize that he had more aetherium than what was actually on the books he had more theorem than what was actually available to sell a guess basically he wanted to sell it and there weren’t that many orders he sent aetherium down to a penny a lot of people with orders were very happy so the moral of the story guys make sure that you have a few dollars at all times on your most beloved aetherium on your you know on your litecoin make sure you have some just way way way down there because somewhere in the world there’s someone that dumb and they’re gonna give you free money consider it a Christmas gift place your buy orders always have them up and running and just giggle that day you come home and you’re like oh well look at that I just bought a hundred light coin for 1/10 the price fantastic alright guys so appreciate you guys coming out and I’m glad we got to talk about smart cash and had a little fun too I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you learned something I hope that we can all make a lot of money and next year together if you guys haven’t seen my portfolio video make sure you go check it out I also talked about in my last stream as well my top five coins I want to go over some more coins some more things I have picked out for next year even expand upon the reasons why I’ve picked some of the coins that I did and why I picked those if I mean I can explain it pretty well why I picked those coins in those videos and those are my picks for the year those are the ones you can write down in a year from now you can come with burning Spears and tell me I was wrong and so hopefully I’m right about one of them hey guys maybe the king of do hype just went to the moon here but smartcasts it’s already up to 28 cents now so we’ve already moved on up since we’ve been here chatting so all-time high at this moment all-time high for smart cash so don’t miss out guys at least make an educated decision and tell a friend that’s the most important thing tell a friend about this channel tell a friend about smart cash educate the world share the knowledge ask questions make sure you leave some good comments and make sure that if the community leaves a question you guys answer it down below alright I appreciate you guys and again I am the king of do and I hope you guys have a good weekend this yeah it’s a holiday weekend right so hopefully I’ll see you again before the year ends but until then I’m the king of do and may the force be with you

Altcoin News – Bitcoin Gold Coinbase, IOTA, Cardano, Sell The News

what’s going up everybody yeah I say what’s going out because everything’s going up right so what’s going up everybody so take a look here at the cryptocurrency market you got everything pretty much going up again so that’s cool right market capitalization just under 600 billion approaching 1 trillion anyone want to take a stab at when it’s gonna hit a trillion go ahead and drop that comment is it gonna be January is it gonna be February is it gonna be March they’re gonna be 2019 I mean what’s your thoughts on that market cap also guys Bitcoin approaching 20,000 kind of flirts with 19,000 goes up to 20,000 which way you’re gonna go Bitcoin right which way you’re gonna go Big Mama anyways we got Ripple holding steady at 73 cents is this the new price point for ripple in the 70s nice to see River break through and get out of that 20 cent range it was just stuck in pin debt hmm iota I’m like I oughta on the foot like in the flood actions happen with iota so you got to give it give it a little bit of time if you’re buying iota and expecting it go up next day not likely but if you’re buying I owed up below $4 it’s a good buying opportunity if you’ve already missed that opportunity Cardno appears to have found a new home around 50 cent range at least temporarily we’ll see if it goes up or down from there but that’s interesting and yes I made the video yesterday because we gave it a any Theory evaluation over the next year which is where the etherion market cap is now we think Cardno can probably more than likely get close to that which would give it a 5 dollar valuation being that it’s similar tech and IOH k if you don’t know about it you need to look up IO HK and see what the Cardinal projects all about and then you can make your own educated decisions iota as you know is another technology that’s been flooded fear uncertainty and doubt has crept in because of a little bit of miscommunication and no big deal but um yeah so there are some speculations about Bitcoin gold I cannot confirm or deny this but some people on this threat have commented saying that bitcoin gold has it on their website that they’re going to be added to GD x so that’s coinbase I’m not spreading any sort of news that’s inaccurate all I’m saying is that if you go into Bitcoin Gold’s website it does say right here I’ll even show you guys so I’m not I mean that if anything they were ones who are saying it or they’ve just added it for decoration I don’t know but what’s that right there guys G – okay why would they add why would they add it to the coming soon if they weren’t coming soon to GD X which is corn-based guys I mean I’m not it’s not like I’m biessing you guys alright that’s just what