LendConnect Lending is OPEN – I am Making MY Loan!!!

hi everyone its Beth and today I’m going to make a loan with lend connect but first let me remind you that I am NOT a financial adviser so everything I say here is only my opinion so please take this information weigh it against information that you get from as many other sources as you can find and then make decisions that you are comfortable with remembering never to invest anything that you are unwilling to lose okay so now I am really really excited that my lend connect coins made it over to the platform of course there is pretty a lot of congestion on the etherium network so it took a little while but my coins did land here which is fantastic and I am super duper thrilled to be getting in on what’s left of these five percent interest rates bro I missed a couple days already that’s a bummer I’ve missed three days but I am still really really excited to be jumping in here adding another loan to increase my daily passive income stream and support this platform which is doing it so very well so just an update that now Len connect is on coin market cap so here it is this is pretty current they’re listing it at 10 dollars and 95 cents and up two hundred and six percent well it’s been a really really fantastic the way that the market has been responding to lend connect I could not be more pleased here is the chart over on coin exchange so if you would like to buy lend connect tokens they are currently available on point exchange dot I oh so there you go so if you want to make a loan and you didn’t get in on the ICL you’ll have to buy your point from a coin exchange the price has definitely gone up in the last couple of days so that is wonderful for those of us who did get in on the ico this is great great great progression of this platform so I could not be more thrilled at this point with Len connect and I want to get my loan locked in so let’s go ahead and do that I’m going to come over here to lending here we can see that so alright the price came down just a little bit from the last time I was in here about to set this up but here’s how this works so there’s a slider down here where you choose what your contract is going to be and you can’t just enter in the token amount that you have here but we can enter in is the amount of US dollar value that they say your Len Kinect is worth so just come up to the banner you can just copy that right out of the banner come down and paste it if you do maybe not without there we go oh but that’s the amount so just take the amount out of the banner and no comments just come down and put it in here in the box it will move the slider for you and show you what you are eligible to lock in so I’m going to buy a contract right now I’m very very excited about it so here I’m going to be in plan three that’s fifteen thousand two forty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars it’s the standard interest rate with a bonus of 0.2 percent and I’m going to get my capital release after 80 days so I’m very very excited I’m going to go ahead and buy this contract now I will say that and okay yes I’m happy with all of these all of this very happy there we go that was added successfully and I am thrilled so now here it is there’s my contract so it’s going to end on the 3rd of April and I am absolutely thrilled and again as a promotion line connect is doing five percent interest it was for eleven days so they’ve already paid three days so I believe there’s eight days left so I’m really happy I’ll be getting about a week’s worth of 5% interest on this loan and that is gonna really make a big impact in the first couple days so I’m really really thrilled with that and yeah I’m just really happy to be adding this in today that’s for sure okay well I think that’s gonna do it for this loan video that’s how you do this so oh and just a reminder with online connect that this is another program that is going to allow you to a great your loans and I have heard that they are not only aggregating your loan but they are they’re really you know your anything that you reinvest is going to get the capital release is going to be on the same day as your as your original capital release at least that’s my understanding I do want to I need to double check that but that’s why standing right now is not only are they aggregating loans but they are having capital reliefs of everything that was a part of your reinvestment on the same day so there you go that’s what I that’s what I know right now if somebody knows something different and wants to correct me on that then I welcome that so alright if you do if you like the video then please do leave a like if you would like to see more from me then please subscribe to the channel and of course if you would like to participate in when connect there is a referral link in the description box for the video so questions or comments come on over to the discord channel and join the community over there we do have a nice community growing over there and I have had a couple people come over and offer to help me with setting it up and making it a little more organized over there so we’ve seen some improvements recently if you haven’t checked it out in a while then come on a back over and give it a try so I was otherwise you can leave questions or comments down in the comment section here on youtube alright thank you so much everyone I’ll see you next time

LENDCONNECT – New All time High! How High Can It Go??!!

