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what’s going up everybody yeah I say what’s going out because everything’s going up right so what’s going up everybody so take a look here at the cryptocurrency market you got everything pretty much going up again so that’s cool right market capitalization just under 600 billion approaching 1 trillion anyone want to take a stab at when it’s gonna hit a trillion go ahead and drop that comment is it gonna be January is it gonna be February is it gonna be March they’re gonna be 2019 I mean what’s your thoughts on that market cap also guys Bitcoin approaching 20,000 kind of flirts with 19,000 goes up to 20,000 which way you’re gonna go Bitcoin right which way you’re gonna go Big Mama anyways we got Ripple holding steady at 73 cents is this the new price point for ripple in the 70s nice to see River break through and get out of that 20 cent range it was just stuck in pin debt hmm iota I’m like I oughta on the foot like in the flood actions happen with iota so you got to give it give it a little bit of time if you’re buying iota and expecting it go up next day not likely but if you’re buying I owed up below $4 it’s a good buying opportunity if you’ve already missed that opportunity Cardno appears to have found a new home around 50 cent range at least temporarily we’ll see if it goes up or down from there but that’s interesting and yes I made the video yesterday because we gave it a any Theory evaluation over the next year which is where the etherion market cap is now we think Cardno can probably more than likely get close to that which would give it a 5 dollar valuation being that it’s similar tech and IOH k if you don’t know about it you need to look up IO HK and see what the Cardinal projects all about and then you can make your own educated decisions iota as you know is another technology that’s been flooded fear uncertainty and doubt has crept in because of a little bit of miscommunication and no big deal but um yeah so there are some speculations about Bitcoin gold I cannot confirm or deny this but some people on this threat have commented saying that bitcoin gold has it on their website that they’re going to be added to GD x so that’s coinbase I’m not spreading any sort of news that’s inaccurate all I’m saying is that if you go into Bitcoin Gold’s website it does say right here I’ll even show you guys so I’m not I mean that if anything they were ones who are saying it or they’ve just added it for decoration I don’t know but what’s that right there guys G – okay why would they add why would they add it to the coming soon if they weren’t coming soon to GD X which is corn-based guys I mean I’m not it’s not like I’m biessing you guys alright that’s just what it says coming soon on for Bitcoin gold anyways guys let’s take let’s keep cruising through the news here you gotta sell the news Bitcoin price to test 20k ahead of see a mean launch ya know we’re always talking about futures and Chicago Mercantile Exchange and all this stuff but hey you know Wall Street jumping in is going to continue to inject this money this I’m thinking that a lot of this market cap is coming from you know Wall Street investment so you being the single single investor out here at below the 1% before the herd shows up you know you should you this is why your your portfolio is growing is because big money’s coming in and you being an early riser are early to the party you know you get a you get the benefits of that so all of us guys who are new to the party this thing is going to keep going up because stuff like this so I know you guys don’t necessarily like Wall Street but hey if they’re gonna bring money in and it’s gonna inflate your portfolio and your profits you know ride the wave guys be smart be savvy take profits you know do what you got to do make wise investments be patient be willing to ride it out when things go down don’t just expect them to go up the next day you know if we make a video and they in in the price goes down don’t get upset don’t panic cell you know because that that kind of happens sometimes when we’re seeing things you can expect them to go down before they go up sometimes but sometimes they’ll just go straight up like verge but what I’m saying is be patient the money is coming their herd is coming don’t short sell your positions and losses okay anyways enough about that I know that you guys are getting a lot better at that especially the guys who have been watching this channel for awhile I see it in the comments you’re saying you know hold you know you’re saying be patient and a lot of you already knew this but some of you guys who were selling out losses are now holding so that’s really cool to see all right so the person who created Bitcoin remains a mystery anyone want to take a guess at who this Sochi Nakamoto really is some people have said it’s a Elon Musk some have said that its own well the CIA here here we go Gavin Anderson who others believe it’s Tesla created Elon Musk both have denied the claim there’s actually if you go onto YouTube and type in Elon Musk on Bitcoin this comments are like this basically well I think it’s gonna be used in the in the markets for illegal activity so I don’t know I mean if Iran must create a Bitcoin what do you say that maybe I don’t know maybe he thinks that there’s some sort of good thing about the black market or you know crime now I’m not advocating for crime and I don’t think Elon Musk is so I don’t think he met that but in the history of the world these wild wild west kind of dynamics where it’s kind of uh lawless and we are in a lawless kind of dynamic it doesn’t mean that that gives anyone the green light to go out and do illegal activity by any stretch of the imagination so do not be doing anything that’s gonna get you in trouble or hurt anybody or rip anybody off by for committing fraud or anything but you know these lawless kind of free market economies like the Wild West was you know it’s how the west was one