SUBSTRATUM (ICO) | Creating the decentralized web

what’s going on everyone my name is Nicolas Burton here at day two – and today is August 10th of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my channel I love getting feedback in the comments below and all my live streams about what coin or token I should cover next and boy have you all asked me about icos on this channel a ton that being said though you probably know by now that I’m usually very skeptical about ICS I think that a lot of them around 80 90 percent are not coins or tokens that I touch with a ten-foot pole and the biggest reason being that a lot of them are overvalued at the start a lot of them over promise on what they can truly deliver and mainly a lot of them don’t have detect the team or the actual target market to really become the next etherium the next Bitcoin etc that being said there are a few coins even in this kind of new shady market of AI CEOs that is just started to touch the cryptocurrency sphere that really do give me a sense of optimism and there are ambitions in their team and technology and the coin I’m talking about today is no exception folks it is the substratum network so what if substratum what is it aiming to achieve is the team in the tech there and what are their ambitions for the long term I’m only I’m not only going to be going over all of that but I also want to let you all know that I have so much confidence behind this coin that I wanted to make sure to go a little bit further in depth and as the team reached out to me to cover this coin I really wanted to ask them and see if we could do a livestream with one of the developers and I’ll talk about that a little bit later which is a really cool opportunity for this channel it’s going to be one of our first interviews and we’ll really get to get a deeper knowledge of this coin because I don’t want to just promote ICS I want to make sure that you guys get all the information you need if you’re interested in this concept so that being said let’s jump right into substratum and talk about what if they need to achieve a naming it to fix in the long term so why am i optimistic on it guys well we can see here right on the homepage they have a beautiful design here that really brings an attraction to looking into what they’re aiming to achieve and I can see that right off the bat they’re trying to be nation of the decentralized web so that’s not like a bowl kind of a brash statement to make what is it really mean you know and you can get a better description from the quote under it which talks about being an open-source network for web hosting across the decentralized blockchain now what does that mean and what is web hosting in general well I think that a lot of people don’t really understand how the internet work even though we use it on a daily basis we don’t understand what’s happening behind the scenes no I’m not going to go into extensive detail and if you’d like to get that extensive detail feel free to watch this video by Bluehost which is a web host err and I’m going to kind of rail on later on however they do a great job here of demonstrating how web hosting works and what really goes on when you go and visit any website but I’m going to talk more on a philosophical sense before we dive into what some streamer is trying to do and the world of web hosting we realized once we look at it in a very philosophical technical sense that it’s very centralized okay whereas we think the the web is this beautiful place that’s very decentralized it’s really not any web site that we go to whether it be maybe your personal web site or a small businesses web site or any kind of maybe social media that you might use or entertainment a lot of it all pretty much all of it has to come from a web host at the fact it needs a web host to host the server that is going to transfer information between your personal computer and that server that holds all the information of the file that you’re going to need to bring the web page up that you want to see so what are some of those examples and what are some of the companies that host web servers I can give you a few reps about we just looked at what Bluehost is a perfect example we have GoDaddy we have Amazon Web Services etc there’s dozens out there however those dozens are becoming a lot more powerful and a lot more conglomerates meaning they’re becoming much more monopolistic in a long term of web hosting and it’s becoming very centralized and enclosed and there’s a lot of fears tied to that folks now it’s not the reason that these companies are getting more enclosed that it’s really a fear it’s not like the companies are going to try to censor us out of anything however costs will continue to go up as it comes to more centralized but the biggest fear of all and why there’s so much power behind the decentralization of web hosting is because of trees like China we see that countries like China not just in China across the globe we’re seeing this governments continue our continuing continuing to encroach on our freedom on the web and they’re starting to censor out what we can and can’t do what can you can’t see that being said China is a perfect example in the sense of having to use you can see so many different barrier breakers to get onto the web the way you’d like for example you have to use the tor browser a specific web client that rarely anybody knows about unless they have to get onto the web that way and then also they have to use VPNs they’ve been use a virtual private network to actually access the web sites that they want on the tor browser so there’s all these kind of like you know huge leaps that people have to take technologically to get onto the web in certain areas of the world that being said we can see that the kind of centralized web hosting world is it’s not working out and it’s limiting us a lot limiting us and a lot of people in general we might not know our being limited from accessing what they’d like to see so now that I’ve rambled on about that now that you get the concept of why the centralized web is bad now a decentralized web might not sound so bad and I’m telling you all it’s much more achievable through substratum technology than you might think so substantive is trying to bring decentralization to web hosting and they’re doing it on the blockchain so this is a really cool concept let’s go ahead and look at some of their technology and the most primary one I want to talk about today is its core technology and that’s the substrate of node so what does it’s note and what is it allowing us to do well as you might think waste for example when we’ve talked about see a coin with storing cloud storage on our own personal pcs or with mysterium serving as a decentralized VPN so stratum takes that same concept of web hosting and brings it to your computer if you go watch how websites work the video that I link to the description or that came from Blue Hose you’ll hear in the video that that all the servers and those you probably seen the pictures before in your mind instantly where there’s just thousands of rows of big servers that are hosting websites your computer do what may look completely different is no different really it has all the function and components to host a website it needs the technical application of it which is what substratum is aiming to achieve so you can go out and actually host websites and this is the coolest thing guys I think I’ve seen it a long time in the AI sale market they already have concept pictures of how the technology would work and how it would look and how you can measure and host different websites and they also have ways to measure how they can make it efficient by using artificial intelligence and business intelligence rules they can make it so we can bounce in host web websites off of our own personal computers and gain a substratum or sub poins for our own it selves to build cash flow and this is really a powerful guys I think this is really cool and if they can deliver on this on the tech side this is this is a revolution in web hosting in general and I think it’s going to give the centralized web posters have run for their money and really give an opportunity for people in China who don’t want to learn about VPNs who don’t want to learn about using tor to actually go about using this decentralized network of web hosting that’s the coolest thing about it guys if you go and read through the white paper like I have I’ve read completely through it at least two to three times because I was so interested in it and I picked it up very quickly within the white paper they state you don’t need a tor browser you don’t even need a VPN use the substrate network the reason you don’t need it is because it’s decentralized from the get-go the web hosting is on this key centralized network that no government can censor and it can’t go to whatever IP that a website is being hosted at it can’t just go to Amazon’s headquarters and say no stop posting that website it’s on this decentralized network and the network is constantly changing where that website is going to be hosted from to meet the best user experience it’s absolutely phenomenal it is an absolute game changer in my mind if it can deliver so what’s cool is like I was saying to you you can really invent this it says make money while you sleep you can build residual income through some point by hosting two peoples websites while you go to sleep now it does a little bit during the day on the standard default settings however when it kicks off you can set the schedule when you’re having your off hours when you go in bed and stuff start racking in that income you can start activating it on your computer at late night hours and really seeing the benefit of generating sub tokens and hosting websites for people so folks on domitius on this I think it’s great now that being said even with the technology there’s a few other parts to it for example the next thing they have in their phase is crypto pay and this is a platform that you’ll be able to use to exchange cryptocurrency and payment systems on the substrate and network later on in the future and this is a little bit later the pipeline as we go down to their website they’ve got a timeline we’re going to look at the team in just a sec but they’ve got a good timeline here they’ve got the ICO token sale starting here in October they’re going to be on the exchange of bit tricks and bits and X in September good news a lot of points I’m going to get on those exchanges right away however they’ve got a promising concept and I can see why they’re on there in September we have the first actual tech drop in later late 2017 for the version 1 and the substrate and network and in version 2 will be launched in early 2018 so they’ve got some pretty student deadlines to actually deliver this tech and it seems like through the visual images that we’ve seen the concept photos they’re ready to deploy this they’re just continuing to work on it and make it work as efficient as possible so that being said that’s all great but is the team there that’s the question guys and I’ve been looking to the team a little bit and getting a little bit of knowledge from the team and I got to say the two people I really looked at were the first two people the Solutions Architect and the lead software developer as you all know I try to get deep a deep and dive into the actual individuals of these teams and I’m going to say I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen for example just in tab who is the Solutions Architect was the previous entrepreneur himself he was a managing partner at overwrite Pro if you go through you can see that they’ve done work with companies like Apple Disney Kodak Hewlett and Packard etc he’s a very skilled individual I think in my opinion to be working on a project like this and be bringing the centralization of the web we can also see Abram cook Center outside if I’ve mispronounced your name but he’s got a very nice record behind him working as a den manager at Carter help at Cardinal Health now you don’t know cardinal health I knew the name instantly when I saw it on LinkedIn because it is a a billion dollar healthcare solutions company very very big to be working as a deaf manager there and he seems to be currently working there as well so that’s really awesome on Abraham’s part so they’ve got a great team here you can look more in depth into it they’ve got everybody laid out on the team and I think they’ve got a decent team to really deliver on this project so that being said I hope they continue to expand their team I hope they continue to get bigger and build and make sure that they’ve got enough software developers to really deliver on this and make it a user-friendly experience that all being said guys I’m very very optimistic on this so there’s two things I want to say right off the bat with this first off if you are interested in substratum as with every ICO and every point you should invest in read the white paper the white paper is phenomenal I’ve read through this at least two to three times I’m very optimistic about it and I think that the technology that is there to really bring about this this concept of the decentralized web that also being said guys I I was actually personally reached out to by the substratum team I but I got to be fair in that sense they reached out to me and I was happy they did because I’ve been very optimistic on this coin since people have started sharing it on my channel they reached out to me and I asked them if we can do a personal one-on-one interview so that being said before you guys maybe might not feel confident in investing in this corner token and you really want to get some questions answered I want those questions to be answered so I made sure to talk with what other marketers and I talked about meeting with Justin tab and we’re going to be doing a actual Skype call that I’m going to record and post on the channel answering your guys biggest questions on this ambitious project if you guys are skeptical about something leave a comment below if you guys are curious about deadlines if they’re going to be meeting the deadlines that they have on their website if you guys feel like there might be an error and substrata that you want to call out leave it down in the comments below they want critical feedback they told me personally they want this to be as honest as possible and they want to have a true discussion to get you guys interested in this so that being said leave your comments down below guys and the interview will be up sometime in the next week or so during probably the next phase of the ico that being said outside of that I love to hear what you all think about this do you think substratum can really achieve what it’s aiming to do do you think it’s the lead in the race to decentralize the web and do you think it’s going to be a game-changer or do you think it’s going to be a flunk I’d love to hear what you think everyone so if you could leave comments down below but until then I will see you all in the next video stay tuned

Substratum Price SURGES! Is It Too Late To Buy Substratum Cryptocurrency?