what’s up everybody this is your boy John it ka nice trade and welcome to another land connect video today’s video we’re gonna go over some Ling connect updates such as price where are we we’re about to moon also a new price target announced by the lct team also how about some updates on Devore and big connect some lincoln and competitors in the space but i look at this is great for us to have another few lending platforms or a couple lending platforms for us to diversify in we’re gonna take a look at divorce price because that can maybe be an indicator of where else ET can go and then also what’s going on with bit connect you know so let’s take a look at though and how it relates to LC t everything about Leng connect and big and divor and big connect and that’s space the lending space we want these three to be healthy in my opinion so let’s take a look at it but let’s start with the LC t price because right now len connect just made a new all-time high so let’s take a look here we are at currently let’s do a quick refresh $14.90 now the reason why i say this is all time high if we come here to let’s do a quick refresh if we take a look here at the LT l CT BTC marketplace if you notice this candle back from a few days ago you’ll notice the high as 107 700 this is where the highest were here so let me hover over that again you see that 107 700 so that’s 107 107 thousand point seven sats now let’s take a look at where we just went up to whoa 111 100 111 k sats that is ridiculous man so we moon so what we were talking about yesterday with this bullish pattern this actually turned out to be a bullish pattern so a lot of momentum went in the direction we thought that it was you we could see it there’s two different I like looking at both coin market cap and I like looking at coin exchange because coin market cap if we take a look here great consolidation you see it coming you know it moons significantly and then it just held this base gave us time to accumulate coins it really did we can’t get mad at it now that it’s mooning again I mean I’m a little mad because if you notice here on either scan I sent some of my ether over my goodness four hours or five hours and four minutes ago and it still hasn’t reached you know my coin exchange wallet so there’s one thing I did want to say about coin exchange that it that reminds me is right now this is something that I noticed a few hours ago that’s why I sent over that ether because I noticed that lct ether price was lower I also noticed one havoc in the Aaron Haynes solare discord notice the two shout out to one havoc so if you are going to buy if you want to buy lct right now if you’re like hey I want to invest and I would suggest sending your your coin in DTC over to coin exchange then exchanging coin BTC for ether so let’s take a look here and the reason why I just want to double check we’re gonna check the ETH lct price to see if it’s cheaper than the lct BTC price so let’s take a look real quick we’re gonna look at some significant we’re gonna say a hundred this right here because this is really you you got some volume here 65 77 131 so someone want to come here there’s not a ton of volume remember that on the sell order side for ETH LC t LC T but hey there is still some volume let’s take a look here let’s see what the price would be at a hundred and it’s gonna be thirteen thirty five so you are I mean you’re talking to over a dollar fifty difference in price if you were to actually send your a coin right now if you I don’t suggest sendin aetherium because like I said you saw my transaction right now my etherion transaction has been out there for five hours and it’s you know has over 1100 confirmations and it still has not reached the coin exchange dashboard it hasn’t reached mitem now not sure why I think it’s just really clogged up right now the etherium network and coin exchange in particular is having a hard time like you know with the ERC 20 tokens lately and maybe just aetherium in general so if you are gonna send something over to coin exchange my recommendation would be to send see over there exchange of free aetherium and then then by your lct tokens against the etherium you know coin price so that would be my now you might may want to check the coin price because you never know these fluctuates sometimes lct BTC is higher and sometimes eth LTC is higher so you just want to check once you get into coin exchange but I’m pretty sure you send Bitcoin over there I know this sounds crazy but bitcoin may get there faster than aetherium you know so that’s that so uh so right now I mean this is moon if you take a look at this price chart it just looks like I mean such a bullish price it’s so it I mean it’s just beautiful I mean really it gave us a lot of opportunity over the last day or two to get in here so we can’t be mad at it well you know if you’re along for the ride a you know great we’re on this we’re on this rocket ship together so let’s take a look here I wanted to oh I wanted to share with you guys some updates from the lct team that I thought were really exciting so if we take a look here oh sorry I thought I had this on the lct here we go ah here it is so this is the one I want to share first of all they said hey we’re at 20,000 internal