Stratis! My love for it & Why im investing

what is happening gasps calf again i’m Kryptos today’s meal is gonna be an exciting one first off I hope you guys are taking sort of profits of your toppings on this great bull market if you want to call it that it is been fantastic three days it’s been awesome to see Bitcoin saw once the big boy soars I think the 800-pound gorilla if you want to call it that then everything follows so that is really awesome for us that are in the crypto space it’s been an amazing time and I’m looking forward to you know more days like this I know it’s going to come with its ups and it’s lows but place yourselves the street icky and make the best of it now today’s video is a really exciting one for me personally it is but first let me give a disclaimer this is not financial advice or in any way telling you how to trade or use your money that is up to you and as I always say in all my videos player safe don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose and it’s a jungle out there so having said that and getting that out the way the Stratus for me is believe it or not the very first into in solution now I’m going to be using my first block chain app so that is why I’m pretty excited now you are a lot of other solidity these there are a few that you can make use of but this one uses the native c-sharp language as well as the dotnet Microsoft framework it can be used with Azura this is so much great around this that is extremely appealing to corporates financial houses um you guys know see shop has been around for Tata for a long time it’s an extremely easy language to use and this is not a talk about what is the best languages or a development each one has their own accord each one enjoys their own languages and frameworks etc but this is the first one that I’m going to be using and it’s it’s it’s quite a you could say very different type of feeling to have you know normally you go into all coins and and and coins that are in around these the these tough infrastructures where you are financially behind it you know there’s a connotation of you’re buying low hoping to sell high but with this one is not so much the staking are we going to chat about that now but for me more of this is actually the first coin that I’m gonna be using so it’s serve the purpose for somebody you know like myself and I thought you know that’s just another great reason for me to invest into it so yes I’ve made users got a POS system a proof of staking system once again something that’s slightly ahead of aetherium that I feel you know and it’s also extremely undervalued least we’ve seen it’s all in price at the moment I think it’s in around the let’s take a look at sitting around the I think the $7 mark but we’ll just make hundred percent sure yeah we go so as you can see Stratos trading in and around $6 99 at the moment so not bad it’s not exactly exploding like the you know an cheese or a canine Yoshi’s I did a video on that last week where I showed you know that it’s taking and so forth for those of you who did jump on there you would have made two X fault I did take a position so it’s been really awesome I managed to capitalize on that and I’m now excited and I’m going to be taking a position in Stratos now moving forward but as always this is not financial advice or about trading or anything as such this is just me sharing my my overall you could say personal environments but as a developer as one that develops I’m going to be making use of Stratos as my mind blockchain technology so really excited about that it’s gonna be different I’m gonna certainly document my process as I go and what I will be using Stratos for just let you know who’s game developments got significant plugins and integrations with unity for those of you who don’t know unity unity is also a platform a framework which is used primarily for game development for those of you that are all into development and for me Stratos is going to be that perfect foot so I’m planning to use it as a sailor as a daughter base essentially you know for the game that I’m going to be developing but that is the purpose of which I’m going to use Stratos for so very excited about that and it just shows that not only are we trading as I mentioned in of coins and mining in all coins but there are some you know the top individual coins the top 10 or top 20 coins or we could say certain coins that really do serve a purpose and Stratos is the very first that I’ve now found a need to use now why I like Stratos some points obviously the C sharp being the you know native language on which I will write that on and at the same time just to put in laymen terms is Stratasys blockchain they’re giving the ability to make use of sort of side chains now private chains we like to call it as what they refer to and what’s really nice about that is that you you get the stability in the in the primary chain stability is in the security of the in the Stratis hemisphere if you want to call it that but I can bring in other parameters on a private chat within my game or whatever it is that I’m going to be using it for or you were using it for and then I can allow for certain block times certain block sizes you know there’s so many different parameters and I thought that was pretty unique as I’ve become familiarized with it going out to sell apps in the future or do you need financial houses or entities or enterprises of corporates etc etc a lot of their project managers you know they’re making use of the network framework you know it’s been around it’s endorsed its Microsoft it’s got a great backing in terms of its name stability behind it so that just gives you slightly up you know and I mean obviously sanity is another I’m not comparing the two one small Java but it’s they all have great reasons but for me I think Stratos is definitely the right pick I’d love to hear your comments below but I’m very excited and I thought I’d share this video with you on the fact that yeah in being in the crypto space for a few years now and yes the first time I’m actually going to be making use of a platform you know what they stand for initially you’re not just token and and and the trading and looking at the profits and not really carrying where the business goes as long as it gets gains you know I would say 