how’s it going everybody it is kanoa back from after-school hustle and today guys I’m just gonna be talking about sub stratum for a little bit it has actually gone to the stratosphere I am so hyped to bring you guys this video today so last night guys substratum hit a new all-time high of nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-one satoshis substratum on a US dollar level reach around a dollar and 38 cents which is just crazy I could have not seen this coming so soon I did believe we were gonna break a dollar in the upcoming couple of weeks but never imagined this guys currently on Finance guys it looks like substratum is consolidating pretty hard right now at least on the 5-minute chart this is this seems pretty healthy and I do believe that this means we’re probably going to either break out one way or another pretty hard you see that we’re kind of coming in very tight very tight at least on the 5-minute chart so it’s been pretty tight for the past hour so I’m not sure how much trading is gonna be done on Christmas but I do believe you are happy to see another moon here soon ah this is not financial advice I’m not telling you guys to get in but if you guys want to go watch my previous videos on substratum definitely go check them out that they are trying to decentralize the web that is pretty much what they’re trying to do and with the repeal of net neutrality I found I found that this was going to be pretty big so I put in a pretty hefty investment into substratum back around the twenty five hundred twenty seven hundred twenty-three hundred uh something like that something like that range for substratum and now we’re pretty much we hit a four times four times that a high that was four times that just last night and that was only over two weeks guys I didn’t fumble by and to verge with my subscribe Holdings I held onto substratum and I ended up doing pretty well I mean if I did film will buy into Virg early on I could have made 20x right but I was like no I’m not going FOMA bye I’m just going to hold on to a project a project I believe in and it paid off guys so I’m happy today merry Christmas to everyone guys another thing that was funny is a finance is literally making the dreams of people come true they have a Lamborghini giveaway this is just why I love my Nance honestly they have all these giveaways it kind of messes up training honestly with Tron there there’s a lot of market manipulation with the Maserati they’re giving away and I believe they’re also doing something like this for tnb I don’t even know what that coin is but there’s probably a lot of market manipulation there and then with Monaco will probably pump up to new highs the mark is gonna be moving a lot it’s gonna be very volatile over this next week from Monaco but if you guys want to go win a Lamborghini guys you can go you can go win a Lamborghini right here it’s either a Lamborghini or 4,000 Monaco tokens so I mean there’s a there’s a pretty big difference between the two honestly although I guess 4000 Monaco tokens isn’t terrible either but I mean you could win a $300,000 Lamborghini so that’s crazy guys go check it out if you guys want to join finance this is just a quick video guys telling you guys that it’s not too late to join the substratum train I’m not trying to shill subscribe them to you guys I just I believe it to be a pretty great project they have the beta coming out very soon we see that there’s even a sign up application already I signed up for the application for the beta this morning so go check it out guys I believe this is gonna be pretty big the thing that I like about substratum and why it has so much room to grow guys is that it’s already up about 200% in the past two weeks or so through 300% in the past two weeks or so and there’s not and Abeyta isn’t even out yet guys the beta still has to be carried out right and once that goes live if that successful substratum could be could be really huge honestly for a lot of for a lot of different reasons so go check it out guys another thing that I really like is their their social media a lot of people are very involved on the red there’s a bit over 5,000 people there and then substratum network actually has about ninety ninety eight thousand followers on Twitter which is pretty crazy they’re also running a lot of these giveaways guys on over on their substratum Twitter page so we see that they’re currently they’re giving away two thousand substratum tokens to eleven winners they were giving away iPads and other stuff like that so it’s a great team they’re they’re really looking to get the word out there about substratum their marketing guys over at substratum are awesome another thing that I’d like to point out guys is that data – actually went and interviewed with them he actually was sent out by the subscribing team to talk about their project and this is just these are many these are some of the many reasons why I believe it is undervalued still even though it just got a pump recently but it’s consolidating guys I believe are probably gonna be headed to the moon once again another moon mission going off soon but if you guys want to check it out go check it out it’s still only on two exchanges if it gets listed on bid tricks I think we only be listed on bit tricks after the beta is completed so that can also have another price pump there so there’s just lots of opportunities with a substratum project if you guys want to learn more about the coins that I’m kind of trading on a day to day basis and picking up I made a nice call on Cardinal last night I was like yo guys and this is all my telegram group right so I’ll be linking my telegram group in the description down below as well as the comment section so you guys can go join my telegram group I I was telling my the guys in my telegram group that Cardinal is probably gonna pump pretty soon and sure enough guys like twelve or so hours after I sent this out to my telegram group it’s up about fifteen percent now so I’m just I’m just trying to help you guys out I don’t have any card on oh it wasn’t for me to gain from it was just to help help my subscribers out and my viewers I just want you guys to have the best possible methods for wealth creation and I’m just trying to help you guys make as much money as you can but that pretty wraps up today’s video guys merry Christmas to all thank you very much for watching if you did enjoy please consider dropping a thumbs up subscribe if you’re new and make sure you hit that notification ball to say up-to-date with all of my latest videos if you guys did not notice I did not I do not have any background music today because some people in the comment section were telling me to turn it off so let me know if you guys have any other background music suggestions because I have been using that one song a ton recently and I am and I would like to have background music but I don’t want you guys to be annoyed by it as well so I hope you guys have a fantastic day Happy Holidays thank you very much for watching as always this has been ki killer from after-school hustle and I’m out peace to many custom I mind I can’t sleep at night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help I don’t need opinion so don’t wait for time then I just been living online my city don’t show me no nothing that’s fine but local radio stations I got my plate then all of these rappers combined I’m doing them going again I’ve been goin and I’m fed up with so many things

Substratum (SUB) will EXPLODE in 2018 | Here’s Why.. | Review & Price Prediction

what up YouTube YouTube crip don’t Fein here with everything crypto and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the decentralized web if you guys don’t know what’s up stratum is well you’re about to find out because substratum is hands-down one of the best projects on the blockchain so for today’s video we’re gonna be going over what substratum is how it works its price movement and my personal view going into 2018 so what is substratum so stratum is an open source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place or the entire world so some stratum is trying to decentralize the web now I know that sounds like a very ambitious goal but they already have incredible progress coming along and we’ll talk about that in a little bit but also what’s the difference between centralized web and decentralized web well the main differences are that centralized web means that your government is regulating your usage and what you view on the internet with a decentralized web that means you can view access anything you want and no one can tell you what to do about it so the benefits for having a decentralized web a great example would be China right now China has incredible regulations on their web for example they cannot purchase crypto currencies right now their government completely banned crypto currencies access also they cannot perfu YouTube so that means they can’t even view this video right now they can’t view Facebook Yahoo Google and all those great websites so when some stratum comes into play China for example would be able to access all those websites and much much more so how this all works is if we go down here for every network there’s a host and there’s a receiver so how it works is anyone can host a website application using substratum and you get paid for doing it so you actually use the substratum software and you host websites for other people around the world and in doing this you earn some stratum okay so you get paid for helping people doing a good deed and you get paid for also just helping people out which is pretty awesome on the other end of things when you are using the network you can access any web browser you want and there’s no censorship which is a huge huge benefit if we go down here it shows a couple other features that substratum offers they have crypto pay so you get paid through some stratum tokens directly through the system as well as they have the one-click minor so it’s very easy to assemble and access it’s not complicated you don’t have to download ten different things it’s one-click you’re ready to go also artificial intelligence this is talking about making the network very fast so it’s not gonna be a network that takes ten minutes to load a webpage whether it’s YouTube or whatever is gonna be very fast like your every day to day network that you’re using now as well it’s gonna be very secure because when you have a host to a receiver that network in between you don’t want it to be able to be breached so they’re making so that it’s cryptography it’s very secure and ready to use so that is pretty much some stratum summed up to sum it up again in my own words it’s a decentralized web they want to make it so that you can access anything you want and no one can do anything about it whether it’s a government or the President of the United States knowing can control the network which is completely world-changing and it’s gonna have great benefits in the future especially coming into 2018 now coming into 2018 we are rounding near the one trillion dollar market cap and for crypto currencies right now we’re doing about 100 billion dollars every two days which is pretty incredible for the past the past two days we had about 92 billion dollars since we passed half a trillion dollars but when we come near the trillion dollar market cap we’re gonna really start seeing government’s step in and trying to regulate crypto currencies whether it’s banning crypto currencies as a whole or really regulating whether it depends on the specific websites you can use or the taxing of cryptocurrencies we’re gonna really start seeing regulations and that how they’re gonna do that is they they’re gonna be able to do that directly through the internet access so when some stratum comes along that’s gonna be completely mine that’s gonna be completely game-changing because you can actually use the substratum network to access cryptocurrencies especially for those people in China that can’t access them at all right now when some stratum comes along they’ll be able to access cryptocurrencies and do as they please with it so that’s why I think so stratum is gonna have a huge benefit coming into 2018 is because we will start to get regulations on crypto currencies and crypto currencies will start to be not sent not decentralized it will start to become centralized and when the substratum comes around that will help keep us all being decentralized in the crypto world so some stratum is sitting around the 60 suit 2 cent range right now in the 89 spot on the market cap going into 2018 you can definitely begin to see this increase due to some stratum having a successful alpha 1 test so so stratum tested their network and they were they confirmed that it’s working it’s ready to go they are having us alpha 2 test coming up and the beta will most likely begin coming the beginning months of 2018 is when you can see a beta for some stratum coming into 2018 I could definitely see substrate I’m moving up in the market cap positions and as well as evaluation because people are really beginning to realize that some stratum is an incredible project they are really starting trying to change the game and they have progress coming along they’re ahead of schedule and this is just baby movements right now I don’t want to put a price evaluation on some stratum because it’s such a great project if not one of the best projects on the blockchain that it doesn’t deserve an evaluation and who knows what it could be in a year especially if everyone has to start using the substratum network due to centralization of the blockchain substratum could be absol huge as of right now for the price movement sitting around the 59 60 cent range would I get in right now no I would try to wait a couple days as you can see we had this run up due to the alpha testing being announced that it was successful and all that stuff and also people are starting to realize that this is a great project coming along so I would try to wait a couple days see if all this goes down get and try to buy into the red because right now we are starting to get into the green see if you can get in the red if not if you are a long-term holder just get in on this and hold it for the long term because in the long term no matter if you buy at 60 cents or 40 cents you’re gonna be paid off in the long run so that is my view on the current price if you’re really if you’re trying to day trade this this is definitely not the price you want to get in on because I don’t see it going up any more from here but it could because who knows in the cryptocurrency world everything is completely crazy and volatile so that is my view on the price and as well as going into 2018 I see great things for substratum I just see the price going up from here we definitely do need a pullback right now for healthy growth but substratum is a completely awesome project and I highly highly suggest you guys research more into it don’t just go and invest into it just because you saw this video do some more research on it and figure out if it’s a good investment for you personally from you for me I think it’s a great investment because I am in the United States and I can see net neutrality coming along within the next year or so and substratum will be here to save the day also before in the video on a shout out after school hustle this guy brings out quality content every single day for all you cryptocurrency investors so consider going to check out his channel and I’ll leave a link to his channel in the description below but that is gonna be the video for today guys I hope you enjoyed if you’re not already subscribed consider subscribing to one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency communities on YouTube and I will catch you guys in the next video deuces you

LENDCONNECT – New All time High! How High Can It Go??!!