users they were added 6,000 users from last week which is beasts and they want to go up to a hundred thousand members they’re saying hey where do you see us when we’re at a hundred thousand members I see you guys at the moon that’s where I see them so I’m on that rocket ship with them and I know you guys are too so we’re joining them so here here’s something they just announced an lct is very cautious you know about when they announce stuff I I know they don’t want Sam has told me I remember buying coins back in December and he’s like hey you know we don’t really want to hype this you know he’s like just just buy as many coins as you can on the telegram use telling people this he’s telling me this I chat with them Sam is their community manager they had a silent confidence about them and they also had a humility to listen to lender suggestions such as Reinvestment without changing the capital released a beast you know I mean this is something that we all take advantage we all can take advantage of in just compound our profits true compounding interest without extending our loan date that is beast and they had a silent confidence saying don’t worry we’re not worried about the coin exchange price we talked about this in another video now again what they’re saying here and they’re announcing is in a week or two this one I want you to take a look at this this is on their telegram their community teller now nothing community or announcement telegram channel they have a community channel too but this one is on their announcement channel you can find both of those on the Lincoln Actos website if you want to know where that telegram is down at the bottom of the page and you’ll see that both the telegram links but right here it says in a week or two in about a week or two weeks we will start a massive marketing campaign you could still buy link connect tokens on 1407 well they could but for a cheap price of 1407 after this marketing campaign plus the launch of our outstanding and turtle exchange we are going to make a new target – a $100 per lct what they’re saying is their new target is gonna be $100 per lct we deliver stay strong behind lct because we are growing every single day no doubt so you guys you’re reading it just like I am I know if you read this you know maybe some of you’ve seen it already this right here is I mean this is why we love they’ll see tea I mean they are they are and I see they’re already pending post you know saying the community manager I see down here I’m not even gonna look at because I’m gonna get distracted but they’re they’re constantly commuting my point is they’re constantly communicating look at this and the community managers on the community channel telling us everything going on like admins for other coins just look at lct is an example I mean seriously you know and you know Devore of course cuz divorce abuse and I’m gonna share with you guys some things about Devorah big connect because I think they can relate to LC team we’re potentially lct can go in price so all right so that’s the announcement else need to use Muni all-time high they’re starting a massive marketing campaign they’re meeting together as a team because they’re mostly in Europe and stuff you go their website mostly in Europe they have some developers from India I think of some other countries but 75% their team members are in Europe they’re meeting to talk about their internal exchange and finalizing design we’re gonna get a sneak peek at the end of this week this coming week and then at the end of the month are launching their internal exchange beast with a massive marketing campaign and with a new price target of a hundred bucks I mean you guys jump on this train I mean if you are seeing this and by the way one any Devore holders any bag holders a Devore ‘that is mooning right now at 168 bucks a coin really considers selling some of your bag and picking up some oh my god 171 my guys okay look the question for anybody who has a bag of de Bourgh what is the more likely scenario de Voort n Xing being 1700 bucks or lct cen Xing 150 remember lct is 1/3 the coin size circulating supply ass Devore and remember it has better interest rates currently than Devore and has a better feature set investor friendly than divorce so my currently my my question to anyone who has a little bit of coin laying around invest in Devore lend in Devore that’s what I plan to do but also sell some of your Devore if you have some income some lct or if you have other coins that are mooning potentially and that have you know gone into the stratosphere and they now it you see like wow this might be a little bit longer for it to 10x then take a look at lct you know because you can maybe make some more profits and then you can come back and pick up some Devore you never know what back on the pullback so personally those are more trader suggestions but really right now honestly I think lct is just in a in extremely good position it has a lot of hype around the community all of us here I know you know are are behind the coin and wanted to succeed and and we are holding them to a high standard but more importantly they’re holding themselves to a highest standard over there on the lct team so that’s why I like them and that’s why I’m bullish