hello YouTube welcome back to my channel Jack make money and this video I’m gonna talk to you about armies ago what it is and why you should invest before the end of the year also I’m changing the name of my channel from Jack making money to crypto Ellis Jack making money to crypto Ellis I’m just letting you know so you don’t get confused in the future of videos like ascribe and as always hit that Bell notifications so you are always first to view my videos as you can see um user go is down down here in 12th place on coin lucky cap so amis ago is currently worth $9 79 so amis ur goats high was around $13 an hour’s a few days ago where can you buy uh music go from you can buy it from BitFenix bit tracks bx thailand Polonia x Aoife delta violence you can buy it from 27 different exchanges this is great for armies ago because this proves already that they are well-known so what is amis ago so amis ago was created by this company here a mesa so a mesa was created in 2013 and it’s not a new company it’s a company with a lot of history and a lot of experience they have offices in Thailand Japan Indonesia and Singapore so what does the company do so the company provides a payment management system for businesses to accept payments through their mobile application or online store they are also currently working with a leap a a leap a is one of the biggest companies in the world not just in China but in the world so as I’ve said already they are already a established company so you know investing your money into this crypto is gonna be very very secure everything if we go over to the amis ago website everything is going to be ready by the end of the year as you can see here so you will not need a bank account to use this it’s gonna be very very low costs and it’s gonna have decentralized currencies like crypto currencies so this is really really good so ELISA they help businesses implement payment methods I think this is good as they can use this to bring cryptocurrency in to the mainstream is built on the etherion blockchain and will offer peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services as you can see here they are also creating a decentralized exchange on their platform that will allow everyone to trade back and forth and store their money all in one place so the main reason I think that they can bring cryptocurrency mainstream is because like I said they are making decentralized exchange but what is great about this decentralized exchange is it’s not just cryptocurrency on this exchange they are also going to have Fiats on this exchange so on this exchange you’re going to be able to do everything also the plus point of them making this exchange fully decentralized is that you will not have to rely on centralized exchanges like bit tracks coin base or Polonius because when you have to rely on these exchanges it kind of takes away the point of decentralized cryptos also centralized exchanges are more prone to hacking and phishing sites being curated so a decentralized exchange where you can do everything on it is gonna be huge for cryptocurrency also a great thing is that you would be able to cash out and cash in fiat really really quickly so another great thing about amis ago is their team so we’ll go down quickly to their team so the team is around six people but their advisors is where it gets crazy so as you can see here they’ve got five people a CEO slash founders this guy the cofounders this guy product design special advisor and managing director but one of the main reasons a lot of people are backing Hermes ago is because their advisors as you will see right now so as you can see they’ve got the founder of aetherium back in this they got Lightning Network co-author if we go down here they’ve got the CEO or Bitcoin comm this guy right here was wrong the adopters of cryptocurrency and bitcoins so they have got a massive team of advisers with great great knowledge so you might have heard already some news about Emmys ago and this is massive news the CEO as you can see here the CEO has said on slack that they are gonna start partnership with McDonald’s so McDonald’s is gonna start accepting cryptocurrency through Emmys ago as a form of payment within their stores this is huge as this means a muse ago is already bringing cryptocurrency in to the mainstream and there is around 240 locations in Thailand that are going to be using this script using cryptocurrency through McDonald’s so this is huge McDonald’s will also be doing PR for Emmys ago so this in itself is huge because this will bring a meze ago a lot of publicity and open cryptocurrency a lot of publicity also at the moment in Asia there is a big problem and the big problem is a lot of people are cut off from banks so this platform this amis ergo platform will be perfect for them as with this platform you don’t need a bank to work with them so this is great as it will give more people in Asia and around the world financial freedom okay so if we go over here as well this is another really great point about a music oh they’re gonna bring out a musical mobile wallet but also once you use a meze ago you are going to begin reward points which is great also and these ergo is a proof of state blockchain meaning you’ll get to state your tokens in return for verifying transactions on the network so by staking your tokens you’re officially helping the network stay more secure then you’ll get your tokens back once you’ve staked them at the end obviously and then you will obviously get more tokens because you staked your tokens going back to the point with McDonald’s once people start seeing that McDonald’s is using crypto currencies and usually nummies ago it won’t be too long before a lot more companies start hopping on board and using amis ergo – so what is my final verdict on amis ago as always I’m not financial advisor so always do your own research for me the platform is great and once it is finished being built it will be massive and I believe it will be one of the biggest exchanges that people use because it’s so easy to use it will be built by the end of the year if the roadmap is correct also the team is really great and the advisors are very very solid I also believe it will be huge because they are solving a problem on cashing in and cashing out on cryptocurrency to fear so they are solving this problem so they’re going to make it a lot easier so this will help a lot of people and currently a lot of investors and everyday people are scared again into cryptocurrency or don’t know how to so I believe that this platform can make it a lot easier for the everyday person or investor to get into cryptocurrency because this proper platform will bring a lot more people into cryptocurrency and it will make it a lot more mainstream so my price prediction for a meze ago this time next year is 50 USD where did I pull 50 USD from so I’ve gone over the market cap that they currently got and the circulating supply that they currently got so as you can see here this is what I believe they will get this time next year so I’ve times that by the supply that is currently circulating and this is the market cap that I got for when it gets to 50 correct me below if I’m wrong but I got four billion for when it gets to 50 almost five billion so why also did was I made the price of Bitcoin to five thousands because that’s what I believe it will get to by this time next year and i timesed it by their current supply that they’ve got out right now which is this and i got eighty two billion eighty two billion for their market cap so bitcoin have an eighty two billion mo g having four point nine billion will be nothing so i honestly believe that we’ll get to 50 and then this will be the market cup so what are your thoughts on years ago do you think I’ll get to 50 do you feel go higher do you figure go lower thank you for watching my video as always like a subscribe don’t forget to the bail notification thank you very much have a great day