what’s up everybody this is your boy John it ka nice trade and welcome to another land connect video today’s video we’re gonna go over some Ling connect updates such as price where are we we’re about to moon also a new price target announced by the lct team also how about some updates on Devore and big connect some lincoln and competitors in the space but i look at this is great for us to have another few lending platforms or a couple lending platforms for us to diversify in we’re gonna take a look at divorce price because that can maybe be an indicator of where else ET can go and then also what’s going on with bit connect you know so let’s take a look at though and how it relates to LC t everything about Leng connect and big and divor and big connect and that’s space the lending space we want these three to be healthy in my opinion so let’s take a look at it but let’s start with the LC t price because right now len connect just made a new all-time high so let’s take a look here we are at currently let’s do a quick refresh $14.90 now the reason why i say this is all time high if we come here to let’s do a quick refresh if we take a look here at the LT l CT BTC marketplace if you notice this candle back from a few days ago you’ll notice the high as 107 700 this is where the highest were here so let me hover over that again you see that 107 700 so that’s 107 107 thousand point seven sats now let’s take a look at where we just went up to whoa 111 100 111 k sats that is ridiculous man so we moon so what we were talking about yesterday with this bullish pattern this actually turned out to be a bullish pattern so a lot of momentum went in the direction we thought that it was you we could see it there’s two different I like looking at both coin market cap and I like looking at coin exchange because coin market cap if we take a look here great consolidation you see it coming you know it moons significantly and then it just held this base gave us time to accumulate coins it really did we can’t get mad at it now that it’s mooning again I mean I’m a little mad because if you notice here on either scan I sent some of my ether over my goodness four hours or five hours and four minutes ago and it still hasn’t reached you know my coin exchange wallet so there’s one thing I did want to say about coin exchange that it that reminds me is right now this is something that I noticed a few hours ago that’s why I sent over that ether because I noticed that lct ether price was lower I also noticed one havoc in the Aaron Haynes solare discord notice the two shout out to one havoc so if you are going to buy if you want to buy lct right now if you’re like hey I want to invest and I would suggest sending your your coin in DTC over to coin exchange then exchanging coin BTC for ether so let’s take a look here and the reason why I just want to double check we’re gonna check the ETH lct price to see if it’s cheaper than the lct BTC price so let’s take a look real quick we’re gonna look at some significant we’re gonna say a hundred this right here because this is really you you got some volume here 65 77 131 so someone want to come here there’s not a ton of volume remember that on the sell order side for ETH LC t LC T but hey there is still some volume let’s take a look here let’s see what the price would be at a hundred and it’s gonna be thirteen thirty five so you are I mean you’re talking to over a dollar fifty difference in price if you were to actually send your a coin right now if you I don’t suggest sendin aetherium because like I said you saw my transaction right now my etherion transaction has been out there for five hours and it’s you know has over 1100 confirmations and it still has not reached the coin exchange dashboard it hasn’t reached mitem now not sure why I think it’s just really clogged up right now the etherium network and coin exchange in particular is having a hard time like you know with the ERC 20 tokens lately and maybe just aetherium in general so if you are gonna send something over to coin exchange my recommendation would be to send see over there exchange of free aetherium and then then by your lct tokens against the etherium you know coin price so that would be my now you might may want to check the coin price because you never know these fluctuates sometimes lct BTC is higher and sometimes eth LTC is higher so you just want to check once you get into coin exchange but I’m pretty sure you send Bitcoin over there I know this sounds crazy but bitcoin may get there faster than aetherium you know so that’s that so uh so right now I mean this is moon if you take a look at this price chart it just looks like I mean such a bullish price it’s so it I mean it’s just beautiful I mean really it gave us a lot of opportunity over the last day or two to get in here so we can’t be mad at it well you know if you’re along for the ride a you know great we’re on this we’re on this rocket ship together so let’s take a look here I wanted to oh I wanted to share with you guys some updates from the lct team that I thought were really exciting so if we take a look here oh sorry I thought I had this on the lct here we go ah here it is so this is the one I want to share first of all they said hey we’re at 20,000 internal users they were added 6,000 users from last week which is beasts and they want to go up to a hundred thousand members they’re saying hey where do you see us when we’re at a hundred thousand members I see you guys at the moon that’s where I see them so I’m on that rocket ship with them and I know you guys are too so we’re joining them so here here’s something they just announced an lct is very cautious you know about when they announce stuff I I know they don’t want Sam has told me I remember buying coins back in December and he’s like hey you know we don’t really want to hype this you know he’s like just just buy as many coins as you can on the telegram use telling people this he’s telling me this I chat with them Sam is their community manager they had a silent confidence about them and they also had a humility to listen to lender suggestions such as Reinvestment without changing the capital released a beast you know I mean this is something that we all take advantage we all can take advantage of in just compound our profits true compounding interest without extending our loan date that is beast and they had a silent confidence saying don’t worry we’re not worried about the coin exchange price we talked about this in another video now again what they’re saying here and they’re announcing is in a week or two this one I want you to take a look at this this is on their telegram their community teller now nothing community or announcement telegram channel they have a community channel too but this one is on their announcement channel you can find both of those on the Lincoln Actos website if you want to know where that telegram is down at the bottom of the page and you’ll see that both the telegram links but right here it says in a week or two in about a week or two weeks we will start a massive marketing campaign you could still buy link connect tokens on 1407 well they could but for a cheap price of 1407 after this marketing campaign plus the launch of our outstanding and turtle exchange we are going to make a new target – a $100 per lct what they’re saying is their new target is gonna be $100 per lct we deliver stay strong behind lct because we are growing every single day no doubt so you guys you’re reading it just like I am I know if you read this you know maybe some of you’ve seen it already this right here is I mean this is why we love they’ll see tea I mean they are they are and I see they’re already pending post you know saying the community manager I see down here I’m not even gonna look at because I’m gonna get distracted but they’re they’re constantly commuting my point is they’re constantly communicating look at this and the community managers on the community channel telling us everything going on like admins for other coins just look at lct is an example I mean seriously you know and you know Devore of course cuz divorce abuse and I’m gonna share with you guys some things about Devorah big connect because I think they can relate to LC team we’re potentially lct can go in price so all right so that’s the announcement else need to use Muni all-time high they’re starting a massive marketing campaign they’re meeting together as a team because they’re mostly in Europe and stuff you go their website mostly in Europe they have some developers from India I think of some other countries but 75% their team members are in Europe they’re meeting to talk about their internal exchange and finalizing design we’re gonna get a sneak peek at the end of this week this coming week and then at the end of the month are launching their internal exchange beast with a massive marketing campaign and with a new price target of a hundred bucks I mean you guys jump on this train I mean if you are seeing this and by the way one any Devore holders any bag holders a Devore ‘that is mooning right now at 168 bucks a coin really considers selling some of your bag and picking up some oh my god 171 my guys okay look the question for anybody who has a bag of de Bourgh what is the more likely scenario de Voort n Xing being 1700 bucks or lct cen Xing 150 remember lct is 1/3 the coin size circulating supply ass Devore and remember it has better interest rates currently than Devore and has a better feature set investor friendly than divorce so my currently my my question to anyone who has a little bit of coin laying around invest in Devore lend in Devore that’s what I plan to do but also sell some of your Devore if you have some income some lct or if you have other coins that are mooning potentially and that have you know gone into the stratosphere and they now it you see like wow this might be a little bit longer for it to 10x then take a look at lct you know because you can maybe make some more profits and then you can come back and pick up some Devore you never know what back on the pullback so personally those are more trader suggestions but really right now honestly I think lct is just in a in extremely good position it has a lot of hype around the community all of us here I know you know are are behind the coin and wanted to succeed and and we are holding them to a high standard but more importantly they’re holding themselves to a highest standard over there on the lct team so that’s why I like them and that’s why I’m bullish on them so that and last thing they had at then a tweet I just you know it’s a simple tweet here said are we going to make another 300 percent by lct tokens now and it showed a picture of this graph before it made at all-time high and this is about an hour ago so you know it’s at an all-time high now now let’s take a look so those are the land line connect updates now Devore is mooning and it’s just going crazy man and this is something I wanted to say Devore where do I think delenn– connect token could go personally I think that the link connect can go at least to where Devore is now now that what up by that I mean to say I feel fairly confident that Lin Connect can be one-third the size of Devore I think it could be on par or maybe even surpass Devore but but you start to get into a coin price of one hundred and seventy one times three which is close to five over five hundred and fifty dollars a coin and my mind is having a hard time wrapping itself around that number but I can wrap my knot in my mind around a number that Devore has already has already beasts into these all-time highs and it’s three times the size 3.3 times the circulating supply as Lincoln act as lct so for me a conservative approach would be that one seventy one number whatever we’re seeing right here with Devore Devore has okay I want to go over some of the things that Devore has done of course the lct has not Devore is proven Devore is around Devore you can withdraw money it has an internal exchange it hasn’t stumbled over itself and neither has lct but point is Devore has been around a little while longer than lct and so therefore it’s one of the only platforms right now what the hasn’t had hiccups it’s trustworthy you know people go in there pull out there yeah I mean it’s had some hiccups in the internal exchange when it just launched I think for a day and then it had some DDoS attacks I think for my half a day or something recently but nothing really significant do you know what I mean what Devore didn’t do is they didn’t shut down withdrawals on you by the way admins out there I mean not calling anyone out like grx or anything but come on man when you shut down ERC 20 tokens and tell me I can’t which are off on the platform because you’re doing it to protect the coin I don’t care what are you talking about protect the coin are you kidding me ear see 20 tokens is so I can control my tokens you told me I could stick my token so put it up there on your website and then you lock down the coins and then I have to dump you I dumped all my coins of grx I bought them because I thought you were gonna moon and I dumped you and then it put it into lct because you lost my trust so admins Devore has not done anything to lose our trust they haven’t shut down they weren’t manipulating us and saying when you treat us in that way we lose trust it’s already an anonymous game you have to build trust when it’s an anima like this and you you have to do things that build trust you can’t do things when it’s anonymous that takes away trust are you kidding that’s what we dumped I mean come on we can say a collective 1 2 3 dump dump grx that’s what I did now I’m not saying anyone should dump to your ex I wanted to succeed I really do mourn lending platforms that succeed the better but for me personally they broke my trust so that’s why I dumped in I bought lct and I’m happy about it that being said Devore has not done that so that’s why they’re proven that’s why they’re mooning now if lct is able to launch their internal exchange they like they say they’re going to I have no doubt that they will I really don’t doubt them nothing else ET has ever told me nothing will end connect as told me has not come to fruition so that’s why I trust their team I do believe they will fulfill on their on their promises at the end of the month their internal exchange for lunch and then when their internal exchange launches you can which are all your profits these are 5 percent profit still January 20th beast I mean come on then 1.5 percent to 5 percent a day now if they’re what draws go out without a hitch and their internal exchange goes out without a hitch then what can you say then you could say lct is doing the same thing as Devore but with better interest rates and better investor friendly features than Devore with 1/3 the coin size now are we saying that 171 is too crazy I will say this if you notice Devore’s moon inch in its pattern and I’m just gonna show you really quickly Devore when it was mooning for a bit it consolidated around 100 bucks and this is normal psychological numbers are are really important in in any type of trading coin stocks equities futures doesn’t matter psychological numbers whole numbers especially like 100 pars what it’s called it is a big number sometimes it takes a while to bust through even Jesse Livermore reminiscences of a stock operator if anyone knows that book a great book about trading pick it up listen to it audible so it is a great book in a hundred years ago he talked about that when he noticed when a stock was about to hit par 100 bucks it took a while to get through it but once it got through it up to 40 50 points real quick look at Devore I mean it just did that it hung around that hundred dollar mark if you remember for about a week like take a look at this look check this out you see this look look hundred bucks 90 to 90 consolidate how long was this December 31st okay look Jan third did Jan 12 to 1 is that Jan 13th about 10 days so think about this when lct approaches a hundred bucks we may see a similar pattern we may see that the same thing that happened with Devore the same thing to happen to Jesse Livermore when he noticed stocks you know many years ago hundred years ago plus years ago that when they hit par 100 bucks it they would consolidate a bit but when they busted through a BAM as soon as they got through it that was it once they went through par he was like Dubai because it’s gonna go 40 or 50 points real quick look at Devore it just went 70 points through par I mean look at this man okay look just to prove that point when it busted through again right come on was this January 12 January 13th now what is what is the date today January 15th two days it goes up 70 plus points if you see you know do you see what I’m saying so lct I think it can reach the Devore high but what its gonna take is it gonna take some patience from people if you want to hold this is where your mentality as if you start to get fear that oh my gosh it’s at 100 bucks and you’re gonna start selling on weakness then you’re gonna miss out on that moon inch to a hundred bucks right now I’m not saying it’s gonna go through a hundred no one knows the future but I’m just looking tracking this now if lct is delivering on everything they say they’re gonna deliver our profits are going out with eight a hitch and they’re offering beastly rates holy moly why the heck would it stay below a hundred there would be no reason Marketing going off interest rates going off the investor friendly features going off pulling out daily profits the communities going crazy videos being created my goodness would it not make it through a hundred bucks if everybody’s saying it has better interest rates than Devore you can reinvest without actually extending your capital or at least eight has one-third the coin size my goodness right now it’s mooning and it’s difficult to buy the coin it is difficult for normal people who are not crypto verse experts to buy that coin you have to go to coin exchange you have to send it over to LC t then you’re gonna lend it it is not easy in theory and blockchain is all messed up right now so my point is I do think it can reach a hundred and seventy dollars that’s what I think LC t can reach conservatively it will consolidate around a hundred bucks do I think you should take profits at a hundred bucks probably you should probably lock in some loans around a hundred bucks that’s what I think why not you got a loan for a hundred you know like at a hundred dollars lock in that loan and you know in the beginning of LC T’s journey here why not compound that interest I mean seriously why why not if you need the money every day okay but if not compound then interest take it out at the end of the life of the loan so that is my prediction that’s why I think you can Devore has delivered I think LC t can deliver if it does I think it’s gonna hit 100 it’s gonna Kasauli it’s gonna bust through if it busts through 100 it may fly faster than Devore because it’s lighter it’s just less coins you know what I mean that that’s my thinking I’m not saying it’s right but but to say is so the market cap for Devore and inline Connect for those to be this similar you’d have to have you know LC T’s coin price you need three times the size of divorce so that’d be closed over 550 bucks that’s where I’m like I’m having a hard time I can’t see it right now but I’m not saying that LC T’s coin price can’t reach that it’s just it’s a psychological thing you know with me it’s probably psychological thing with other people that’s more than big connects coin price do you know what I mean that’s more than if you look at bit connects coin price which Devore is creepin up on man that is just ridiculous 294 bucks but it’s been up to 450 before so anyway my point is it’s just hard right now because we’re so accustomed to seeing big connect as the beast and you know to see Len connect it at five hundred and fifty plus would be be interesting but that would equal the coin market cap meaning the market cap of the companies that deform and that connect at that time would be similar if Len connects token was three times the size of Devore 3.3 times the size so it is possible I’m going to hold some coins for that possibility I am going to take some profits along the way I am going to loan when it reaches a hundred bucks almost certainly why not stick on some loans there I mean for me I’m probably going to try to hold out and not sell my coins are not loan too much until a hundred bucks if any I’ll be honest like I’m now seeing this moon Ajit’s making me think like I want to lend because of the beastly rates it’s so tempting and I think I probably will lend a bit when it hits like milestones like 30 bucks maybe something like that thrown alone just to support the platform and also because hey why not you know I mean that $30 is great price but I happen to think honestly I really want to hold them a greater majority of my coins to be honest and I want to hold them for at least a hundred bucks and I want to hold them for past that now if everything changes so quickly in crypto day-to-day if I see something in the lct team that I don’t like and I’ve never seen this so I’m not I’m not saying this is gonna happen I don’t anticipate this happening but the only reason why I would change my mind is something like that happened like it like created some sort of fear of me but I have the only seeing positive things from their team so I don’t anticipate that I think it’s going to 170 like I said so that’s it’ll consolidate around 100 I’ll probably throw in some loans I’ll probably take it for a ride to 170 and then I’m probably gonna even leave more on for the moon itch past that Lincoln X is going after the Big Dawg man they want to be number one they don’t want to be number two they’re not here to be number two you guys like I don’t know if you know this link connect is not their goal is not to be the number two lender their goal is said to be the number one lender so that’s the rocket ship ride we’re on number one lender and we’re in at 14 bucks 15 bucks come on now buy some lct for goodness gracious mother so that’s what I think big connect by the way and really people are gonna buy Lincoln a coin because they’re just gonna want alone remember the majority and investors in Lincoln Act will not be investors like us they’ll be lenders they won’t have purchased the coin for it to moon not a lot of big connect holders or investors are for the big connect coin they don’t stake it and hold it there are some that tree on dips and on rips they sell it or loan it and they do stake the coin but the majority of people are just like me who go into big connect and just throw in a loan $1.00 to $1.00 mean I have a ten thousand dollar loan or one thousand dollar loan I’ll own it and be connected it’s on one thousand dollar loan I have to exchange the tokens because that’s how the system works but the token price doesn’t matter to me it’s not like I’m looking at it do you know what I mean so at Legg Connect is probably going to be the same thing at some point remember we’re in early but when investors come around later and lenders come around later in this massive marketing campaign they’re going after people that are not really familiar with the crypto verse that are not looking to invest in icos possibly that are just looking to compound their money in Lincoln Nick this is a perfect platform for that so the price may not be a psychological barrier as when I’m saying it can go up in price simply because of supply and demand without too many people inhibiting that price right right now it might be inhibited because there’s more probably investors like us then there are like lenders from the outside so we’re lending and investing we’re investing in the coin and lending but there’s gonna be at some point will become the minority and if that happens then the lend connect price will be less significant and then we may be able to see that five hundred and fifty dollar price mark that’s my theory in theory on paper it should be able to reach that price mark because it just has better interest rates and better feature set than other platforms out there like Devore that are at 170 but again Devore can come out with different feature set man Devore you could I mean but link Connect might just come out with another feature set so you guys this is good for us anyone watching this video that’s an investor it is good for us we want this competition last thing I’ll say and I’ll cut the video I’ll try to try to keep the video low sure I don’t think it’s that short right now that’s 23 minutes so part of my diversified lending strategy will be to invest and lend in all three now by the way big connect by the way is freaking given some error it’s service under maintenance when I try and log in I heard I had a DDoS attack or something like that so we don’t really know exactly what’s going on it’s been down for a couple days or over a day or something like that I’m not really worried this has happened before where they taking their site down for maintenance and stuff so people are you know I’m not I’m not concerned about it I have money in there but doesn’t bother me at all so but what I excuse me what I intend to do and what I’m very excited about because my lending strategy is gonna be diversified across only three platforms right now that I fully a hundred percent trust that have shown me you know enough confidence to really you know now by the way I’m in twenty five lending ico so I’m gonna be lending and other icos right but I’m not going to recommend to friends and family or anyone else maybe on this channel that has an investment in those i ciose to lend with other platforms until they you know until i see that they’re proven so right now the only three platforms that I would say lend with our leg connect because even though they don’t have their internal exchange you can’t withdraw profits like I said I’m of course really bullish online connect Devore and then bit connect now big connect when it comes back online that’s when we’ll have to see I think it’s gonna be fine once we see hey it’s cool able to withdraw profits again goes back to normal then it’s gonna be you know something that definitely will I’ll continue to lend with that to me is the safest approach even though big connect does not offer the best interest rates is still like one percent a day you know what I mean come on man like I had a thirty thousand dollar loan with big connect in over two months I mean 20 grand I I mean come on and I didn’t even reinvest anything so that that to me is cool I’ll continue to do that if Flynn connect or a bit connect continues to provide that now definitely throw some and Devore I plan to a limb with Devore when I take some profits out of line connect who knows are probably not linked connect I’m probably gonna reinvest they’re just everything but I have some other I SEOs that are coming to fruition some other all coins and so I’m just probably gonna throw some of that into lending and I’ll probably throw it into into Devore so that will be my invested diversified lending strategy i those are the only three lending platforms that I would recommend currently hopefully more come on the market that we can trust I know people are in hexerin people think extra is a beast but I’ve seen some things about Hexter recently that personally I went if I was already in it I would say cool man awesome like you know we continue rolling that train right but for me right now I wouldn’t throw any new money at it do you know what I mean because a lot of people got in for the extra goal which was awesome but I want to throw any new money out of currently you know I want to put my own money in it right now I wasn’t in extra I didn’t get in for the extra bowl so I probably wanted throw money in it but like connective or big connect biess so that’s it for today guys I didn’t want to say I really appreciate all the comments you guys you mean some great suggestions for some of the videos I did jot them down when I am going to start to look at them as future video topics really appreciate it I mean a lot of expertise has been coming to the channel and commenting on it I could tell a lot of people very familiar with the crypto space I really respect the people on this channel that have come and comments on the video I really appreciate it I really have enjoyed going back and forth and getting to know some of you on on the comments and some of your comments have been really you know awesome and and please keep it coming and and if you’re new here please subscribe hit that like button hit that thumbs up smash the like button so smash it you know please hit that like button I really appreciate it gets it out to more people that could see the video that maybe can lend into these platforms and also change their lives as we are and also hit the subscribe button and then the post notifications that will tell you as soon as I get in another video is that like little bell right after you hit the subscribe button and then also when I go live on livestream so if I ever do four different events then that also would tell you as soon as I go live and then you can join so anyway you guys a little bit longer video I’m gonna try I I got some suggestions of folks who said maybe I could try to narrow down the video a little bit or mean as far as minutes and you’re absolutely right I’m I’m going to try to do my best to do that I know I can I want to deliver things that are you know or effective for you guys so I apologize it does a little bit longer I really appreciate it though you guys that have been joining this I have been enjoying the journey so far over the last week or so with the with you all and I hope you had an awesome day I hope you have a great rest of your night and hopefully we’ll talk to each other again and please leave some comments like and subscribe talk to you all tomorrow peace out