it says coming soon on for Bitcoin gold anyways guys let’s take let’s keep cruising through the news here you gotta sell the news Bitcoin price to test 20k ahead of see a mean launch ya know we’re always talking about futures and Chicago Mercantile Exchange and all this stuff but hey you know Wall Street jumping in is going to continue to inject this money this I’m thinking that a lot of this market cap is coming from you know Wall Street investment so you being the single single investor out here at below the 1% before the herd shows up you know you should you this is why your your portfolio is growing is because big money’s coming in and you being an early riser are early to the party you know you get a you get the benefits of that so all of us guys who are new to the party this thing is going to keep going up because stuff like this so I know you guys don’t necessarily like Wall Street but hey if they’re gonna bring money in and it’s gonna inflate your portfolio and your profits you know ride the wave guys be smart be savvy take profits you know do what you got to do make wise investments be patient be willing to ride it out when things go down don’t just expect them to go up the next day you know if we make a video and they in in the price goes down don’t get upset don’t panic cell you know because that that kind of happens sometimes when we’re seeing things you can expect them to go down before they go up sometimes but sometimes they’ll just go straight up like verge but what I’m saying is be patient the money is coming their herd is coming don’t short sell your positions and losses okay anyways enough about that I know that you guys are getting a lot better at that especially the guys who have been watching this channel for awhile I see it in the comments you’re saying you know hold you know you’re saying be patient and a lot of you already knew this but some of you guys who were selling out losses are now holding so that’s really cool to see all right so the person who created Bitcoin remains a mystery anyone want to take a guess at who this Sochi Nakamoto really is some people have said it’s a Elon Musk some have said that its own well the CIA here here we go Gavin Anderson who others believe it’s Tesla created Elon Musk both have denied the claim there’s actually if you go onto YouTube and type in Elon Musk on Bitcoin this comments are like this basically well I think it’s gonna be used in the in the markets for illegal activity so I don’t know I mean if Iran must create a Bitcoin what do you say that maybe I don’t know maybe he thinks that there’s some sort of good thing about the black market or you know crime now I’m not advocating for crime and I don’t think Elon Musk is so I don’t think he met that but in the history of the world these wild wild west kind of dynamics where it’s kind of uh lawless and we are in a lawless kind of dynamic it doesn’t mean that that gives anyone the green light to go out and do illegal activity by any stretch of the imagination so do not be doing anything that’s gonna get you in trouble or hurt anybody or rip anybody off by for committing fraud or anything but you know these lawless kind of free market economies like the Wild West was you know it’s how the west was one is how the the situation has become more stable or you know before it’s like when you’re building something someone’s got to get in there and get down and dirty in this case it’s you guys getting in there getting down and dirty you know and then when big money comes in they stabilize the government regulates it and and then the party is stable because once once it goes mainstream and people are just pushing buttons to make trade and it’s already mainstream in the end the opportunity really just kind of subsides and then you have like the stock market kind of situation with the new york stock exchange and has that so you know it’s just kind of how the the cooking crumbles when it comes to this market right now it’s it’s really just a wild ride and you guys are all on board neo receives its first ICO template Neal’s price right now if you take a look at me oh look at this music seventy one dollars so for those of you who’ve been holding Neal been patient with Neal you see how your patience pays off I mean there is people who bought neo at 47 they watched it go down they probably held and now they’re seeing finally the spike they’ve been waiting for but look at how long that took guys August to December to recover on that so yeah when I’m talking about these electroni ins and some of these other crypto currencies where we’ve seen this kind of situation play out you sometimes it can take four months so if you’re going to take out a position on some of these a long run place just be willing to ride it out don’t be a for months I know four months of cryptocurrency feels like four years because each month is like a year really in this world I mean it’s kind of that’s how fast we’re moving at hyper velocity but that’s what it feels like but neo you know big gains here I mean I was buying a neo below $20 round right here this is when I was buying neo because I was buying on the dip following that simple that simple strategy of buy the dip don’t buy that