is how the the situation has become more stable or you know before it’s like when you’re building something someone’s got to get in there and get down and dirty in this case it’s you guys getting in there getting down and dirty you know and then when big money comes in they stabilize the government regulates it and and then the party is stable because once once it goes mainstream and people are just pushing buttons to make trade and it’s already mainstream in the end the opportunity really just kind of subsides and then you have like the stock market kind of situation with the new york stock exchange and has that so you know it’s just kind of how the the cooking crumbles when it comes to this market right now it’s it’s really just a wild ride and you guys are all on board neo receives its first ICO template Neal’s price right now if you take a look at me oh look at this music seventy one dollars so for those of you who’ve been holding Neal been patient with Neal you see how your patience pays off I mean there is people who bought neo at 47 they watched it go down they probably held and now they’re seeing finally the spike they’ve been waiting for but look at how long that took guys August to December to recover on that so yeah when I’m talking about these electroni ins and some of these other crypto currencies where we’ve seen this kind of situation play out you sometimes it can take four months so if you’re going to take out a position on some of these a long run place just be willing to ride it out don’t be a for months I know four months of cryptocurrency feels like four years because each month is like a year really in this world I mean it’s kind of that’s how fast we’re moving at hyper velocity but that’s what it feels like but neo you know big gains here I mean I was buying a neo below $20 round right here this is when I was buying neo because I was buying on the dip following that simple that simple strategy of buy the dip don’t buy that don’t buy the sky high like even yesterday I made a video about card a no I was telling you yeah I think it could go to $5 but I’m not gonna buy it sky high price again when I sold it 12 so card a no chart if I mean if you look at this because chart it’s not the time to step into card Anna now if cardio stabilizes here for about a week or two and I’m still really hungry to get in the car down on a right to $5 sure I’ll jump in but I think there’s other I’m looking at other positions I’m looking at the next card I know but I’m all still talk about card I know because you guys want me to talk about card Danno and I’ll still give my prize projections for Cardinal but I’m looking for the next card Anna when car Deanna was that 2 cents card Anna was at this price I’m looking for the next card Anna you see to 250 so anyways guys moving right along here crypto watch car Dino speaking of card Anna leaves 117 22 hours surging past iota with ten point four billion dollar market cap yeah okay Forbes what do you think the price is gonna be we’ll see so interesting right moving right along here the year Central Bank’s begin buying crypto currencies 2018 this goes back to that big money coming in when the big money comes in the heard coming I don’t know if if I was a central bank executive I say hey why we already in this you know because you guys the longer they wait the but then again they got to stabilize things and they have protocols in place and they got to lay that foundation but it just benefits guys like us who are early adopters to this space and if you are if you are spreading the if you are spreading this information with your friends and family and you’re guiding them you can have them follow this channel if that makes things easier for them and will continue to work with them and you know it’s not financial advice but hey it’s just it’s just one extra way for them to get information outside of what you’re telling them this channels been growing really fast by the way guys I mean I’ve we were growing like yeah you seen it we were to seem like just last week we ride like 15,000 sup so it’s growing pretty fast so ripple price why has XRP spiked how does the cryptocurrency work and where can you buy it so that’s really interesting stuff right there alright so Ripple we’ll see where this goes the ripple net I would say any of these cryptocurrencies if you if you’re a real conservative guy real conservative girl if you’re really conservative these top ten here especially this one this one this one this one and this one these five probably Manero too – by the way keep an eye on – I mean I’m almost at the point where I’m just gonna start like talking about – a lot more cuz this privacy coin is big-time like like I said about two weeks ago I said everybody should try to own at least one – everyone should own at least one Bitcoin cash and even one Bitcoin gold I said but also one Bitcoin if you can’t get to one full Bitcoin key and get to one full Bitcoin cash I was saying two of these but getting the two of these is gonna be harder than it ever has been but yeah I would try to hold two etherium I don’t know how could what happens if the etherium reaches a you know what happens if the etherium reaches a trillion dollar market cap itself so bitcoins headed towards the trillion dollar market cap what’s gonna happen when he theorem hits that what’s that price gonna look like and that’s at $10,000 a theorem range that we were talking about so obviously all this is just projections there’s no real way to guarantee I can’t make any guarantees for you we’re just looking at it from if what I say lines up with what use you see also so you see if you see it the same way I do where we’re looking at these market caps and where these market caps can head to and you agree then you’re obviously you know you’re hearing what I say but you’re making that decision because you agree that that’s the potential so real interesting stuff here and also here right here I did a video so I really appreciate