90% of my trades are or you could say am i holding my stake holding he’s really just in believe in the coin essentially but I’m never gonna use the coins technology if that makes sense oh you know what stands behind this coin and I thought that was really different so this was a real special you could say moment so I thought not only am I gonna take a position in straightness from from a financial Pacific because I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is and I’m gonna you know put some in but at the same time I’m gonna make use of the application so that is something really cool FFT if any of you guys as developers or anybody house in this little you could say in that small circle that make use of the actual technology I would love to you what you’re using it for I think that would be an awesome feedback to get and and I think that would make great open dialogue in future to know what wise people you soluti why they’re using you know Stratos etc etc I would definitely gonna focus a lot on that moving forward in the future as this does correlate into my private life as a developer and in term are sort of you could say 8 to 5 if you want to call it that so I think it’s really good to show that these coins we answer a lot of us as individuals we we trade and we sell and we do it as a hobby or whatever that might be and we look to make obviously gains etc but how this is practically can be used in our day-to-day laughs so Stratos is one of those that’s going to be used in my day-to-day as I mentioned I’ve touched on the proof of staking really exciting in that sense you can be rewarded for holding your coins and the one at the whites are really to set up you can get that off the git repository for those of you who want to make use of the Linux or the windows wallets just take a look there and get rewarded based on the staking that you hold something again we all just feel alike aetherium is attacking a little bit and we know that PS is coming and there’s been a few failed attempts but I think just assignment I think aetherium will also maybe saw once it moves over to that Australia is also slightly undervalued I think you know top 12 ranking coin I think and we’ve seen it touch team that seems and obviously dropped significantly in the market that we’ve had in the past I think yes but going gets momentum and the other old coins push for momentum I think we could see a lot of momentum with Stratos as well so from a trades perspective and once again this is just my opinion I think I would see gains for myself so I am going to invest slightly in Stratos I don’t I’m hoping that I’m I haven’t missed it essentially but I think I’m certainly well I will also put links to some of those of you who want to run but straightest but most of that if you look up to the if you run into the wallet and you want to look at the stay key they do give an awesome little Raspberry Pi tutorial I’ll put them in the link below as well you guys know that I enjoy my Raspberry Pi as well as doing the torus but I’m not going to do a full vid on this one I think the tutorial that Australia’s has given you is so in-depth and so perfect to the tee that I wouldn’t do it just this by by doing a video on it so going to link to that as well for those of you who want to state using Raspberry Pi and that’ll be in the video below as well so this guy’s to next time Alec aside like to mix the videos up and I think it’s important I mean we did neo and and she’s last week we touched on some of the elements of why we think it could do well well I thought it could do well and lo and behold it 2x then I was pretty excited about that it’s no no no it wasn’t a video in a way to show prediction or anything like that I don’t I’m not into that but I did feel that I did see the capability behind the coin and the usability behind it and I just felt that it was certainly a coin that was undervalued and lo and behold and did great sort of get the momentum that it required and I do think that it’s going to keep sort of trending along you know in terms of neo shears as well so Stratos is one of those as well also coin that’s slightly under the radar you know a lot of logging do we just don’t understand it but me personally not understanding the technology behind it and I’m going to be users in a practical manner I think it’s going to be awesome to the next time gasps got some cool vids coming up I thought I’d just share that with you and have an echo one

Ardor (ARDR) Review NXT 2.0 – Cryptocurrency Review

hey everyone Demetrios here and today I’m going to talk about our door ard our and Ignace the first child chain on our door and all of this will wrap into NXT as well but first I want to thank everyone who’s been subscribing liking the videos and commenting I always appreciate the support if you’re on this channel you know finding yourself here for your second or third time please click the subscribe I always appreciate the support so let’s jump right on into this thing a lot of you have been asking me to take a look at our tour especially after I spoke about mem about a week ago so I will make sure to do a direct bit of a comparison on that towards the end of this so what is our door just to start off well it’s a token currently on the NXT blockchain but it’s meant to be a sort of NXT 2.0 it alott launched the Genesis block on January 1st 2018 and I maintain the proof of stake that NXT is famous for it’s one of the first proof of stake coins for those of you who are just getting into the space you know next he really was one of those heavy hitters back in the day it was developed by gel Arita and our door is developed by gel Arita as well as is Ignace and really there will be a significant amount of emphasis on child chains with the launch of our door and ignis so i’m gonna get into that whole concept of child chains I thought it was the same thing as private chains or or side chains but it’s actually not so it’s it’s it’s actually pretty interesting so I’m gonna get into that as part of it like why our door section in just a minute it’s in JavaScript they’re doing a Christmas snapshot of our door to do the Ignis distribution they are meant to be this whole system platform is meant to be integrated very easily with legacy systems as well you hear a lot more of these