Loopring: [LRC] A Deeper Dive

as cryptocurrencies make their way to the mainstream more and more traders are joining exchanges to get their piece of the pie loop ring is an open multilateral token exchange protocol for decentralized exchanges on the e theorem blockchain loop ring is intended to serve as a common building block with open standards driving interoperability among decentralized applications or adapts that incorporate exchange functionality trades are executed by a system of aetherium smart contracts that are publicly accessible for you to use and that any DAP can hook into loop ring is a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto token exchanges shielding users from counterparty risk and reducing the cost of trading by pooling the liquidity of crypto currencies loop ring claims to be building the financial system of the future loop ring does not require members to send tokens to exchanges for custody tokens always remain in their blockchain addresses during the whole transaction lifecycle members can even transfer their tokens around after orders are submitted loop ring will automatically adjust trading amount at the initial price loop ring protects members from threats such as exchange bankruptcies and DDoS or distributed denial-of-service the loop ring mechanism allows an order break into small pieces identifies the best exchanges and times to trade those pieces on and applies game theoretical logic to optimize trading results loop ring was designed to be blockchain agnostic as long as blockchain has smart contract support loop ring can be implemented and all ERC 20 like tokens on such a blockchain can be traded under loop a loop ring offers benefits to both users and exchanges by deferring risk from both parties in decentralized smart contracts minimizing fees and cost to create more profitable orders through ring matching and order sharing and as a cross-platform protocol loop rings roadmap for 2018 looks amazing and I see it’s protocol being adopted not only within the ëthere iam based decentralized exchanges but also with the neo and cute tums blockchain building decentralized exchanges requires a lot of parts in place and is currently being built by several company and that’s where loop ring comes in loop ring is not partaking in the exchange business but has developed the protocol that decentralized exchanges use without getting too technical its protocol allows exchanges to swap aetherium or er c20 based coins with each other since 90% or more of the alt coins in existence are ERC 20 based the decision to focus on aetherium was clearly a wise one loop rings protocol also allows trading of non common pairs and helps with liquidity by executing trades with intelligence and lowers fees and costs while loop ring does have a technical advantage over its competitors the reason why I like it the most right now is that it has strong ties with the Chinese community and other crypto companies loop ring is a China based company that came on to the scene in 2017 the backers are incredibly loyal and strong the team is small but is composed of people who know what they’re doing loop ring CEO Daniel Wang has worked at Google jvcom and has held many other impressive jobs within Asia its CMO Jay Zhou has worked at E&Y and PayPal as for the advisors the biggest one has to be da Hong Fei which is Neos founder and CEO Daniel and da have been longtime friends for those of you that don’t know neo is considered the etherium of China it is the largest enterprise base block chain in China and in all of Asia by market cap loop ring will soon be developing its protocol for Neos blockchain as well as cute um which is another large enterprise block chain from China this is important as no one else is doing this when loop ring is done it will be air-dropping free tokens given to the holders of lrc free airdrops is a big deal since everyone likes free money this alone usually causes a huge rise in the price lastly it was rumoured that loop ring was brought in to help neo finish developing their next exchange specialty on some cross chain swaps this means that aetherium based coins can soon be swapped with neo based coins and vice versa if true this is extremely exciting the white paper is super super technical but worth at least a glance over and for Christ’s sake guys this is not financial advice go do some more research of your own and please do not depend on me to make your fortune I know most of you don’t and I really do appreciate you guys I certainly sense a great community here and I know you guys got my back let’s make 2018 a year to remember and as always thanks for watching


