KiloCoin $KLC Surged 58% In the Last Day

this is a crypto breaking news report for Friday October 13 2017 cryptocurrency kilo coin search 58% during the last 24 hours this coin is trading at 1.9 a – 7 bitcoins which is about 19 panda coins kilo coin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency using the script algorithm Killick coin is meant to be a new measurement of value KLC can be traded on the SEC’s cryptocurrency market what is your opinion on kilo coin and its outlook for the future leave your thoughts on kilo coin KLC in the comments below thank you for watching crypto breaking news [Music]


hello everyone this is a cryptic wine investor today we are going to talk about a Mesa go this is one of the most popular coins in terms of market cap it ranks number thirteen right now and I think it is time to revisit this very kind so this kind took a lot a lot of beating in the recent Bitcoin crash but it is solid rising up so for those who don’t know what always a go is and what problems the only second trying to solve let me give an example interoperability between the closed systems you know think about people visa all you pay you know the 10x cars and the V which had you know if you use Ali pay and you want to let’s say asset payments through PayPal can you make a transaction now you can’t but what about if you have something that connects all of these and you know it lets you do that that is what the only cycle is trying to do here right now it is based on the material but very soon it will have its own blockchain and it will have its own identity I would say so army cycle creates a blockchain platform that allows the exchanges between these closed systems you know like PayPal Visa Ali pay to communicate and talk to each other without any of them actually having to use the owe me Sega wallet you owe me say GU ICO was very successful in fact they were easily able to you know raise more than hundred million dollars in their I CL the project is only part of an existing thing successful FinTech company or me say that was fallen in 2013 in Japan Singapore and Indonesia and you know it’s a big company it is doing millions of transactions every day so it’s not trying to be a direct competitor to something like 10x which I already love the next makes the currency is spendable by giving you a plastic card that you can use in any country only sago is not a direct competition to the 10x it rather provides a means for them to overcome the limitations of their closed platform you know in addition it provides a mean for the only single users to pay with any digital assets that they would like to use you know for instance you can make a payment using Bitcoin err mild or your own country’s fiat currency to buy you know groceries or shop abroad so the only Sega is backed by a lot of big investors including the SBA investment and SMBC it’s also backed by wide leap uterine who is actually seen promoting the Yummie Seco brand he wears their t-shirts at major conferences and whatnot so he is the main guy why so many people are interested in purchasing the ami sega token another reason why I think the ami say was allowed me to go is the fact that in 2018 quarter 2 there are there publicly going to make their proof of chain public blockchain available so you will be able to stock your own me sago tokens or coin and you’ll be able to get some free moments ago coins which you can either exchange for a Bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrencies are interested in or you can just keep the extra coins in your wallet either way it’s a win-win situation for the end user the private bit of it will go into testing phase later this year the vault SDK will be released in the quarter 1 of 2018 so now let’s talk about the price shall we so the price right now is around 100,000 Satoshi’s and it has not been like this in fact it is 50% of what it used to be couple of weeks back so it’s at-at – it’s almost minimum and it was at nearly 30,000 – doji level and then something happened the bitcoin is started increasing and it grows to sound if I had a level and then it cries so Bitcoin is chiefly responsible for the crash all the coins are having this thing but obviously it was one of those few coins that are recovering at the fastest rate and the reason why you should invest you know me second is it’s still a very young coin it is just few months old it was launched back in June and it is just getting started it went from just 50 cents to six dollars and I’m pretty sure it is not even achieved one tenth of his potential and given that it’s marker supplies quite Micra is almost same as the theory am I think I easily see this as a hundred dollar client so you ought to have some own seconds in your portfolio if you want a portfolio to grow so I hope you found this video useful give us the light and make sure to subscribe for more cryptocurrency Anais your news bye bye