newer block chains saying that their max supply is actually their current supply 998 million nine hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred ninety five and it is available on a number of major exchanges including Vectrex and my axe so why order what’s special about this thing what’s this whole child chain concept for a side chains well side chains most people already know are these private areas where you it helps you scale you can you can put all of the businesses private information and smart contracts on that chain and none of it has to go on the main chain but the problem with side chains is that you then have to secure your side chain yourself you need to have your own nodes to to basically stake your side chain over simplifying child chains it’s a similar concept where businesses can still have their private smart contracts going all of their own activities occurring however they also are verified by the main nodes of the main chain of our doors so it’s not every child chain that’s constantly backed up on the our door chain it’s some of the most recent child chains and transactions and things of that sort but that way there is always a sort of central auditing system within the our door network so that every chain is always secure and you can’t just hack into a side chain because they don’t have the proper level of staking power for example at some point in time it’s always secured by that main chain so it’s a pretty interesting concept here on on child chains and I and it’s what I hadn’t really understood the you know articulated difference between the two so it is still in test net at the moment so it’s again this is still just a token on NXT it’ll launch its Genesis block in January but but they plan to have all these ready to use api’s token distribution seems to have been done the way it is meant to maximize the distribution of the coins there’s a very solid community around NXT like I said it’s one of those first proof of state coins so there are some very ardent believers in this platform also NXT holders received about 50% of the air drop of ardor when it launched so they have an incentive to care about this thing as well the roadmap is also very transparent on their website they’ve got a clean website that gives you a sense of what they do what the whole concept is how order is linked to Ignace how Ignace is linked to NXT and so on and so forth but really just to simplify things here for those of you who are trying to understand what’s this whole concept of NXT order Ignace I’m mentioning these three different names so NXT is basically the original platform their original crypto but our door is meant to essentially replace it it’s meant to be the new version of an XT essentially same team and everything so it’s really meant to override I’m not sure exactly what the plans are for NXT after all of this so at the moment our tour is based on NXT but it will be its own thing beginning in 2018 and ignis will then be connected to our door NXT blockchain creator kit is something that’s going to be huge for this our tour is still going to be obviously so it’s the same team as NXT – I’m sure there’s some way that these fees are all working I haven’t I’ve had trouble understanding the fees to be honest I know NXT is still integrated with our door moving forward especially with this watching creator kid that’s meant to provide tools and API is for developers to be able to build on the ardour platform very easily so there is still in existence there there’s still some level of fees occurring between these areas but to be completely Frank this is where I get into the concerns around our door the fact that the fee structures are really quite confusing I was trying to understand that going through some reddit feeds and and really the the discussion didn’t leave me feeling the most confident it appeared that there wasn’t too calculated of way of moving forward with it and it seemed like it was kind of the price doesn’t work with the market then we’ll just kind of move it but but that risks having moments where the chain kind of grinds to a halt off the riff the fees are too high and from my understanding that’s somewhat kind of what happened at some point with NXT is also that there was just mismanagement of fee structures and incentives which just prevented it from working efficiently so hopefully Artur doesn’t repeat that issue it’s still in test net so there aren’t any really major use cases or pilots it doesn’t have any major Fiat pairings really other than the Euro which is great but still it’s not great for liquidity to only have one eye and then I come down to the hole okay are to reverse and I have to quickly address that child chains versus the private chains that versus meeting for example Newton’s being used by 300 plus businesses to run pilots or to fully you know it’s just being fully utilized whereas these child chains aren’t really being utilized yet by any major businesses so we can’t really vote for how well these things work yet it is promising technology but when it comes down to it men’s private chains are also being backed up by the main network just as child chains and our door being backed up by the main network so in that regard I have a hard time understanding really the difference is there other than just coining their own terms but when it comes down to yeah integrating with other businesses and and moving forward with things it would seem that they are very much competing in a similar space and that our door does have some grounds to make up in this space but it’s been doing a great job moving up the charts the last few weeks there’s a great level of enthusiasm around this thing I think as long as Artur can get their messaging right around why child chains are significantly different from side chains as long as they can prove that they’ve got a clear fee structure and as long as they can start to get some actual use cases and pilots lined up and potentially maybe some more you know Fiat pairings this thing could really be on its way to something great I mean the tech behind it is solid so I’m very excited to see where this whole thing goes let me know your comments below and again I always appreciate your subscriptions see you again soon

SmartCash | The Next Big Idea In Cryptocurrency?