on them so that and last thing they had at then a tweet I just you know it’s a simple tweet here said are we going to make another 300 percent by lct tokens now and it showed a picture of this graph before it made at all-time high and this is about an hour ago so you know it’s at an all-time high now now let’s take a look so those are the land line connect updates now Devore is mooning and it’s just going crazy man and this is something I wanted to say Devore where do I think delenn– connect token could go personally I think that the link connect can go at least to where Devore is now now that what up by that I mean to say I feel fairly confident that Lin Connect can be one-third the size of Devore I think it could be on par or maybe even surpass Devore but but you start to get into a coin price of one hundred and seventy one times three which is close to five over five hundred and fifty dollars a coin and my mind is having a hard time wrapping itself around that number but I can wrap my knot in my mind around a number that Devore has already has already beasts into these all-time highs and it’s three times the size 3.3 times the circulating supply as Lincoln act as lct so for me a conservative approach would be that one seventy one number whatever we’re seeing right here with Devore Devore has okay I want to go over some of the things that Devore has done of course the lct has not Devore is proven Devore is around Devore you can withdraw money it has an internal exchange it hasn’t stumbled over itself and neither has lct but point is Devore has been around a little while longer than lct and so therefore it’s one of the only platforms right now what the hasn’t had hiccups it’s trustworthy you know people go in there pull out there yeah I mean it’s had some hiccups in the internal exchange when it just launched I think for a day and then it had some DDoS attacks I think for my half a day or something recently but nothing really significant do you know what I mean what Devore didn’t do is they didn’t shut down withdrawals on you by the way admins out there I mean not calling anyone out like grx or anything but come on man when you shut down ERC 20 tokens and tell me I can’t which are off on the platform because you’re doing it to protect the coin I don’t care what are you talking about protect the coin are you kidding me ear see 20 tokens is so I can control my tokens you told me I could stick my token so put it up there on your website and then you lock down the coins and then I have to dump you I dumped all my coins of grx I bought them because I thought you were gonna moon and I dumped you and then it put it into lct because you lost my trust so admins Devore has not done anything to lose our trust they haven’t shut down they weren’t manipulating us and saying when you treat us in that way we lose trust it’s already an anonymous game you have to build trust when it’s an anima like this and you you have to do things that build trust you can’t do things when it’s anonymous that takes away trust are you kidding that’s what we dumped I mean come on we can say a collective 1 2 3 dump dump grx that’s what I did now I’m not saying anyone should dump to your ex I wanted to succeed I really do mourn lending platforms that succeed the better but for me personally they broke my trust so that’s why I dumped in I bought lct and I’m happy about it that being said Devore has not done that so that’s why they’re proven that’s why they’re mooning now if lct is able to launch their internal exchange they like they say they’re going to I have no doubt that they will I really don’t doubt them nothing else ET has ever told me nothing will end connect as told me has not come to fruition so that’s why I trust their team I do believe they will fulfill on their on their promises at the end of the month their internal exchange for lunch and then when their internal exchange launches you can which are all your profits these are 5 percent profit still January 20th beast I mean come on then 1.5 percent to 5 percent a day now if they’re what draws go out without a hitch and their internal exchange goes out without a hitch then what can you say then you could say lct is doing the same thing as Devore but with better interest rates and better investor friendly features than Devore with 1/3 the coin size now are we saying that 171 is too crazy I will say this if you notice Devore’s moon inch in its pattern and I’m just gonna show you really quickly Devore when it was mooning for a bit it consolidated around 100 bucks and this is normal psychological numbers are are really important in in any type of trading coin stocks equities futures doesn’t matter psychological numbers whole numbers especially like 100 pars what it’s called it is a big number sometimes it takes a while to bust through even Jesse Livermore reminiscences of a stock operator if anyone knows that book a great book about trading pick it up listen to it audible so it is a great book in a hundred years ago he talked about that when he noticed when a stock was about to hit par 100 bucks it took a while to get through it but once it got through it up to 40 50 points real quick look at Devore I mean it just did that it hung around that hundred dollar mark if you