the following video is no financial advice this is just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies are very risky so do your own due diligence and always decide on your own behalf and only invest what you can afford to lose hello guys how’s it going and welcome to quite woke yo cryptocurrency channel as you all know the USP of this channel is to give you all important information in very little time so you don’t have to watch those 30 minute videos in today’s episode of Kryptos to watch other in 2018 we’re covering the sleeping giant and a very nice opportunity its new bring loop ring has the ticker lrc the circling supply is 286 million then the maximum supply 1.4 billion coins it’s an open source protocol to search exchanges for the best price for cryptos imagine you’re searching for specific crypto and loop ring gets you the best price this works full automatically using smart contracts and atomic swaps therefore it’s absolutely secure at the moment they’re only covering ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain the targets are enable access to various exchanges and get you the best prices for the crypto s– they will also have an old trading wallet using the loop ring protocol if we look up higher market cap blueprints rank number 133 at the moment with the price of 36 cents and a market cap of 105 million when you bring it exchanges you could get it to approximately 10 cents afterwards despite a little bit it went down but altogether this crypto is still sleeping and the price of 36 cents is a steal if you have a look at the website you see it’s not that fancy and glamorous like other web sites but the amazing thing is the team this guy for instance is a former Google employee and this guy has been at PayPal and the advisory board is even more fantastic this guy here is the founder of neo so you can imagine how this project can spike so let’s get to the advantages this project is still way under valued it’s absolutely in the beginning phase and it’s an amazing idea and a powerful tool guys would you use it I would use it and the team is absolutely amazing especially the advisory board with the neo founder the disadvantages are that you have one point four billion coins but I’m pretty sure a lot of them will be burned let’s get to the price predictor as always no guarantee this is just a mathematical calculation to see what’s actually possible the supply is 1.4 billion the market share today 0.02 percent if the market kept in 1 year could be 5 trillion what is very conservative in my mind if you have a look at market cap development last year and to bring could manage to get a market share of 0.2% the price in one year could be 750 2/3 dollars this absolutely depends on how many coins will be on the market the return on investment would be 2000 to 8 thousand percent that’s absolutely stunning let’s get to the final evaluation the business model gets four point seven five stars a tool which searches for the best price for Kryptos is an amazing idea the possible growth gets 5 stars from 39 cents to maybe 30 dollars that’s absolutely stunning the team gets four point seven five stars especially the advisory board is amazing diplomate a shoe gets 4.25 stars at the moment it’s not fully integrated at the moment only ERC 20 tokens but in the future it will be cross chain other factors get 5 stars to me this project is super undervalued it’s an amazing opportunity you have a fantastic advisory board and if you have to look at Twitter and the social media of loop ring you see those guys are around with their very successful projects like nem neo and stuff like that so altogether it’s four point seven five stars to me who brings an amazing opportunity this could really change how people will trade in the future it’s a powerful tool an amazing team with a special advisory board and the price of 39 cents is a steal thank you very much guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it give me a like or just to follow if you want more of this content and if you think somebody else could profit off this video just share it to the world have a good one guys bye

Loopring | Market Cap OVER $1 BILLION?!

