Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Ardor (ARDR)

hello I hope you’re doing very well today this is crypto coins and in this episode of undervalued coin series I’m going to look at our door which is blockchain as a service so order will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of next which is other blockchain that was before other for the use of something called child chains I was created by next chord left team elder tokens were released in October 2016 now next already had some problems and still has running on it including other foil or dark roofs and roll SP others so that alone proves that the system you know can be used and it’s not just all etherium now our door is actually aimed at businesses organizations or even independent project and is taking the technology of next more mainstream and easier to use for the usage of child chains are going to provide a variety of features to make it easier to launch their own blockchain based project so the more so the main purpose of it is you know to for people to take the block teen mainstream for the child chains there are several unique features that will allow people to do that the most important being easy setup class from white training trading of assets monetary system we are either natan native tokens and others is needed cloud storage secure messaging the centralized voting additional plugins that allow you to customize the functionality of the blockchain conditional as well as unconditional transactions or others marketplace for both digital and physical islands so pretty much anything you would need from a blockchain is going to be provided already through our door which is great others actually already tested running so we can test those features if you want now in terms of the tokens there is almost billion of them available and the number will not change you can exchanger for next tokens if you need to other available on major Western and Eastern exchanges with most volume on bt c-38 then the major exchanges after BTC are Paulo Beatrix in 1981 now the reason why you want to hold under tokens is the fact that you will collect the fees that’s going to be used by the child’s chains so the price obviously changes quickly but at the time of making this video is about 11 cents was the market cap of about eleven hundred million and the market capitalization rank is 1440 place it was actually recently hit quite badly for the market crash as you can see the price probably as always has been in a very long time so if you want to invest now it’s probably a good moment actually do so now in terms of the team first of all um it’s being run by a non-profit next foundation that’s based in Netherlands now the actual intellectual property of next another is being kept by a company called jazz a reader BV I think I pronounced that correctly and they basically aim to explore commercial opportunities for those platforms there is a busy team and busy development team has many years of experience through developing through the development of next and there is also a very busy community behind the project so you know they share the websites to each of the projects and Twitter addresses for each of the projects so what are the first of all is aiming to be easy and user-friendly alternative of aetherium since I already have plenty of features incorporated into it developers if they want to can just focus on adjusting the child chain to fit their needs I think a very good analogy that I found was basically building website from scratch which would be etherium versus using something like WordPress and that’s basically either they they provide templates for you to build your own blockchain and then you can simply adjust the blockchain to fit your needs so that should allow people with good ideas and good marketing skills to create Buddhism products even if they lack that technical knowledge that you would otherwise need it’s already backed by popularity and community of next as well which is very important now the change child changed usage also means that any issues that affect maintain shouldn’t affect the child change so I think a good example is the valve Fiasco and the fact that a seeing fork to assume classic as an example so that shouldn’t happen with other because that probably would happen on child change instead of the main shape and in terms of alternatives is going to compete directly obviously of all the other smart contract platforms and a serum is being the main competitor in that sense however the child change technology as I know is unique so you know it will have that unique kind of niche position in the blockchain 2.0 space based on that did you have a very busy development client how you can you can I’m going to put a link in the description actually so the Ignace I SEOs actually gonna take place in a few days and also going to launch several technologies in the upcoming weeks as well as implement something called acid control now at the end of 2017 they’re going to have the launch of the mainland which I think you’re going to skyrocket the price as well as they’re going to migrate on the outer balances from an Xbox chain to the outdoor asset blockchain so that’s quite important as well I guess I don’t really like doing prediction um predictions in terms of the price but there is plenty of ongoing development connected with other and you know the main ones that could actually spark the price are first of all the main is launch then the big migration of the other asset bounces from the next block chain to the other blockchain Ignace chang um launch as well as other child chain launches as well so it’s coming around on 1440 but I think it could easy and the top 20 and compete with the likes of pitchers neo or ways so let’s compare it to bitch first for example which is basically yo the market cup of bitch shapes is three times as much as our dough so if other was about to reach that account that mean the price would increase from eleven cents to thirty three cents and I think they’re definitely achievable with the launch of the main net so why is it unvalued so first of all it can become the mainstream and easy-to-use blogging platform are the actual usage of child chains is a unique technology and it’s gonna attract users that do not want to risk Forks like happened with a cerium antiserum graphic it’s still at a very early phase of development and there are several milestones that should spike the price including the mainly release as where the child chain releases a team is already experienced for the development of next and you know based on next there is also the very busy community behind it and that community is definitely gonna move to our door some of the things to keep in mind so first of all locking 2.0 is already dominated by a Syrian and it’s also getting crowded with other platforms so that’s gonna make it more difficult for outdoor we’re going to go through it’s still a very early stage of development so it’s going to be a very long time before there are several child chains that you know and that should spike the price but it’s going to be a while before that happens and as with all the out coins currently seems to be very connected to bid Congrats so if Bitcoin goes down algorithm and go down as well so there you have it I hope you found that video useful if you have any questions about outdoor leave a comment below you can follow me on steam it on Twitter and subscribe for more videos I hope you have a great day Cheers

