Is Stratis the Next Ethereum? Scanning for Good Alts.

what is up you guys to me scoots here coming out to you guys I’m like I want to do other videos like Fitness you know some faith videos you know some workout videos get some things going but I keep getting drawn back to crypto every day a crypto I can’t quit you right now I can’t quit you so it was a freaky day wake up you know I’m sure a bunch of us we would put some money into alts last night thinking ah we got to get priced maybe they’ll go up in the morning and we wake up and we realize that a hundred and fifty billion dollars has come out of the market face turns green puke off the side of the bed realize how much money it could have saved if you just waited till you woke up to buy your alts but thanks coin market cap appreciate it taking out the Korean exchanges not telling the rest of us simpletons and so here we are to pay the price and of course everyone panics and sells like they always do not realizing that you don’t have to panic sell you just gotta hold on be a man be a lady that has some courage ladies you gotta show us how to invest in alts cuz I think you’re braver than the rest of us I think you know how to do it I’ll follow you on twitter you know who you are you’re good guys but what do you want to do about it what do you wanna do about it you gonna panic sell sell it a loss right now are you gonna hold are you gonna buy some more coins I think the best thing you could be doing right now is buying some more coins and look at this old puppy a everybody’s favorite verge made a little bit of a turn today let’s see what happens there knowing that David Goffin sign he’s pretty pumped on verge you know not pumped on though I like cycling see a coin however you want to say it III got myself a nice bag of that and though it’s down right now that’s gonna go keep going up so I’m happy with that alright now there’s a coin here I was thinking about today and it’s stratus what do you guys think about stratus it’s got more or less the same market cap as aetherium it’s a similar platform in a way and it’s a platform for icos to really be built on now I read a tweet today and it said something and it caught my attention that said don’t you wish you could have got it at aetherium when it was twenty bucks a share don’t miss out on strat now strat is a twenty one twenty five bucks marquee caps two billion guys in October I believe is October maybe it was three bucks right so this thing has already had some meteoric growth in the last few months so so Stratos is two billion market cap 98 million coins in the market etherium back up to number two chasin Bitcoin 118 billion dollar market cap 96 million coins all right what is the potential of Stratus getting to this number or even getting to half that at all but we may be we may be looking at an opportunity with Stratus that we might want to get in on that you guys know I’m not saying to do it I’m just saying I’m looking at it alright this is my opinion I’m looking at Stratus right now I might even just try to buy I might just buy a hundred Stratus you know why because if $21 turns into 1200 that would make me a happy man if $21 turns into $100 I’m still pretty happy five times gained right excuse me so I don’t know I was looking at their website I mean it looks alright they got some good potential here and you guys just have to recognize Who I am okay I am a crypto new like I mean there’s better people you can follow and listen to you to me but I made a decision to make a video per day on YouTube I am sticking to my goal I’m going 90 days straight and right now I’m enjoying talking about crypto if you like that too you want to listen to me blab on that’s awesome I appreciate I love all the comments I’m getting all the likes all this obscure I like a few jabs that I get in the comments that’s kind of sweet whatever no big deal right but Stratis it makes the block chain easy for you well that’s good cuz no one really understands the block chain let’s see some use cases I want the block chain to be easy for me I want it to be easy for me to turn $20 into $100 and $100 into $1,000 that’s what I want the block chain to do for me to be honest but it can change the way companies cooperate exchange information and do business medical research transparency of scientific publications okay provenance product tracking and verification sure data recording and management that’s important fin tech Identity Management so I think that Microsoft is using them right let’s see who else says there’s a few on here I you know there’s some guys that have put out some good research on Stratos so far I would recommend you check them out and I would I think about what a theorem was $13 why don’t we get into the theory when it was $13 in October of 2016 right you would be so happy right now if you just bought off even a hundred aetherium at $13 a piece so why not buy a hundred strat at $20 maybe worth it strat is the fuel that powers and secures a Stratus blockchain it is used to pay fees per transaction as an instrument for transfer of value among participants in the Stratus marketplace Strad is a digital cryptographic token that is freely traded on open exchanges has one of the top crypto currencies by market cap the Stratus blockchain is based on the Bitcoin consensus algorithm making it one of the most reliable secure cryptographic tokens Sydney may not be the fastest but it might be secure cornerstone of our aim is to nurture driving global community yeah okay was