$20USD OmiseGo (OMG) | The Future Of Digital Payments

in this video I’m going to be covering Amy sago and the recent price push to over 20 US dollars per token [Music] hey guys and welcome to today’s video we’re all well today I’m gonna be covering a Mesa go or oMG but first just a quick update on the market guys market cap of 635 billion dollars a 24 hour volume of 41.5 billion which is one of the highest I’ve ever seen and a BTC diamonds of 15.2% so overall the market is killing it right now I really hope you guys have got some positions in cryptocurrency and I’m making some well-earned profits so let me say go has been one of my favorite projects for quite some time now I don’t hold a large position of the Mesa go but I’ve held a small position for quite a while and I sort of forgot about it and recently it has made me some excellent profits so I want to cover the project briefly and talk about some of the recent price rise and why that’s all happening so for those of you that don’t know anything about a Mesa go or OMG I’m gonna cover a little bit about the project and what they do so Mesa goes essentially a platform which is built on the etherium network for use in mainstream digital wallets so it allows real-time peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services for both fiat money and decentralized currency is known as cryptocurrencies now it is designed to enable financial inclusion and access will be made available to everyone by the a Mesa Go network and the digital wallet framework so to make use of the I’m a secure network there is no bank account needed the network is very scalable as instant settlement and very low costs and the security is state-of-the-art among all decentralized currencies as well as decentralized fiat tokens now what is a Mesa go Mesa go is essentially the answer to a fundamental coordination problem amongst payment processors gateways and financial institutions so by enabling a decentralized exchange on a public blockchain at high volume and low cost a Mesa go basically provides a next-generation value transferring service which operates across all currencies and asset types millions of mainstream users in the largest growing economies in the world will be enabled to make transition from using fiat money to decentralized currency such as a theory of Bitcoin and many other now as far as adoption and usage go this system is constructed so that the best currencies will win long-term now let’s talk the MS ago blockchain simply put the OMG blockchain is very scalable it’s totally public and it operates on a proof of state consensus similar to Bitcoin the network itself is designed as a highly performant system which leverages interlinked blockchain construction and the a Mesa go white label wallet SDK allows for a diversity of payment solutions and allows you to enhance add and customize different payment solutions across the network I’m not going to cover the white paper in too much detail but as you can see here it is very professional and provides a lot of detail so you guys can go and check that out in your own time and I’ll leave those links in the description below now this section here basically just talks about a theorem and why they’ve chosen to use the etherium network but this is a little background on MSA a Mesa was founded in 2013 and it was a venture backed payments company operating in Thailand Japan Singapore and Indonesia so they had wide expansion plans to reach worldwide and in November 2016 I mean segoe was actually featured on Forbes as FinTech rockstar the secret behind the building of MSA is focusing on the understanding of addressing real business needs an easy integrated and secure manner and they believe a Mesa go has the potential to be a global standard for exchange and payments and it does that very very well from my experience here’s a list of some of the investors for Mesa go and here’s a look at the management team so it is quite a small team just five members here not a whole lot of detail there but in terms of advisors we have some very very strong influences here we have Joseph poon who is the Lightning Network co-author and vitalic beuter and founder of the theorem so just that in itself guys is a big big statement for Mesa go you know it is backed by some really reputable people and a lot of people believe in the project long term now in the media there has been quite a few articles you know you got Bloomberg and TechCrunch and also coined us talking about Mesa go and how Joseph poon has taken on yet again another aetherium project and if you want to get in touch with I mean say just jump over and send them an email here at the email address or head over to their website and hit that contact us now section so I just want to show you guys a quick stat for IMS ago and their ICO which was ran in mid 2017 if you did buy in at ICO you would have had an ROI increase of seven thousand five hundred and eighty three point three percent now that is a huge huge gain and I missed ago continues to rise up as we push through that 20 USD mark so right now everything is good for mes ago I did have a few problems in the early days with price movement but lately guys it’s been clear skies now if you want to stop to date on some news with a Mesa go make sure you head over and follow their Twitter channel guys they’re really awesome over here and they post a lot of things there’s a few retweets from vitalic computer and here but I always keep you up to date on the latest news such as adding two different exchanges and things like that there’s been a lot of developer activity in December and it’s been a very strong month for a Mesa go and a lot of other coins as well so in terms of storing your Mesa go if you do don’t any you can store that on the Exodus wallet which I use every day it’s a multi asset wallet great wallet I have covered videos on my channel for Exodus as well so make sure to check that out but that basically wraps up the fundamentals and the news guys there’s not a whole lot happening but as for fundamentals this is a very strong project I’ve talked about it in the past it’s one of my favorites and a lot of people will probably tell you the same it’s got a lot of backing and a lot of people advising it and I believe it’s going to do quite well long term now in terms of news there hasn’t been a whole lot aside from it being added to those few exchanges like I said but there has been a lot of developer movement and I think that’s going to continue into 2018 as we see a Mesa go grow with a theory M as well so in terms of technical analysis we’re going to take a look at some charts for I may say go versus the US dollar as well as versus Bitcoin so taking a look at the US dollar as you can see we shot up here around $13 and there was a long consolidation period which lasted a couple of months and we came around to this $8 mark and a lot of people were jumping out of him he said oh here sort of interest in the project and the returns that was bringing when it did hit this low price here this was a solid support level and a lot of people started to buy in we did have this wild flash crash here but since then we just kept consolidating along and as we stepped into December we’ve had some awesome movement basically from the 11th of December onwards and you know we’ve more than doubled in price and that’s a very very good sign for a Mesa go if you are a holder of a Mesa go that’s awesome as well but you know this is a project you want to look out for I do recommend trying to spot an entry position for this one and try and get in and make some profits on it but for me it is a long-term hold like I said I don’t have a large position of a Mesa go but it is something I will be holding for the long term and I do believe in the project now in terms of Bitcoin it’s doing quite well it’s nowhere near its all-time highs so it is quite down you know we came right back down here to around 40 7500 satoshis which was quite low and it was a previous support level here so that would have been an optimum entry in terms of Bitcoin to get involved and as you can see we broke this long-term downtrend right here at around 698 SATs and since then we’ve almost doubled that so there’s still quite a long way to go yet as you can see I’ve outlined some resistance levels here to watch out for the first one here being around one hundred and sixteen thousand SATs second one being at around 150 thousand and then this one will be a bit of a range here from 164 to 205 K SATs so that’s pretty much it that’s some entry levels to look out for I do recommend adding some to your portfolio but that’s basically it for this video I want to keep it short I just want to let you guys know that the price movement has been phenomenal I will be covering a few other coins that I like since we have been having some awesome growth in a lot of altcoins at the moment so I try to cover a quick bit of fundamentals a bit of news and a bit of technical analysis as well so let me know if there’s anything else you’d like different in these sort of videos but until then guys thanks for watching please leave me a like and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music] [Applause] [Music]

