Lendconnect Price Target $5 USD – Daily Interest of 1.5 – 5 Percent!

yo what’s up guys aspire we say the crypto pie and today we’re going to be talking about land connect alright guys so what is going on with line connect well first of all guys we have two new messages from the line connect team so let’s take a look at that are we ready for January 2018 we want to inform you that there will be a lot of changes that line connect will rocket landing features automatic reinvestment function reinvesting will not change the original capital release date leg connect start Tory will be five dollars per one land connect daily interest rates between one point five percent and 5 percent now if you ask me that’s high five cents really high I have no doubt they’re gonna do it but this all we’ll have to see all right thank you for staying behind us now it’s time for us to show the world who Lane Connect is we hope you’ve had a nice Christmas and let 20:18 be our year land connect team I and then we have official land connect community channel feel free to join and chitchat about length net let’s own that some rules say guys English only no swearing no advertising all right so that’s what’s up also guys if you’re not in my telegram yet join the crypto pies block join the crypto pies feed all the telegrams will be in the description below just like a link directly to Len connect to join up with me online connect right so that is basically what’s going on now if we just look at the website is still the same but I’m sure that I think you were working on the new website right that was like one of their previous ones let me see real quick yeah they are updating the page the current landing page will be gone in meantime we’re going to plant new website so the new website will be there at some point it’s not there yet but we’ll just have to wait for it and it will come out also guys when I logged into the link connect dashboard and click on the landing it says 12 days 21 hours 53 minutes and 43 seconds or is coming soon guys then we can lend our coins if you want to do that of course you can also sell your coins traded do whatever I do whatever you want to do it’s it’s great guys let’s take a look at the price itself look at LAN Connecticut it’s just rocketing all right it’s just rocketing if we just look at some recent orders look at this recent market rate 7,000 all right so how much is that we’ll go look right now BTC in USD that’s 98 cents all right guys were nearly at a double up we’re nearly at a double up for the people got in at 50 cents also if you snooped it up like I did cuz i snooped some up at the bottom here you can treat these guys right it’s not just from the ico price you can definitely trade this if you picked it up here great on you right you didn’t oh well it’s okay um so yeah guys I mean that’s what’s going on length connect right now I mean as you can see the price is just skyrocketing let me refresh this page and see it’s not updating this in real time coin exchange isn’t that nice for that you know it’s not updating in real time so you just have to go to recent market rates to really see the price which at the moment is is it seventy thousand Satoshi or I mean seven thousand Satoshi sorry seven thousand Satoshi guys that is the price right now so yeah and you see people just buying it up so it’s up to you guys what’s going on but uh I I think the target that they say in the telegram here the five dollars per one line connect we can achieve that alright guys so I just want to give you guys this quick update online connect I you know I thought I was going to do a video but gold war today honestly because the internal exchange but if that’s coming a bit later you will see a video right away right now I can only update you on length connect slang connect bead go war to it and you know they got an update out before them and that’s great and that’s why she like connect skyrocketing or what’s not doing anything really so so it might still be a good time to collect some gold award put like cheap before it will do something similar alright so guys I hope you also picked some line connect up in this bottom area here and if you did you’re doing great right you’re doing great if we were in like this range we were range bound for a while alright we were like basically in here this was our range and now we broke out so for now we’re doing absolutely great there is no inter no acts like internal exchange yet or lending system for now it’s just trading but the lending will start in 12 days so then we actually we will see if the lending program actually works and I I hope it does and I have full confidence in them also line connecting I’m still waiting for my referral rewards guys but I am in the talk I am talking with the LAN connect people to to fix everything right cuz obviously in the first two rounds everything was kinda messed up and no one received anything so if you are also running a YouTube channel or if you are you know if you referred some friends contact them alright they will talk back to you they’re not the fastest in responding but they will talk back to you and hopefully everyone will get their referral points and everything will be all great so yeah guys that’s just it for the update the links will be in the description below to join lent connect to join the telegrams and I mean that’s it guys it’s just a quick update online connect if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe hit that post notification button and if you got any questions at all leave a comment below and I’ll see you guys in the next video