LendConnect Lending is OPEN – I am Making MY Loan!!!

hi everyone its Beth and today I’m going to make a loan with lend connect but first let me remind you that I am NOT a financial adviser so everything I say here is only my opinion so please take this information weigh it against information that you get from as many other sources as you can find and then make decisions that you are comfortable with remembering never to invest anything that you are unwilling to lose okay so now I am really really excited that my lend connect coins made it over to the platform of course there is pretty a lot of congestion on the etherium network so it took a little while but my coins did land here which is fantastic and I am super duper thrilled to be getting in on what’s left of these five percent interest rates bro I missed a couple days already that’s a bummer I’ve missed three days but I am still really really excited to be jumping in here adding another loan to increase my daily passive income stream and support this platform which is doing it so very well so just an update that now Len connect is on coin market cap so here it is this is pretty current they’re listing it at 10 dollars and 95 cents and up two hundred and six percent well it’s been a really really fantastic the way that the market has been responding to lend connect I could not be more pleased here is the chart over on coin exchange so if you would like to buy lend connect tokens they are currently available on point exchange dot I oh so there you go so if you want to make a loan and you didn’t get in on the ICL you’ll have to buy your point from a coin exchange the price has definitely gone up in the last couple of days so that is wonderful for those of us who did get in on the ico this is great great great progression of this platform so I could not be more thrilled at this point with Len connect and I want to get my loan locked in so let’s go ahead and do that I’m going to come over here to lending here we can see that so alright the price came down just a little bit from the last time I was in here about to set this up but here’s how this works so there’s a slider down here where you choose what your contract is going to be and you can’t just enter in the token amount that you have here but we can enter in is the amount of US dollar value that they say your Len Kinect is worth so just come up to the banner you can just copy that right out of the banner come down and paste it if you do maybe not without there we go oh but that’s the amount so just take the amount out of the banner and no comments just come down and put it in here in the box it will move the slider for you and show you what you are eligible to lock in so I’m going to buy a contract right now I’m very very excited about it so here I’m going to be in plan three that’s fifteen thousand two forty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars it’s the standard interest rate with a bonus of 0.2 percent and I’m going to get my capital release after 80 days so I’m very very excited I’m going to go ahead and buy this contract now I will say that and okay yes I’m happy with all of these all of this very happy there we go that was added successfully and I am thrilled so now here it is there’s my contract so it’s going to end on the 3rd of April and I am absolutely thrilled and again as a promotion line connect is doing five percent interest it was for eleven days so they’ve already paid three days so I believe there’s eight days left so I’m really happy I’ll be getting about a week’s worth of 5% interest on this loan and that is gonna really make a big impact in the first couple days so I’m really really thrilled with that and yeah I’m just really happy to be adding this in today that’s for sure okay well I think that’s gonna do it for this loan video that’s how you do this so oh and just a reminder with online connect that this is another program that is going to allow you to a great your loans and I have heard that they are not only aggregating your loan but they are they’re really you know your anything that you reinvest is going to get the capital release is going to be on the same day as your as your original capital release at least that’s my understanding I do want to I need to double check that but that’s why standing right now is not only are they aggregating loans but they are having capital reliefs of everything that was a part of your reinvestment on the same day so there you go that’s what I that’s what I know right now if somebody knows something different and wants to correct me on that then I welcome that so alright if you do if you like the video then please do leave a like if you would like to see more from me then please subscribe to the channel and of course if you would like to participate in when connect there is a referral link in the description box for the video so questions or comments come on over to the discord channel and join the community over there we do have a nice community growing over there and I have had a couple people come over and offer to help me with setting it up and making it a little more organized over there so we’ve seen some improvements recently if you haven’t checked it out in a while then come on a back over and give it a try so I was otherwise you can leave questions or comments down in the comment section here on youtube alright thank you so much everyone I’ll see you next time