remember for about a week like take a look at this look check this out you see this look look hundred bucks 90 to 90 consolidate how long was this December 31st okay look Jan third did Jan 12 to 1 is that Jan 13th about 10 days so think about this when lct approaches a hundred bucks we may see a similar pattern we may see that the same thing that happened with Devore the same thing to happen to Jesse Livermore when he noticed stocks you know many years ago hundred years ago plus years ago that when they hit par 100 bucks it they would consolidate a bit but when they busted through a BAM as soon as they got through it that was it once they went through par he was like Dubai because it’s gonna go 40 or 50 points real quick look at Devore it just went 70 points through par I mean look at this man okay look just to prove that point when it busted through again right come on was this January 12 January 13th now what is what is the date today January 15th two days it goes up 70 plus points if you see you know do you see what I’m saying so lct I think it can reach the Devore high but what its gonna take is it gonna take some patience from people if you want to hold this is where your mentality as if you start to get fear that oh my gosh it’s at 100 bucks and you’re gonna start selling on weakness then you’re gonna miss out on that moon inch to a hundred bucks right now I’m not saying it’s gonna go through a hundred no one knows the future but I’m just looking tracking this now if lct is delivering on everything they say they’re gonna deliver our profits are going out with eight a hitch and they’re offering beastly rates holy moly why the heck would it stay below a hundred there would be no reason Marketing going off interest rates going off the investor friendly features going off pulling out daily profits the communities going crazy videos being created my goodness would it not make it through a hundred bucks if everybody’s saying it has better interest rates than Devore you can reinvest without actually extending your capital or at least eight has one-third the coin size my goodness right now it’s mooning and it’s difficult to buy the coin it is difficult for normal people who are not crypto verse experts to buy that coin you have to go to coin exchange you have to send it over to LC t then you’re gonna lend it it is not easy in theory and blockchain is all messed up right now so my point is I do think it can reach a hundred and seventy dollars that’s what I think LC t can reach conservatively it will consolidate around a hundred bucks do I think you should take profits at a hundred bucks probably you should probably lock in some loans around a hundred bucks that’s what I think why not you got a loan for a hundred you know like at a hundred dollars lock in that loan and you know in the beginning of LC T’s journey here why not compound that interest I mean seriously why why not if you need the money every day okay but if not compound then interest take it out at the end of the life of the loan so that is my prediction that’s why I think you can Devore has delivered I think LC t can deliver if it does I think it’s gonna hit 100 it’s gonna Kasauli it’s gonna bust through if it busts through 100 it may fly faster than Devore because it’s lighter it’s just less coins you know what I mean that that’s my thinking I’m not saying it’s right but but to say is so the market cap for Devore and inline Connect for those to be this similar you’d have to have you know LC T’s coin price you need three times the size of divorce so that’d be closed over 550 bucks that’s where I’m like I’m having a hard time I can’t see it right now but I’m not saying that LC T’s coin price can’t reach that it’s just it’s a psychological thing you know with me it’s probably psychological thing with other people that’s more than big connects coin price do you know what I mean that’s more than if you look at bit connects coin price which Devore is creepin up on man that is just ridiculous 294 bucks but it’s been up to 450 before so anyway my point is it’s just hard right now because we’re so accustomed to seeing big connect as the beast and you know to see Len connect it at five hundred and fifty plus would be be interesting but that would equal the coin market cap meaning the market cap of the companies that deform and that connect at that time would be similar if Len connects token was three times the size of Devore 3.3 times the size so it is possible I’m going to hold some coins for that possibility I am going to take some profits along the way I am going to loan when it reaches a hundred bucks almost certainly why not stick on some loans there I mean for me I’m probably going to try to hold out and not sell my coins are not loan too much until a hundred bucks if any I’ll be honest like I’m now seeing this moon Ajit’s making me think like I want to lend because of the beastly rates it’s so tempting and I think I probably will lend a bit when it hits like milestones like 30 bucks maybe something like that thrown alone just to support the platform and also because hey why not you know I mean that $30 is great price but I happen to think honestly I really want to hold them a greater majority of my coins to be honest and I want to hold them for