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be talking about smart cash I rarely hear it mentioned around YouTube or reddit or really anywhere not many people are talking about it which I don’t understand why I just think it it is a sleeping giant right now it is gaining some attention but not much so it finally broke into the top 100 recently it is at 84 right now market cap of 56 million well if we go down and look at the chart it just got started about a few months ago in July I’m so it’s pretty new and it is just on a roll recently it is above its ICO price it pretty much from you know October first the beginning of October on it is just on a steady incline it just keeps reaching new highs it had a crazy one up the other day right there but if we go look at their website real quick we can learn a bit about smart cash so what’s cool about smart cash is it is a decentralized currency there is no core team it is ranked completely by the community they have wallets for most operating systems and a web wallet that just came out what’s cool about smart cash like I said is it’s decentralization that is a huge huge point to smart cash that’s a huge advantage like we saw with tezo’s recently you know the top people fighting each other of who owns the company or whatnot you don’t have to worry about that here another cool thing is the privacy aspect you can burn your old coins and they change them for new coins with no history using the zero the zero coin protocol they have smart rewards which is a huge bonus I think this is the reason why a lot of people will get in to smart cash are the rewards if you hold at least a thousand smart cash in your wallet from the twenty-fifth of a month to the 25th of the next month you will get a bonus and it has been pretty decent in size thus far like 20 to 40 percent bonus on your money once a month that is awesome and it does also have instant pay here super quick transactions one thing that sets smartcash apart from all of its competitors in a few of them are like this but it is completely owned by the community 80% of the block Awards goes towards the smart cash community what they call the smart I’ve to fund them all the new projects that are coming out through the smart cash system they get voted on by everybody people are proposing new projects all the time and they get voted on by the community and the winning projects are what get these funds to go forward and there’s been some really good projects that have been pushed forward one of them that I want to talk about which is very unique I think is a humanitarian effort that they pushed forward in with they set up a food drive in Venezuela which I just think is so cool this is their slot channel right here the smart cash news and if you click on it you can see what they got going on here this just happened the other day I just think that is so cool to use the block rewards something to allocate some of that towards efforts like this I’m surprised this has not been talked about more I’m sure it will be the more they do projects like these but yeah guys I just think that is so cool you rarely rarely see that stuff with crypto currencies they you know they they’re getting it done they’re pushing the project forward and also doing really cool things on the slide like this so watch out for it guys if you want to get into smart cash I highly recommend getting into it before the 25th of the month so you can get those bonuses next month and if you do I’ll try to leave over for a link down below but that is all for now I’ll see you next time if you aren’t subscribed just subscribe down below guys it’s right down there you can also like up the video and I’ll see you all next time

SmartCash – Passive Income With Master Nodes & Coin Staking

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hey guys what’s going on cryptid on here and today I wanted to bring you a quick video talking about one of my recent investments just a disclaimer I’m not trying to pump this or anything like that I’m just spreading the word and I’m gonna be covering like my little journey with this as I go on in the YouTube channel so I actually bought 1,100 sorry No ten thousand one hundred smart cash the other day and basically this is a decentralized privacy coin that is going to be that gives you rewards for staking and polishing a smart node and stuff like that so I’m gonna be hosting a smart node with this it cost ten thousand tokens you have to stake ten thousand tokens to do it this is gonna be my first one that I’ve ever done I did look at a bunch of other options and this is just one that like kind of intrigued me because is kind of like a wild card so I don’t really know where this is gonna go and it is a little bit of a gamble but you can see already smart cash did announce where did this go smart cash announce that they’re going to have the the nodes launched before the new year so they already have it tested and working they just haven’t released the guide and the protocol for yet so that it’s coming they said it’s happening before January 1st but basically you can see I bought in here like around Christmas for 17 I think 18 cents and after they did that tweet and stuff it just it’s been going up so people are trying to grab those smart smart