Ardor (ARDR) Review NXT 2.0 – Cryptocurrency Review

hey everyone Demetrios here and today I’m going to talk about our door ard our and Ignace the first child chain on our door and all of this will wrap into NXT as well but first I want to thank everyone who’s been subscribing liking the videos and commenting I always appreciate the support if you’re on this channel you know finding yourself here for your second or third time please click the subscribe I always appreciate the support so let’s jump right on into this thing a lot of you have been asking me to take a look at our tour especially after I spoke about mem about a week ago so I will make sure to do a direct bit of a comparison on that towards the end of this so what is our door just to start off well it’s a token currently on the NXT blockchain but it’s meant to be a sort of NXT 2.0 it alott launched the Genesis block on January 1st 2018 and I maintain the proof of stake that NXT is famous for it’s one of the first proof of stake coins for those of you who are just getting into the space you know next he really was one of those heavy hitters back in the day it was developed by gel Arita and our door is developed by gel Arita as well as is Ignace and really there will be a significant amount of emphasis on child chains with the launch of our door and ignis so i’m gonna get into that whole concept of child chains I thought it was the same thing as private chains or or side chains but it’s actually not so it’s it’s it’s actually pretty interesting so I’m gonna get into that as part of it like why our door section in just a minute it’s in JavaScript they’re doing a Christmas snapshot of our door to do the Ignis distribution they are meant to be this whole system platform is meant to be integrated very easily with legacy systems as well you hear a lot more of these newer block chains saying that their max supply is actually their current supply 998 million nine hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred ninety five and it is available on a number of major exchanges including Vectrex and my axe so why order what’s special about this thing what’s this whole child chain concept for a side chains well side chains most people already know are these private areas where you it helps you scale you can you can put all of the businesses private information and smart contracts on that chain and none of it has to go on the main chain but the problem with side chains is that you then have to secure your side chain yourself you need to have your own nodes to to basically stake your side chain over simplifying child chains it’s a similar concept where businesses can still have their private smart contracts going all of their own activities occurring however they also are verified by the main nodes of the main chain of our doors so it’s not every child chain that’s constantly backed up on the our door chain it’s some of the most recent child chains and transactions and things of that sort but that way there is always a sort of central auditing system within the our door network so that every chain is always secure and you can’t just hack into a side chain because they don’t have the proper level of staking power for example at some point in time it’s always secured by that main chain so it’s a pretty interesting concept here on on child chains and I and it’s what I hadn’t really understood the you know articulated difference between the two so it is still in test net at the moment so it’s again this is still just a token on NXT it’ll launch its Genesis block in January but but they plan to have all these ready to use api’s token distribution seems to have been done the way it is meant to maximize the distribution of the coins there’s a very solid community around NXT like I said it’s one of those first proof of state coins so there are some very ardent believers in this platform also NXT holders received about 50% of the air drop of ardor when it launched so they have an incentive to care about this thing as well the roadmap is also very transparent on their website they’ve got a clean website that gives you a sense of what they do what the whole concept is how order is linked to Ignace how Ignace is linked to NXT and so on and so forth but really just to simplify things here for those of you who are trying to understand what’s this whole concept of NXT order Ignace I’m mentioning these three different names so NXT is basically the original platform their original crypto but our door is meant to essentially replace it it’s meant to be the new version of an XT essentially same team and everything so it’s really meant to override I’m not sure exactly what the plans are for NXT after all of this so at the moment our tour is based on NXT but it will be its own thing beginning in 2018 and ignis will then be connected to our door NXT blockchain creator kit is something that’s going to be huge for this our tour is still going to be obviously so it’s the same team as NXT – I’m sure there’s some way that these fees are all working I haven’t I’ve had trouble understanding the fees to be honest I know NXT is still integrated with our door moving forward especially with this watching creator kid that’s meant to provide tools and API is for developers to be able to build on the ardour platform very easily so there is still in existence there there’s still some level of fees occurring between these areas but to be completely Frank this is where I get into the concerns around our door the fact that the fee structures are really quite confusing I was trying to understand that going through some reddit feeds and and really the the discussion didn’t leave me feeling the most confident it appeared that there wasn’t too calculated of way of moving forward with it and it seemed like it was kind of the price doesn’t work with the market then we’ll just kind of move it but but that risks having moments where the chain kind of grinds to a halt off the riff the fees are too high and from my understanding that’s somewhat kind of what happened at some point with NXT is also that there was just mismanagement of fee structures and incentives which just prevented it from working efficiently so hopefully Artur doesn’t repeat that issue it’s still in test net so there aren’t any really major use cases or pilots it doesn’t have any major Fiat pairings really other than the Euro which is great but still it’s not great for liquidity to only have one eye and then I come down to the hole okay are to reverse and I have to quickly address that child chains versus the private chains that versus meeting for example Newton’s being used by 300 plus businesses to run pilots or to fully you know it’s just being fully utilized whereas these child chains aren’t really being utilized yet by any major businesses so we can’t really vote for how well these things work yet it is promising technology but when it comes down to it men’s private chains are also being backed up by the main network just as child chains and our door being backed up by the main network so in that regard I have a hard time understanding really the difference is there other than just coining their own terms but when it comes down to yeah integrating with other businesses and and moving forward with things it would seem that they are very much competing in a similar space and that our door does have some grounds to make up in this space but it’s been doing a great job moving up the charts the last few weeks there’s a great level of enthusiasm around this thing I think as long as Artur can get their messaging right around why child chains are significantly different from side chains as long as they can prove that they’ve got a clear fee structure and as long as they can start to get some actual use cases and pilots lined up and potentially maybe some more you know Fiat pairings this thing could really be on its way to something great I mean the tech behind it is solid so I’m very excited to see where this whole thing goes let me know your comments below and again I always appreciate your subscriptions see you again soon