at least a hundred bucks and I want to hold them for past that now if everything changes so quickly in crypto day-to-day if I see something in the lct team that I don’t like and I’ve never seen this so I’m not I’m not saying this is gonna happen I don’t anticipate this happening but the only reason why I would change my mind is something like that happened like it like created some sort of fear of me but I have the only seeing positive things from their team so I don’t anticipate that I think it’s going to 170 like I said so that’s it’ll consolidate around 100 I’ll probably throw in some loans I’ll probably take it for a ride to 170 and then I’m probably gonna even leave more on for the moon itch past that Lincoln X is going after the Big Dawg man they want to be number one they don’t want to be number two they’re not here to be number two you guys like I don’t know if you know this link connect is not their goal is not to be the number two lender their goal is said to be the number one lender so that’s the rocket ship ride we’re on number one lender and we’re in at 14 bucks 15 bucks come on now buy some lct for goodness gracious mother so that’s what I think big connect by the way and really people are gonna buy Lincoln a coin because they’re just gonna want alone remember the majority and investors in Lincoln Act will not be investors like us they’ll be lenders they won’t have purchased the coin for it to moon not a lot of big connect holders or investors are for the big connect coin they don’t stake it and hold it there are some that tree on dips and on rips they sell it or loan it and they do stake the coin but the majority of people are just like me who go into big connect and just throw in a loan $1.00 to $1.00 mean I have a ten thousand dollar loan or one thousand dollar loan I’ll own it and be connected it’s on one thousand dollar loan I have to exchange the tokens because that’s how the system works but the token price doesn’t matter to me it’s not like I’m looking at it do you know what I mean so at Legg Connect is probably going to be the same thing at some point remember we’re in early but when investors come around later and lenders come around later in this massive marketing campaign they’re going after people that are not really familiar with the crypto verse that are not looking to invest in icos possibly that are just looking to compound their money in Lincoln Nick this is a perfect platform for that so the price may not be a psychological barrier as when I’m saying it can go up in price simply because of supply and demand without too many people inhibiting that price right right now it might be inhibited because there’s more probably investors like us then there are like lenders from the outside so we’re lending and investing we’re investing in the coin and lending but there’s gonna be at some point will become the minority and if that happens then the lend connect price will be less significant and then we may be able to see that five hundred and fifty dollar price mark that’s my theory in theory on paper it should be able to reach that price mark because it just has better interest rates and better feature set than other platforms out there like Devore that are at 170 but again Devore can come out with different feature set man Devore you could I mean but link Connect might just come out with another feature set so you guys this is good for us anyone watching this video that’s an investor it is good for us we want this competition last thing I’ll say and I’ll cut the video I’ll try to try to keep the video low sure I don’t think it’s that short right now that’s 23 minutes so part of my diversified lending strategy will be to invest and lend in all three now by the way big connect by the way is freaking given some error it’s service under maintenance when I try and log in I heard I had a DDoS attack or something like that so we don’t really know exactly what’s going on it’s been down for a couple days or over a day or something like that I’m not really worried this has happened before where they taking their site down for maintenance and stuff so people are you know I’m not I’m not concerned about it I have money in there but doesn’t bother me at all so but what I excuse me what I intend to do and what I’m very excited about because my lending strategy is gonna be diversified across only three platforms right now that I fully a hundred percent trust that have shown me you know enough confidence to really you know now by the way I’m in twenty five lending ico so I’m gonna be lending and other icos right but I’m not going to recommend to friends and family or anyone else maybe on this channel that has an investment in those i ciose to lend with other platforms until they you know until i see that they’re proven so right now the only three platforms that I would say lend with our leg connect because even though they don’t have their internal exchange you can’t withdraw profits like I said I’m of course really bullish online connect Devore and then bit connect now big connect when it comes back online that’s when we’ll have to see I think it’s gonna be fine once we see hey it’s cool able to withdraw profits again goes back to normal then it’s gonna be you know something that definitely