don’t buy the sky high like even yesterday I made a video about card a no I was telling you yeah I think it could go to $5 but I’m not gonna buy it sky high price again when I sold it 12 so card a no chart if I mean if you look at this because chart it’s not the time to step into card Anna now if cardio stabilizes here for about a week or two and I’m still really hungry to get in the car down on a right to $5 sure I’ll jump in but I think there’s other I’m looking at other positions I’m looking at the next card I know but I’m all still talk about card I know because you guys want me to talk about card Danno and I’ll still give my prize projections for Cardinal but I’m looking for the next card Anna when car Deanna was that 2 cents card Anna was at this price I’m looking for the next card Anna you see to 250 so anyways guys moving right along here crypto watch car Dino speaking of card Anna leaves 117 22 hours surging past iota with ten point four billion dollar market cap yeah okay Forbes what do you think the price is gonna be we’ll see so interesting right moving right along here the year Central Bank’s begin buying crypto currencies 2018 this goes back to that big money coming in when the big money comes in the heard coming I don’t know if if I was a central bank executive I say hey why we already in this you know because you guys the longer they wait the but then again they got to stabilize things and they have protocols in place and they got to lay that foundation but it just benefits guys like us who are early adopters to this space and if you are if you are spreading the if you are spreading this information with your friends and family and you’re guiding them you can have them follow this channel if that makes things easier for them and will continue to work with them and you know it’s not financial advice but hey it’s just it’s just one extra way for them to get information outside of what you’re telling them this channels been growing really fast by the way guys I mean I’ve we were growing like yeah you seen it we were to seem like just last week we ride like 15,000 sup so it’s growing pretty fast so ripple price why has XRP spiked how does the cryptocurrency work and where can you buy it so that’s really interesting stuff right there alright so Ripple we’ll see where this goes the ripple net I would say any of these cryptocurrencies if you if you’re a real conservative guy real conservative girl if you’re really conservative these top ten here especially this one this one this one this one and this one these five probably Manero too – by the way keep an eye on – I mean I’m almost at the point where I’m just gonna start like talking about – a lot more cuz this privacy coin is big-time like like I said about two weeks ago I said everybody should try to own at least one – everyone should own at least one Bitcoin cash and even one Bitcoin gold I said but also one Bitcoin if you can’t get to one full Bitcoin key and get to one full Bitcoin cash I was saying two of these but getting the two of these is gonna be harder than it ever has been but yeah I would try to hold two etherium I don’t know how could what happens if the etherium reaches a you know what happens if the etherium reaches a trillion dollar market cap itself so bitcoins headed towards the trillion dollar market cap what’s gonna happen when he theorem hits that what’s that price gonna look like and that’s at $10,000 a theorem range that we were talking about so obviously all this is just projections there’s no real way to guarantee I can’t make any guarantees for you we’re just looking at it from if what I say lines up with what use you see also so you see if you see it the same way I do where we’re looking at these market caps and where these market caps can head to and you agree then you’re obviously you know you’re hearing what I say but you’re making that decision because you agree that that’s the potential so real interesting stuff here and also here right here I did a video so I really appreciate when you guys interact with these videos so when I put out the information about making price projections I’m going to start sharing some of these comments here so this was the trillion dollar cryptocurrency market cap by February 2018 so obviously I asked you in the beginning of the video where do you see that when you think we’ll hit the trillion dollar market cap I said by February 2018 but if you think it’s gonna be sooner or later drop that comment but here we go so this I asked what do you guys see the price of Bitcoin and the etherium and litecoin when we hit that trillion dollar market cap Nora Nora said so let’s take a look here he said BTC will be about 52 K ether will be about 2 K so obviously if February will be the trillion dollar market cap these are price projections from neuron are and some of these other people by February 2018 or whenever we at that trillion dollar market cap so 52k for BTC 2 K for each thorium litecoin 1.5 k Bitcoin cash 5k – 4 K Manero 1k tobe oft he said $36,000 by the 600 dollar market cap for Bitcoin Oh oh this is no he’s saying $600 this is how it would be broken down for that market cap so he’s saying $36,000 Bitcoin by a trillion 1722 x RP $2 so