SmartCash | The Next Big Idea In Cryptocurrency?

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be talking about smart cash I rarely hear it mentioned around YouTube or reddit or really anywhere not many people are talking about it which I don’t understand why I just think it it is a sleeping giant right now it is gaining some attention but not much so it finally broke into the top 100 recently it is at 84 right now market cap of 56 million well if we go down and look at the chart it just got started about a few months ago in July I’m so it’s pretty new and it is just on a roll recently it is above its ICO price it pretty much from you know October first the beginning of October on it is just on a steady incline it just keeps reaching new highs it had a crazy one up the other day right there but if we go look at their website real quick we can learn a bit about smart cash so what’s cool about smart cash is it is a decentralized currency there is no core team it is ranked completely by the community they have wallets for most operating systems and a web wallet that just came out what’s cool about smart cash like I said is it’s decentralization that is a huge huge point to smart cash that’s a huge advantage like we saw with tezo’s recently you know the top people fighting each other of who owns the company or whatnot you don’t have to worry about that here another cool thing is the privacy aspect you can burn your old coins and they change them for new coins with no history using the zero the zero coin protocol they have smart rewards which is a huge bonus I think this is the reason why a lot of people will get in to smart cash are the rewards if you hold at least a thousand smart cash in your wallet from the twenty-fifth of a month to the 25th of the next month you will get a bonus and it has been pretty decent in size thus far like 20 to 40 percent bonus on your money once a month that is awesome and it does also have instant pay here super quick transactions one thing that sets smartcash apart from all of its competitors in a few of them are like this but it is completely owned by the community 80% of the block Awards goes towards the smart cash community what they call the smart I’ve to fund them all the new projects that are coming out through the smart cash system they get voted on by everybody people are proposing new projects all the time and they get voted on by the community and the winning projects are what get these funds to go forward and there’s been some really good projects that have been pushed forward one of them that I want to talk about which is very unique I think is a humanitarian effort that they pushed forward in with they set up a food drive in Venezuela which I just think is so cool this is their slot channel right here the smart cash news and if you click on it you can see what they got going on here this just happened the other day I just think that is so cool to use the block rewards something to allocate some of that towards efforts like this I’m surprised this has not been talked about more I’m sure it will be the more they do projects like these but yeah guys I just think that is so cool you rarely rarely see that stuff with crypto currencies they you know they they’re getting it done they’re pushing the project forward and also doing really cool things on the slide like this so watch out for it guys if you want to get into smart cash I highly recommend getting into it before the 25th of the month so you can get those bonuses next month and if you do I’ll try to leave over for a link down below but that is all for now I’ll see you next time if you aren’t subscribed just subscribe down below guys it’s right down there you can also like up the video and I’ll see you all next time