Substratum Ramblings: Net Neutrality, How We are Different & How You Can Help

hello substratum family so today I just wanted to just drop a few things that I’ve been thinking about that I think are important this non high quality production not doing it like my buddy Jason that does all the other videos for us real professional but just gonna throw a few things out of there that I’ve been thinking out of basically because of what happened today with the net neutrality decision and the evening and then even before that so I just a few things off the top of my head so basically 1 net neutrality if any of you that don’t know today the United States voted the FCC voted to repeal the current net neutrality laws which basically takes away the political protection for ensuring that all people have access to all information in the same way so what that does is it it really makes it harder on up-and-coming startups you know a mom-and-pop shops things like that makes it what you can pay for an internet fast lane to some of the greater bigger sites out there YouTube or Facebook or things like that but makes where you do have to pay to get that pay extra so additional things additional costs so so we were against the repeal of net neutrality it’s pretty open out there on our Twitter feed we even gave away quite a bit of substrate for just retweeting opposed to try to be in favor of keeping that neutrality but it does present an opportunity for substratum and for us sub shot of community members and token holders so so basically when we went out we started the whole concept of this we really thought it would be for mostly for overseas people who would need it more because their censorship so I’m over here I said this in my earlier video but but this basically opens up a whole new demographic of people that that will want to help us that will want to be part of the network because the substratum provides a way to remain that neutral that cannot be controlled talk a little bit more about that later but they cannot be controlled and doesn’t require political intervention doesn’t require basically regulations in order to remain that way so it is you know it’s bad that net neutrality did get repealed but it’s good that we have a solution already in place and already underway and already proven that it works they can take that over because that is the perfect solution I even saw a Mark Cuban there’s not affiliated with us at all but tweeted out a couple weeks ago that if people are concerned about net neutrality why don’t they create a mesh network of computers that basically do what substratum does and we’re like yeah we’re already on that buddy so so we’re you know we’re it’s good to see that minds are thinking that thinking along that line that there is a technological solution to this problem and so that’s just something I just want to throw out there that I was thinking of but basically I think that it does create an enormous opportunity for substratum in that then now we’re needed in the United States Oh more than just for the censorship that’s starting to occur which is bad but now we’re needed just to remain net neutral so it’s it’s a huge opportunity we don’t take it lightly the the responsibility but we’re grateful and humbled by the opportunity to do it something something else I want to talk about is just people have asked a lot of this recently we recently released a video just yesterday about the substratum Coors Network basically it’s it’s one of the components that makes up the substratum Network how it runs and basically how it runs and how it’s different from some other products out there so I just want to kind of highlight a few things so when you look at products like tor which again we’ve said this before we’re standing on the shoulders of giants you know tor is amazing for what it did for the path that it led but it does have things that could be done differently and better and one of that is is that tor tor packets are unique they look like a tor packet and so they’re easily identifiable not to mention it runs in its own browser which is I easily identifiable so ways to improve upon that are we want to remain anonymity of or we want to remain we want to keep the security of Tor but you know those two things are things that need to be improved so when we lessons that we can learn from the Tor and that we have learned from the Tor basically if you look at a substratum packet as it runs across the wire as it goes you know it’s basically it’s serving up content it looks no different than if you are watching a video online if you are uploading a file or dropbox it’s uses standard HTTP packets it’s hiding in plain sight is what we say so it’s it’s disguised as standard HTTP or HTTPS traffic there is no difference so what what does that do well it’s hidden so it can’t be identified and you can’t just filter it out where you could say ok we see substratum is doing what they’re doing we’re just going to look for those types of packets and we’re gonna filter those out for instance if you want to go from my understanding to Wikipedia with the tor browser you get filtered out because it’s easy to identify that they’re using the tor browser they’re using the Tor network with substratum that’s not the case because we’re we’ve basically programmed down to the root level services HTTP HTTPS TCP and we’re basically we’re using those core services and and we’ve disguised our packets to look like those core services so there’s no way to tell apart a substratum packet from you know somebody watching a video of their cat online from YouTube for instance so so being hidden in plain sight it’s impossible to shut down so it’s either all on or all off so the only way someone could in theory turn off the substratum network is to completely shut off the entire Internet like they do at North Korea and we know for the majority of the world that’s not gonna happen so you have some security and knowing that that what we’re building can’t easily be identified can’t easily be turned off so it’s it’s really next-level stuff