he’s got x RP at $2 that’s ripple it’s got light point at 900 he disagrees with my comment that investing in all coins is betting against Bitcoin okay yeah that’s fair enough if you guys wanted to read what Toby off to had to say you can read that there I I say that uh if you if you bet it if you invest in all coins you’re hoping that Vic or your all point position outpaces the growth of Bitcoin because if you get into an altcoin position in Bitcoin Rises you know it and I’m not necessarily stuck in that that position I’m saying that’s kind of like a way to look at it is if bitcoins the store value is your altcoin position I’m going to outpace the growth of Bitcoin so but I’m not necessarily stuck in that position because I’m flexible that’s the number one thing about all this it’s not that I’m double minded or wishy-washy it’s I realize this market is a whole new thing that’s coming up I mean we haven’t even seen anything like this okay at least in my lifetime I’m 34 so you know that you got to be flexible if you’re stuck in the mud how you gonna how you gonna move I mean that’s like those people stuck in the mud that we’re saying should I buy Bitcoin at 5,000 should I buy Bitcoin at 10,000 and then they’re like I’m waiting for it to pull back I tell everybody say just jump in I don’t like with Bitcoin you just jump in like if you’re waiting for it to pull back that might not ever happen you saw that that meme where they had the guy with the skeleton that skeleton was sitting at the computer and his head was on the keyboard and it said about it it said uh still waiting for the price of Bitcoin to come down you know so I’m not stuck in the mud with anything I’m flexible I’m agile I have agility oh my god I’m like a cheetah in a way in the sense that I’m agile on the Savannah you know so with the market cap of one trillion this guy G will he says 35 K ether 1,400 XRP 250 litecoin 1,200 sapporo zero 3 says bitcoin 36,000 so a lot of people are projecting bitcoin to be about 36,000 ether around about 1400 XRP to be $2.50 interesting ooh low estimate for a light coin so he said Andre feet heart said Bitcoin 45 ka Thor 2k litecoin 1k XRP 150 so he’s a little bit more bullish on Bitcoin any Theory amande litecoin than he is on ripple let’s see here alright what’s this bitcoin 1m litecoin oh he must have misunderstood what I was asking but to say that Bitcoin give me 1 million dollars one day like 150 k x RP 5 k ether 150 k in a 1 trillion our markup um what does he mean when I’m ok so let’s see here Ronelle miranda bitcoin 70 K by 2019 ether 60 K by 2019 okay so he gave a price projection for 2019 all right move along here here’s one here’s a trillion or mark koep projection with bitcoin extremely high from Josh Steinmetz he says 55 K and he says 2k a theory 1.5 k litecoin iota $30 for an iota says all coin buzz me up Midwest anyone might have to start doing that here we go Ellen she’s saying hey Jeff dude crypto is not a boys club plenty of girls out there investing that’s good because we are definitely inviting women into the crypto space women are definitely the community builders and we need more women in the cryptocurrency space because what’s life without women right BTC 250,000 dollars by the end of 2018 whoo can the dentist the guy’s going dental on his man he’s flossing flood is that we’ve got cars out of Porsche man iota $8 card a No 60 power 150 per coin okay all right he went oh he’s like well if everybody’s gonna talk about the mainland I’ll talk about some of these interesting ones now verge at 20 cents would be great because when we bought verge if you if you were with me on that bird ride we bought bird under a doll or honor a penny so man if verge goes the 20 cents I’ll take that all day long actually I’m kind of excited to convert to go to $2 show me a $2 bird right anyways guys got BTC at 63,000 from steve brule ether 4000 litecoin 1900 bitcoin misses bitcoin 62,000 ether 8,000 ether $8,000 ether while bitcoin cash 3000 hmm okay ripple $40 crypto Jim what’s up man shout out dude ripple man that’d be cool ripple 40 bucks dude I bought ripple at 20 cents I’ll be stoked on that iota I bought iota at 34 cents I’ll be stoked on 160 oh dang man what are you guys up to man alright so anyways yeah just drop your comments in there when you think we’ll hit the trillion dollar market cap as you can see you know we’re almost halfway there but we’re on hyper-growth and this is really great to see also guys if you’re looking to follow us on other social media channels let me give you guys that information on where you can go to get that go right here click up here I’m gonna put some more information we got invest feed this is our Twitter right here here’s our Facebook I’m going to add Instagram right here so if you guys are looking to follow us on social media you can come right here just click right on the lakorn bus name go right to the top you can get all of our social medias right here we’re not really doing too much on Facebook but we’ll start picking that up and until next time guys thanks for watching all coin is and if you’re new here subscribe if you like and you can hit the bell if you like to get notifications when we drop videos see y’all later