the following video is no financial advice this is just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies are very risky so do your own due diligence and always decide on your own behalf and only invest what you can afford to lose hello guys how’s it going and welcome to quite woke yo cryptocurrency channel as you all know the USP of this channel is to give you all important information in very little time so you don’t have to watch those 30 minute videos in today’s episode of Kryptos to watch other in 2018 we’re covering the sleeping giant and a very nice opportunity its new bring loop ring has the ticker lrc the circling supply is 286 million then the maximum supply 1.4 billion coins it’s an open source protocol to search exchanges for the best price for cryptos imagine you’re searching for specific crypto and loop ring gets you the best price this works full automatically using smart contracts and atomic swaps therefore it’s absolutely secure at the moment they’re only covering ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain the targets are enable access to various exchanges and get you the best prices for the crypto s– they will also have an old trading wallet using the loop ring protocol if we look up higher market cap blueprints rank number 133 at the moment with the price of 36 cents and a market cap of 105 million when you bring it exchanges you could get it to approximately 10 cents afterwards despite a little bit it went down but altogether this crypto is still sleeping and the price of 36 cents is a steal if you have a look at the website you see it’s not that fancy and glamorous like other web sites but the amazing thing is the team this guy for instance is a former Google employee and this guy has been at PayPal and the advisory board is even more fantastic this guy here is the founder of neo so you can imagine how this project can spike so let’s get to the advantages this project is still way under valued it’s absolutely in the beginning phase and it’s an amazing idea and a powerful tool guys would you use it I would use it and the team is absolutely amazing especially the advisory board with the neo founder the disadvantages are that you have one point four billion coins but I’m pretty sure a lot of them will be burned let’s get to the price predictor as always no guarantee this is just a mathematical calculation to see what’s actually possible the supply is 1.4 billion the market share today 0.02 percent if the market kept in 1 year could be 5 trillion what is very conservative in my mind if you have a look at market cap development last year and to bring could manage to get a market share of 0.2% the price in one year could be 750 2/3 dollars this absolutely depends on how many coins will be on the market the return on investment would be 2000 to 8 thousand percent that’s absolutely stunning let’s get to the final evaluation the business model gets four point seven five stars a tool which searches for the best price for Kryptos is an amazing idea the possible growth gets 5 stars from 39 cents to maybe 30 dollars that’s absolutely stunning the team gets four point seven five stars especially the advisory board is amazing diplomate a shoe gets 4.25 stars at the moment it’s not fully integrated at the moment only ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain other factors get 5 stars to me this project is super undervalued it’s an amazing opportunity you have a fantastic advisory board and if you have to look at Twitter and the social media of loop ring you see those guys are around with their very successful projects like nem neo and stuff like that so altogether it’s four point seven five stars to me who brings an amazing opportunity this could really change how people will trade in the future it’s a powerful tool an amazing team with a special advisory board and the price of 39 cents is a steal thank you very much guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it give me a like or just to follow if you want more of this content and if you think somebody else could profit off this video just share it to the world have a good one guys bye

Loopring / LRC – The Protocol of the Future

what’s going on guys crypto lurk here today we’re gonna be talking about you bring very exciting stuff from looking at what they’re doing with the team what competitions like just what the heck loop ring actually does all that and more after a quick shout out everyone who has been hitting that like button of course to all the subscribers new and old and if you’re not subscribed yet there’s a button right just down below there go ahead and hit it up and of course if you want to up your support you can always follow me along over on steam at comm or become a patron over on patreon of course big shout out to Ben Tao the newest patron over there on patreon really really appreciate your support thanks so much for that and of course quick disclaimer guys this is not professional financial advice this is just a dude talking about crypto currencies well let’s get into it so what the heck is loop ring and what does it do decentralized exchange and open protocol loop ring is a protocol and that’s that’s the thing we can’t even mind here they’re not setting up an exchange there will not be a loop ring exchange they are facilitating exchange in a decentralized manner it is a back-end product essentially you as a user probably won’t even realize you’re using loop ring when they start operating for different decentralized exchanges but you will be using looping technology it’ll be like a lot of other programs that you use potentially every day but you don’t even know you’re using them because they’re all back office kind of things and loop ring is gonna be one of those very things now it’s a very interesting project and they do are aiming to do a lot now one thing that is very important to point out as potentially limiting factor at the start is they’re only dealing with ERC 20 tokens so etherion based tokens loop ring itself is in the IRC 20 token now look the big thing we have to keep an eye out here for is this they have some really good partnerships obviously was cute um and neo now cute um is trying to put itself between you know Bitcoin and aetherium so it their long-term plan is to be operational with every blockchain obviously and photos like this one here hanging out the nem dudes over in Shanghai it’s coming it’d be nice to see actually if nem was one of the first block chains they get in with that would be great for nem great for a great for loop ring as well so pretty cool pretty cool photo like that now look we need to get in some of the details here of how it actually works basically your money will not go on an exchange with decentralized exchanges instead you will transact outside of the exchange now this helps defer risk for basically everybody involved at first risk for the exchange it defers risk for you as well you keep the money in your account and you trade out from there there’s a lot of other bonus bonuses that come with us as well things like ring matching which really is about a pooling of orders in order to lower exchange fees that’s a quite simple way to look at ring matching very actually very powerful you know order sharing as well so this would let you do things like say you want to get ten aetherium for example and you’re buying that with your loop ring let’s say now look if you go to just one exchange you’re basically stuck with the price that’s at that exchange but with order sharing and the the whole concept of loop ring you would actually be able to get the best prices at ten different exchanges so okay you buy someone’s got some aetherium for sale over on bitshares for example and you buy some over there but the next best price actually is not on bitshares it’s over on by Nance and so you you get some from there and so you actually it goes back and forth and get you the best price around the exchanges I think that’s really fantastic because sometimes you see the arbitrage going on between exchanges and there can be pretty big differences in some coins sometimes so it actually really good if some to see this protocol that actually goes above that and helps really alleviate this pressure on traders trying to find the best pricing on the exchange which is kind of crazy so obviously this in the end means more profit for traders minimized fees helps eliminate counterparty risk as well now counterparty risk what the heck is counterparty risk counterparty risk is the the problem of the other party not holding up to their contract now not such a big problem when you go to like bit wrecks for example but there are situations in which that could be problematic on such a decentralized trustless exchange area and so they seek to alleviate that as well setting everything up in smart tracks court smart contracts come read through the white paper they give a lot of details about how those kind of smart contracts work what happens with timeouts and different things like this so it’s a very very smart clever white paper you know tough to read it sounds very technical but it’s well worth reading if you are interested in investing in loop ring do come over here and check it out it’s actually quite interesting what they’re trying to do fairly active social media which of course always to be appreciated the guys over at loop bring Orkut launching something called this is this is hilarious the Fellowship of the Ring it’ll of course be officially funded by the loop ring foundation now this is in as they say in the same spirit of the city of Zion so this is a basically a community of developers working on loop ring trying to attract those open-source developers to their platform and they’ll of course be rewarded in loop ring tokens so that’s great I’m really happy to see that so if you’d like to you know get in the council and defeat defeats our on and you know takedown Mordor get amongst the guys if you’re a developer a lot of great opportunities out there for developers in the crypto space you know a lot of crypto companies that are giving out awesome rewards of course in their coins you know neo is always giving out fantastic rewards for example and a lot of other a lot of other coins are too so loot brings just one of the many one of the many giving out a bi-weekly developer update I really like coins that stay active and update people want the heck’s going on and say hey we’ve been doing this check this out appreciate it guys appreciate it team’s pretty sweet a lot of guys X Google X PayPal really good in that space but everybody has got the most excited about this because of who some of the advisors are oh who’s this guy da Hong Fei oh he’s the founder of knio knio knio this is obviously caused a lot of stir in space and i think is one of the reasons why people are really putting themselves behind loop ring and getting excited about loop ring because obviously neo is a fantastic project everyone’s super excited about new a super bowl a’shawn neo and to see you know da Hong Fei being an advisor to this of course fantastic the other advisers are good too but obviously the name everyone look is looking at here is dog Fei and so he’s added a lot I think to the credibility of this entire project roadmap pretty simple pretty simple obviously at the moment they are just looking at trying to get listed on exchanges we’re gonna talk about some of the drama with that here in a minute but still next year still a lot of stuff coming for them open source ring mining software and they haven’t you got a wallet yet guys but they want to watch that launched launched their own trading wallet with the loop ring protocol watch out for that to come that’ll be great when it happens it will to trade all of your ERC 20 tokens off of their wallet he using the loop ring protocol that’ll be a powerful tool still a lot to happen with loop ring they’re just getting started guys they’re just gonna started now I’ve covered this in my news video the other day but I thought this is worth covering again because the city of Zion are going to be launching something called the neon meta exchange the neon meta exchange now this is going to be done in collaboration with the guys over at loop ring very interesting very very interesting so keep an eye on that project keep an eye on that project right there guys now loop ring another one of those projects that came out the exact wrong time they basically launched and then a few days later the whole China thing happened and so for example they were delisted from by Nance per the request a loop ring team because of course they needed to keep in line with Chinese regulations and of course so did by Nance have to keep in line with Chinese regulations so they a delisted from by Nance and unfortunately they haven’t been relisted there yet hopefully would see that at some point in the future but after China canceled its I SEOs all the recent I SEOs had to basically you know refund the investors and they got D listed some other new favorites like Tron for example got hit by that as well which is unfortunate but this is what happens to China guys miss China I like that in the white paper they go to a lot of effort to actually talk about other decentralized protocols and basically what the problems are with those and then how loop rings going to improve on that situation so they talk about bitshares and of course bitshares it’s taken a real hit recently of the decentralized exchange but they also talked about Oh X protocol which is probably the most similar to to loop ring so I like how they actually go through and say hey you know what here is why basically we’re better than no expert at all so for example limitations like only being able to accept OTC orders having unclear competing mechanism of different exchanges and lacking a protection mechanism for Myers so interesting interesting a hundred million dollar market cap a course for the O X protocol so they’re not doing bad by any means over there and of course they talk about why they’re better than vainqueur as well again you guys come over here and check out check out the white paper and read through the details if you’re interested in learning a bit more about some of those specific details but why they think they’re better if you are a loop ring protocol holder there’s an interesting opportunity they have going right now it’s called the long term incentive program if you want to get yourself some loop ring and if you want to get it earning interest for you you can invest in basically a deposit so you deposit your money with them for a period of between eighteen and thirty six months from the time the original apposite and they will pay you out an interest payment on that interesting and then of course you’ll get your deposit back after the 18 to 36 month period whatever period you decide to invest for that’s an interesting opportunity it’s currently being offered it will run out the midterm incentive program for example has already been suspended but the still opens participation for the long term project if that’s something you want to get involved in now look there’s a 1.4 billion of these in total supply only a small portion currently in circulating supplies so we will see over time more and more of those come in market cap is only at 52 million at the moment which isn’t super high remember o X protocol is almost at a hundred million bank or is almost at a hundred million as well these protocols seem to be very popular at the moment obviously this kind of back-office technology will be institutionally important and a massive way for decentralized exchanges of course I suppose the question be why would decentralized exchange is simply not to implement this very technology themselves why do they need loop ring but you might say the same about a lot of different software programs why why don’t you just develop your own software well why would we when someone else has already done it so perhaps that’s something you keep in mind as well if you’re gonna be investing in loop ring although it’s very interesting project I really really do like it although it’s you know it’s it’s not one of those things would you use this is this something that in your day to day life well I’m gonna go use my loop ring well maybe when they have the wallet going actually when they have their exchange wallet going that’s a potentially very powerful tool and a real game-changer in the space actually you wouldn’t even need to go to an exchange just trade straight out your loop ring wallet when they get that going wow very early days for loop ring potentially a really good time to invest obviously not trading on too many exchanges at the moment because of course it has been delisted from for example finance but straight enough exchanges at the moment seen a bit of an up see down Z and it’s trading so far course bit back down if you’re gonna try and pick yourself up some loop ring I just say you can probably get it back now at these prices over here which is sort of around the 1,500 Satoshi mark not too far away from that we’re at 3,000 so she’s currently may not go back down that far though it really may not go back down that far but if you take this on a long-term perspective remember most of this stuff isn’t even coming out till next year if you really want to go big get yourself some loop ring get a few thousand of them take them up on that investment offer throw them in eighteen months later come back collect your money with a bonus and by then loop ring should have actually taken off their wallet will be out they’ll actually be implemented in some different exchanges using their protocols so that would be my recommendation with this one if you are gonna get involved take them up on their offer but you got to keep in mind your money will be locked up for 18 to 36 months whatever you decide to have it locked up for so that’s something to keep mine as well but otherwise very project loop ring guys what do you think about loop ring hit me up down below be really really curious to see what you guys think about this too much risk because it’s a cuz it’s Chinese I don’t think so I think it’s gonna do ok really interesting tech idea here so guys that’s all from the crypto LARC thank you so so much for tuning in long live the blockchain and peace out till next time guys

