SmartCash Crypto: Decentralize Everything – PoW/Masternodes/Etc

what’s up everyone she’ll be here today I want to talk with you about a newer currency that recently hit the market called smart cash smart cash is a very interesting point that’s already loaded with quite a few features it’s a key CAC proof-of-work algorithm coin that’s only CPU GPU Meinl features an interesting staking system within the wallet called smart rewards and it’s got a very active dev team working on the roadmap so let’s go to the side and go through it a little bit and you’ll see why I’ve taken interest in mining this coin and becoming part of the community first off the site is very well made and begins describing how their community coin and how you’re in court encouraged to join their slack group your slack group is very active as I’ve joined and asked questions in there already and the community’s been very supportive and have answered all my questions quickly and efficiently so just go down you see a description about what is smart cash and talk about some of their features these include smart hive renew smart rewards and instant pay instant pay is still under development as of now but the other features are already going so smart hive is the name of the community that will control the future of the coin you can access and see what the smart hive group is talking about in the community forums at forum dot smart cash CC and it has a forum member you can obviously make your own input in the forums next up you have what’s called renew or smart renew this is a privacy oriented tool that’s built into the wallet where you can burn your old coins and have new coins sent directly to you I made an analogy and the slacker that’s basically the same as getting an old dollar and trading it in for a freshly printed bill so this makes 100% certain that your coins cannot show any prior transaction history you would go into your wallet and then you go over to renew you’d put the amount of coins that you want in it and you press renew smart cash you’d wait about six to ten minutes and then you can reclaim these coins and they’ll be sent directly back to your wallet it’s pretty cool feature now for the third feature and probably my favorite smart rewards smart awards are an innovative staking style reward system basically you have to have at least a thousand coins in your wallet on the 26th of each month and hold them for 30 days on the 25th of the next month you will receive a percentage of the coins in your wallet these coins are actually generated from 15% of the mined monthly block rewards this is great for me because I’m mining and holding all of my smart cash as of now so let’s go ahead and check out the road map as you can see the smart cash team is working on a pretty intense road map these features include master nodes or smart nodes instant pay adaptive blocks wallets and other payment features the adaptive block feature is interesting because from what I can gather it’s based off a – philosophy of the lower the hash rate on the network the higher the block rewards the higher the hash rate on the network the lower the block rewards this would allow stability on the network by maintaining a steady hash rate not too much not too little this will also help out the smarter Ward’s featured by maintaining volatile percentage rate rewards and help the payment processing time be more stable so way you can get smart cache is a few different ways you can download the wallet and you can start mining via GPU you can also mine via CPU I believe but it’s not really worth it you would definitely want to get a Nvidia and graphics card or multiple cards to start mining on it you can also purchase off of a few exchanges I would recommend crypto piya over all the exchanges that are listed below hopefully in the future they get lift up more exchanges to allow a bigger footprint and smart cash on the network and that’ll be very good for the coin so last but not least why do I like smart cash GPU friendly and let the current hash rate my rewards are very good I’ve only been mining it for a few days but I really like it the smart reward staking system seems like a really great feature it’s a new coin that’s got a really good dev community and road map and it’s got potential to be a true payment processor in the crypto community so I suggest getting into smart cash buy it mine it hold it use it I can almost promise it will return some great rewards for you in the future and you really don’t want to miss out on this one so that’s about all for this video if you enjoyed it like subscribe and share I’ll be putting out more crypto content on the regular so I will see you next time