honestly guys that I’m continuing to say that I’m humble to be a part of it because the more I see what the team has put together the more it honestly blows my mind even beyond where I thought it would go or where I thought we would be now some additional difference is that and I’m not going to highlight the company’s name but there are people that are quote competitors of ours now are using basically third party API is third-party services for their platform so there are other companies out there who are trying to build the decentralized web and who who are using what’s called ipfs interplanetary file systems which is a great product you know as if he then been in our slack the other day a bj was in there talking about it and amazing product but it’s it wasn’t set out to do what substratum was set up to do so or what substratum sets out to do so it’s it’s using something that in its sort of works but it’s it’s it’s not going to be that base layer foundation that substratum is gonna be I like to tell people that when you’re looking at substratum right now it’s almost like investing or being a part of a community that was bringing you the Internet originally HTTP you know an HTTP that the protocols it’s it’s we’re working at that level at the protocol level which no one else they’re out there that solving this problem is so I can tell you guys truly that is absolutely revolutionary stuff it’s totally different so one other thing if you saw a demo I did here at this computer where we showed you what we proved in alpha test one a lot of people ask this question they asked well how are you serving up the site’s for i think we use anheuser-busch and the IMF the International Monetary Fund how are you serving up those sites through the network if they’re not hosted on subscribe subscribed Network and the answer is that we’re able to serve content that is not hosted on the network so this is what’s really kind of exciting to me is that so as we’ve said from the beginning if you or just want to be a consumer and don’t want to install any software you can pull up your browser Safari Chrome Firefox whatever type in an address or do a Google search for an address that’s hosted on the subscribe work and have a rendered right to your machine and be served content off of the decentralized web just like you would off of a centralized web and that’s still true but what we’ve been able to do is if you’re running a subscribe node if you’re running that one piece of software that basically you’re able to receive content that is not hosted on the subscribe network like Facebook like like Twitter so like so for people overseas in China and we talked about net neutrality and you talk about a censorship this becomes pivotal because now you can take and net neutrality we are net neutral then because just by running this one small piece of software you can using your standard browser not it not a browser that we’ve built you can use Safari you can use Firefox anything by running that one piece and then just booting up your your browser you can receive content that’s not hosted on the subscribe network from anywhere in the world all information to all people it’s amazing so what does that do well that boosts mainstream adoption because people are gonna want that feature I mean at least in my mind they are especially countries like China and places where they where they’re they’re prohibited from receiving certain of certain information and now even in the United States where we’re saying if I’m not paying for an internet fast lane to get to YouTube I can’t get to it maybe I I mean I don’t know where this goes guys with the whole net neutrality thing I don’t know what that leads to but if it gets like that then by running that one piece of software you can get all that all those sites so that boosts people who will who will run the node because now I’m gonna want that feature so now well while I’m running that to get that feature I’ll have to do is flip on one more option and now I’m earning so it’s it’s gonna boost mainstream adoption I believe tenfold just by having that in there and by packaging it all in as one little download one-click software that you can install so that is just kind of I mean some of these things just like I said as they’ve putting them together even more and they’ve come together it’s just blows my mind so it’s I just see that as so exciting that by serving content I also get to use the advanced features well I can use the advanced features without in content but but that you know it just it it just all goes into one as far as how fast things would get adopted I think it’s just gonna take off like a rocket ship just because like I said you know if I’m overseas and want to be able to see that site and just by turning that on now I can see it that’s amazing so so so that’s that’s sort of all I wanted to talk about the last thing I kinda want to say is kind of what can you do to help us at this point so there’s I’ll put it in the description are all tweeted out separate the beta form we’ve we put that out there so we are we’re kind of wrapping the private focus groups the Alpha groups and rolling into getting ready to roll into the the beta which we still have a sign up for because we still want to know who you are while you’re in the beta phase just like any other beta project in the world and you know who’s using it and how to kind of communicate with you to get information back from you so so there is a signup form out there to do that I’ll post it so if you want to be part of that be part of that but that lastly just spread the word man I mean I with this decision for net neutrality I mean that one of the commissioners said well no tomorrow the internet won’t be broken and that’s true I won’t be broken tomorrow but where it’s headed is is not a good direction and so I’m I’m both humbled and grateful to be part of a project that I know has the answer for this so I appreciate you guys taking the time to watch as I rambled hopefully it was informative and I will look forward to talking to you soon thank you