hi guys is Tom here from crypto-jews calm and in today’s video I want to talk to you guys very briefly about a very exciting project that we’ve recently come across called loop ring and we also want to explain despite how promising this project is why we wouldn’t be investing in it right now so if you’re interested to hear more keep watching the first thing to start off with is what is luring and how did we find out about it well the reason that we found out about blueprint is because we’ve been going through the market trying to find undervalued coins and the concept behind the project is pretty incredible now I’m not gonna go into too much depth in this video about what loop ring actually is because we’re so excited about the concept we’re gonna cover an extensive review about it very shortly well we’ll go into a lots of detail but for now just to keep it brief for you guys it’s essentially a protocol the decentralized exchanges can use now I know that probably sounds very confusing to many of you so the easiest hubs to put it into is that looping are providing a service which can make these centralized exchanges better now there is a massive oversimplification but we do extensive review we’ll talk more properly about that the idea of that alone is pretty incredible if you’re a subscriber to our channel you’ll know that we think these centralized exchanges could have an incredible 2018 so a project which is aimed at improving them could certainly be an incredible project itself why are we saying we wouldn’t invest in them we’re big fans of the project after all essentially we found this project in the market and we saw a ridiculously low market cap we thought this is an incredible opportunity with less than 100 million on their market cap and being ranked number 203 for a project which sounds like it has so much promise it seemed almost too good to be true and that’s because it was now once again we want to keep this video short so we’re not going to explain exactly what a market cap is you click on the top right now though you can watch a previous video of ours which explains what the market cap is sted we’ll just highlight the very important points around in the market cap which is that the lower the market cap is the cheap of the project is and obviously that’s relevant here because when we found this project the Soraa only had 98 million dollar market cap the lower hundred we thought this is incredibly cheap and in fact we were considering investing ourselves until we did a bit of background research now the number that’s very important here is the circulating supply which as you guys can see is 60 2.4 million and this is where coin market cap have made a mistake and put the wrong number which has given a false market cap to explain what we mean by this we’ll do a brief calculation on the screen which will show you how you calculate market cap an essentially market cap is the circulating supply multiplied by the coin price so if we take the circulating supply as roughly 60 2.4 million we times it by 1.58 because that’s the amount it cost per coin we can see the result is ninety eight point five million dollars and that’s very important because when we were doing our background research on blueprint we came across a few threads on Reddit discussing the coin market capital e given the wrong circulating supply so if you guys see this on the screen as you can see this is an official document from Lou print they actually show the circulating supply is instead seven hundred and thirty four million so it’s not the sixty-two million that coin market cap and listing here nuprin are actually showing it as the seven hundred and thirty-four million so why does any of this even matter well if we calculate the market cap again but with these new numbers so let’s take the seven hundred and thirty-four million and we copy this and times this by one point five eight will see this new market cap of 1.15 billion not 98 million it’s one point one five nine billion in other words coin market cap have listed the wrong circulating supply and from that they’ve calculated the wrong market cap so they’re showing the blueprint project overall as being less than one tenth of their true value and that’s why we’ve made this video because we want to bring this to everyone’s attention you may think that the project is worth one point one six billion dollars and choose to invest anyway in fact it’s such a promising project I wouldn’t disagree with someone who said it was worth that much but the reason that we wouldn’t personally invest at this time is because we’ve seen a similar situation occur in the past for some of our older subscribers it was our video about costs well when we put the video out about costs there was a market cap of 2.5 million for the project they turned out the coin market cap had actually messed up with the circulating supply and instead they had a true market cap of 12.5 million dollars and very soon after coin market cap updated their circulating supply which raised the market cap up to the true value of 12.5 million a coin price depreciated very quickly so we would be concerned about something like that happening in this scenario again personally our plan is to not invest in loop ring at this particular time because we do suspect there could be a sell-off when everyone knows about this information and when token prices get cheaper that could be a different story that might be the time that we would jump into this project but anyway that’s the end of the video guys we just wanted to let you know this information annex our personal position on loop ring this has been a very brief one today compared to our usual extensive reviews so I hope you guys have enjoyed it if you’re not a subscriber yet make sure you hit that subscribe button also check out our top 7 crypto a 20-18 video because it’s been surprisingly popular and it has over 60,000 views at the moment and on that note i want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched that video and subscribe to recently we’ve blown away by the amount of feedback that that video has had been absolutely amazing for us to watch the channel grow so thank you guys very much for that and I look forward to speaking with you guys are very soon

Loopring Exchange Protocol | Ring Matching and Ring Mining | NEO ETH QTUM | 10x Potential


In today’s episode of Crypto and A Cold One Tyler talks with founder and CEO of the Loopring Protocol Daniel Wang. Interesting discussion including ETH, QTUM, NEO and even game theory!

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