STRATIS | Blockchain for Corporate Enterprise

what’s going on everyone my name is Nicholas Martin here at Data – today is August days of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my videos or live streams I love getting feedback in the comments below about what kwinter took and you want to see covered next and I got an overwhelming response in my recent poll on my live stream about covering a infamous token and that is no other than the successful Stratus oh I like that name but Stratus has been one of my favorites for a long time everyone on the reason being is that everything about it is something that I can love I love the technology I love the feasibility and scalability of this approach to using blockchain technology and I also love the team who has a decent amount of experience behind them so that being said we’ll cover about everything on Stratus make it easy for you to understand and along with that we’ve got to start off with the numbers so let’s jump right into it folks first off I want to take a look here at the market cap we’re sitting around a 750 million dollar valuation definitely no simple small cap and in fact it could be in my opinion a candidate to go towards the top five meaning that it will be eventually a large gap if it can if it can meet that but I definitely don’t doubt it nonetheless and right now we have volume sitting around twenty four million dollars that is pretty impressive even at the valuation that it’s at and we can see that there’s a circulating supply of 98 million Stratus out there now because I want to make sure to emphasize something as you can see I’m corn market cap there’s no information on the Mac supply so far from what I’ve seen and all of my research on Stratus there’s no specific number to the Mac supply I’ve looked on you know reddit I’ve looked on a multitude of different forums and even on their own website and I just can’t seem to find it if you guys know what it is let me know however I will state this is not a coin that is based off proof of work originally Stratus was proof of work however right now it is actually a proof of stake token as of I think May of 2016 so definitely been on the proof of stake Dan wagon for quite some time so anyways that being said let’s jump right into the technology and really talk about what Stratus is about so we go here to the website they make it clear right off the bat that Stratus is literally I wouldn’t say I mean this is an insult but Stratus is pretty much blockchain implementation for corporations and for dummies it’s for people who really don’t know you want to get excessively into the deep side of trying to build applications for the blockchain and it shouldn’t be complicated guys we want to build a blockchain that’s easy and accessible for people and allows people to build cell block shades to apply their applications and that’s exactly what Stratus does now as you all know probably if you’re kind of an ethereal bug aetherium has a multitude of languages that it uses including Java Python C++ and going however with Stratis we’re seeing that it uses c-sharp now of course you’re going to have a ton of people debating all this language is easier over the other but generally speaking c-sharp is a relatively easy language for people to use and it is extremely scalable to a multitude of different approaches and technology whether it be building web applications mobile apps or even things like games you can use Stratus to build the platforms that you want so it is definitely attacking a market that hasn’t really been brought to scale yet in the sense of blockchain technology and I think it’s really simple for developers to get out there and really start using the application and in Microsoft’s been using the technology if you’re looking for a sense of adoption so it’s definitely interesting now if you’re a developer out there you can go about already developing it starting to use c-sharp you can go out and test your applications and deploy it straight onto github to utilize it on the Stratos blockchain so it’s already out there to test out that you can implement it you can start using it and I think it’s really cool to see that this is actually not only ready to use but people are actually using it like a state of Microsoft is probably the biggest candidate that started to use Stratus and we can see that there’s some use cases here that are really interesting to look into the big thing is that you can use Stratus as a sense of a database in the sense of data recording management you can also use it for things in industry sex in tech and the thousands of other things that are possible with Stratus there’s really no limits to this guys and out of anything c-sharp is a great language to really bring this kind of scale now as you won’t wonder you know we’ve got all these great ambitions all this great technology and the potential behind it is the team there and as always I’ve been trying to increase my my my research skills in the sense of the team or at least I usually do research the team’s pretty well I just try to keep the team short but you guys seem to be really interested in learning about the teams so I’m going to get a little more in depth than that than I usually do well there’s two candidates on the team that stand out right out of the bat that I really liked when I was looking at stress for the first time and Chris trew was definitely no exception being the CEO and founder of Stratus he has been a part of the Blitz cash project for quite some time and that’s one of the small caps that though I don’t want to invest it all right now I am optimistic on it it’s kind of a purpose based chord that has a lot of different ways how you create blitz cash a few of them I’m going to hear the projects they have the viral exchange which is giving benefits to those who use as social media platforms so it’s kind of like a rewards program for you know liking and sharing content then there’s also fertilised which uses Fitbit so when you you exercise or you run and burn calories you also generate blitz cash so all these proof-of-work concepts that bring world world application and daily decisions into generation of blood cash stuff I know I kind of tailoring off into that but I want to tell you all you know they’ve got some decent people here on their team working on the project policarpo also works at open Bazaar or he was a part of starting open Bazaar which is a huge marketplace for using crypto currencies as a means of exchange and also earning Bitcoin for your purchases so I mean guys like I said they’ve got a great team here and those aren’t the only guys but I don’t have the whole time to go into all their PR and communications and project management but they’ve got a definite definitely solid team here and with what they’re trying to achieve it’s something that feasible they’ve already made it so these sub blonde chains can easily communicate with the predominant block chain of Stratus and everything’s been running smoothly so far so that being said is that the wallet technology downloader they’ve got everything set up so you can start using and communicating or that’s not going to be paying using strategies and needs of exchange so I’m very optimistic on the token guys I’d love to hear what you all think about it in the comments below the last thing I want to cover though as always if I get the chance is to talk about the technicals and price action and boy am i optimistic not only has Stratos been continuing to go up while Bitcoin has seen a massive rally it has shown that it is about to blow up to the upside in my opinion and why is that well looking at it a technical approach everyone I can see that this is easily forming a bullish triangle or an ascending triangle meaning that there’s a flat line of resistance that it continues to hit I think this is around the 200-day are on de or more around be at 240,000 satoshi level and we’re also seeing a rising support level creating this really nice value degree triangle so that being said I’m very optimistic on a technical standpoint and I think we can easily see strata stated ties folks this is a really good cryptocurrency and the technical application behind it in my opinion is immense so what do you all think about this I think Stratus is a good coin I think it’s got every single category that makes up a decent stable long term cryptocurrency but I’d love to hear what you all think in the comments below so that being said I like to hear about if you’ve also got another coin or token you want me to cover but until then everyone I will see you all in the next video stay tuned you

Stratis | STRAT| What is Stratis | Should you invest?