when you guys interact with these videos so when I put out the information about making price projections I’m going to start sharing some of these comments here so this was the trillion dollar cryptocurrency market cap by February 2018 so obviously I asked you in the beginning of the video where do you see that when you think we’ll hit the trillion dollar market cap I said by February 2018 but if you think it’s gonna be sooner or later drop that comment but here we go so this I asked what do you guys see the price of Bitcoin and the etherium and litecoin when we hit that trillion dollar market cap Nora Nora said so let’s take a look here he said BTC will be about 52 K ether will be about 2 K so obviously if February will be the trillion dollar market cap these are price projections from neuron are and some of these other people by February 2018 or whenever we at that trillion dollar market cap so 52k for BTC 2 K for each thorium litecoin 1.5 k Bitcoin cash 5k – 4 K Manero 1k tobe oft he said $36,000 by the 600 dollar market cap for Bitcoin Oh oh this is no he’s saying $600 this is how it would be broken down for that market cap so he’s saying $36,000 Bitcoin by a trillion 1722 x RP $2 so he’s got x RP at $2 that’s ripple it’s got light point at 900 he disagrees with my comment that investing in all coins is betting against Bitcoin okay yeah that’s fair enough if you guys wanted to read what Toby off to had to say you can read that there I I say that uh if you if you bet it if you invest in all coins you’re hoping that Vic or your all point position outpaces the growth of Bitcoin because if you get into an altcoin position in Bitcoin Rises you know it and I’m not necessarily stuck in that that position I’m saying that’s kind of like a way to look at it is if bitcoins the store value is your altcoin position I’m going to outpace the growth of Bitcoin so but I’m not necessarily stuck in that position because I’m flexible that’s the number one thing about all this it’s not that I’m double minded or wishy-washy it’s I realize this market is a whole new thing that’s coming up I mean we haven’t even seen anything like this okay at least in my lifetime I’m 34 so you know that you got to be flexible if you’re stuck in the mud how you gonna how you gonna move I mean that’s like those people stuck in the mud that we’re saying should I buy Bitcoin at 5,000 should I buy Bitcoin at 10,000 and then they’re like I’m waiting for it to pull back I tell everybody say just jump in I don’t like with Bitcoin you just jump in like if you’re waiting for it to pull back that might not ever happen you saw that that meme where they had the guy with the skeleton that skeleton was sitting at the computer and his head was on the keyboard and it said about it it said uh still waiting for the price of Bitcoin to come down you know so I’m not stuck in the mud with anything I’m flexible I’m agile I have agility oh my god I’m like a cheetah in a way in the sense that I’m agile on the Savannah you know so with the market cap of one trillion this guy G will he says 35 K ether 1,400 XRP 250 litecoin 1,200 sapporo zero 3 says bitcoin 36,000 so a lot of people are projecting bitcoin to be about 36,000 ether around about 1400 XRP to be $2.50 interesting ooh low estimate for a light coin so he said Andre feet heart said Bitcoin 45 ka Thor 2k litecoin 1k XRP 150 so he’s a little bit more bullish on Bitcoin any Theory amande litecoin than he is on ripple let’s see here alright what’s this bitcoin 1m litecoin oh he must have misunderstood what I was asking but to say that Bitcoin give me 1 million dollars one day like 150 k x RP 5 k ether 150 k in a 1 trillion our markup um what does he mean when I’m ok so let’s see here Ronelle miranda bitcoin 70 K by 2019 ether 60 K by 2019 okay so he gave a price projection for 2019 all right move along here here’s one here’s a trillion or mark koep projection with bitcoin extremely high from Josh Steinmetz he says 55 K and he says 2k a theory 1.5 k litecoin iota $30 for an iota says all coin buzz me up Midwest anyone might have to start doing that here we go Ellen she’s saying hey Jeff dude crypto is not a boys club plenty of girls out there investing that’s good because we are definitely inviting women into the crypto space women are definitely the community builders and we need more women in the cryptocurrency space because what’s life without women right BTC 250,000 dollars by the end of 2018 whoo can the dentist the guy’s going dental on his man he’s flossing flood is that we’ve got cars out of Porsche man iota $8 card a No 60 power 150 per coin okay all right he went oh he’s like well if everybody’s gonna talk about the mainland I’ll talk about some of these interesting ones now verge at 20 cents would be great because when we bought verge if you if you were with me on that bird ride we bought bird under a doll or honor a penny so man if verge goes the 20 cents I’ll take that all day long actually I’m kind of excited to convert to go to $2 show me a $2 bird right anyways guys got BTC at 63,000 from steve brule ether 4000 litecoin 1900 bitcoin misses bitcoin 62,000 ether 8,000 ether $8,000 ether while bitcoin cash 3000 hmm okay ripple $40 crypto Jim what’s up man shout out dude ripple man that’d be cool ripple 40 bucks dude I bought ripple at 20 cents I’ll be stoked on that iota I bought iota at 34 cents I’ll be stoked on 160 oh dang man what are you guys up to man alright so anyways yeah just drop your comments in there when you think we’ll hit the trillion dollar market cap as you can see you know we’re almost halfway there but we’re on hyper-growth and this is really great to see also guys if you’re looking to follow us on other social media channels let me give you guys that information on where you can go to get that go right here click up here I’m gonna put some more information we got invest feed this is our Twitter right here here’s our Facebook I’m going to 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