that for c-sharp we strive to provide an online and Institute presence by organizing webinars developer conferences or slack meetups from basic mentoring to certifications as stratus platform developers we help you develop expertise and recognition as a blockchain apps developer so look they got some people partnered with them Moses microsoft azure marketplace and i watched you know in in december on December 28th Stratos was 13 dollars so you know we’re pretty much two weeks later it’s gone up seven eight bucks that’s pretty sweet and just a quick tangent here what’s with the Cathy just pumping the heck out of dogecoin today he must have put a ton of coin in there but I don’t know it’s just such a large like you know I mean I made some good money on Doge because it had this run up here I got our bought pack made some good money impact gone out now I mean Linda I think everyone’s kind of talking about Linda hoping that it’s gonna be the next virgin maybe it will be maybe it’ll just pump but I like to be diversified so I picked up some dragon chain I like dragon chain if you don’t on Kukai guys sign up for my link below help me out a little bit if you want but you don’t have to you can just google them a cou coin exchange you know they’re still taking registration dragon chain is on COO coin oyster pearl is on COO coin dent is on COO coin dick des dent has taken a run to the moon for me got in that really early and then today it went up again it was kind of hurting a bit but now look at that boom fifty-two percent it’s got a large supply it just hit a billion dollar market cap this sucker is moving though guys this is the cellular mobile technology and it’s gonna try to get around carrier fees it’s got some huge potential I would recommend you guys do your own research into dance and it may interest you it may just interest you that’s all coo coin as well electrode ‘i’m still doing this thing ethos we know that there’s a few influencers out there that are pretty bullish on ethos and if you got into ethos at their IC o—- you’d be laughing okay guys red coin massive supply super low price still I’m getting more I’m getting more into red coin especially because it hasn’t hit a billion dollar market cap yet in my idea for these kind of coins is that for me personally I want to own a minimum of ten thousand of these coins 10,000 to 25,000 of these type of coins I’m not a rich man so I’m not buying hundreds of thousands of these tokens I’m just 10,000 to 25,000 of them and that way if they take a mood truck goes to 20 20 cents whatever 25 cents down the road in the year you know that’s awesome returns so that makes me happy I’m not a greedy man and you do that kind of over a number of ten coins well it adds up quick I can tell you guys so I’m looking for things like red coin that’s why I’m looking at Lynda coin that’s why I looked at pac coin Virge Tron you know lots of these things Nabila guys Nabila what the heck happened with Nabila my brother told me he got Nabeel Oh a couple days going $8 and now it’s 42 51 so good for him I wish you would’ve given me a heads up I would have got in on that for sure oh boy and I’m waiting guys I’m waiting for Ignace to drop into my bit tricks account I’m sure a lot of you are as well hoping that happens soon because I just want to buy something else for then I want to buy more red coin with what I got and ignis really we’ll see what happens I mean if it ever hit those future prices that it was showing 15 16 bucks I’ll be sweet I think it’s down to about 90 cents now so I’m hoping it drops soon we can just see what happens guys that’s another crypto video for tonight just giving you a little bit of a runaround some stuff to think about Stratis might be might be the next etherium type of a coin where hey you could get in at 20 bucks and all of a sudden it turns into a thousand a year and a half later I’m not saying it’s gonna happen I would like it to happen so we’ll see I might get into that at the end of the day guys this is all financial advice this is just a crypto video my personal opinion I’m glad you tuned in do your own research never be pressured or forced into spending money by anyone’s tweet or YouTube or whatever just do your own thing okay we’re at a stage in life where you can do your own thing now you don’t have to give your money to the bankers into these investors to spend your money for you and bring you minimal returns you can do your research you can take a look at the supply you could take a look at the volume you can take a look at the price and you can do some chart reading yourself by just studying some youtube videos and say hey maybe this might take a shot in another month or two so guys take responsibility life short and I think you’re gonna really have a great year with crypto keep your eyes open if you got a sweet sweet coin leave a in the comments for me so I could take a look at it I’ll do some some proper research guys I’m working full time I got three kids and they’re young and so you know just get them to bed and then I want to pop on here and do my video and do a little research and have a chat with you guys so I’m not getting as deep yet as I’d like to get I have plans to be calling some of these low cap coins companies maybe set up some interviews and and do some real deep dives because we might be able to find some real gems and these guys that are in the 4 or 5 600 mark on a coin market cap rate so everyone’s got to start somewhere have a great night we’ll see y’all tomorrow Cheers