loopring (LRC) – The SUPER UNDERVALUED Crypto – Exchange Protocol

that’s crypto cashier back again to help you make that crypto cash in Bitcoin bucks and today we’re gonna be talking about loop ring which in my opinion is one of the most undervalued projects that I have found right now it’s only at 93 million dollars it’s got fantastic room to grow if we look at the markets that it’s on it’s only on financed and hit BTC it’s it’s got many other big exchanges like pit rigs and stuff that it can uh that it could still be listed on which will boost it up a good amount if we take a look at their website and what they’re actually about they’re decentralized exchange and open protocol now a lot of people don’t really understand what this this thing is and that’s why it’s so under valued so if you guys want to learn more about loop ring I recommend you go to my my buddies channel in the description Chieko crypto consultants the link it will be in the description to his channel as well to the interview that he he did with the founder Daniel Wang he did an interview with him and I edited it for him so that’s gonna be on his channel it will be in the description and you can learn a lot more about loop ring from his channel he does a lot of research and goes a lot more in-depth than I do I’m just trying to bring the information to you guys a little bit more quickly and kind of explain to you and a quick and easier way but what these these things are but Chieko crypto consultants or tyler he he goes very in-depth and he’s the one who inspired me to start my channel and and everything so i recommend you guys check out his channel he makes very good videos going in-depth you know and you want to know what you’re investing in so you you want to do more research than then you don’t just want to watch one youtuber you want to watch as much as you can you want to do your own research but basically if you look here the looping mechanism allows order to break into small pieces identifies the best exchanges in time to trade those pieces on and applies game theoretic logic to optimize trading results and it can also prevents again protect against DDoS so basically it’s gonna find you the best prices for when you’re trading across all the exchanges and that’s just awesome you know it’s just gonna it’s gonna make everything a lot cheaper because if you look like even even for loop ring if we go to their markets you’ll see that the price is very like it’s a 48 cents coin exchange but only 32 cents on Finance so obviously you want to pay 32 cents rather than 48 cents per so this is gonna help out a lot if they have a ring matching mechanism that I recommend you just look at their white paper and read into it a lot more but um yeah this is one of my my top picks you know I bet I think is the most undervalued right now and I recommend getting you getting it while it’s while it’s uh not hot you know so you make the money well it pops so get in before everyone else does don’t buy all these ones that are up at a hundred percent already try to get in before everyone else does and make the make the good and smart buys so leave a like leave a comment subscribe turn on the notification bell to be notified when I make a new video keep making that crypto cash and Bitcoin bucks see you guys