how’s it going guys scripted but here for today giving you another fantastic review on a coin that has been taking headlines for the last couple of days and if you are invested in Stratus or you have you rode the wave you know which one I’m talking about what I’m talking about specifically and so this research is going to be looking at specifically why did Stratus go up what are some good things about it and should you buy or sure you not buy Stratus considering that it’s been so volatile and it has moved so much in these last couple of weeks and I’m gonna tell you guys right now Stratus is one of those coins that is really difficult to pinpoint every single time I turn around stratas moves every time I turn the other way Stratus drops and so I think I’ll be really interesting to figure out what exactly Stratus has to offer and do these runs actually merit Stratasys valuation alright in this video you’re gonna learn a little bit about what is Stratus in a nutshell give you the the basics on this and the fundamentals we’ll talk about some of the use cases and one Stratus makes a compelling part of this blockchain ecosystem and the last one is my investment analysis and specifically price targets and also evaluation so let’s talk about first what Stratus is so Stratus really is if you kind of think about it it actually operates very much like the etherium Network it is a enterprise great development platform a kan Stratus is the name that they use for that and for those you guys who may not be familiar with enterprise Enterprise grade really represents this idea that they are business ready and one of the other things I want to mention is that when companies like this state that they were enterprise grade that usually means that they’re able to scale it for businesses specifically so we’re not going to be really seeing many individuals using Stratus per se it’s really going to be regulated to to really large companies and so I really like that about Stratus all right the next part it operates under the C sharp and Microsoft’s blockchain platform so when we’re looking at stratas we’re really looking at a development of programming language that not only is very accessible but it is in my opinion stronger and easier to used and the solidity network on the etherium so if you’re looking at c-sharp versus something like the ethereum Stratos has a really huge advantage in terms of how to allow developers to build apps upon its network so I think of Stratos as one of those that’s competing head-on with the etherium network but in a very different I wouldn’t say they’re complete competitors but they definitely have carved out a very specific niche for themselves and so what you’re not gonna see is Stratos doing the icy OS but you’re going to see something more about business cases and specific uses while ethereum kind of opens it up for almost everything the other thing I like about it is that and from looking at from a development standpoint the recent news on the solidity programming language has shown that there could be some security issues with that and in my opinion I think that net and c-sharp may have plugged some of those holes and maybe a little better in terms of security so it could be an option for somebody who is thinking about using the theorem versus Stratos now the other one is their really slogan which I really like is we make a blockchain easy for you and it’s really simple in the sense that because the programming language is so Universal that everybody knows how to read it code it that you’re not gonna find a a constraint and supply for developers and that’s one of the biggest draws for me in terms of looking at Stratos because by allowing more developers on the actual blockchain you begin to increase exponentially both the scaling and also the magnitude of the apps are being created and what the other thing is also their proprietary blockchain has a lot of these same elements that’s kind of like Bitcoin in terms of speed well actually not speed in Bitcoin but they’re trying to allow it to be customized in many different ways and I think that’s a huge advantage over some of the other supercomputer platforms you’ll find now what they’re trying to develop right now is a platform call cloud Stratus so it’s pretty much very similar to wanna call the blockchain notes for some of the other coins like Bitcoin a theorem and bitshares and what they’re allowing to do is the integration of these into their cloud Stratus platform so not only are they building their own but they’re trying to bring in other sorts of tokens where people can build upon those and I think that’s really a good draw because if you really think about it these cryptocurrencies and assets need to be able to coexist now it’s easy to say Oh who’s gonna be better in theory and more Stratos or liske or any of these platforms or ant shares but in reality what’s gonna end up happening is that they’re all gonna have to communicate at some level because people are gonna choose different types of platforms and so what cloud Stratos really attempts to do is try to bring in these will call blockchain nodes so that there’s a connection between these three and obviously to dismiss theorem completely would be short-sighted so they said you know what why don’t we coexist with the theorem and allow people to come in and out with that one and the other one that people don’t really know talk about is this idea of using bitshares and pitchers as against another multi-layered network that allows people to build upon these different layers that have these different applications and so I’m out to do a review on bitshares later on but I really like these type of projects where you allow the developers to keep on stacking over each of these layers so that the applications can run in multiple different formats and it’s not just restricted to one type of blockchain now the other one that I think there’s a draw to and part of the reason why Stratos has gana gained a lot of tension recently is because they are in the business of usable called side chains and side chains are very important because what they do is that they allow you to develop your own blockchain off the main chain and so it’s kind of like a think of it like a two train track like a train track right if you have a main chain train train track but if you want to create something that’s that what the public would not use you create your own side chain and that one has extra features like security and certain customized features that the main chain wouldn’t have and the only real reason why someone would do that is be let’s say for example you’re a very large company you don’t want to share the same chain as like Joe down the street because for whatever reason your specific company may want may value security much more than someone who doesn’t and the second thing is also you want to customize it for your own company companies don’t like to be restricted to certain types of generic chains and so I think the future in these type of networks is really going to be in the ability for not only just scalability but also in customizing these side chains to suit their needs and I think that’s going to be with a real value is when you’re approached companies like Microsoft or Cisco or any of those because they’re gonna ask the very fundamental questions number one is my network going to be secure number two is how you’re gonna secure it and the last one is how can I customize it so I think shraddha’s has a really good shot at this because they’re actively developing these side chains and try to deploy them for businesses so that they can actually maintain that network for their clients themselves and they can basically construct api’s and they could develop those to tailor it to their specific clientele and companies are able to do that and adapt quickly I think are gonna do very well now in terms of the side chains again it’s basically this reduction in risk so when you’re approached a company you really don’t want to say hey you know what my stuff will actually get it’s secure what you’re actually saying when you want to say that but what you don’t want to say is I don’t know if there’s any bugs in the actual system so we’re gonna take a risk so what they want to do is is construct these smart contracts they’re almost ironclad now again right now aetherium does not really have anything ironclad as you guys can see from the news and so the value proposition that people are saying is that yes although a theorem is such a nice platform that there’s a lot of these applications that people are building on it they’ve got some serious security issues in terms of their coding and so not to say their code is as flawed as you said there’s a lot of sloppy code that’s being written and so I think that stratas does a really great job of looking into them the other one is that it is seg what ready so stratas knew this already ahead of time in regards to the Bitcoin problem is that they all they have to do is just flick a switch turn on typing a couple of codes and then there be set what ready now they haven’t done that for whatever reason but if everybody needs to go seg whit they can do that so there’s no real issue in terms of getting that implemented I think that’s gonna be very important especially when we get down to scalability and speed all right let’s talk about stress Academy one thing I really like about this this this specific company is that they not only make a developer friendly but they also want to nurture a community where people can actually learn about the strattice blockchain in the process and again part of the blockchain problem that we have right now is that you have to educate the clientele a lot of people still don’t understand blockchain us a lot of people still don’t understand how it can fit into their businesses their business needs and how their clients can be able to use that in a more efficient manner I mean we can talk about cost reduction we could talk about risk reduction but at the end of the day if the business does not really understand what it is and how the developers can get to that point it really doesn’t matter so what Stratos is done is basically this professional growth Academy and what they do here is that they try to provide all the resources and the certificate certification for any developers who want to jump in and they allow accessibility so that NDB can just really jump in and start programming and coding and I think this one really draws people who are in the Theorem network and so when you look at these type of things you look at the long term viability of the product and also the long term viability of any new incoming developers that let’s say for example are not that great with the etherium coding with the solidity coding per se however with the c-sharp and without net they attend these academies and they get fostered and they they get fostered to progress and provide and get provided these resources to do well alright let’s talk about the Stratis ecosystem specifically and what what the value is on the actual tokens and one of the great things I like about it is that strat has a what is called a proof of stake they’re a staking platform which you need 250,000 Streck points to maintain we’ll call that masternode and as you can see from that that’s a very very large number now I know why they did that right one of the great things with masternodes when you have such a large amount is that you remove a lot of the coins from circulation very similar to what’s – did but this one they really kind of took it to the next level so if you think about it as the price of strut increases the amount of coins in circulation begins to get reduced and which eventually drives the price higher and thus taking pretty much invites long-term investors Wales specifically or anybody who has large amounts of coins that are able to not only do well with the staking but they’re not gonna sell the coins immediately now the other thing I like about it is that Stratos has these different wallets one of us we’re staking when it’s called the electrum which is extremely fast when you’re moving in different coins from one to another and the idea here is that you will reward long term users and long term investors into the into the ecosystem by having such a high 250,000 masternode stake they really are targeting investors and companies really large investors to kind of hold on to the network and supply that so the network will eventually scale now in terms of the briefs wallet in terms of the briefs wallet that’s one thing they’re working on right now which is basically to combine Bitcoin and Stratus together on the same so they can actually be interchangeable so instead of going to us DS for Stratus they’re going to introduce Bitcoin in there so that you can always kind of go back and forth and again this is going to be huge because when you’re able to jump back between Bitcoin and Stratis tokens you’re gonna introduce a brand new type of clientele that has never heard of Stratus but because they’re a Bitcoin they’re gonna see that and potentially it’s going to be huge alright moving on to the strat token the strat oaken’s really operates under the exact same principle as the etherium token which is gasps they’re going to be used to pay for the fee transactions and what they’re gonna do is that as it gets as it scales it gets larger and larger and larger these tokens are going to become a lot more valuable valuable because obviously you’re going to need them to run the run that one the other thing about these tokens is that they use it for staking 250,000 Strad tokens and I’m gonna think guessed at aetherium when we’re waiting for a theme to go proof of stake they’re gonna go somewhere along those same lines and the idea here is to use Stratus as a service really it’s it’s not submit as a currency like you’ll find in some of the other ones so again I usually make that same comparison with ethereum because realistically they’re almost doing the exact same thing the only difference is that they have different clients going but pretty much what they’re doing is they’re trying to create a service which eventually will increase the value of the token as more of these businesses hop on board all right let’s talk about specific use cases now what what do you use with Stratos okay so a couple of things that I really kind of felt fascinating on their website and I went ahead and just kind of pulled this out because you know if you really think about it when you have a product that has a lot of potential you want to look at different industries you don’t want to just look at financial you don’t want to just look at medical you want to look at the whole entire ecosystem of what value they can provide for other industries so for example on the manufacturing side if let’s say you’re a business manufacturer and you are made you’re selling clothing or let’s say you are selling toys or whatever what you need to do is you need to reconcile both your inventory and also with the customer in terms of what they want and what they need versus what you have overstock or things like that and so right now the way the way it’s done is that on the supply side chain is that there’s a lot of middlemen a lot of different pieces that go with it computer programs at the track inventory customers at the retail level which have to figure out the the retailers have to figure out what the customer needs and so you’re dealing with like four or five different systems the Biggs example like to think of this that’s a company as a master this is very well as Amazon you know Amazon has really great inventory control and they’re actually able to reduce your cost down by trying to figure out how to navigate through this entire supply chain network and what stratas attempts to do is very similar to that but instead using the blockchain to provide a solution that could potentially reduce that cost and and speed up the process and reduce forgery or counterfeiting or double entries or things like that so once a customer comes in and they want to buy something they’ll go into the ledger Straz will align a blockchain ID for it and then hook it up back to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will give the product or vice versa and so this one is actually very important because it’s really about information that’s being tampered and also incorrect information that may that may actually end up hurting the company in the long run the other one is going to be the medical and the clinical trials and this was going to be huge because during the pharmaceutical and the biotech industries you’re always constantly getting new drugs coming out and as the drugs come out they had to be FDA approved and you got to go through that whole process of doing that and right now there are systems in place and companies that kind of go ahead and manage these but there hasn’t been really a good way to do it centrally in a way that everything is kind of in the ledger and so what Stratos attempts to do is pretty much if you go from a research medical trial let’s say you’re developing a new pharmaceutical drug for cancer for example and you publish their results on a very prestigious academic journal what’s gonna happen is that somebody has to review that data and then they have to store it and then they have to send it back out so the data is very can be manipulated the data can be amended in some ways but once it gets into the blockchain it becomes a lot more efficient and it’s almost immutable so I think that’s where the selling point is this immutability part of the blockchain that was originally found in Bitcoin and the other one which I think it’s also very interesting is on freight transportation is when you have these internet of things which are controlling all these different devices and they need to feed it right back into a central server and stratas would pretty much have to reconcile those those blockchain to store information from each of those devices so as you can see from here the sky’s the limit I mean we’ve got three major industries in here which are very large part of the economy and any sort of disruption in any of these industries or inefficiencies cost begins to become an issue and errors become to get an issue so I think Stratos does a great job of attacking these these three alright let’s talk about some of the catalysts and risks first with Stratos number one the catalysts right now a theorem is undergoing a lot of uncertainty in terms of scalability in terms of security in terms of the hacks so people are trying to look for an alternative an alternative that maybe has a little bit more of a solid grounding ground in technology a solid ground in their coding in their applications not necessarily to replace your theorem but try to find something so I think what you’re seeing right now is a lot of that going on and I don’t think the etherium problems are gonna go away soon don’t get me wrong I think your theorem is a great investment but at the same time I don’t think it’s the only game in town that people should only be looking at the second thing is valuation relative theorem is extremely cheap but they’re only six hundred and eighty five million dollar kept market cap it has a lot more potential if any of what I said comes to fruition let’s say any of the industries go ahead and adopt any any parts of stratas I think it’s going to eventually catch up with his bigger brother etherium and at that point we may end up getting a 1 billion dollar market cap the other one is that I like the fact that they’re operating the brewery’s wallet they’re moving the roadmap everything kind of looks forward towards developing this cloud ecosystem where they’re using Bitcoin to begin pairing and anytime you pair currencies or crypto tokens you expose the public to a larger audience you’re talking to a larger audience which eventually brings in more money and more exposure so I think it’s a very smart move on their end to have that buries wallets as this pairing with Bitcoin and the other one which I like is the Internet of Things we’re just going to be a very large component in the next couple of years where everything is going to be connected to the Internet devices are going to be all linked up and I think Stratos has the technology to be able to take advantage of that and companies are gonna want to look for solutions for that specifically also the ties to the Microsoft Azure platform which is very active and Microsoft’s trying to develop that platform so that companies can begin building upon that all right some of the risks there hasn’t been any proven partnerships that can find regards to what they’re doing so one of the risk you have here is and the reason why you probably have that 685 million market cap is because it hasn’t had the name dropping like you theorem has there is no Alliance type of thing I mean they just work with Microsoft in a way with that ecosystem so I think unless that kind of takes off you’re going to be installing the pricing a little bit also I couldn’t find any major current products that they’re using that actually has been in operation so again a lot of this is very much very new so I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next five years hopefully come up with something a little bit more tangible and the other one is gonna get increased competition and penetration from other companies so like specifically theorem which has such a huge leg up right now with in terms of the alliances I mean we just got the MasterCard and the and the MasterCard and the Cisco announcement just a couple of days ago so that’s something that Stratus is gonna have to really pick up because these competitors are coming in left and right the other competitor I can think of is ant shares and that shares already has these incubation places in Shanghai they already have alliances with on chain all these one chain sorry and it’s kind of like a little different story I think all right looking ahead what’s what’s part of Stratus here number one is q7 accused the last two quarters of this year are really going to be about developing the breeze wallet taking a look at the Stratfor include in producing Java API programs in and allowing that breeze wallet to kind of come into full full effect and so really when we look into this is they’re moving forward towards integration they’re moving forward to expand the clout and I think that’s the right direction that they want they want to get it yourselves into because of this integration with the businesses eventually something’s gonna stick and when that business hops on I think the price is gonna kill you eventually move up alright let’s take a look the valuation which is should you buy Stratos right now in its current form Stratus right now is five dollars and seventy eight cents is taking a little dip it has 98 million strat tokens very similar to a thorium’s Network it has a very small market cap under five hundred billion we came off of this really exponential move back in May we’ve sold off hard off the $10 mark and now we’re looking at $5 which is approximately 50% of its all-time high and I think at this point it’s definitely very attractive I liked it when it was at $3 however but five $4 I think it’s very attractive looking at overall the community and looking at the price to a theorem this one ranks a 16 vs. Thema – so on a 100 scales racking at 62 and you know looking at a theory theorem obviously blows everything away so it’s really kind of not a fair comparison I would say but in terms of looking at the first number which is that 69 mark I think that Stratis is although it still needs a little work I think it’s got a lot of potential community and also developers are a little bit on the low end right here on the 45 and the 42 levels here so that’s something that I’m just kind of a little bit of actually these are they actually these are the metrics here sorry developers are going to be at 69 which is not too bad not too shabby there is a little bit of active development community in their social mean is a little low and I think that’s part of the problem that we’re having here is that for this price to move higher we’re gonna need this community to give up a little higher which means we need some a little bit of buzz and we need a little of exposure for Stratis and so hopefully this kind of shed some light I think it’s definitely undervalued do I think it’s gonna go to ten bucks I don’t know but all I know is that I like the compelling story right now at ten dollars it was a little bit expensive considering that it hasn’t really released things but now with both the breeze wallet not both with the integration with the pairing the cloud services I think it’s heading in the right direction so thank you very much guys descriptive bud for strategy valuation hopefully you guys found that useful and I will see you guys soon