tokens and right now it’s really only on crypto PIA where the only place is enough volume to grab it these other extremes are very tough so if you’re thinking about it the best your best place to go is crypto Pia and to see the volume over the last month of this is pretty impressive because a lot of it has to do with wouldn’t know it’s being launched and getting to that further so like I always say look into this it’s an interesting project to look at so I’ll I’ll link the smart cash CC down below that’s all gonna link there’s no filly or anything but come look at it that the cool thing is they don’t have a white paper they’re just kind of like well we don’t care about that we’re not gonna do a white paper we’re not gonna be gimmicky like any of these other things we’re just gonna make this community based cryptocurrency that’s based off of a privacy point it’s a fork of I forget exactly I read it in the in the white in the sorry and the like over here in the forums but uh basically they use ki kak Mon you know so you can mine you can stake and there’s gonna be smart nodes so smart modes smart nodes are gonna be used for instant transactions so that’s all they’re gonna be use for the miners are used for the normal stuff and you can see the reward allocation here so basically if you hold up to a thousand smart tokens in the wallet you get paid smart rewards so you can see here if you hold a thousand tokens for 30 days so if it’s in your wallet at the 25th of each month to the 25th of the next month they pay out instantly on the 25th based off of how many tokens you’re holding in your wallet so if you hold just this is different from the knowns but if you just hold a thousand smart cash you can see here in the month at the current price you will make two hundred and eighty-seven dollars you’ll get 5756 smart reward and you’ll basically you know sorry you’ll be in your heart after that time you’ll have ten fifty six smart and you’ll have gained sixteen dollars US dollars but really you’ll gain 56 smart so this isn’t a fair representation because we don’t know what the price is going to be you know a month from now after you starts taking them I can go up it could go down probably going to go up in my opinion because if you just like look at the trend based off the smart nose and if this catches on even just a little bit there’s gonna be a lot of smart tokens being basically held to get these rewards so the other cool thing do they have something about the nose and the website I don’t think so they do have a road map but uh you see here they do have a road map they have voting so it’s hard to explain everything but they do have voting on stuff so they have if you go here you can go here and they let you vote on projects so they’re gonna be funding community project so you vote and if you hold any smart tokens each smart token is worth one vote so you’re able to come in here and in your wallet you’re able to vote on certain things you can view the proposal and you know if good projects arise that people smart cash holders wants have fun with the pool you know that you get to vote on that so pretty interesting concept and it’s really really a community token so if you’re looking something where you can like get involved in a community that’s doing cool things and you know they’re moving quickly and getting stuff done which is what we like to see and I mean a lot of the stuff is in the forums are in the discord and I mean basically I’ll be keeping you updated on what’s happening but I’m gonna be staking 10k and the cool thing about it is when you do stake in in the smart node it cost 10,000 tokens so you you get the rewards from staking that but you also get the smart rewards on top of that so I’ll keep you updated on how it’s gonna be I’m hoping it’s gonna be like someway profitable well I’m sure it’s gonna be profitable I’m hoping it’s gonna be you know you know decently profitable because if this price goes up it’s gonna be really good because I got the tokens for fairly cheap and it does have a lot they do have a lot of circulating supply but I still see a potential for this to go up to fifty cents a dollar in the near future if people are really trying to accumulate those coins for one and two if it hits a they’ve been talking about hitting a bigger exchange so like they’re not even on a good exchange yet so if they get out of like the checks or finding fried finance this will really change things up and make it more available for people to purchase and so yeah I think that would be a big thing so hopeful thoughts and we’ll see the thigh is just a diversify a little bit and try out something new on this channel and we’ll see if it can make us a couple hundred dollars passively just by holding some coins because that would be pretty cool and then uh you know I’ll let everyone know how the voting system and all that stuff goes and of course I’ll be doing a setup video for how to set up a note if you’re interested in doing that as soon as I get it done but uh that’s all I got for smart cash I just want to share more stuff with you and what I’m doing in the crypto space on that YouTube channel hope you enjoyed this hit the thumbs up if you want to hear more stuff like this in the future and we’ll see in the next video peace