will I’ll continue to lend with that to me is the safest approach even though big connect does not offer the best interest rates is still like one percent a day you know what I mean come on man like I had a thirty thousand dollar loan with big connect in over two months I mean 20 grand I I mean come on and I didn’t even reinvest anything so that that to me is cool I’ll continue to do that if Flynn connect or a bit connect continues to provide that now definitely throw some and Devore I plan to a limb with Devore when I take some profits out of line connect who knows are probably not linked connect I’m probably gonna reinvest they’re just everything but I have some other I SEOs that are coming to fruition some other all coins and so I’m just probably gonna throw some of that into lending and I’ll probably throw it into into Devore so that will be my invested diversified lending strategy i those are the only three lending platforms that I would recommend currently hopefully more come on the market that we can trust I know people are in hexerin people think extra is a beast but I’ve seen some things about Hexter recently that personally I went if I was already in it I would say cool man awesome like you know we continue rolling that train right but for me right now I wouldn’t throw any new money at it do you know what I mean because a lot of people got in for the extra goal which was awesome but I want to throw any new money out of currently you know I want to put my own money in it right now I wasn’t in extra I didn’t get in for the extra bowl so I probably wanted throw money in it but like connective or big connect biess so that’s it for today guys I didn’t want to say I really appreciate all the comments you guys you mean some great suggestions for some of the videos I did jot them down when I am going to start to look at them as future video topics really appreciate it I mean a lot of expertise has been coming to the channel and commenting on it I could tell a lot of people very familiar with the crypto space I really respect the people on this channel that have come and comments on the video I really appreciate it I really have enjoyed going back and forth and getting to know some of you on on the comments and some of your comments have been really you know awesome and and please keep it coming and and if you’re new here please subscribe hit that like button hit that thumbs up smash the like button so smash it you know please hit that like button I really appreciate it gets it out to more people that could see the video that maybe can lend into these platforms and also change their lives as we are and also hit the subscribe button and then the post notifications that will tell you as soon as I get in another video is that like little bell right after you hit the subscribe button and then also when I go live on livestream so if I ever do four different events then that also would tell you as soon as I go live and then you can join so anyway you guys a little bit longer video I’m gonna try I I got some suggestions of folks who said maybe I could try to narrow down the video a little bit or mean as far as minutes and you’re absolutely right I’m I’m going to try to do my best to do that I know I can I want to deliver things that are you know or effective for you guys so I apologize it does a little bit longer I really appreciate it though you guys that have been joining this I have been enjoying the journey so far over the last week or so with the with you all and I hope you had an awesome day I hope you have a great rest of your night and hopefully we’ll talk to each other again and please leave some comments like and subscribe talk to you all tomorrow peace out

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hey guys what’s going on cryptid on here and today I wanted to bring you a quick video talking about one of my recent investments just a disclaimer I’m not trying to pump this or anything like that I’m just spreading the word and I’m gonna be covering like my little journey with this as I go on in the YouTube channel so I actually bought 1,100 sorry No ten thousand one hundred smart cash the other day and basically this is a decentralized privacy coin that is going to be that gives you rewards for staking and polishing a smart node and stuff like that so I’m gonna be hosting a smart node with this it cost ten thousand tokens you have to stake ten thousand tokens to do it this is gonna be my first one that I’ve ever done I did look at a bunch of other options and this is just one that like kind of intrigued me because is kind of like a wild card so I don’t really know where this is gonna go and it is a little bit of a gamble but you can see already smart cash did announce where did this go smart cash announce that they’re going to have the the nodes launched before the new year so they already have it tested and working they just haven’t released the guide and the protocol for yet so that it’s coming they said it’s happening before January 1st but basically you can see I bought in here like around Christmas for 17 I think 18 cents and after they did that tweet and stuff it just it’s been going up so people are trying to grab those smart smart tokens and right now it’s really only on