BITCORE BTX to TOP 50 SOON? More ICO i suggest to invest in

lo ladies and gents future millionaires welcome to my channel we’ll be discussing a bit of everything really let’s start off with Bitcoin 7 7 to 8 while Bitcoin cash is at 1 grand this is probably the size of your asshole if you’re Korean we’ve sold your Bitcoin for your Bitcoin cash sorry to put it so bluntly however me on the other hand I’ve sold my Bitcoin before years this is not financial advice obviously do your own research reason being is this let’s say that by the end of let’s say Bitcoin doubles it’s a 14 15 grand which is totally possible next few months on the other hand for my Bitcoin I go about 7,000 years roughly roughly speaking so 10 7000 and let’s multiply let’s say 1 yes in the next 3 months becomes $3 $3 crap how do you work this 21 grand so really and truly I believe in my humble opinion that I will make more money holding ears and it’s not as prone to volatility now as Bitcoin is I believe it still might go down a couple of grand before you shoots up past the 8,000 mark so sometime in the future I believe that I can buy my Bitcoin back and still have some years left over slightly risky but I’m willing to give her a go I know that I can’t go wrong with ears at this moment in time he was in his trading dollar 77 and if you’ve bought our 49 and 50 Cent’s like I have been doing for the past three months I’ve been I first I bought a doll Apache all the way down to 50 Cent’s and I ever bought some today and I’ll carry on vine until it becomes way too expensive talk about more of the platforms let’s have a look at Liske really expensive for me to buy ten dollars wait greedy I will not be buying this however if you’ve been holding it for time 2018 is gonna make you very happy talk about war of the platforms and I reckon when you hold platforms you’re holding aces in regards to our old coins is there really any point in my experience because I’ve been holding over 60 of them not really you go up you go down mainly you go sideways and you go nowhere fast I’ve cut down to about seven cryptos most of them are platforms in fact I can actually share them with you I hold ears I hold litecoin we’ll get to like on in a minute iota oMG and I on and I’m excluding the coins that I got from my eye cos and we’ll get to I cos as well and I also made me very happy lately up to 84 cents beautiful I will go into card I know in a couple of months at the moment or while they still doing their own thing nothing to show for it before any major news I will position myself because it’s a quality project however when it comes 2018 I do believe EOS is gonna enter the top 5 and if you still haven’t go opposition there you really need to get in cuz you’re gonna get your money back a hundredfold and ya do quote me on this prediction next year so yeah when it comes to old coins I get recommended by this by that no not doing it being there done that not happening there is no point hold a few coins but make sure the Asus Bitcoin litecoin out I don’t think Neil okay most neo will do in my opinion is maybe double okay let’s say triples by the end of next year right not good enough for me I rather spent the 28 bucks in get twenty years so let’s say if we get 20 years for one year let’s just calculate this how do I reset this one okay so 20 and I reckon and I do reckon that by first of June it will be worth at least $30 that’s me being very pessimistic equals $600 so either way like this is this is how I calculate I want to place my capital where it will grow hell of a lot more and generate a lot more profit than the way it is currently so i optimize my capital so is me i’m gonna go to 600 dollars by the end of next year I highly doubt it I highly doubt it is II was gonna go up to $30.00 way more believable to me definitely even though I think it I will actually go up to $100 and yes I know what you’re gonna say the market cap needs to be at least a hundred billion that of Bitcoin and I believe with yes it is achievable you don’t believe me for the past three months when I told you to buy this and you’re still skeptical but let’s see where this goes another one of my predictions and you’re gonna love this I made about three videos about this at some point I’ve sold the coin that I bought him back check this out thirty-five dollars last time I made a video about this it was at $7 30% up today I reckon this thing is just gonna carry on going up from being 12 million market cap number to around 200 it’s up to 42 million market cap I reckon this is definitely gonna hit the top 50 I don’t know about the top 20 top 50 coming soon so I’ve actually convert this thing grows faster than light coin and there’s a good reason behind I don’t know where I’ve actually placed the comparison you can watch my other videos so I’ve actually exchanged some of my light point for this why because I think this is gonna grow faster than light coin at some point in the future I’ll exchange some of my bit core for light quite hence doubling my profit once again optimisation of my capital that’s that currently participating in some I see oh oh yeah Bitcoin cash we’ll get to that as well sink fat now this is probably my 17th ICO or so sing guys I reckon it’s good stuff they have a pre-sale going on now 50% bonus jump in there do your own research obviously but this 200 I see what’s going on at this moment in time and anyone just so many there’s just so much noise this I believe is quality and I sent some money in there I believe that’s actually true value proposition in this I see Oh another one recommended to me and I always give the credit way to do Michael jihun is what was it called what point what coin I see oh no it’s not what coin I see oh ok these guys once again Chinese and Chinese have been coming up with some quality ideas when they are original pretty much wanting to do what Walton is doing but slightly differently on different level I won’t go into details the channels on YouTube they’re going to details I just filter out all the noise find things that work your attention to save you some time I give you a brief introduction and if you’re interested you can do your research from there on so I will be investing in here because yeah I believe it’s a good project and has potential for some nice returns ok I need to join the white list in regards to paying taxes in the UK then a little bit of research obviously if you’re gonna purchase house or any falada you’re gonna have to pay tax on it or this capital gains tax then apparently the HMRC which is the IRS equivalent in the UK they wanna treat any income that you get from crypto currencies as income tax so you’re gonna have to pay about 20% of all your profits which i think is fact that really but anyway so that’s let’s say you want to buy a house let’s say you made a million it took a million I’ll put in your account obviously you have to declare it if you don’t declare it in the UK apparently they can come to your house without warrant and take your belongings so either way they’re gonna know not that you want to hide it anyway however I do think that the tax levels are just ridiculous it’s basically evil extortion right so you’re gonna have to pay your income tax which is about 20% so that’s 200 grand gun then you’re gonna have to pay your capital gains tax which is 1 over 20% so out of the million you’ll have about 600 grand left let us sink in uh-huh which is why most of the wealthy people I actually use Cayman Islands Monaco you know them sort of tax havens and I believe that next day if you think you’re gonna have a significant amount of money you need to do your research as to how to go about your business you need to really wise up because you might have made your money but you can actually lose there very quickly you don’t take the appropriate steps and educate yourself at this moment in time I believe I am a total greenhorn and if I had a substantial amount of money right now before I would spend it I think I would seriously see a few professionals first not just one but a few opposing views and then base my decisions as to what to do with the capital on that rather than buying any liabilities or anything fancy like a Lambo now I would see what would be the legal way of doing things secondly how to safeguard my capital and pay the least tax as I can and still remain within the framework of law so that obviously they don’t check you in jail so it’s a very delicate matter when you get a substantial amount of money you need to be really wise and go about it in a way where you can actually maintain and keep that capital and perhaps even generate more make your money work for you so it’s a whole other level of education that I will be going into because at this moment in time having spoken to someone wealthy who runs his own company who’s been into cryptos for a long time speaking to him I felt I am absolutely dunce that’s the UK expression so from here on I will be educating myself obviously I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you guys as well last but not least half of the community is against Bitcoin cash are they retarded that would be included myself no perhaps we just been in a game long enough and we actually do our own research to know the difference between a Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin and why actually matters now if you are supporting with Bitcoin cash then this handsome fella has you by the ball sack this is G ha whoo one of the biggest Chinese mining farms bit Maine it’s very profitable in so many levels like I should do a video and actually going to the technicalities for you to buy Bitcoin cash its profitable for him to mine it’s about money control it’s nothing to do with fast transactions or any other crap or benefiting the community no one cares about benefiting you believe me the only pet person actually cares about benefiting you is you and me cuz I’m doing this other than that all these people they just want more control more power and more money that would be including Roger ver very disappointed to see Jeff Berwick jump on a bandwagon and what is a like McAfee as well I don’t know how much they go paid if they go paid however I will still I’ll still remain with my point of view stand on my point of view that Bitcoin cash is a Chinese copy and that’s what they do they’re just the copy stuff and Bitcoin cash is just a copy of the original not as good it’s just there to scare people and here we are we can see you know the proof is in the pudding proof is in the pudding psalteries I’ll leave at that thank you very much click the sub button we’ll be coming out with some more info soon