How to Mine Bitcore (BTX) for Beginners (From Scratch)

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to madres maniacs and in this video tutorial I will be showing you how to mine Bitcoin as simple as possible alright let’s get into it so the first thing you want to do is you want to head over to Bitcoin cc in your web browser a link to this website will also be in this video’s description Bitcoin cc so once you arrive at Bitcoin at CC you scroll down until you get to the wallet download section now I actually prefer the Android wallet but for the sake of simplicity we will be using the Windows wallet so you click Windows wallet and you will be redirected to so you scroll down on the github comm website until you get to the download section and we will be downloading two files excuse me we will be downloading two files from this website the first one the Windows wallet version which is currently windows – 0 – 14 – 1 – 6 so download this one and then the file right below it the window is minor now keep in mind that the version number of the windows while it may change as if the developer makes changes to the software so once we’ve downloaded them the next step we’re going to do is to head over to the pool and the pool that we are going to be using in this tutorial as supernova so you head over to supernova dot CC that’s supernova without the e between the P and the are a link to this website will also be in this video’s description supernova CC so once you arrive at supernova that CC you scroll down until you see the pools list and you are going to locate bit core bit court also known as BTX and the algorithm is time-travel 10 I think this is the amount of workers or the users I’m not sure then you click start mining start mining once you arrive at the supernova sec bit core pool you have to create an account alright once you’ve created your account and you have successfully logged in you are going to be redirected to the dashboard on the left side you’re going to click my account and you’re going to select from the drop down my workers and as you can see the notification in the red above says you have no workers configured so we are going to create a worker under add new worker so the worker name can be whatever you choose the worker name and the worker password can be whatever you choose I am going to call this worker user 1 and the password is going to be number 1 and then once you created worker name and worker password you click add new worker you will see it worker added successfully in the green above excuse me now you go down to help bottom left help and you click getting started you can ignore steps 1 & 2 we’ve already done those so you are going to configure your miner you locate the two files that you downloaded previously from the github link and I’m going to move these two to the desktop for simplicity and we’re going to extract these two files I choose two separate folders get it one moment to successfully extract now we are going to open up Windows minor folder windows windows minor excuse me doesn’t seem to want to open for me all right so here you are going to select the folder that corresponds to how you choose to mine all right CPU is if you choose to mind with your processor GPU ATI is if you choose to mind mine excuse me with a AMD graphics card GPU CC is if you choose to mine with an Nvidia graphics card GPU CC is how I choose to mines GPU CUDA cores CC you open it up and you will come to the compressed version of the miner itself you open it you open up the folders until you get to the miner and you’re going to right-click go down to new and text document we’re going to create a new text document and you can call it whatever you choose I’m going to call it C C minor start CC minors start now we’re going to open up the text document we just created and now we are going to configure the miner so the first thing you type is type exactly how I type exactly what I type excuse me which is C C minor dot exe excuse me – a space time travel there is no space between the words time and travel time travel space – OH space then we go back to our browser and we are going to get the URL of the pool which is stratum and TCP and everything after everything after the colon we’re going to copy it and we are going to paste it then you type colon and the port number three six two nine three six to nine then you type space – you for users space after you and whatever your username is that you logged in with you see mine up here in the top right corner you’ll user name dot whatever your worker name is dot whatever you’re working in is mine is user one space – P for password space whatever your password is my password is number one alright then you click file save and then file again save as we’re going to switch the save as type to all files we’re going to edit the file name and include dot b80 then you click Save then you can close out your text document now we are going to test the miner to make sure that it works you say CC miners start the bat file we just created window is batch file double-click it to make sure it works and as you can see it says miner thread started using the time-travel algorithm now give it one moment to be sure that you are accepting shares give it one moment yes as you can see the first year was accepted successfully now we are going to go to the Windows wallet folder so let’s locate our Windows wallet folder and we’re going to open it then we’re going to open the bin folder and then we’re going to launch the bit core – QT application bit core – QT I’m going to run it we’re going to go up to the top left file receiving addresses like receiving addresses you right-click on your address or if you choose to create a new one you can we’re going to copy the address we can close out now we’re going to go back to our supernova BTX coin pool page I’m going to click my account again and edit account and you are going to paste the address you just copied right into this entry excuse me payment address you’re going to paste the address you just copied right into your payment address enter your PIN of course and then you click update there you go and you are ready to receive your payments I think that they send out the payments once every 12 to 13 hours if I’m correct I think it’s once every 13 hours but please comment rate and subscribe from the video and I thank you for watching