crypto PIA where the only place is enough volume to grab it these other extremes are very tough so if you’re thinking about it the best your best place to go is crypto Pia and to see the volume over the last month of this is pretty impressive because a lot of it has to do with wouldn’t know it’s being launched and getting to that further so like I always say look into this it’s an interesting project to look at so I’ll I’ll link the smart cash CC down below that’s all gonna link there’s no filly or anything but come look at it that the cool thing is they don’t have a white paper they’re just kind of like well we don’t care about that we’re not gonna do a white paper we’re not gonna be gimmicky like any of these other things we’re just gonna make this community based cryptocurrency that’s based off of a privacy point it’s a fork of I forget exactly I read it in the in the white in the sorry and the like over here in the forums but uh basically they use ki kak Mon you know so you can mine you can stake and there’s gonna be smart nodes so smart modes smart nodes are gonna be used for instant transactions so that’s all they’re gonna be use for the miners are used for the normal stuff and you can see the reward allocation here so basically if you hold up to a thousand smart tokens in the wallet you get paid smart rewards so you can see here if you hold a thousand tokens for 30 days so if it’s in your wallet at the 25th of each month to the 25th of the next month they pay out instantly on the 25th based off of how many tokens you’re holding in your wallet so if you hold just this is different from the knowns but if you just hold a thousand smart cash you can see here in the month at the current price you will make two hundred and eighty-seven dollars you’ll get 5756 smart reward and you’ll basically you know sorry you’ll be in your heart after that time you’ll have ten fifty six smart and you’ll have gained sixteen dollars US dollars but really you’ll gain 56 smart so this isn’t a fair representation because we don’t know what the price is going to be you know a month from now after you starts taking them I can go up it could go down probably going to go up in my opinion because if you just like look at the trend based off the smart nose and if this catches on even just a little bit there’s gonna be a lot of smart tokens being basically held to get these rewards so the other cool thing do they have something about the nose and the website I don’t think so they do have a road map but uh you see here they do have a road map they have voting so it’s hard to explain everything but they do have voting on stuff so they have if you go here you can go here and they let you vote on projects so they’re gonna be funding community project so you vote and if you hold any smart tokens each smart token is worth one vote so you’re able to come in here and in your wallet you’re able to vote on certain things you can view the proposal and you know if good projects arise that people smart cash holders wants have fun with the pool you know that you get to vote on that so pretty interesting concept and it’s really really a community token so if you’re looking something where you can like get involved in a community that’s doing cool things and you know they’re moving quickly and getting stuff done which is what we like to see and I mean a lot of the stuff is in the forums are in the discord and I mean basically I’ll be keeping you updated on what’s happening but I’m gonna be staking 10k and the cool thing about it is when you do stake in in the smart node it cost 10,000 tokens so you you get the rewards from staking that but you also get the smart rewards on top of that so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s gonna be I’m hoping it’s gonna be like someway profitable well I’m sure it’s gonna be profitable I’m hoping it’s gonna be you know you know decently profitable because if this price goes up it’s gonna be really good because I got the tokens for fairly cheap and it does have a lot they do have a lot of circulating supply but I still see a potential for this to go up to fifty cents a dollar in the near future if people are really trying to accumulate those coins for one and two if it hits a they’ve been talking about hitting a bigger exchange so like they’re not even on a good exchange yet so if they get out of like the checks or finding fried finance this will really change things up and make it more available for people to purchase and so yeah I think that would be a big thing so hopeful thoughts and we’ll see the thigh is just a diversify a little bit and try out something new on this channel and we’ll see if it can make us a couple hundred dollars passively just by holding some coins because that would be pretty cool and then uh you know I’ll let everyone know how the voting system and all that stuff goes and of course I’ll be doing a setup video for how to set up a note if you’re interested in doing that as soon as I get it done but uh that’s all I got for smart cash I just want to share more stuff with you and what I’m doing in the crypto space on that YouTube channel hope you enjoyed this hit the thumbs up if you want to hear more stuff like this in the future and we’ll see in the next video peace