[WPXperVideo id=2 ]hi everyone so today I’m going to talk about and show you how to earn money at the team send it every time because I think most of us are Brooke like and about care of a problem because I personally I I want to go through movies I want to buy food I want to buy things that I want like right now I really really really want this wooden Caesarea it’s kind of weird I really really wanted it in order to get it I need money obviously so guys I am today going to talk about and show you some things that you can do in order to earn money recipes in sin so with that being said let’s get right into destiny first thing first so real close so I know this is very basic and I know a lot of people know about this but all your clothes it’s a really smart thing to do so you just have a bunch of clothes like laying around in your closet just being annoying taking up space it’s so good to just sell it or give it away I mean it’s better to give it away but if you need money it’s better to sell it so there are a bunch of apps that you can use in order to sell your clothes I think c-pop I don’t know just writing on the screen and it’ll be great to sell it because then someone can buy you from a cheaper and you can afford you know nice clothes for a better price in Seoul to go to now you throw it away because that’s not good for the environment because anything to do with the tutor so tutoring it’s great especially now in summer I know it’s a school right now but people especially like younger people they are so scared of going into high school or just going up a great out of it so people are going to want to get tutored if they are behind on something or if they’re scared of high school like if they don’t really know what to expect it’s great to be a tutor go to know some kids the first thing to you is sell your old stuff or things that you don’t use and that can be like furniture it can be closed again it can be books it can really be anything and is this also great to do because it’s again better for the environment all the better for the buyer because they don’t have to pay like full price and it’s good for you because if you don’t use it it’s probably just taking up space in your room like I have a bunch of my old furniture a Fonzie up in the attic and that’s not good it’s ready to just sell it oh yeah I earn money declutter make up space and again earn money this number for it is to engage in your local activities like engage in activity for kids in your neighborhood there are probably like activity going on I don’t know how to explain it but basically like if you are going to painting maybe you can find some like painting group and like teach people I don’t wanna know but for example my boyfriend is really good at soccer so he is engaged in soccer for younger kids and he earns money by doing soccer stuff I know nothing number five is a walk dogs or just water plan it’s kind of weird but people are going away now in the summer people are going on vacation and they don’t want their flowers to die especially like older people like my grandma she loves flowers she would never want them to die just because she’s on vacation so maybe if you know some people around you like in your neighborhood or maybe even like religious you can ask them like Herod oh no way I can water your plants and they might pay you you know and even also walk dogs again people in your neighborhood maybe need some help walking their dogs because walking dogs is annoying you know it’s hard for your body just walking you everywhere so yeah walking dogs dogs are also cute so number six is kind of weird I don’t really know if you know me so basically if I go to my local grocery store there is this kind of like thing on the wall when you first walk in where you can sell stuff people can’t like ask people for things what am I saying so basically like if I need help with cleaning my house that’s a bad example but maybe if I need help with something I can put up like my number there and I can put out what I need and then people can go there and volunteer and I can pay them you know that sort of thing if it’s a same relative definitely smarter than that but I don’t know maybe not everyone it gets paid for doing chores I mean I personally wish that my family like made me and my sister do cleaning and making bed and I do dishes but they don’t and we actually get money for cleaning the house so if you are saying you can ask your parents like hi if I make sure the house is clean every Friday like really deep clean everything every Friday can I get someone so much money and they might say yes or they might say no you know you know big enough because I was going to pay for today’s video everything if you liked it if you did be sure to give it a huge thumbs up let me know down below in the comments what you thought of it and also subscribe if you’re new here and I will see you in my next video [Music]