Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? – $10,000 COIN IN 2018?

hello and welcome again to the cryptocurrency Channel today we’re going to be talking about bitcoins little bastard stepchildren Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin cash so there are a couple other denominations like Bitcoin diamond Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin unlimited but we’re we’re not gonna focus on those ones we’re going to be focusing just on the two main ones Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold so over here is the last seven days of Bitcoin cash it is currently number four in coin market cap with a market cap of just over thirty three billion dollars now in stark contrast Bitcoin gold is at about five billion market cap so Bitcoin cash has a definite advantage over this and it has been around longer and Bitcoin cash has been around since August 2017 whereas Bitcoin gold fork happened in October but launched in November let’s go back to why are they both called Bitcoin and what are the goals that they’re trying to accomplish people that back Bitcoin gold believe that Bitcoin has become more centralized now what that means is a long time ago everyone could mine Bitcoin on computers and you know like any old computer using computing power but now we have gotten to the point where you can only really make meaningful mining if you have ASIC mining Hardware which is really really expensive hardware on this very energy taxing so it’s going to cost more for some people to run it than other people and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of Bitcoin being mined in China because the electricity is just so much cheaper there so Bitcoin Gold’s goal is to be able to be mined by regular computers therefore it’s able to be mined by GPU power regular computers anyone that anyone really has around kind of going back to the old days of Bitcoin where you could do the same with that basically the goal of Bitcoin gold is to bring the power of mining back to the people not to the people that can afford ASIC miners not to the owners of Bitcoin farms but back to regular computers and regular people just the way that we were using it before and on the contrary Bitcoin cash uses the same sha-256 the way that Bitcoin does which means that mining is really only profitable if you have an ASIC miner same way with Bitcoin okay so what Bitcoin cash is trying to solve is true how can we make transactions shorter and cheaper than Bitcoin because it’s getting expensive and it’s getting slow so their proposal is to is to increase the amount of transaction data per block according to Roger various Twitter an interesting little tidbit is that unlike Bitcoin core Bitcoin cash doesn’t have an artificial cap so in the way that Bitcoin core there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million there won’t because of lost coins but in theory there could be 21 million it’s not going to be the case for Bitcoin cash what the consequences of not having an artificial cap are are still undefined and still split by the community how do I think that this is personally gonna go I don’t really agree with the reason that Bitcoin cash came to be but I do think it’s here to stay and that’s just because a lot of people are starting to pour money into it like investing into it more so than Bitcoin and gold and I do think that market demand is really going to be the factor that determines which one is going to say and which one might be the forgotten stepchild of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash just has more interest among investors it looks like blockchain info launched Bitcoin cash support where I don’t think they support Bitcoin gold so the increased exposure the increase used by trusted sources is going to make Bitcoin cash just that much more valuable than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash is also has that central figure Roger there that has a big audience and is going to be able to push that more into the public eye than Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash seems to have a lot more marketing that I have seen around than Bitcoin gold and for that reason I think that Bitcoin cash is here to stay do I think it’s gonna overtake Bitcoin no but you know what we’ll see what happens so are you in favor of these Forks tell us in the comments below or are you a Bitcoin purus tell us why thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time